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Hey guys!

Earlier this month, I had a dentist appointment. It was only a cleaning and I have to say, things went better than expected, like seriously! I was still pretty nervous about the whole thing, but since I knew what to expect (meaning the shots) I was actually a lot calmer. I didn’t react like I had when it was over, I even left my dad in the room! So far, nobody has told me that they like the shots! Even the woman who cleaned my own teeth said she didn’t like them either!

This time everything was fast paced, for one thing the medicine they had given me like the last time, worked a little better! I was way more relaxed than before, but I had also spent three hours awake I was already feeling sleepy on my own. This is was just making things that much better! Anyways, like I said things went by faster. We didn’t have to deal with the X-Rays and checking out each tooth on both sides. She still did that, but it wasn’t as intensive as before. I still had my iPod and headphones on, even though I could barely hear it. I did get through like five Evanescence songs, so I was good! I figured if I listened to any of my symphonic metal bands then they would basically relax me. In the last two times, I’ve almost fallen asleep on her because I wasn’t feeling anything and my medicine kicked in!

When my sister and I were kids, everytime we had doctor’s appointment, more importantly about our eyes or teeth. If we did very well then we were rewarded. Bribing 101 folks! Well apparently, this still works! I was already in talks with my dad about him taking me to the Record Cellar there in town afterwards, but we weren’t going to decide anything until they figured out how I could deal with the numbness of my mouth and if I was exhausted or not.

I honestly don’t remember much of the appointment. When it was done I was still in good spirits. I had something to look forward to, I wasn’t going to let my emotions or tiredness stop me! So we left to go to this record cellar and I was very happy, because we were in a part of town that we rarely visit. It’s has the vibe of the old neighborhood before it expanded. There was a building that had old paint faded on the side, it was still readable. The shops were modern, but this was classic. The one bad thing about this place is that it’s not handicap accessible. However, we usually bring the push wheelchair with us and since it’s lightweight (even with my butt in it!) my parents could lift it up the two steps. I wasn’t necessarily prepared going into this place. My dreams didn’t even come close to the inside of this sucker!

When you first walk inside, it was like walking into Hot Topic at the mall every time we go; it felt like home to me. I was expecting to see more vinyls than CDs but in a way, I liked it better that way! My dad was busy most of the time talking to the owner while my poor mom pushed me through every corner of the store. The best way to describe the walls are what I hope I can do with my bedroom one day. Every open area of the place was covered with different posters of both classic rock bands like Nirvana, Motorhead, Motley Crue, I even saw a Purple Rain era poster on the ceiling! Of course you had the modern, popular bands and artists of today like Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Halestorm, and Linkin Park.

I wasn’t even looking at the CDs yet, I was too busy distracted at all these posters and seeing who all I recognized and then we found these wooden boxes full of CDs that I have to say were better categorized than Wal-Mart where they’re all over the place! They had them alphabetical and only in two groups “pop/rock” but they also had different areas for Jazz, Rap/Hip Hop, and the new releases. My mom and I were too busy in the back that I actually missed the new releases section!

The first CD I found was Eyes Set To Kill’s album “Masks” it came out in 2014 and I have to say, this album was so good! It was also $5.55 which was the cheapest one I bought! Second was In This Moment’s “Black Widow” and I think this was a “try again” deal. I did a review for this album when it came out in late 2014 and honestly didn’t love it as much as “Blood” but my cousin and I had talked about it while she was down for Christmas so I decided to buy it. I kind of regret that decision now. Last one was “Going To Hell” by The Pretty Reckless, this one and ESTK’s album I can listen from first to last without skipping. I also bought two other albums, but they had to be ordered. They were “Skrillex and Diplo Presents Jack Ü” by Jack Ü and then “Peace Is The Mission” by Major Lazer.

All in all, I spent $80 of my Christmas money at this place! My parents weren’t too surprised on that price considering they know my history! However, since I didn’t bring up this whole “go to record place after the dentist” until we were actually in the waiting room, so I didn’t bring my purse! Hence why I didn’t get a picture of that building when we were first there! So my dad had to pay for me, but I paid him back and I just gave him the whole $100 and he gave me $10 back. Now they’re saying “start saving up so you can go back.” It’s a good thing I agreed to teach my nana how to do her camera because I’ll be able to go back sooner than later! I’m already getting started on my next batch that I want. I’m thinking some more pop this time around; I will buy Adele’s album and do an album review!

