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I was really confused about what kind of review I thought you’ d most likely enjoy on here so I decided that it would be good to mix things up a bit. I am usually talking about albums, EPs, & TV shows, but I’ve recently seen a new movie early last week and I just thought I need to discuss it only so maybe somebody will understand my feelings on it and we’ll become best friends….or not, who knows!

I was on Netflix one night and honestly I was quite bored. I have a nice hefty list of other movies and TV shows I’ve been trying to finish for the past month but I wanted something new to apparently sink my teeth into, and the first one that popped on my screen was The Perfect Date. Now as many of you know, I have a love/hate relationship with romantic comedies. I used to like them when I was younger, it was just my teenage years really screwed me over of ever believing in love and unfortunately because of that, I can hardly watch one without seeing right through it.


So the story of this movie is the lead character, Brooks basically overhears a classmate of his talking about the fact that he is getting paid by his own uncle to take his cousin to a formal at her school. Of course, the guy doesn’t want to take his own cousin out on like a date, because that’s really weird so Brooks comes up with the idea that he goes with her instead and not only does he get the cash but also to drive the other dude’s car too.

The second part of it is afterwards, is that he gets the idea of becoming a chauffeur by allowing young, rich girls to choose whatever they want him to be, like being a total jerk in front of her parents; complete with the hat tilted on one side and wearing a massive gold chain around his neck he found at a Thrift Shop. He becomes this totally different person both this way and in reality as he uses this ability to his advantage later in the film that makes him rethink everything he wants to be as a human being.

What I Really Thought About It

Personally, I thought I was going to be somewhat confused an maybe it would drag on about it, but I was totally wrong with my expectations on all fronts though. I was really surprised on how light-hearted it was, there wasn’t any type of bullying involved or too much sexual talk in it, it was so clean but absolutely hilarious anyways!

I was a bit worried about Noah Centineo though. Since he was in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before film last year, I was hoping that this had a different storyline to it. That’s the one thing about rom-coms is that themes can overlap each other and since I remember both big and little things in various things, I can spot similarities very easily. There was a moment in this movie that immediately brought me back to the previous film and I thought “oh no!” but luckily it wasn’t too weird. I thought it was different from the other movie so I went on without ever having another thought like that again for the rest of the film.

Although I did recognize Noah and eventually Camila Mendes from “Riverdale”, he was the only one I knew from other releases. I know a lot of people were freaking out about the fact that Laura Mareno was going to be in it, and that she and Noah would be reunited since they were on a Disney Channel show together several years ago, but I didn’t know anybody else, but I actually liked it that way though! It allowed me to see the film and not have me think of where else I might’ve seen the rest of the cast on before. However, I did gush about Noah being on there though. He’s just too damn cute and I couldn’t help myself!

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing film to watch you might want to consider watching this, because honestly I had the best time ever! It was both funny and full of really cute moments with all of the characters. It was just different so if you’re like me and you also have issues with romantic comedies too, this might be the perfect starter to attempt to get back into them!

Have you seen The Perfect Date yet? If you have, what were some of your thoughts about it? Let me know below!

From The Days Of Courting



Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my readers out there. Whether you’re in a relationship going out for date later tonight or sitting at home on your couch drinking a glass (or a whole bottle) of wine, I just wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful and loved just the way you are! ♥

I wanted to do something a little differently for Valentine’s Day. We need to talk about a time where “courting” wasn’t such an old couple, grandparent kind of thing. You never really hear the word unless you watch the many TV shows about the Duggars, as they don’t use the term “dating” they say “courting” because it has a different meaning entirely. Dating could be for a couple of months to a year whereas courting is being with someone with the intention of marrying.


Today, I’m talking about the days of my grandparents’s days of courting. I wanted to say a little bit after my papaw passed away last year, someone found a strange long box that was used to store Penicillin. It was fastened together a few rubberbands with the words, “save” and “mom + dad, love letters” and at the other side of the lid there is a medium size heart filled in with a red marker. I remember looking through it because it reminded me of my Great Grand-Uncle Gen and Aunt Mary’s love letters that they had written to each other. I think the only difference is that theirs were written while they were married, and my grandparents started to write while she lived up north and he worked down south, it’s roughly 2-3 hours between both places depending on how fast you drive!

When she showed me the box for the first time, I wanted to write up the blog post that day but I kept putting it off for some reason. And then while everybody was down for his birthday, my nana brought it out of his room and showed them to my mom and Aunt Laurie. They spent a good half hour just reading different ones and realized that my nana was a little minx while reading several of the letters! The first time they wrote to each other was Christmas Day 1961 and they stopped in 1962 when they were engaged and married. The big story is that my papaw was going to propose to her in March, the 13th to be exact, but he’s always been a little superstitious so he ended up waiting until the last of March or first week of April to ask for her hand and then they finally married that summer.

My papaw always had “bad” handwriting since I’ve known him. It was brought on by his work as a pharmacist, he had to write pretty small on everything. We still have big pieces of paper where you have very tiny handwriting in different places. So when I went through the box to take pictures, I wasn’t finding any of his letters, just nana’s. My nana doesn’t have this problem, she has very sophisticated cursive and whenever she goes quickly that’s when it can get really hard to read. Trust me, everybody has to ask her what a certain word is on her grocery list if they cannot read it themselves. The really sad part about it is that sometimes she doesn’t even know what she was saying! So we have to guess or just cross it off until two days later, she’ll figure it out!


