From Snowboarder To Dancer?


Things have a way of creeping up on me. If you’ve read my stuff before you remember me talking about how I found this Victor Borge CD Cover in my papaw’s old stereo system case and after I found out who he was, he was later brought up again when my nana and I were sorting through VCR tapes. Well, I’ve got a similar story to share with you. Back in January, I was on YouTube watching videos and everybody, including myself, hates waiting for the videos to load and we definitely hate the ads that are constantly on there as well. That afternoon when I was waiting for my video to load this very interesting commercial popped up on the screen. For once I actually turned off my music and didn’t even consider pushing the “Skip this ad” button either. The commercial was of P&G: Thank You, Mom and it was about the paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy. This was my first introduction to this interesting and inspiring woman. She and her mom, talk about how she was infected and how she lost her legs in the process and how all she wanted to do was go back to snowboarding.

When I first watched it, I kind of teared up a bit because it was so inspiring to hear of her story. I didn’t quite understand why I had decided to watch it. I’m usually not interested in watching those types of commercials, because I usually do my ugly cry and thankfully I didn’t. Sometimes I don’t feel a connection to disabled athletes because I was never one in school (Powder Puff Football doesn’t count) and watching everybody play sports including family members hardly had impact on me. When Dancing With The Stars cast was revealed last month. She was in Sochi, Russia competing in the Paralympic Games (which she ended up taking home a bronze medal) during the first couple of weeks of learning her steps for DWTS and her dance partner Derek Hough was right there with her, learning all about her and watching her snowboard down those giant hills! Before the first episode of the new season had aired she had a LONG schedule. She won her medal that Friday before, got on a plane, got home on Sunday and did camera blocking and costume fitting and on Monday had her first run on the dance floor in front of all America to see. If I thought the commercial inspired me, her dancing, sure made me have some hope inside of me that I hadn’t had before. When you watch shows like this, it inspires you to do the same or something similar and for me, I’ve always loved dance. From ballet to hip hop and then the Viennese waltz to the Paso. Just one little problem, I don’t have the ability to stand on my feet and my electric wheelchair doesn’t move as well as a push wheelchair either!

I’m pretty sure everybody can agree when I say this, that when it was revealed that she was to be on the show. The first thought was, oh my god! I hope her feet don’t go flying across the room! During Monday night’s episode, that was one of the worries of their dance. They were doing Swing dancing and I thought that was pretty cool! However, I was concerned about how she would be able to do that, because before watching her dance, I didn’t even know that her prosthetic legs could bend at the knee. So when she started moving her legs all around I was impressed! And thankfully that her legs didn’t go flying off and hit Bruno in the face! It’s a very strange feeling to find a sense of inspiration from somebody who can walk like a normal person but has prosthetic legs too. If we weren’t told that she was missing her legs, we wouldn’t wonder about her legs and it would just be about her dancing completely. However, I like the fact we know because she is inspiration to not only myself but others as well. I have always watched DWTS Monday night and after the show was over, dream about one of the male pro dancers teaching me to dance and before, it just made me sad. Now I’m happy that it actually leaves me with a smile because if a woman like Amy could do it, why should I feel ashamed being able to move my hips around in the comfort of my own room. She and Derek were safe from elimination this week. They haven’t announced what they’ll be dancing next week, but I’m excited to see it and I’ll be ready to vote like always!

Dirty Dancing

I have fallen in love again! No, not with a real person. I’m done with falling in love with somebody and getting hurt somewhere in the process, I just finished watching Dirty Dancing. I don’t really remember who got me interested in this movie, but I think my mom did because they were smart! I don’t hate everything that was made in the 80’s. Besides “Purple Rain” and this, I’m good. Everything else just got lost. This movie will NEVER get old. Anytime it would come on different TV channels, I’d get comfortable in my bed and watch it with the same amazement I had when I first watched it. That same envy I had of Penny and Baby dancing so seductive, yes I said that word. Johnny (Patrick Swayze) looking so handsome and buffed. I think that’s how I started liking arms, especially shoulders. Anyways, these three people were my favorites and I wished to be like them. But you got to understand, when I watched this I had a whole list of people on this list I wished to be like one day.