Before we left, the owner gave us a Winter Sampler from RoadRunner Records. It’s got new tracks from Killswitch Engage, The Amity Affliction, and Wild Throne. We listened to it on the way home that day. My dad said he’s a little addicted to it, so if I find it missing in a couple of days I’ll know which parent has it. My mom’s supposed to get her subs and new radio put into her car soon. The new radio that my dad got her for Christmas, it doesn’t allow CDs so at least I won’t have to worry about her stealing my music anytime soon! When we went back to the dentist two days after the girl who cleaned my teeth asked if we went and when my mom said “yes and she spent $80” we all kind of laughed. I had a smirk on my face! I couldn’t help it. Well, I could but that wouldn’t be as fun!

Am I a crazy music fan or what? You can be honest! Is there any music you think I should get as a “curious” buy the next time I go? 




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Life Lately | First Snow of 2016



So it’s been a while since I’ve done a proper “Life Lately” post.

While I did Blogmas in December, I didn’t feel the need to do one for that month as I was posting a lot of things I was doing with my family, so I didn’t have anything else to share.

It’s finally January and I’ve seen a lot of people having mixed feelings about it. Which is completely understandable as last January for me was awful! I also don’t want to say that this January has been the best month, because I know with everything else going on in my life, it could change in a second. I will say, it’s been a nice switch. If anybody saw my tweets from last Thursday’s #USBloggerChat on Twitter, Jenn, Jasmine and I had a nice girly chat about what we hope 2016 will be for us. I said that I’ve had some really good opportunities come to me and it’s been a really good distraction, but I’ve also haven’t kicked my laziness either!

I struggle with multitasking. In the mist of accepting these different things; I say that as though I have like 10, but I don’t it’s like two! I hoped my whole body, including my brain would work properly. I have been lounging around and I absolutely hate it because this is not professional. I don’t have a normal job, all I have is my blog. I use it to share my thoughts and stories with other people around the world, but when I decide to take things to the next level, whether it’s a small step or not, I just feel like I’m not pushing myself enough. To me, that makes me feel like a failure.

I’ve been feeling a lot of different things here lately. I have been lacking on my ideas for articles outside of this blog but I’ve managed to crank out four for the rest of the month! They’re mostly spontaneous blog posts and that’s better than nothing at this point! I’m hoping I get out of my shell a little bit more and get into some sort of routine. One that every part of my body agrees with, that would be so nice!

So here’s some life things going on…

I’ve been to the dentist a lot more than I wish I have been in the last two months. I got told the other day that one of my back teeth have to be taken out. I even had headphones and he managed to say that when my music was shut off. Next time, my dad stays in the room and holds my iPod. My mom is off iPod duty. I also got told I have a small mouth despite people saying I have a bad mouth. However, the appointment before the fillings I did get to visit this infamous record seller I’ve been hearing about since 2012. You’ll hear more about that on Friday! I’ve also got different family members having serious issues going on too. It’s honestly a big mess.

On Sunday, we finally our first batch of snow!! My mom got me up early that morning to take me to the bathroom and she showed me some of it outside of my window. At first I was like, “where is it?” and then she said “see the trucks” they were covered in snow! The kids in my hometown got to enjoy their first snow day of the year. My dad said we only got little over two inches but it did rain all Saturday and that night the rain switched to snow. I’m sorry for the lack of pictures of it, but if it makes you feel any better I never get to go outside and enjoy it myself. I did get to have Grumpy and Bootsie in my room for a bit. I got a lower back rub while they were both busy cleaning themselves! Since they’ve both been fixed, they’re so lovable now!

How do you deal with pressure of getting things done? Any tips for me to learn! 



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Our Christmas Tree Is Up!


Hey guys!

Well, Christmas is next Friday and our tree is finally up! Blondie and Brandon came down for the occasion. My sister is not in the Christmas spirit like I am, which is weird because it’s usually the other way around! From what Brandon said, he was the one who mainly put up the tree in their apartment. They said it wasn’t that difficult to put up, all they had to was hook up each section and the branches just unfolded themselves! I’m still waiting for that text from one of them saying the cats broke it or something like that.

