Album Review: “New Blood” by Yellow Claw

31562274_1931747523565661_4003284775459618816_nWell, back in March, I reviewed Yellow Claw’s new little EP for “Amsterdam Trap House” and I thought that was pretty good, but I wasn’t expecting a whole new album afterwards but I accepted it with open arms though!

Their third album “New Blood” came out on the 22nd of June, and it consists of fifteen songs with various featured singers and other DJs lending samples of beats to collaborate. Now I will admit, there are a lot of people on this, and some that I’ve never heard of before so you’ll have to forgive me there for not having all of my normal pieces of information about them.

So let’s get started on this, because I’m ready to dance on my bed!

We begin this little adventure with “Lost On You” with Phlake. I thought was so pretty! It starts off so slow and what’s interesting is that it never really breaks out of that chill sound, but the tempo does improve a bit towards the choruses. It’s a very romantic song, and for once I actually like it. What’s wrong with me? Second is “Summertime” and San Holo collaborates with the guys for this. I like the mysterious introduction, but I’m always so iffy with a person speaking into a static-y format. I have a hard time figuring out what they’re saying, but I love the beat. That ominous feeling never really goes away, which I enjoyed and I liked the mild build up to the drop, very subtle but keeps it kind of unique for a summertime song really!

Next we have “Both Of Us” with STORi and again, we have this light beginning but since the featured singer has a very mellow voice too, it actually works well. I really like this, because for anyone that likes to listen to EDM on the radio, this is very radio-friendly with kids, the drop isn’t that intense, but the song in general isn’t so heavy that you’re used to hearing in dance music, it’s really good! Fourth is “Villain” with Valentina and I think I’ve heard this before, maybe I’ve played it before the album came out and I’ve forgotten about it, that sounds like something I’d do really! Anywho, it has a mild beat, and I’ve always had an uneasy time with both chill and house music, because at times they can just be so boring, but I don’t want to say this is that by any means, but I just don’t like it as much.

“Crash This Party” with Tabitha Nauser is next and after having a somewhat dull song beforehand, this pretty much makes up for it! It’s so upbeat and dare I say, positive? I really like the drop, and they insert their “Yellow Motherfucking Claw” towards the end of the track, which instantly made me smile, because it’s not a YC song without at least one of their songs having that somewhere in the track! My only complaint is that it’s too short! The other one, as soon as it started it made me jump! I wasn’t expecting that pop in the beginning to “Public Enemy” at all. I actually laughed at myself! Anyways, this has DJ Snake, and you all should know that I love DJ Snake a lot! This doesn’t feature anybody but him, so it’s instrumental and you definitely know I love those the most! This is just the greatest, I can’t describe it any better than that. I have to find the live version of this, because I can imagine crowds going absolutely crazy for this!

We move on to, “Fake Chanel” with A$AP Ferg and Creek Boyz. I actually remember listening to this when it came out as a single and I loved it instantly! It’s so interesting how I will listen to rappers that appear on EDM music a lot better than rap music in general. I don’t know how that works either! I really love the beat to this, it’s so sharp and different. The drop is insane! After that banger, we go into “Attention” with Chase and Kalibwoy, which as soon as it started, I thought, “oh yay, this will be softer”. Well, I was half right with that expectation! It is mysterious but I was really intrigued with the second voice, he completely changed the vibe that I originally had going, so that was cool! This, as a whole, is a very different track and I love it!

We have “Bittersweet” featuring Sofia Reyes, who has this sweet little voice and I like the fact that the beat itself doesn’t overpower her. It’s a good song! “To The Max” is next and this has a number of people on it, but the only one that I know is Bok Nero. The others are MC Kekel, Lil Debbie, and MC Gustta. This is good, with a nice simple beat and you have like mixture of voices, but it’s not the best. I also think this was the longest one on the album too. I don’t know I really feel about that so we’re going to move onto “Down On Love” with Moski and Yade Lauren, which I know Yade was featured on another of YC’s songs, “Love & War”. This is pretty mellow, but I like it, at least this has an interesting beat and the singer has gorgeous voice.

We’re almost done. I know, even I’m a little sad about that! There’s “I’ll Be Fine” with Kelsey Gill and she sounds like Zara Larsson! I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it was the first that I thought of when the song started playing. This is pretty good, nothing about it is too much, it could get good radio play on pop oriented stations, so that’s a plus! And we have “Waiting” that has Rochelle in it, and she’s also been a guest on their songs before. I really like the dreamy vibe I got while listening to it. It does have the standard build up and the bass drop is really good, but I liked the original beat better. Surprisingly, I don’t think it needed all of that other stuff, even if they had turned it down. I know I’m starting to scare myself now! Lastly, we have “Another Life” with STORi again. I really like the usage of the piano, it gave it a sense of elegance. The beat is really simple, and we finish in the same way we started, so it’s kind of perfect.

I was kind of impressed with this. I figured since they released an album in the summer, it would sound pretty summer-y in the process, but I never got that vibe as I continued to listen to the songs. You have a good mesh of the heavy bangers that every EDM loves, but if you are in the mood for something softer, then you definitely a few to choose from, so it’s a good batch of music.

