Album Review: “Church Of Scars” by Bishop Briggs


Today I will be talking about an artist that like Scrvina and VÉRITÉ , that have basically only released singles and EPs since starting their music careers. I’m happy to say that Bishop Briggs has finally released her debut album! Of course, “Bishop Briggs” is not her real name! It’s actually Sarah, but I find the stage name to be really unique and seems to be a special to her as she is honoring her Scottish roots! Everybody that’s not familiar with that sentence is scratching their heads right now! Look at a map of Scotland and get back to me!

I’ve actually only listened to like three of her songs in the past. She’s had two EPs out, first in 2016 and the other came out in the middle of last year. I’ve been kind of excited to review this record for a while. I’d say her music is like indie pop, it’s light but not as obnoxious. The album was released on  April 20th!

So we start with “Tempt My Trouble” and I liked the pop-rock sound of the song itself, however, I felt as though I have heard the same guitar introduction before and unfortunately, I was a bit distracted by that similarity, but the song itself is really good! I had a hard time keeping myself from dancing to the beat on my bed. I’ve grown to love her voice, it has a deep quality but it’s also very cheery at the same time. Second is a song that might sound familiar with people as it’s been featured on different TV shows for promos, for me it was used as part of a dance on Dancing With The Stars in 2016 with actress Heather Morris and the other female dancers. “River” has an unique beat to it, it’s pop-y, but also has an urban vibe to it so I really love it. Next is “Lyin” and this has a sultry beat, kind of mimics “River” in a way, but it’s much softer compared to it.

We move on to “White Flag” and weirdly enough, this was the song that made me realize that we might have ourselves a new song out, and then I found out that not only did we get a new song but a whole album too! YouTube has its perks sometimes! I really like this track too! I like the sassy beat, and it showcases Bishop’s low and taunting kind of tone in her voice. I have heard this song over a hundred times and I really want her and ZZ Ward to do a song together! It has that western, but bluesy-soulful type of sound that ZZ brings out in her music too! Next there’s “Dream” and finally we have slower song. It’s not a full ballad, but if she did an acoustic version, it would sound so beautiful! It’s pretty like this too, but I’m really curious to hear it like that or just stripped of everything, and maybe add a louder choir in the background? I’m giving myself too many ideas!

The sixth song is “Wild Horses” and I like the acoustic beginning before the drum kicks in, and then all of a sudden before the choruses end, we have a small bass drop! And of course, that kind of helps seal the deal for me! We have “Hallowed Ground” next and I like the fun, quirky beat we have with this one. One thing that I’m starting to notice is that every song is meshing into one another, a part of me likes it, but then I also think there’s no room for individuality. If it wasn’t one little element that’s different in each song, the whole album would be the same! So next, we have “Water” and finally we have the kind of song I’ve wanted since I started this review. A ballad. I think Bishop has a real unique voice, she has a lot of range that I feel kind of gets lost in these cool beats, and this one you can really hear her at every angle, when she goes to do high notes, she has that old school, soulful tone that should be highlighted more often.

These are the last two songs off of the album, starting with “The Fire” and again, we go back on the uptempo train. I like it, but the longer I continue to listen to the album, the less of the difference of the sound in each song, but it’s still good nevertheless. And finally we have “Hi-Lo (Hollow)” and I’m glad it’s another slower, ballad-y type of track. You still have the soulful vibe, but you can hear more emotion coming out of your voice, because you can tell she’s kind of straining a bit, but I really love it. And the mild bass drop is nice too, it doesn’t take over to the slowness of the beat overall, but it’s a good balance.

I didn’t have any expectations with this album, but I hoped for more as far as changing up the beat of the songs. I know I said that basically every song sounds like the other, except for the occasional ballad, but I actually liked the album. It just had some little things that just bugged me. I’ve already recommended it to a couple of people already, so maybe they’ll agree or disagree with me.

What are your thoughts to “Church Of Scars” as a whole? Did you think it lacked individuality with each song or did you like the songs for what they were anyways? Do you have any favorites yet?



