First Rock Concert

I’ve been hearing lots of talk that Godsmack and Staind are coming my part of the state. I’m not going to lie, we normally don’t get anybody good to come here and play a concert. It’s just mostly country artists. Which some of them aren’t bad, I know Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert have both been here because my friends have went to see them live. I can’t say I’ve never went to a concert, I’ve been to “baby” concerts. My first concert ever was Jump5, they’re a Christian pop act. I actually went with my church and had fun, except for the girls crowded around me. I was always worried about one of performers on stage falling off stage and landing on me, because we were all that close. And yes, I was hoping it was one of the guys to fall on me.

I think it was last year, or August 2010 that somebody that I really liked had performed down here and I didn’t know a thing about it. I think it was Adelitas Way, My Darkest Days and somebody else, but I don’t remember who. I love both of those bands! I would have loved to see them live. Everybody knows in 2010-11 I was waiting for Linkin Park to come here and do a concert, but they never did. I was pretty bummed, because I gave up of not wanting to go to see anybody else but them. Now that I’m into Sixx:A.M. I’m kind of hoping for a miracle sometime soon. To me, seeing a rock concert is important.

My sister has went to so many concerts and most of them were rock concerts. One year, my mom told me that Daughtry and Nickelback were coming to do a concert and she was seriously thinking about buying tickets for the both us because we love them. Then as we were putting information because my wheelchair, and saw the price for that. I backed off, and we didn’t go. It wasn’t worth that much. As much as I’d love to see one of my favorites play live sometimes you just have to wait for the right time. I just want my first rock concert to be perfect and I don’t want to regret it afterwards. I definitely don’t want to go to see somebody play that I don’t already know. Because sometimes the live tracks sound different from studio versions.

Album Review: Daughtry’s Break The Spell

Thanks to one of my Twitter friends Autumn for tweeting she was going to buy the Daughtry album after she got out of school today. After that I looked it up on Spotify and ademptted to listen to it. After two episodes of Ridiculousness I switched it off and listened to the album fully. There’s a more mellow tone compared to Nickelback’s album. In there’s it was big and hardcore. Daughtry’s first single from the album, is like the song of the whole thing. Every song is slow and mellow. Doesn’t really get loud.

Out of the whole album, my favorites were “Outta My Head,” “Gone Too Soon” and “Lullaby.” I’ve got to say “Gone Too Soon” is pretty much the saddest song I’ve ever heard in my entire life. The title could give away what’s about. Good thing I braced myself beforehand. By the last few before it ended just seemed like dragging on and on. I’m a Daughtry fan and I just wanted it to end. It sounds harsh I know, but not every review I do has to have a happy ending.

I’ve got to say after those songs ended and I heard an acoustic guitar play and Chris’ voice sing this sweet song I almost started crying to that one too. It was called, “Lullaby” and you know it was written for those little ones he’s got now. What I found so weird about it was both Daughtry and Nickelback had songs titled “Lullaby” and both were so different on music wise. How they were written were similar, but I’ve got to admit Daughtry’s was too adorable to ignore. I liked Nickelback’s sound to their’s though. If you like mellow albums, this might be a winner for you.

Top 10 Favorite Rock Songs… As Of Now.

I’m into rock music, not so much the classic rock. The whole 80’s music is just not my scene. I was also born in the 90’s so I got to represent the 90’s era to a T. Even though half of the music was run by teen pop, mainly Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and N*Sync. Which isn’t bad. Now I’m into rock music, and been into it since early 2009. Everybody thinks I’m hooked to Linkin Park, which is correct but got a few others that I am into right now that I think you guys would love to. Some are old and some are new.

  1. Red Sam – Flyleaf
  2. Under And Over It – Five Finger Death Punch
  3. Badass – Saliva
  4. Lies Of The Beautiful People – Sixx A.M.
  5. Bottoms Up – Nickelback
  6. Crawling Back To You – Daughtry
  7. Bitch Came Back – Theory Of A Deadman
  8. Cryin’ Like A Bitch – Godsmack
  9. Blow Me Away – Breaking Benjamin
  10. Extreme – Valora