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There are a lot of different countries that I feel I may never have to worry about running out of music, England, Australia, Canada just to name a few… The Netherlands is of course, right up on that list. It’s the main reason why I started doing these posts because I wanted to continue to expand the music that I love to listen to and wanted to learn where these musicians were coming from, it just made the whole experience fun to do it like that!

The last two weeks I’ve talked about a lot of metal bands so I think we need to shake things up with some good EDM music!

Starting with Yellow Claw. Yes please! I remember in mid-November 2014, I was in the middle of my 1D obsession and then I heard this crazy beat and I couldn’t stop myself from dancing to it every time I heard it on the radio! You know which song I’m talking about, or at least you should. It was “Till It Hurts” featuring a fellow Dutch artist Ayden! Dear god, this song was my jam! Hell, it still is! Since then, I try not to discriminate the group. They are really good! A little bit of house and trap, it’s just fantastic!

Another one we have to talk about is Julian Jordan. I still consider him a “newbie” mostly because I don’t necessarily hear his music on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure he’s been out and about since Martin Garrix, so he isn’t a “newbie” at all. He’s been at it for a while! He is pretty good too, just starting to find his sound and have others enjoy it too!

Just because I said I will never run out of Dutch music, doesn’t mean I won’t look up new ones that you guys think I should check out! So send me some my way!

Music Video Review: “Suckerpunch” by Delain

Dutch symphonic metal band Delain has released a new music video to go with their first single off their EP called Lunar Prelude. The single is called “Suckerpunch” and I have to say, I’ve been listening to the band since late 2012 and I always look forward to the new things from the band, but I think it was all routine! Because I am seriously stoked for the EP and the album to be released later this year!

When I heard “Suckerpunch” for the first time I realized it had a different sound than to their other songs on previous albums. I think of Delain as a good band, but could get better with evolution meaning their music could grow, become more like Nightwish and Epica. They seem to have a more mature sound with this song than maybe “We Are The Others” and “April Rain” where they had more of a mellow symphonic rock sound. I have to say, I love both of those songs but I was really impressed with this song! I still feel like the keys have that alternative edge, but the overall sound is more powerful especially with the roaring of background vocalists and orchestra. The band really outdid themselves with this song!

If you’ve been living underneath a rock but are still able to listen to Delain’s music, you might not know that the lineup has changed some in the last year. Don’t worry, it’s still Charlotte, Martjin, Otto, and Timo. The group has added both Ruben Israel on drums and Merel Bechtold on guitar. I knew about Merel becoming a new member of the group but not Ruben, so when I watched the music video, I was like, “oh, there’s a new drummer!” Anyways, the music video was sort of dull I guess you would say, but then again it’s not boring! I didn’t necessarily understand the concept of it. The one thing I actually liked was the shots of all the members of the group performing the song as they would live in front of a huge crowd. The flames shooting up in the air is a good heavy metal element. Kind of like the extreme handbanging throughout the whole thing! You need it or it’s technically not a metal song or video. Or that’s what some people might think or say about it!

Delain’s new EP releases February 19th!

Are you a Delain fan? What do you think of their single “Suckerpunch” and its music video?

Song Review: “BouncyBob” by Martin Garrix feat. Justin Mylo & Mesto

One thing about the start of a new year being on the weekday, especially on a Friday is a fabulous thing for us crazy music fans! I’ve gotten to the point now I look forward to new music being released on Fridays!

When I saw this song was being released on NYE I was freaking stoked! I mean, I’ve been such a big fan of Martin Garrix and his creations, but the poor dude’s had it rough lately and it seriously makes me so sad for me. I sound like a die heard fangirl right now! I was really curious about this track and like “Poison” these one is basically instrumental, but with very little words in it. Which is good enough for me! Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with Justin Mylo or Mesto, but I feel I might be after this, just trust me on that!

This track sounds like the name of it, very “bouncy” and playful. It doesn’t sound like a bunch of amateurs made it up one night, however I wonder if alcohol was involved at some point of creating it. I mean, just because Martin isn’t legal to drink here in the states that doesn’t mean he can’t drink while traveling out of the country or at his home. We’re getting off subject again, sorry about that! The song sounds like a true Martin Garrix song but weirdly enough only after the introduction is over. Those high-pitched notes! They get me every single time! I find that parts of it are a little boring especially after that build up, but other than that, it’s pretty good!

What are your thoughts on “BouncyBob?” If you listen to Justin Mylo & Mesto, send me some of their tracks please!


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Song Review: “Poison” by Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix.