Tune Tuesday: Moods

I’ve decided to go back to doing just different singles until the next batch decides to come up. I did have fun getting all three done though. I just do these music posts for fun, but I do enjoy promoting new and old music for people who have never heard of. Music can change a person’s mood so fast. If you are having a crappy day, a song that was from your childhood can bring back any happy memories you may have. Not every sad song is bad, I’ve had a lot of good luck of finding sad, slower songs that actually make me happy. Well, I put a question on my Facebook and Twitter accounts about everybody’s go-to song(s) that can change their mood from crappy to happy. I only get answers on my Facebook, which is always good! My Aunt Katt said “Hail To The King” by Avenged Sevenfold. My friends Brandon said “Dock Of The Bay” by Otis Redding and Chrissy said “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by WHAM. Interesting songs! I’ll see you next for another edition of Tune Tuesday! 

Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars:

I think everybody is a Bruno Mars fan. I know I am, but it might have something with the fact that he’ll bring in another genre to mainstream radio. There’s a new song floating around called, “Uptown Funk” and I’ve got to say it awakens my love for jazz. It’s so different but yet SO good! It makes you want to dance and the perfect song for a 20’s, 30’s, 40’s type of parties. Think, The Great Gatsby and how Daisy would really party. My mom heard it once two weekends ago while we were at our neighbors and she hasn’t been quite the same since!

Calvin Harris:

I’ll be honest I am a HUGE dance music fan. So I’ll listen to David Guetta, Tiesto, and Calvin Harris with a lot of joy. I’ll be lying though if I didn’t say I didn’t like Calvin’s new single with John Newman, “Blame” at first. I know! I didn’t understand it either but I just didn’t get it. Leave to me though, three days later the show Dancing With The Stars uses it for Janel Parrish and Val Chmmerkovskiy’s first dance to Paso Doble and that’s when it all changed for me. It’s so awesome when different dance styles and performance go great together especially if it’s in sync with the actual song playing along. Now I can listen to the song with enjoyment. Of course I’m still kicking myself for not liking it the first time around, but you know!

Ed Sheeran:

I am a slow person when it comes to mainstream music, it usually takes me weeks and rarely years to get myself into popular music nowadays. I find this a good thing, but I also realized that I miss out on talking about different tracks and artists/bands to other people who’s been listening to them since the beginning. I’ve never been a fan of Ed Sheeran’s music. Once my mom and sister were at the mall, in a store that was playing Ed’s song “Sing” and Blondie was saying something that he sounded like Justin Timberlake and when she told us it wasn’t, my mom and I kind of freaked out a little bit. He kind of sounds like him. The day his album, “x” came out I decided to listen to it and sadly I didn’t make it through but I did like the song “Don’t” before it became a big single on the radio. Win for me! I LOVE this song so much! I finally heard “Thinking Out Loud” and I am in love with it!

Ketchup With Us: Disney Night

Mel and Michele are the hosts of Ketchup With Us. There are two ways of doing a post. You could do it in the way I’ve been doing it. A 10 minute post of whatever is in your head at the moment. Or you could link up any post you want, brand new or old post on your blog. Just send it to their blogs!

I’m choosing a nine minute song because I’ve basically run out of songs that are ten minutes. So I’m going to the next thing and that is a song that’s 9 minutes and I just have to go a little bit more to get that last-minute, which won’t be that difficult. The song that I’ve decided to use is “The Nomad’s Crown” by the band Xandria from Germany. They’re another female fronted-symphonic metal band. Next month they’ll release their new album! I’m so excited!

Today isn’t as dark and gloomy, but according to my mom it is a lot colder than it has been the last few days. Earlier she said it was about 34 degrees outside and she was wearing her Ugg boots. It’s a good thing she hasn’t stuffed every winter clothing into my closet. You can tell the weather is going to change again because the middle of my back, like right in the middle of where they cut me open for my surgeries has pain. I have two of my TV shows on tonight and I have two blog chats also! I’ve been loving all of the new blog links I get at the end of the chats. It helps getting inspirations for new posts and I’m learning new blog terms. I’ve been blogging for five freaking years and I’ve been learning more blog terms than I have ever been. It’s strange! I love also talking to new people, ones with positive attitudes and fun personalities! Last night I watched DWTS and was just supposed to enjoy it with a smile because it’s Disney night. I ended up crying for both James and Amy’s beginning package. We definitely need (as disabled people and children) a handicapped Disney Princess. Watching last night of Amy’s performance just brought out my inner child who always wondered why there wasn’t one in the first place. Other than that, I loved last night. My mom didn’t like who I voted for, but I really don’t care honestly. I still have a ways until I really pick a team. Until the finals that’s when I pick a team. I know I’m weird.

