EP Review: “California” by Diplo


You know every once in a while, I get in these moods, where all I want is dance music. It doesn’t usually matter what form, it just has to be something that’ll snap me out of whatever is going on with me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work, but it’s one of my go-to’s on a very low day.

In 2015, I really jumped on the EDM band wagon. I just needed a break after being invested into the heavy metal world for basically five years straight and a DJ that I really got into was Diplo. I started talking about some of the records he was releasing alongside his other projects like JackÜ with Skrillex and Major Lazer with Walshy Fire. Diplo has recently put an EP by himself and I’m actually pumped about this! It is called “California” and it includes five brand new tracks with featured artists and one remix at the end.

We start it off with “Worry No More” and it has Lil’ Yachty and Santigold, and if anybody has ever listened to Diplo’s music before, he likes to bring in the tropical sounds, and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint. I love Santigold’s music, but I’m sorry to say but since I don’t listen to a lot of rap music, I’m not too familiar with Lil’ Yachty but I do enjoy the combination of their voices together with the relaxing beat in the background. Second is “Suicidal” and there’s Desiigner on this one, and I feel like this one has more of an urban feel to it compared to previous songs Diplo has put out, so it’s not obnoxious by any means. I like it.

Next there’s  “Look Back” and it features DRAM and I know I’ve never heard of this artist before, but I didn’t really care because from the moment it started, I really enjoyed it! It’s another pretty chilled and laid back type of song, but I like the deep but dark beat he choose to create, it’s something different. Fourth track is “Wish” and it has “Trippie Redd” and the first thing that popped into my head was how interesting it was and I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t played everywhere in the background of our favorite television shows! It just kind of has that sort of feel to it, where it can go anywhere and make a moment special in some way.

And after that, we have “Color Blind” and the artist Lil’ Xan is on it. One this song started, it kind of remind me of California, that chill but bubbly atmosphere is infectious. It’s really kind of perfect. Lastly, the remix of “Get It Right” featuring Danish singer M∅ and GoldLink is next. I did listen to the original when it came out, but I don’t think I liked it too much the first time. I really like the piano introduction along with M∅’s sweet voice. I wasn’t too sure if GoldLink was the one who remixed the song until I heard the second voice, then I realized that he might be this voice. I’m actually still confused about it, but the song as a whole is pretty good!

I really thought this extended play was really good. I always have the most difficult time deciphering songs that include rappers that either speak softly or too fast for me to catch up. It’s nothing against them, usually when this happens I twist my direction and pay attention to the actual beat, once I did that things started to make a little bit more sense. You got the full essence of what makes California, the sounds and vibe. Every song brings it out in you very quietly, which is why I didn’t notice it until the last three songs!

Have you listened to Diplo’s new EP yet? If so, do you have any favorites? 


Music | Best Of 2015


Hey guys!

It’s Tuesday, which is normally one of my music days of the week! 2015 was full of a lot of music for me. I always feel like I consume a lot of music but I definitely feel it all more starting like the 26th of December. I start to really think about the songs and artists I’ve listened to in the year. After getting out of the rock scene and transitioning into my mini pop phase I tend to go into after every five years is up. I’m not kidding, it happens everytime I get out of a genre. I was hooked to One Direction for seven months before the end of January came and then I found my next phase: EDM.

In my previous music related posts, I’ve explained that I’ve always been into dance music. I liked trance growing up and then dubstep after Blondie suggested I listened to Skrillex in 2011. Now I’ve been really committed to learning more genres in the electric dance world like moombahton and trap music, but it seems like I’ll be going at this a slow pace as those are the only two that I’ve really enjoyed lately. I still don’t like a lot of house music, it’s too boring for me! I started off my year listening to Dillon Francis, Alesso, Krewella, Yellow Claw, Jack Ü (which gave way to Diplo), Major Lazer, and Flosstradamus. In all honestly, there was more but this is all I could think of at the moment.

What’s really funny is that I thought I’d only listen to EDM for only a short time, maybe a few months as I was only listening to find a song that was basically fading from my memory. That came back to bite me in the butt, as I couldn’t tear myself away from anything Diplo – I didn’t know he produced Madonna’s album when I first heard it. It was already on my radar before that started so lay off me! When I first heard “Living For Love” I was actually listening to Prince’s single “This Could B Us” and because I am my mother’s daughter I ended up liking both of them at the same time.  I didn’t think I’d ever fall in love with a Madonna album as much as I have with “Rebel Heart” and I’m still trying to convert my mom but she has decided to take this time to listen to more rock music as I’m not as interested with it right now.