 So I deeply feel bad for the guy. Here’s a young man, not exactly out of his teens yet and is apart of industry that only wants to create music for people, but with that people can take advantage of their power and sometimes they get hurt. As a blogger, I can get a lot of flake for talking badly about someone. I’m not that type of person especially to celebrities and musicians. I’m not here to talk about all that though. I’m here to talk about my love for his new track “Poison” it came out the day after my birthday but it took me about a week to hear it. Sorry! I really have to work on figuring out when to hear new songs the day they come out so I don’t feel like I’m being left out, but technically this is all my fault! I have nobody to blame here! Anyways, in the last post

I wrote up for today, I talked about different artists have signatures in their music. DJs are the same way! Martin Garrix has quite a few songs that do not have any vocals on it at all and I seriously love that! There’s no distractions, it’s just the beat. I feel like since he released his first track “Animals” in 2013 without any vocals too when he first started out that it’s almost fitting to bring out something similar to people to keep them interested. As much as I love it as a instrumental, it also makes my job as a reviewer ten times harder to talk about because I have no idea about beats, tempo and all that. I wish I did though! All I can say that it’s very light, there’s not much of it that would excite a normal person. If this song was a dance routine on DWTS there would be no lifts and tricks, however I have an uncontrollable wanting to jump up and down in different sections of it, so I guess that’s a good sign. It’s a great song for EDM festivals. Don’t let me fool you though, the song’s actually pretty good!

What do you think of Martin’s new single?

EP Review: “Fire & Ashes” by Xandria

Ever since I got into the whole EDM craze, I’ve noticed a decrease in my metal intake in a day/week. It’s sad that when I think I’ve found as much as I can in one, I move on to another genre. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll give up listening metal music completely, that’ll never happen! I love symphonic metal a lot! I spent a good five years exploring the vast amount of bands in both rock and metal that now I need to explore other genres. Now that I’ve said my peace about that, let’s get on with this review!

Xandria is a symphonic metal band from Germany, after Manuela Kraller’s departure Dutch singer of Ex Libris’ Dianne van Giersbergen took over the vocals for their album “Sacrificium” that came out in early 2014. When the news was announced that they were going to have a new singer, I was sad. I think it’s fair to say a lot of people were upset about it. After we as fans discovered that the new singer would be Dianne, I was a bit hesitant. I took a chance on liking Manuela, I didn’t want to be let down again. So I listened to Ex Libris a little and after two songs I kind of fell in love with her too! Now fast forward to summer of 2015, the release of their EP called “Fire & Ashes.” I honestly hate when symphonic metal bands do EPs because I always want more than five or in this case, seven songs.

The way they explained it on their Facebook band page was that on the EP the first three songs were brand new tracks, then they remade two of their older songs, they replaced their past singer’s voice with Dianne’s and to round it out they included two covers. All three of these new songs sound like a good continuance of their album.The first song is called, “Voyage Of The Fallen” and I am very different in this genre than I talk about with my other reviews. I always say I love a good slow start to an album or EP, but for bands such as these a big, powerful track will grab my attention more than anything. That’s how I became a fan to it in the first place was the giant production it seems to have in every song you hear. Dianne has a very powerful voice too, she makes everything sound great. It’s a nice balance between them! The next one is called “Unembraced” has a softer beginning, but grows as it continues on. This one isn’t as powerful, but I don’t mean that in a wrong way. It’s still beautiful with more of a gentle sound throughout. The third song is “In Remembrance” and I love the introduction, hell the entire song is just gorgeous! Gentle and simple, you honestly don’t want to hear anything too crazy if it’s with this title! It’s a beautiful metal ballad.

The first song they chose to redo was “Ravenheart” which was the single and album title that came out in 2004 with their former singer Lisa Middelhauve. Of course, I’ve listened to this song in its original context so I’m going to be pretty honest about it. Not much of it has changed, Dianne definitely didn’t change the dymantics to fit her voice range as much. It’s fairly soft in both songs. When new singers sing the older songs, they sometimes change little notes, make them higher or last a little longer and I have to say Dianne did not do that. The second song they redid with Dianne is called “Now & Forever” and it’s off of their album “India” that came out in 2005. This song has a more melodic rather than a pure symphonic sound to me. So the redo for this song is a little better, but I think Dianne and the guitars sound stronger in this version than the original. The first cover they did, I actually reviewed as a single because I honestly didn’t think I’d write the review for the EP. If you want to read what I thought of their cover of Sonata Arctica’s song “Don’t Say A Word” just click here. The first cover they decided to include is Meat Loaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) and I have to say, I’m not feeling it yet. Hopefully I’ll come around to it soon!