The Start Of Easter Week

truth ♡

Hello, good evening!! Hope you all enjoyed your Monday and it’s Easter week! I’m going about this post a little differently. I’m going to sound very weird and a little bit of a hypocrite considering I’m using this poster included with this post, but I don’t care.

Anyways, if you were to look on my Twitter followers/following there is a diversion between UK bloggers and Irish bloggers. As much as I’d like to visit both places I am not from either one but I find it interesting how people from the opposite side of the world speaks, acts, and does things in the daily life that’s generally not as different from us. America’s are addicted to coffee like the British are hooked to their tea. Well, I’m sad to say that I hate both. I’ve never liked either one and I’ve tried different ways of drinking them but I’ve never had the stomach for them. I love the smell of strong coffee but there’s only so much I can take before my stomach starts doing cartwheels. My dad can make a mean sweet tea, but I can’t drink it. I’m the same way with hot chocolate, to me that stuff just tastes like burnt liquid chocolate and it makes me want to cry!

In about three hours it will be time for Dancing With The Stars, and it’s Disney Week! My mom’s been teasing me about it because I’m obsessed with everything Disney. Not to make my case any worse but I have 17 Disney classics in my DVR. Something that happened today was I was apart of another blog chat, this time it was with others apart of a new writing challenge I’m doing now, called “Bloggers Do It Better.” Hopefully, I’ll get that email soon and might work on it after DWTS but I have no idea yet. Tomorrow I have two more chats and then that evening is Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Originals. I’m so excited! I’m hoping my brain works better so I can come up with more posts for this week!

Enjoy the rest of your evening and your Tuesday! ♥

The Sun Is Surrounded By Clouds.

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Today has been a good day I guess you could say. It hasn’t been the greatest, but it works. I’ve been at home all day. I was supposed to go my nana’s, but those plans were kind of squished. So instead of getting out of the house, my mom decided to give me a shower. Of course, she wanted to do this when I was actually busy. This time around, my back was being stubborn and was sensitive. It wasn’t like that last week, but we’ll just have to get used to it. My mom did put a few towels in the dryer so I wasn’t freezing my butt off when I got out. She even had an extra one just for ChiChi, because if somebody has a warm towel she gets very jealous. So instead of getting hurt, my mom just put one in there for her. It’s really sad that a small dog gets mad if you don’t have a warm towel for her. Now that I’m all cleaned, I’m covered in pink. Funny thing is, both outfits she pulled out of my dresser drawers were pink. There was no way out of this one! I like the shirt I have on though, it has a cupcake on it!

Today is also a Tuesday! So that means, new music! I seriously thought New Kids On The Block new album was supposed to come out today until yesterday when they were still posting how many DAYS until their album is released. I am excited, can you tell? I had two other reasons to be excited for today though. Two different genres: Indie and Melodic Death Metal. Dido released her new album, Girl Who Got Away. Amaranthe finally released their new album The Nexus a few days ago overseas, but it was finally time for it come out here. I haven’t seen anything about Dido’s album and where it is on iTunes and Billboard, but I do know Amaranthe’s album is #1 on the iTunes metal charts! This morning I listened to Dido’s album because Spotify didn’t have Amaranthe’s on there yet. I actually just got done listening to it. It’s so good! Now I’m ready for April.

Tonight I have the results of Dancing With The Stars. I am actually a little worried about it. I’m scared Dorothy and Tristan are going to be the ones who get the axe or Andy and Sharna. I think with a little bit more time, they can get better! I finally got to watch the full episode of last night’s blind auditions of The Voice. I love the fact that Shakira and Usher are on this season, even though I miss Christina already! I am taping tonight’s episode too! I don’t think my mom has watched it yet. So now I’m going to lay down and watched Reba. So have a lovely evening people! ♥