Have you listened to Yellow Claw’s new album, “New Blood” yet? What did you think? Do you have any favorite(s)?


Song Review: “Propaganda” by DJ Snake

So before we start this off, I just wanted to include this tweet that I posted the day before NYE because I couldn’t contain myself once I heard this song that we’re about to discuss! You should have seen my face when I saw who had favorite the tweet. I was also thanking God that there were no spelling errors in that tweet too!

Anyways, if you’re familiar with my reviews then you know how much I love instrumentals. I seriously can’t get enough and I wish DJs made more of them honestly! Certain songs sound good without words, sometimes you just have to let the beat speak for itself. And with that being said, this sucker is fucking good! Sorry there’s no other way to describe my love for this track without using the “F” word in the same sentence.

Let’s be totally honest, anything that DJ Snake releases is great! I wasn’t really feeling “Middle” at first, but now I’m starting to like it. I always look forward to new DJ Snake music. I mean, I should’ve listened to it when he put it out on his SoundCloud instead of waiting until it was on Spotify, but I just decided to hold out for a bit longer. I mean, I love it so it really doesn’t matter where/how I listened to it! I don’t think my views on it would have changed. It sounds like a true DJ Snake track: crazy sound and makes you want to move. It could be an awesome song to add to your workout playlist just a little heads up!

So what do you think of “Propaganda?” Do you think DJ Snake will finally release a full album or EP for us this year?



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OOTD: Gray



So this is outfit number two that you’ll get to see this week. If I can get everything lined up correctly, the third will be up either Saturday or Sunday, depending on when I’ll have the time to do everything. I actually can’t wait to show off that outfit too!

This picture was taken Saturday morning as my dad had a doctor’s appointment which kind of made me think of all those times he and mom would tell us as kids that nobody is going to the hosiptal or doctor’s on the weekends. Anyways, I went back to my nana’s at 8am. Been a while since that’s happened and the weather was not so pleasnet, that’s why I had to result to having this OOTD taken inside my grandparent’s kitchen because by the time my dad came to pick me up it was pouring down raining.  Another thing I think I should explain, my nana doesn’t use cameras like mine. She’s used to her phone and all that, but I’ve been teaching her so she can help me out if I need it. However, she managed to take TWO pictures of me without half of my head. You can see my smile, but that’s about it. Like she told me, it’s about my outfit not my face!

 Okay, this top is from Hot Topic and it’s actually a hand-me-down from Blondie. She gave me a bunch of her clothes in like September. This is my second cat shirt and it has the cutest (not as cute as our cats of course!) kitty on it but at the bottom of it is a red box and it randomly has “turn down for what” written inside it. It’s actually pretty big on me, very roomy which is nice! The material isn’t thick or heavy like cotton. I like it a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I got my leggings from but they’re in different shades of gray like my shirt, my mom and I call the pattern “floral” even though we really don’t know what it is! They fit nicely on my legs. They’re the right length, so they don’t drag whenever I want to use my feet. The material is kind of thin, not the best to wear in the winter.

What do you think of my many shades of gray outfit? 

Tune Tuesday | France


This week was supposed to be Finland week, but there’s no point of even including the country when you used up the only two good acts for it last year. So we’re moving on to France for this week and I was very happy going after this country! I didn’t just have one good act, I have three of them!

I’m starting with the only band I could find coming out of France, they’re a little different from what I used last year Eths. The band is called Kerion and they are a symphonic metal band formed in 2003. There’s really not much about them online. I haven’t found a Facebook page to learn about its members or anything, but I do know they have a Twitter because that’s how I found them. I like to go on binges on Twitter and I usually find great music that way too! You can find Kerion’s music on Spotify too!

I think I’m keeping some kind of trend here, as I had both a heavy metal act and a DJ on last year’s post. In 2013, we all heard the song “Turn Down For What” playing on our radios like nonstop. It was by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. Everybody thought that song was the shit and for a bass addict like me, it was my kind of song! My sister and I still have arguments between which song (with Lil Jon’s “Bend Ova”) has the most bass. I think we all know that answer! Lastly, there’s a DJ out there that’s not gotten a lot of attention. I find it interesting to see these younger DJs finding their ways onto the charts and such. In a couple of more weeks, I’ll be adding another young one to these posts. Anyways, have you heard of the DJ Madeon yet? If you listen to the EDM channels, you might’ve heard of him but other than that I haven’t heard much of him. I keep wanting to say “yet” because I know how these things go and he’ll be coming out of the shadows and surprising the crap out of everybody soon! If you would like to know more about Madeon and his debut album, a fellow blogger friend of mine has written a review of his album, called “Adventure” and Liam’s allowing me to add the link onto this post! So enjoy that!

Ghost Society – Kerion

Fireblast – Kerion ft. Rachel

Turn Down For What – DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon

You Know You Like It – DJ Snake ft. AlunaGeorge

Pay No Mind – Madeon ft. Passion Pit