I watched Jennifer Grey on Dancing With The Stars, that whole season my mom and I had the same winners. Since then, we haven’t been able to agree of who should win each season. So far, I’ve lost two seasons. Both of my favorites were runner-ups. Anyways, I watched her dance with Derek Hough and envied her once again. Not the fact she was dancing/partnered with one of the best looking male dancers on the show, but she could still dance at her age. She and Derek did their freestyle dance for the finale to one of the songs in the movie, I can’t remember what the song was called, but the reason why she didn’t play “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” was because it was a such a special dance to do Patrick that she didn’t want to change it. She ended up winning that season with Derek. That’s reason number two of why this movie will never get old.

The Road to the Finals.

So last night was a new episode of Dancing With The Stars, and the first couple that went was Rob Kardashian and his pro dance partner Cheryl Burke. They had the Quickstep and for their instant dance they had was the Jive. They did an awesome Quickstep as their first dance of the night. Cheryl has never done a instant dance before so they did ths for the first time.

Even though they did really good in both dances. Somebody came back from having an off week last week. J.R. and Karina were almost at the bottom of the leader board last week and this week they got back on top. They had a perfect score for both of their dances. They had the Waltz and the Jive. Ricki and Derek also had the Waltz and the Jive as well and were flawless, despite what the judges said about their instant dance. Carrie-Ann said Ricki looked like she was in and out of choreography a couple of times.

Hope and Maks were good last night. They decided to restart their whole thing. Since they are infamous of having the intense rehearsals. I don’t remember what overall they got last night, but I know they got a 9 in one of their dances. At the end of the Jive last night they were doing a move and the music stopped and they kept on going. Nancy and Tristan had a good first dance. The second was horrible. Len said, “it was like she was Cinderella at the ball and it had struck midnight and it was her time to go.” First off, uncalled for. Gotta say that thank God Tristan’s smart enough to keep his mouth shut unlike Maks.

Throughout last night’s episode I kept waiting for David and Kym to go on and dance and then realized it wasn’t going to happen. Lacey Scwimmer is dancing tonight, she dyed her hair pink and blue. So I don’t know if it’s permant or not but I’ll be on the lookout for her. It’s the results tonight and I have to update my mom on what goes on, but I didn’t tell her much about last night’s until she got home. Might do that if she doesn’t text me five times beforeheand.

Julianne Hough Comes Back To DWTS!

This is going to seem a bit sad. My mom and I didn’t start watching Dancing With The Stars from season to season until Season 9. She watched Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger take the Mirror Ball that year. Afterwards, we both started watching it and taping it and discussing which ones we liked and didn’t like. So we never really saw Julianne dance at all.

When DWTS were celebrating their 100th episode, which took two days. They went over  freestyle dances from past seasons. Julianne was in two of the dances featured in the countdown. My mom and I absoluately love Derek so we kind of love her too. I watched her in Burlesque and loved her in there. She looks really good in red hair by the way!

I am very excited to see Footloose. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to see it in theaters or not. I’d like to, and I think my mom would like to see it in theaters even though the car accident scene will make us cry right off the bat. Nobody else likes dance movies except mom and I. So I’d rather watch it with her than anyone else.

I’m not looking forward tonight. Well I’m looking forward for her dance with Kenny, and if you’re trying to figure out where he’s from. If you’ve seen Center Stage: Turn It Up he plays the male lead. The first time I seen the previews for it my mind kept going back and tried to figure it out who he was. Anyways, and Julianne and Derek are going to dance together, which to me would be awkward. Dancing with your brother? Too weird. They’ve done this for several years I’m sure they’re over that awkward stage by now. I’m not looking forward to the elimination of the night part. Definitely not looking forward to that.