This year was actually really different from our past Christmases. We’ve never had an outsider help decorate our tree before, but Brandon got to do a lot more than he probably wanted to! My dad was too busy making us breakfast for supper! We had bacon and pancakes! Sorry for the food moment. I think he got to put on the angel on top of the tree. Oh, do you remember in the post about my nana’s tree, that unfolding the branches didn’t really hurt my toes? Yeah, it must have been something about the aging in ours. It’s like 25 years old and it pricked all around my toes. I only opened like four or five branches because that’s all I could take.

After that, two out of four of us took a break. I saw this an opportunity to grab my camera, but there was a small difference with doing nana’s tree. I was sitting on the floor for this one! I had trouble at holding myself up on my own to get a good picture of our tree as each step was completed. At one point I had to borrow Brandon’s leg so I could use it prop myself up to lean back and raise my feet up with the camera between them, it still didn’t work! So when Blondie decided to get started on putting the lights on I handed my camera to Brandon and he gladly took pictures for me of both the tree and my sister trying to use the tree to shield herself from it. And I got the five pictures to prove it too!! I was extremely short! I had to scoot back towards my electric wheelchair on the other side of the room to get a good picture of the whole thing, but between the bad, bad lighting and I guess everybody going around it, I got some cool shots of it and the lights, one looks like hearts/birds and I still don’t know how that happen!

My sister and I took a few minutes out of watching mom and Brandon build the tree to look at some our old Christmas cards that my mom used to hang around the doorway of the kitchen. That’s when we found Blondie’s cute, embarrassing little letters from when she was like six or a little bit older, Brandon got a kick out of them! After that, it was the time for the ornaments. However, if it was up to my mom and sister the tree would only be decorated with lights and tinsel. I love our ornaments and hardly of them have hooks on them so I can hold onto them with my toes without stabbing myself. However, I’m usually in my wheelchair(s) for this part so I had to make do with the one row and one branch from the second section. Once everything was finished, I finally gave up on trying to get pictures on my own, so this time I gave my mom the camera and she just went inside. She took pictures of almost EVERYTHING on the tree. I, of course didn’t happen, I basically directed her to each section of the tree and she thought it was too dark on the screen without the flash, so she put it back on. In this process, she accidentally took a picture of her foot! Ha ha! I have to give her credit on some of them though, I doubt the picture of the angel on would have been so pretty without the flash, so she’s forgiven!

I was sad when Blondie and Brandon left, but I wasn’t upset because they left, no…. I had a dentist appointment the next morning. I wasn’t too excited about it and if you follow me on Twitter you probably read all about it. Somehow I got sleep that night after having a full-blown meltdown with my mom just before she went to bed. I always do them at the wrong times! Anyways, I had medicine before we left and I felt out of it, but not as bad as I thought I would which was a bummer I have to say! At first, we didn’t know if I’d get anything done, but the longer they looked and left, and I think my mom jinxed me too. She told me they took us the bad news that I might get to have the milkshake after all since my parents technically still owe me. I got my cleaning, but they still had to use the shots, I got 7 in total and I just completely broke down because I hate those damn things! My poor dad came in after that and held my foot to help keep me calm. I felt bad for him because he usually doesn’t go to appointments with mom and I. After, the cleanings she (and she had to go deep) was done, I was done! I only got my right side done because I was already feeling anxious, exhausted and stressed to the max! I wasn’t originally going to share that much of the appointment in this post, but I felt I needed to!

What are your phobias? What makes you very anxious? And on a happy note, what do you think of our tree?

Megz Goes To The Dentist

Man do I have a funny story to tell you!

As you can see from the title of this post, I went to the dentist. If you follow me on Twitter, you might’ve seen my tweets about my hatred for the place. I’ve talked about it on here a little bit too. There are not very many places that I despise, except the dentist and eye doctor. Everybody in my family knows it. It seriously doesn’t matter how old I get — there’s a pretty good chance I’ll have a meltdown in the middle of the appointment.

