Foods I Want In The Fall


Disclaimer:¬†I apologize for anyone reading this post before (or after) their lunch break. You may want to save this for later because it won’t help you out at all.

Hi ūüôā

Last year around this time I started to notice something different about my appetite and what I was mostly craving when the temperatures would basically drop. I was in the mood for anything that was going to go down gently and warm, in other words all I wanted was soup.


This year, soup is still something I want. I’ve gone as far as where one morning I went online to the Campbell’s Soup website and looked up all of the soups they make and wrote them out in my notepad so whenever my mom went to the store next, she could possibly find a couple of them for me so I could try them!

Of course, I still want chicken noodle and vegetable soup majority of the time I go over to my nana’s, but those are the only ones that I’ve tried and fell in love with, so I’m open to try others at home with my folks, they seemed to be supportive with that exchange too! So far I only like the potato soups out of the three I’ve had… I mostly go for the chunky kind because I want something that’ll fill me up, not be this hot liquid force going through my body! I’m not saying on really cold day that wouldn’t be a dream come true but in the last two months I’ve wanted chunky style!


I’ve seen it on TV that fall is the “season of baking”, unfortunately, nobody in my family knows how to make homemade snickerdoodles. I feel like they’re like a standard sugar cookie, the only difference is before you bake it, you add cinnamon on top of them. Everybody knows cinnamon is like one of 3 autumnal scents with apples and pumpkins at the top of the list! So they are the ultimate fall cookie to me!


I’m not an apple pie kind of person. I’ve never been into both pies or cheesecakes in my life and I find it strange because everybody seems to like both of them at times and I’m not like that. I’m also not an oatmeal kind of girl either. I’ve tried it at two different points of my life: younger and just recently and I still can’t stand of something warm with such a sweet taste. It’s just weird!

Once autumn comes along, I want a lot of apples! I get cravings for apples in caramel with peanuts! I’ve only ever had it once in my life and ever since I’ve wanted it again. My mom gets me a kid’s meal (not joking!) from Wendy’s because they offer apple slices and I just devour them whenever she puts them on my plate! It’s ridiculous! I’ve also acquired a taste of apple juice despite hating it as a kid! Same goes with grape juice too!

Banana Nut Muffins

When I was in grade school, sometimes I would go down to the cafeteria and have breakfast. Surprisingly, the breakfasts they would serve us were pretty good. I literally still have dreams of a few of them, but the two of the muffins they would make were blueberry and banana nut. I loved them both, but I loved the banana nut muffins than the blueberry.

It took me longer to find another brand of banana based muffins than blueberry! I remember having a huge craving of them one day and I basically had my mom go out on a scavenger hunt at the store to find me some than besides Hostess, because those weren’t good enough in the banana area as they were with blueberry and chocolate chip. And then one day she found these gigantic muffins that became my guiltiest pleasure ever! They’re moist on the inside and the top of it has extra nuts scattered all over and they’re just amazing!

What are your favorite food(s) to eat or snack on in the fall? 


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#FWF – Fire Breather


It’s been far too long since I’ve done my last FWF post. I’ve actually missed it. Is it weird that in the summer heat, we like to hold bonfires? I think of bonfires in the fall, because of the cooler weather in the evening. It’s just perfect climate for one and even though your eyes will just hate the embers and ash floating up above face the heat feels pretty good on your feet. Our neighbors have a pretty gnarly bonfire by the side of their house. It was quite nice because it wasn’t as hot and the sun was finally starting to go down, but the mosquitos were out causing havoc on my arms and feet. If they land on my arms or fingers, I can’t really feel them. I’ve got sensitive arms but it’s affected more underneath my hand instead of up top. So unless there is something crawling on my arms I can’t free it. Now on my feet, there’s a totally different story. A couple of weeks ago, I had three bites on three different toes and we didn’t have any itch cream and we didn’t get any until a few days ago when Blondie got helping of 165 bites on her body.¬†

This night was actually kind of special because my parents and I are usually never on this side of our neighbor’s house. I always thought they had a fireplace in their house but then they wouldn’t be calling it a bonfire if it was. I’m slow sometimes. This night was perfect. Chevy was in a mood to lay and sit on my mom and I’s laps and my neighbor had made this special drink. Since I’m still new to this drinking thing, I like to try new stuff but only drinking small sips! I’m pretty careful about this actually. Well, this drink was pretty good. Nice and cold, icy and flavorful. It was a orangeicle drink. It was awesome! It didn’t even burn my throat so I really liked it! Maybe if I remember I can ask her for the recipe and post it here for everybody! Besides that I sat next by the bonfire and enjoyed the heat of my freezing and sore feet also loved the embers float up to the sky and just disappear. We sat outside just listening to music and hearing the guy talk about different topics. The next day, I went out by the bonfire again but it wasn’t as big as it was the night before. The sun was still shining and it wasn’t hot but warm enough to overtake the heat of the fire.

