Five Sentence Fiction: Pieces

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: PIECES

Aurora walked out of the woods, looking down at her feet, and saw a line of bold red rose pedals trailing in front of her.

She doesn’t know how or why she got in that place she was at,  she doesn’t feel a pull to go forward, but to go backwards.

Instead of looking behind her at the broken pieces of her life.

Aurora continues to walk on and see what is at the end, but what she finds isn’t what she bargained for.

After realizing what was at the end, she wakes up from her a dream and knows what she has to do to fix everything.

Wicked Dreams

So it is finally Friday! Man, hasn’t it been a long week! At least it felt like that way for me. I hope yours went a little quicker than mine. Today we did what we usually do on Friday’s. Go over to my nana’s and have lunch. This time around my sister finally got to spend the day with us. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to do that since my mom switched over to working weekends, my mom would do the errands alone, because Blondie was always in school. Well, it has been a week since her graduation and it’s been feeling a lot more like summer. Except for my online friends, most of them are still in school. The only thing that was really different, well besides my sister’s hair being extremely brown. She got her hair trimmed and went tanning in the middle of the visit. My grandparents got pizza for lunch and my stomach hasn’t been feeling well. I got mozzarella sticks and I think I only ate about ten bites. My nana also had this lone Gingerbeard man she gets with her meals during the week. That’s all I’ve eaten today. My parents just got dinner and I opted out of getting anything. What’s sad is that I got orange juice today and I couldn’t even enjoy it like I thought I would. Finding something that works with your stomach is hard work.

I finally got to talk to my nana after thinking I wasn’t going to be able to get everything out. Different people were interrupting me. Now I know how my papaw feels. Anyways, I had to tell her about my wicked dreams I’ve been having at night every once in a while. She had some good advice for me, and I’ve come to a conclusion that I hate having a creative mind. I’ve got a funny story for you. This morning I got up at 5am and haven’t been back asleep since. I thought I was going to pass out at 4pm, but I pushed through and got online. It is almost 6:30pm and I feel like my body could just tumble over onto the floor and I’d be kind of fine with that. Around 9am I decided to start last night’s Hannibal and just see how far I’d last. I lasted for about three minutes. When we got home from my nana’s after waiting about two hours I decided to give it another shot and skip the “creepy” parts, which was the whole scene at the beginning of the girl in the bed. I stopped watching after Will thought he was killing that girl. I told myself there is no way in hell I’m going to be able to watch this freaking episode. It may actually take me a few days to get through it, but that’s okay. As long as I try to get through it, I’ll be fine. I hope.


I’m going back to what my Uncle David was talking about over the weekend. For a short period, the two of us, plus my nana were talking our dreams. The strange ones and the ones we’d do anything to forget about. One dream he remembers very well. He told us about a dream he had once about opening a door and when he opened this door, the room was really bright. As he walked inside, although he couldn’t see anything, he said the temperature in the room was noticeably cold, but yet it wasn’t that cold. All of a sudden, he woke up in sweat because it scared him to death. Now, I’ve never had those dreams, but I did think it was interesting. I have never had temperature differences or bright lights in my dreams, but if that’s not considered a nightmare, I don’t know what would.

Speaking of nightmares, I had one last night. Which I’m surprised I even had one considering how little I slept last night. I’ve had tons of dreams of people killing other people. I’ve had a lot of dreams where there are a lot of guns. This one was different and I really wish I remembered the pilot more than the ending, but it was intense. I remember laying on the floor, it wasn’t a floor in any of my family’s houses, both past and present. It was just a white floor and I was crying hysterically and this really tall, middle-aged, blonde guy is pacing around in what I remember a living room. He has a gun, type thing. I don’t actually remember what that looked like either. Anyways, I was pleading he’d let me go and begging him that I didn’t do anything wrong. I felt defenseless and scared. Next thing I knew he was leaning on top of me, telling me that I had done a good job and I’d live through this. Then after telling me this, I guess I relaxed and then he pulled the trigger. I don’t think you’re suppose to feel something go inside your head, but I definitely felt it. After it happened, I woke up to a pounding headache.

I have never had those dreams where I’ve felt the pain the actual area where the wound was at and very emotional. It was just creepy. The only thing that gets me, I wasn’t dreaming in disabled body. I could use my arms and of course my legs. He didn’t have me tied up or anything. I was just struggling and crying. He really scared me and I didn’t know why he wanted to hurt me so much. I’ve got to say though, once I actually woke up and looked around. I was happy, then I realized I still had that headache in the same spot and it freaked me out even more. I can take dreams that involve guns and shooting. Killing people, not so much. Killing people, such as myself or anybody I know, is a scary deal. I can still remember dreams I’ve had and I was walking around a block, and my mom, sister, and nana were all sitting outside in the garage type thing and something came over the news that we needed to go back inside and hide. It wasn’t weather related, it was people running around killing innocent people. Well, in the mist of bringing things inside, my nana and I were outside waiting, hoping nobody would come around our block and then out of nowhere, this guy, all in black, just starts shooting his gun and it hits my nana right in the head. Yeah, not a good dream to come out of. It sucked.