Wednesday morning was the day that I got up bright and early with my mom and dad. I’ve been freaking out since last Thursday, but I still woke myself up and went online for an hour before my mom got up. My dad and I both were up before her! My dad was really nice, he got me an apple fritter from Casey’s for breakfast. As much as I told myself I shouldn’t eat it all – I did it anyways! Blondie had her appointment a half hour before me, but yet when she got called up first and wasn’t there yet, guess who had to go instead? Me. Technically, dad went first and he’s just as bad as I am. He was only going to get a X-Rays and see what kind of work needs to be done. He’s got more issues than I do so in a way, I should be grateful for that. I took my headphones and iPod for the ride there and back. Next time I might be wearing them while I’m getting worked on because the noises I was hearing were freaking me out the most!

The drive there was very calming, I kept thinking of my nana’s message she sent me before we left that she gave me an extra prayer and to look for something good to get myself through it (something blog worthy) and just before we left the house I saw that Alfie and SacconeJolys had new vlogs up and I instantly got excited about that and I just kept thinking about the fact that I have something to look forward to when I got back home. It was actually working too until I went into their room were they do cleanings, I’m not kidding when I say it looks like a science lab! I felt like I was back in school! This time I had to sit in the chair and once mom put me in it, I was in love! We need one of those for my room no joke! She raised me up and back so she could get my teeth at a better angle (our local dentist doesn’t have that!) and as much as I enjoyed laying in the chair it was like it activated my crazy/idiotic side. I kept saying “sorry” for stupid things and felt my teeth chatter as she was working on them. I didn’t bite her though!

I was doing pretty good though while she worked on my bottom teeth but as she was working on the top, I guess she couldn’t get the stuff off with the instrument she was using, so she brought out this other one that she bravely said “made noise” and after that it was like panic just shot through my body and the flood gates opened and I couldn’t control myself any longer! I felt so embarrassed! Here I am in my early 20’s having a crying fit while my mom sat in the room. Luckily it wasn’t my dad, but still! The thingy she was using squirt out water and she said something about vibrations and my gums were not having that! After she was done, she discussed things over with my mom and then said that she was going to have another doctor look at my teeth, “so she wasn’t all the way done” that’s what my brain kept saying over and over. He said about the same stuff she did but added a bit. I have to go back and get them checked in a few weeks. Cleaning wasn’t bad, it’s the fillings that’s basically going to kill me I swear!

So that’s one part of a long experience for 2015. I only wrote this for pure enjoyment, so you’re allowed to laugh at certain parts. I don’t mind, when I told my dad that I cried (because he asked in the car) and I said “yes” he started laughing. While we were heading home, we stopped at a gas station for a drink and he asked me what I wanted, and I said whatever they were getting. He bravely says, “do you want a beer?” and I said back to him and mom, “at this point I don’t really care.” I could have used a beer, technically anything alcoholic after that appointment. Even though my mom did say I should have taken a Valium before we got there, because I couldn’t relax. I thought I was doing pretty good until she went towards the top and it all came downhill after that.

Begin Again


Oh, hello!

Is it finally Friday? My week has been a little messed up and I thought yesterday was Friday, even though I knew it clearly wasn’t. I had to tell myself three times that I had Vampire Diaries on and it still wouldn’t register. This entire week has been a little off. Why you say? Well, it could be from the fact that my mom has either came home with one of her resident’s sicknesses or I’ve had too much going on in my head that it sort of drained me out for the rest of the week.

For me stress came in two different forms.

Earlier this week, my sister and I went to the dentist. Here’s an interesting fact you mean not be aware of, I’m not a fan of the dentist or eye doctor. Never have and probably never will. My mom made the appointment in the last week of November, so she proceeded to tease me for next coming weeks after that because she knows how much I freak out about it. Well, lucky for her after she said they were only examining our teeth to figure out what all needs to be done (we went to a new dentist.) After she said that, I kind of calmed down until we got up at 7am Monday morning. I’m used to waking myself up around that time, but my mom had to wake my ass up. I even heard the school bus go by as she was getting me ready. It was very weird! I ate breakfast, listened to One Direction radio on Pandora to hopefully make me more relaxed, which worked out nicely! Once we picked up Blondie, my nerves were back in full swing.