Whenever I get into a different music scene, I tend to want to everything and almost anything in that scene. I mean, the skull obsession I have is definitely from listening to too much heavy metal on full blast! However, I’m not into the crazy lifestyle of ravers. I’d rather go rock concerts any day and I find this shocking because I love a lot of bass but I don’t ever want to go to an EDM festival. The ones I’ve managed to find on YouTube is good enough for me! My neck and hips have been hurting me like they would if I sat in my chair with a bunch of crazies, at least this way I don’t have to worry about running over anybody’s feet in the process!

I tried to count all of the albums and EPs that I’ve listened to this year and I think it was like 32 altogether! After I got down counting them I thought to myself and went “no wonder my brain feels like it’s about to explode!” I listened to more EPs than I had thought I would. When they switched days of new releases to Friday, I’ve had to be a little bit more patient as I really liked it better when everything came out on a Tuesday. It was the day after Monday (we all hate Mondays!) and it just made me happy to be able to have new music to hear all week long. Now that it switched to Friday, I saw the positive in the fact that Friday’s are considered “paydays” but I don’t like the wait clearly.

My favorite EPs were:

“Holy Water” by Laurel
“Mine” by Phoebe Ryan
“Francesco Yates” by Francesco Yates
“This Mixtape Is Fire” by Dillon Francis
“Up In Flames” by Ruelle.

As far as favorite albums go:

“Run” by Alison Wonderland
“Skrillex and Diplo Presents Jack Ü” by Jack Ü
“Into The Sun” by Bassnectar
“Peace Is The Mission” by Major Lazer
“Take It Like A Man” by Butcher Babies
“Revival” by Selena Gomez
“Club Life Vol. 4” by Tiesto
“Chapter One” by Ella Henderson
“General Admission” by Machine Gun Kelly
“Get Weird” by Little Mix
“Malviolence” by New Years Day
“Stereotypes” by Black Violin

I did a lot of different reviews this year that I’ve been very proud of lately! If you would like to read any of those, they have their own page on here! Just click “Reviews” under the “Music” tab at top! I’m hoping to continue to do more of those in 2016 and I’m slowly getting arrangements to do my annual summer travels for helping you to discover new music that you may not have heard before. I have a two pages of my daily planner of countries and artists/bands to focus on! I’m actually excited about it! Of course, those will start up in May 2016!

What did you listen to in 2015? What genre were you just stuck on? What album was your favorite?

Better Than The Original


I have always loved remixes. Sometimes the remixes are better than the original versions. Of course it’s all my personal opinion. I can’t even tell how it started and probably when I was in grade school when I was first listening to dance music. I kept it a secret from my peers because nobody was ever listening to the genre as much unless they went to a school dance and at that time we rarely had those! I was hearing a lot more remixes than original stuff that were playing on TV and movies. I still love to hear remixes! I asked on Facebook and Twitter for everybody’s suggestions on what is (in their opinion) the best or favorite remixes ever! Now the first one I got right out of the gate was something that was played constantly on the radio. It’s a good song, but I wanted something that I’ve never heard of and in comes Kirstie from Kimamely Beauty. She gave me so many suggestions that I figured I’d include into this post too! I’ll give some of my favorites, how I found them and some other interesting facts.

I remember finding this song and the one below on accident. Back when their last album came out, a local radio station always had Saturday night specials of local DJs doing mixes outside of my hometown. So both and a couple more listed were found through one of these nights either coming home from a school function etc. I always loved them!

This one will always put me in a good mood! Love it!

Forever apologizing for the picture it puts up first! This one is another that was on the radio late at night, every time I hear it I actually turn it up! Of course, it was never released to the public, much like the one below!

First off, sorry for the bad quality of the video! I found this once when it played on MTV in the mornings. It was NEVER released the way it sounds in this video which sucks because to me, this is how the whole point of a remix is changing the sound of the song. It sort of has parts of one of Fabolous’ songs called “Breathe” in certain areas, but this one of the best remixes if it sounds like this!

I found this remix through Spotify I think! This song came out in 2012 and it was the first time I ever heard both Diplo and Grandtheft. This was the start of the Diplo craze even before it started!

Hey! We’re in 2015 parts now!! I love, love, love this remix! In a way, everything is the same from the original. Kaskade was smart to keep a lot in with his remix, but I feel there’s a lot of differences too! It’s more upbeat and seems longer too! I heard this on Sirius XM BPM a few months ago. I actually heard this before the original and then I realized they both sounded the same and I didn’t have to choose which one I liked better.

Diplo and Grandtheft make a good team! I haven’t heard the original verison of this song because of this remix! They released this on SoundCloud and I think it took me like an hour to cave and hear it! Pretty badass!

I heard this only once on Sirius XM BPM and I remember rewinding my TV twice because I couldn’t… I’m just fucking speechless! I only use the F word when I truly love a song and this is just great! This has got to be one of the best remixes EVER!