That day I went from the barn to the bonfire to going on the walk with them. Little Chevy practically walked by me the whole time. It’s pretty adorable to have a toddler walking barefoot right beside a motorized wheelchair. I leaned down to her level so I could see her feet and so that she could still hear me. She had her hand on my arm rest, just hanging and walking at the same time. We’d let her hang on to the back of me but there the bar of the head rest that pokes out literally reaches the top of her head and we don’t want her to get hurt so she’s been doing this instead and I feel lots better about it. I’m still worried I’m going to run over her toes one day accidentally, that will pretty much break my heart right in half if that ever happens, but everybody is usually watching her whenever she’s around me so that’s good. I have a feeling she’s going to want to be more involved with this year’s fourth of July activities. I might actually have to share my sparklers with her and she’ll probably sit on my lap for the whole thing but I’m perfectly fine with that! Let me enjoy my piece of heaven!

The Last Three Days….


I haven’t exactly done a proper post of the last few days. So I think I should probably do one today since I’m kind of bored and sad. I’ll start with Wednesday. It was a nice, fun day. We had to give one of our kittens away, little Oreo got to ride in the car and he didn’t like that very much. After that we went to see the baby, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen a baby so itty bitty. My mom pretty much held her the whole time. I got to touch the little toes. It’s so strange to see little alien toes. They do look like they could be alien toes. I was pretty much bored for most of the¬†afternoon, after we got home¬†but, the fun I guess you would say, happened in the afternoon. My dad had worked the whole morning and most of the afternoon. When he got home he came and ate and then went over to our neighbors to hang out with them. My mom told me that our daiquiri stuff was frozen solid. so we thought it wasn’t going to melt fast so she asked if I wanted to go and I went because I was getting sick of staying in my cold room. I just wanted to get out of my room really. I was bored out of my mind. We went there and talked. Once we came back home, I didn’t want to go back in my room right away and I went into the kitchen and saw the strawberry daiquiri mix melting on the outside of the bag. My mom looked at it and squeezed it and it had thawed out pretty good.

My mom asked me if I wanted to try it. I said, in a very freaked out voice, “yes.” She was supposed to drink some with me, but when she was opening the package to fill up my cup. She told me that she was too full from lunch so I ended up getting all of it. Now for those of you who don’t know me. I’ve never had anything an alcohol based drink before. So Wednesday evening was my first time. It was an awkward, but definitely memorable experience for me. Kind of like trying my first Starbucks coffee for my birthday last year. Since it was thawing out on the kitchen counter. The slushie stuff wasn’t even¬†frozen, it was mostly liquid. I think I would have enjoyed if I was it was over thinking everything and if it was more frozen. I have never wanted my first alcohol to be at home. I thought I’d go out with my friends and drink that way, but nobody hardly wants to talk to me anymore. I think once I was sipping it, I kept panicking in my head. I think I had about twenty sips before I had my mom toss it out and give me back my pop. Funny part was about the whole thing, the strawberry one was supposed to be my mom’s. Mine is still in the frozen, I’ll try it in two weeks.

Yesterday, my mom has decided to switch days to do errands. I’m not surprised I’m not confused yet. We went there, had lunch, and in the middle of the visit my sister got a call from one of her friends and they left. I had asked my mom before we even left to go to my nana’s if she could get some ice cream because I was craving my cookie dough ice cream bad. So she went to her destination and picked up some of my nana’s stuff and grabbed a small pint of Edy’s cookie dough ice cream. She came back to the house to drop off those things before she went to the store next. I was a happy camper because I thought I wasn’t going to get any ice cream at all. I was also planning on keeping it there so I wouldn’t have to worry about certain family members taking my ice cream, because that’s what usually happens. My mom told me this morning when I told her I wanted it brought back here, she said that everybody, except Blondie had their own ice cream, so I might be safe in that department. We’ll see.

This morning I woke up later than I have been waking up this past week. This has been a fast week, I keep thinking we’ve past this week and weekend in the last three days. It’s been weird. I woke up and my mom came in with little Winnie. I immediately turned over and started snuggling to her. My mom started talking about how Winnie decided to hitch a ride to Swifty on our neighbors car. We guessed it was climbing up inside the cars now. Winnie has a busted up lip. Luckily, for her she’s still small enough that you can’t really tell. As she was explaining it, my mom began crying and pretty much broke the news that little Ivan didn’t make it. I guess he got a little brave too and ended up getting hit. We don’t exactly know how he got hit, because he’s generally the chill one out of the bunch, but since there were two in this. We were thinking he was chasing after the other one. So when mom told me about that, I started crying and it’s been a little hurt for me to get used to it, because he was my kitty. My mom and I have given Winnie a new nickname, she is now called by us, “Swifty” because of her little adventure. I came up with it. So we have three kittens left and I’ve had five cats in my room this morning. Thankfully not all at once. We thought Tubby and Rudy’s siblings were goofy, we saw all three kittens run their heads into the walls and bathroom door so many times I was surprised they weren’t walking funny.