I had been trying to convince our mom to take us to Steak N Shake afterwards, so us girls could have lunch together. We hadn’t it in like a year or so, I also thought if she agreed to it I’d have something good to forward to. Well, she made a joke about sissy paying for our meal there after all the tips she had gotten from her job. By the time, we got in there and had to do those X-Rays on our teeth. I have to explain something. I’m used to two things. Technology as in like computers, TV’s, and anything to with music. Seeing these HUGE ass machines in a small room just to take pictures from the inside of your mouth, you definitely knew you weren’t in your neighborhood dentist anymore. Another thing was, I have really seen anything else of my body X-Ray’d other than my back. So seeing these nice quality pictures of my teeth was pretty cool! I didn’t have to sit in that big intimidating chair. I actually got to stay in my wheelchair was another nice feature. Everything was going good, then he walked into the room and I felt every nerve in my back cringe once again.

The examine part wasn’t that bad. I only have three cavities. When you’re not used to brushing somebody else’s teeth every day, you can’t judge. Everything was going good until he said something that almost made me want to shit myself. He suggested I got them cleaned that day! I remember my eyes feeling like they could bulge out of my eye sockets. I didn’t cry but I could feel it coming soon if things had played out the way they could’ve. I only have to get them cleaned (next month) and then filled, which is something that I am not looking forward to at all. My poor sister, she has to have to surgery to remove her top wisdom teeth. So in a way, I’m quite happy I don’t have to have that happen. After figuring out the payment plans for the both of us, almost shitting ourselves again over the pricing! We left there, mom and I talked about the pricing, and somehow we never went to Steak N Shake. My theory now of course, is the one time we could’ve went before we get our teeth cleaned, we didn’t. So the next time around, I won’t be able to feel my top layer of my mouth and we won’t be able to have anything cold around that area. That sucks!

When we dropped Blondie back at her dorm, my mom and I had a nice little conversation on our way back home. This was the second part of the stress. Recently, I got invited to an event that would be discussing my five year class reunion. I’ve been wondering about it, because I’d really like to help out in any way I can, but I’ll be honest I only want to make sure that my class still understands that there were four people in wheelchairs in our graduation class. My mom and I were actually on the same page about my feeling towards the situation of wanting to be the reminder. I’ve always been that person who thought of the four of us (or anybody who had a disability) in school, this is kind of my duty to make sure that nobody forgets about us. Which isn’t wrong by any means, considering I don’t trust my class. Yup, I said it. I don’t trust the members of my own class. Technically, I never have and they’ve never given me a reason to. As much as i am becoming an optimist, this was my one downfall. It took over me. I’ve been in a small panic inside, whether or not I should handle it or not. I mean, things could happen and none of us would be able to go or the fact that maybe I’m over thinking again and I might be wrong altogether and they would think of us too. For three days I’ve done nothing but worry about it.

I haven’t had two different parts of me stressed to the max in a while. I’ve been doing really good about keeping myself calm, cooled, and collected this past year. Hardly anything has been bugging me until I saw these two things in my radar and it all went to hell. My body wasn’t handling it very well. I wasn’t feeling like myself as in I wasn’t online very much. I’ve been trying to work on future blog posts, but nothing wanted to come out. So what did I do? I did what I normally wouldn’t do. I didn’t fight it. I spent this WHOLE week offline (in a way) and watched movies. I’ve watched like five movies that I’ve told myself months ago that I wanted to see. Like, Winter’s Tale, Mom’s Night Out, and Pompeii. All three movies are really great! I haven’t been on a big music streak either. I’ve been wanting to lie down and stay covered up in the blanket. Yesterday was a rare treat for me. My mom got me up to take me to the bathroom, fed me pancakes, and put on my headphones and it wasn’t even 10am yet. Guess what time I crashed? Two in the afternoon. For the last 24 hours I’ve done nothing but sleep. It wasn’t like I was pushing myself either. I think it needed to happen.

Granted, not everyday of this week has been a total disaster. Wednesday was my only good day. I actually remember thinking yesterday, “I’m so glad I took these two days off from blogging.” That might’ve been the smartest idea I’ve had in a while. I don’t know the rest of the day will play out. Blondie comes home for her birthday weekend. Batman is supposed to come over this weekend too. I’m hoping to have myself a movie weekend and maybe figure out what the hell I’m going to do this week on here. Because so far I only have one blog post for next week. As you’ve read above though, I’ve had one hell of an excuse!

Toodles. ♥