This was literally a last minute addition! I’ve watched too many JackÜ performances on YouTube and this has become a new favorite of mine. Always puts me in a good mood too!

Whenever I tweet about music suggestions, there’s like a 50/50 percent chance I will ever get a reply back from anyone. It’s sad, but true! Thankfully Kirstie tweeted me back! I found a common thing with her suggestions, she gave couple by Gordon City, MK, and Friend Within remixes. I don’t think I’ve heard of any one of them before so we’re already getting off on a good start! She seems to like the more chill, house remixes. She gave me a really long list, but I’m only picking some of my favorites!

If you are free at 8pm EST I’m hosting the USBloggerChat on Twitter! It’s my first time ever doing this and I’m talking about MUSIC since it’s Thursday! If you can make it, that would be awesome! Can’t wait to chat with everybody! 🙂

Album Review: “Peace Is The Mission” by Major Lazer

I think I’ve always been a fan of electronic dance music since I was a kid. I’ve been kind of hiding my dying love for the genre, but it never got so mainstream until like 6 years ago. I love to hear artists and bands be a little bit more unique in their music. I didn’t think I knew what I was getting myself into when I found Major Lazer but I definitely don’t regret it! Major Lazer takes what we think of EDM and just twists it a little and brings a genre like raggae into the mix and who knew it would sound amazing, but it really does! It’s the kind of uniqueness that I need every once in a while.

I don’t do a lot of EDM genre reviews because I am a very picky person. But I’ve recently discovered Major Lazer and it’s become a part of me in the last couple of months and I’ve been looking forward to “Peace Is The Mission” since March. Now before we start this, Major Lazer is a group of three people: Diplo, Jillionaire, and Washly Fire.

I usually like when albums start off slow, kind of eases you into the whole thing, but I don’t know why but I don’t like this one. The first track is called “Be Together” and it features singer Wild Belle and I’ve been trying my best to like it because I actually like the beat, I dance to it everytime it starts but there’s some thing about it that I don’t like. The second is called “Too Original” and I love, love, love this one! Probably too much because I’ve been trying to get my mom into this song! She would like it if she’d just cave! Everytime it comes on my Spotify or on the radio, I start dancing and I can never get myself to stop either! This song features Elliphant and Jovi Rockwell. Third is “Blaze Up The Fire” and this features Chronixx. It is another one I love but I don’t why because it sounds a bit chaotic in between the choruses. There’s a sound that kind of takes over the entire beat itself and its lack of a better term to use: obnoxious. Besides that it’s a pretty good song!

This next song has been blowing up everywhere around the world! “Lean On”  featuring DJ Snake and MO. I’ve been talking about Major Lazer a lot in the last few months and it wasn’t until I heard this song did I get that way! I’m sorry if I’ve been annoying a few of you out there, but when I hear great new music I have a tendency to let everybody know about it too! I love this song and it’s very strange since it’s so chill and has the same tempo as the first song that I love it more. I don’t know why I do that! I love what both DJ Snake and MO brought to the song. I don’t think anybody would be able to make it any better! “Powerful” is one sexy song! I’m not kidding! I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff about this one but I never read anybody’s review about it before listening to it myself and so I had a very different outlook of what I thought it would sound like and even though I was wrong, it didn’t hurt so bad. So freaking good! This one features Ellie Goulding and Terrus Riley. Surprisingly, they’re the ones that is making this song so good!

The last batch starts off with “Light It Up” with Nyla who is apart of Brick & Lace and I’ll be honest here I got a little too excited because I love Brick & Lace and have for a few years now! It’s so nice to hear Nyla’s voice again! Sadly, I don’t know what to think about this beat. I mean, it’s good but it doesn’t really make me want to dance. It was a let down for me. This next one took me a while to get into, I had “Roll The Bass” on my Spotify playlist when it was released as a single but I wasn’t interested I guess because it just sat there and I basically ignored it for a while. I finally heard it on accident and I remember listening to it like five times in one day! I’m bad sometimes. It’s easily one of my favorites on the album! Everytime I play it I want to dance to it. Next up is “Night Riders” and it features Travi$ Scott, 2 Chainz, and Pusha T. This one is much slower, but it’s not bad if anything it works great with the vocals. Now there is one more but it’s a remix of their song “All My Love” featuring Ariana Grande and Mechel Montano that was on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack. I haven’t listened to the original or this version very much, but it is very good!

