History Mixed With Music

Everybody should know by now that I am a history junkie. I love to watch specials and movies on certain things from different times that’s actually true. I love both of the History Channels we have on our TV’s. I’m seriously addicted to anything that has to go with them, that a few family members have laughed at me for it. I’m use to it, it’s what I like. Can’t change that. Two things that I love finding more about are ship wrecks and Egyptian things. I love both of those to pieces.

I think ever since I watched this movie, I got so into the actual story of it and other ship wrecks. I’ve watched a few specials about Titanic and her sister ships. I’ve also watched a special on another ship wreck. I’m bad with names and dates, so you have forgive me there. I love hearing stories from surviving passengers and pictures of the ship before it wrecked. I think that’s so interesting to read and hear grandchildren talk about stories their grandparents told them about. It’s just so cool.

I’m listening to the soundtrack right now on Spotify. I love insturmentals songs and love how certain songs are just done in piano. I love it that way. Celine Dion did the song, “My Heart Will Go On” we all know that, but I think people should listen to the insturmentals of it. It’s so beautifully done, it could either put you to sleep or cry. I woke up early, so it’s making me sleepy.