What I Dreamt Of Last Night

I’ve been gone all day but I still manged to remember of what I dreamt of last night. Considering I woke up at 2am and didn’t go back to sleep until 6:30am and had to be up before 10am to get ready for the day, I actually did get to have a dream in between all this. I’ve been dreaming of future tattoos again. I went from having one idea and it was kind of small to two mideum size on my thighs. So that thought lead to my dream of being on the cover of Inked Magazine. I’ve obviously loving this phase way too much for my own good.

Then in the next part of my dream I somehow got to be on another cover of a magazine because of my attitude about my life. The magazine thought I was a good story to tell about and since I dreamt I had graced on the other magazine, I was getting negative comments about the fact I am handicapped, I should be a role model and be good all the time. People thought the tattoos were a bad thing and I was sending the wrong signal. Even in my dreams and I still act the same, tattoos are a symbol of expression. They’re drawings and instead of putting them on picture, they are on your body and you want to show them off. Having tattoos DOES NOT make a bad role model.

The last part of the dream was after that magazine article was out even more people were commenting about what I thought about tattoos. Everytime I tried looking for good modeling jobs they would reject me because nobody wanted a tatted handicapped chick with a smart attitude. After I got signed with an agency, I got a chance to change the way how everybody thinks of beauty when I go for an audition for Victoria’s Secret. That’s always been a dream of mine is to be a VS Angel, but the world does actually have to change their beauty situation first. Then after that I woke up and forced myself to stay awake.

Back To The Past

I love history, like a lot! Doesn’t really matter what era I like the most because I think all different kinds of history is very cool. Have you ever done this before, you get into a room with a bunch of people and think about this or that person and think about their life? I’ve done this a lot. I just want to see if their life is any worse or better than mine. My nana was telling me about this book she found about my papaw’s family history. Of course, she talks about this and I’m at the episode of The Vampire Diaries when Jeremy is looking at his great-great-great grandfathers (I’m sure it’s much further than that) journals, and doing this paper for history. So my mind goes, “oh cool!” In reality, I love family history because I love old times, especially the “old” stories that my papaw tells me, but the book she’s letting me read. It is from 1600s, and the aunts (which are my great aunts) started looking this up on their own. After two days of looking this book, so far my middle name and my mother’s name were the most popular names for women. The most weirdest name we’ve found was Sylvanus.

I have looking at this book and nana got out these pages that are handwritten by one of the aunts, and it’s about my papaw’s family and back. I’m very intrigued that my papaw’s family came from the Netherlands, and I’ve known my nana’s family comes from Germany. Well, her birth family is originally from there, she was born in Ohio and was placed in an orphanage when she was young. Her birth name was Ruth. When she was adopted they changed it to Dona (Donna) and she didn’t see any of her birth brothers and sisters until 1991 when they got together for a reunion. I don’t know my dad’s family history, but I do know I am half Native American, which when I was in Elementary, I thought it was very cool. It explained some things. One of these days, I will get to know more about my dad’s family history. I feel bad for anybody on my dad’s side who gets to let me read these things because I tend to get a little overboard, but I love it! My nana is getting a joy at hearing me pronounce these names and forcing some word to come out of my mouth.

Yesterday I was talking to my nana, well anytime my papaw says one of the aunts would love us or have a fit on what we were doing. They were apparently very proper. I think a lot of times of if they could ever understand that they had it good when they were younger up until their death. Seriously, my family now is a little crazy. They would have a hard time with us. Well some of us, probably two of us would either mind it all or wouldn’t give a shit in the world. I love those dreams of when my mind wonders about going back through time and seeing how my family use to look like and act. I told my nana and papaw yesterday about one of the dreams I had once. I dreamt of I was on the ground outside my grandparents house and I was scooting and wondering where my chair was, so I scooted on the hot sidewalk because I heard my mom laughing and I called her “mom” and she of course didn’t think nothing of it because she hadn’t had me yet. She was sitting on the ground and I went by her and said, “mom” again and she looked at me with this blank look on her face and I looked around and everybody’s looks were different from what they look like now.

These three ladies were sitting outside with my mom and Aunt Laurie, and they were very puzzled by it all. Hell, even I was confused. The next thing I remember about that dream was I was inside the house and it was so different. We were in living room and they were asking me questions about my family and asking about my hands. I remember not answering their first question. I felt like Marty McFly in the Back To The Future Part 1 where he was his mom’s house and having dinner with them. Same thing in this case. I had about ten people staring at me, probably trying to figure out why I look like my mom. The weirdest part was that I got to meet my cousins Amy and Chris when I were little, and Chris was already planting his sweet side to me. Next minute I knew I was awake and I was mad because I wanted to keep going on it. After that dream, I’ve had three others since then.