I don’t know what’s better, doing a review of a song/album after it comes out or waiting until you’ve had time to hear every part of the song and get the feel of it? I’ve never dreaded doing a review more than this one and I figured it was probably because I don’t know how to describe what I like about a song that makes it interesting in words. I don’t want to be the reason for somebody to not give an album a chance because of my views. Doing these reviews have done some good for me because I feel the more I do of them, especially the ones in different genres that majority of the population would chose to ignore, it broadens what we think is great music. So I might not like every song of this album but as a whole I loved it. I love the vibe of it and what it does to me, it makes me want to dance and that’s what great music is supposed to do to a listener. To end this review, I give it a 9/10. I’m ready for the next Major Lazer, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for it!

Life Lately | Distractions



Why is it every time we have a mini breakdown some things change? I think it’s strange how that works. A couple of weeks ago, I had a massive breakdown of life and everything around it. I think I cried for maybe half an hour and then I forced myself to stop and go online to hopefully get my mind off other things and it worked actually because it was Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas weekend and Sirius XM BPM was playing Diplo’s set and I’m not lying when I say I felt extremely better while I sat in my room in the darkness just dancing away! I was a happy little camper! It was a great distraction for me! A week later, things started to pick up a little and I’ve been trying to “hope” again instead of looking for a flaw. I think that’s my main problem right now is that I’m always looking for something to go wrong but I see everything like a pattern. All life does is repeat itself and nothing ever gets done about it!

This past weekend I was forced into an internet detox. I’ve been known to tell my nana that she doesn’t need to rely on her laptop/internet so much and she needs to figure out some things to do outside of things. When I was going through this I realized how addicted I’ve become to Twitter and blogging. Here’s something funny though, in the mornings when I first get up, I only spend about 10 minutes on it. I just want to check up on things and sometimes when I do this, I’ve been able to go back to sleep afterwards. I realized that I have nothing to distract me from the internet. However, I was pretty proud of myself for whipping up a blog post for later on this month. I had more time to watch movies (I watched three on Sunday) and I even colored in my Disney animal coloring book that I still have! All the while though, I was still lonely and bored, but then again I’m always like that. What the hell was the difference? When we did get our internet back. I was only on for probably 10-15 minutes at least and then I was gone to my nana’s an hour after it came on!

Distractions are good. They’re like little pleasures that you get to have at the right, or sometimes wrong times. If I’m in the middle of doing a blog post a bad distractions for me are: a good song (lyric wise) and if my dad wants to come into my room and talk. This is what I would consider a bad distraction. I like talking though, if I have a lot on my mind it works wonders for me. Actually speaking about it is a good distraction than from blogging about it and sharing it with random people who don’t need to know about it honestly. Want to know a good distraction from life? Cats, gummi worms, and upcoming events! I don’t have anything coming up or have anymore gummi worms of course! The cat subject however is a totally different thing!

The other day my mom was busy feeding some of our cats, they have two different areas. Since we’ve had Tubby back in our neighborhood he’s been getting fed out on the front porch whereas the others are all fed out on the back side. We’re also trying to keep the babies back there away from the cars, but they like to follow the older cats and a black and hot pink wheelchair to the front end of the house. My bad! Anyways, she was busy feeding them and I guess when she went out Wren came in and as mom was shaking the cup of food behind her to draw her attention back outside. She kept walking away and my bedroom door was wide open and she just waltzed right in and I was like, “awwww!” Out of all the places she could have gone to first, she came to see me! She’s the one that used to use me for my bed! She never jumped on the bed but she did stay a bit and let me pet her. It was so nice! A couple of days later, my mom brought Stormy into my room for me to hang out with and all he wanted to was explore my room at every angle. He went up into my window, on top of my table and even tried going into my closet! He never managed to climb up on my bed with me, but he went everywhere else!

Finally I got to see all of them at one time after we came home from my nana’s and I got to pet little Oscar while both Tony and Ozzy inspected my wheelchair from the ground. Since we were blessed with all of the babies. My mom finally got her ginger kitty after losing Oliver in January, we also got two sets of “twins” from Bootsie and Wren. Each mother gave birth to a full black/white and gray/white kittens. My sister took picture for me while we were outside visiting with them and she managed to get four separate pictures of the two black/white kittens that are called FiFi (Felix) and Taz. The way you can tell the differences between them is one is fatter than the other and when you look up at them, they’re noses are different. One has a thick white line of white above his/her nose and the other it just fades off from the top like of a drawing. The only two that are not included in this post is Otis and Grumpy! Hope you enjoy the pictures below!1922441_10200464403810725_1219547806046321571_n

10325258_475355159307817_3646635999210369471_n11012609_475355745974425_8468884057326529571_n11168015_10200464399810625_1942166432204848965_n 11391413_10153048685133429_530599475615766557_n pg103xg1yq8bsijudzdg36sjcz4kauwp11666142_475355152641151_5826301828999736758_n11350431_940455926018738_3328656623801715009_n