One thing that I think is very cute, and nana still think it is too! At the end of the of their letters, besides a “PS” section here and there, they’d end the letters with a “I love you” of course but she would add a hundred “xoxo” signs but she found one of his with the hugs and kisses basically trailing off the page when he ran out of room. I’ve done that before, but it’s a pretty sweet gesture coming from him!

Hope you enjoyed this post and didn’t think it was too sappy for your tastes!


Have you ever found old letters from your parents or grandparents before? What are your thoughts on the whole “dating” vs. “courting” thing? I want to know where you stand as far your opinions of how dating has become and what we see as “courting” in the older generations?


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Being Single Isn’t So Bad



This is going to be a strange post coming from me, but I still want to write it. I saw this the other day while scrolling through my Facebook and I thought it was funny and sounded like my sense of humor about being single for so damn long! As I was thinking about how I used to ignore almost every chain letter that popped into my inbox of my phone, I started to think about how much I don’t care about being single anymore. Like seriously! I’ve been thinking about how my life has been going lately, although there a few things that need to be changed around, getting married and having kids in my early 20’s isn’t a necessity like I wanted it to be a few years ago. To me, this is a HUGE turnaround since I’ve been wanting these things since I was about fourteen years old!

I was trying to figure out what changed my mind. What is there now that wasn’t there before? So I started thinking about my priorities and I’ve been noticing how much I’ve been really enjoying my life as a blogger now. I have tons of ideas in my head of what I want to do in the near future, like becoming a YouTuber and working with brands and to me having these projects if I had kids would hold me back from doing them. I’ve been watching the SacconeJolys for the last few months and I’ve been asking myself would I be able to blog, do a video, and be a mother all the while with a disability on top of that? I know it’s not impossible, but I feel like I’d still want to blog and/or make a video to make sure people still know I’m still out here. I watch Anna’s videos and I know they have a nanny, but I can’ let somebody take care of my kids while I write a post or record a haul of sorts. I’m NOT condemning them, I mean that’s what works for them! It’s just there are certain things that I’m not willing to give up to do the other.

My friend and I were having a similar conversation the other day. She is a couple of years younger than I am, but she has a three year old daughter. She recently got out of a relationship with her boyfriend like four months ago. She was having a bad day and was confused about to do about him. She isn’t sure if she wanted to be with him or leave that chapter alone. I was really honest with her, I think she should be single for a while. She can focus on her schooling because she goes to college and takes care of her daughter, there’s nothing there to redirect her attention elsewhere. I felt she needs to be thinking more about these two for the time being than getting into another relationship that may or may not work out this time. She also has issues with her parents liking him too, her dad doesn’t want her to do anything with him or she’s out, so I said that if her father was serious about that then she’d have to move out of her family home, find another place to rent, get a job and I think she’d have too many things taking her interest away from wanting to go to school and she’d give it up.

Being single isn’t so bad. I don’t understand why I was so bent out of shape in high school. It might have something to do with the fact that all of my friends had boyfriends and I didn’t. Majority of all my friends are engaged, married, and/or have kids. Surprisingly I’m not jealous about it anymore. I still love being around babies, toddlers and older kids but I never thought I’d be happy they’re not mine! What’s also interesting to me that my views on marriage in general have changed too. I don’t want to get married, I don’t see the point of having somebody give you a ring and only having a certificate as the way to know you’re really committed to one another. If you’ve been dating for YEARS and have kids, why ruin things just because it’s tradition? I mean, you’ve already fucked up when you had kids and now you want to put a ring on it? It just seems silly to me!

I’m single but not ready to mingle or have any mini mes yet!

A Date You Would Like To Go On

I just asked my mom a question that has to do with this topic. I asked her, if she could go on a date, what kind of date would she go on? I’m not going to lie I was actually expecting her to say she’d go on a date with this celebrity or that one, but she never did, all she told me was she’d just go out to eat. I was like, that’s it?! She goes, yeah. I asked her, wouldn’t you want to go on a unique date or anything. She goes, no, I like to do on a date is eat. I told her she was lame. However, when I asked her that question, I couldn’t even answer that question for myself. I like simple things, but as for a matter such as this, it’s not so simple as I’d like it to be. We’re talking about a date between two people. If it was with someone I’ve known for years then I’d want a simple date. If it was with someone I’ve never talked to before, I’m going to need to prove myself just as much as he’s going to as well. So that would have to be more playful and unique. We each have to surprise each other to want that second date. A date that I would love to go on though, is a date to the zoo, I don’t know why, but I just think it’s a cute idea and kind of gives you ideas about what kind of person he or she is.

Going to the zoo as a kid is always exciting, because they love seeing the animals up close and it makes them wonder about them in the wild. Now tell me, how many adults actually go to the zoo on their own without any kids? I don’t know anybody who would go to the zoo by themselves. Going to the zoo, is kind of fun going with different family members. If I could, I would love to go to the zoo by myself, but I would so want to do my first real date there or at least meet somebody single there on accident. Even though, I don’t know how that would work. How would you meet somebody single at a zoo? That’s an interesting question to ask yourself. I’m just taking a guess and saying, maybe if you drop something on the ground and they were nice enough to try to help you out and pick it up for you. With me, I’m not good with receiving help from strangers. So I would probably ruin that chance to find somebody perfect for me. I wonder how many of those encounters I’ve ruined because of my stupid insecurities about not feeling independent enough to be able to reach for my own stuff. Maybe I should just go on a date that opens up my mind than it is right now. Maybe I need a miracle first before I go on a date at all.


Where do I see myself in 10 years or so? This is a big question. Time and I don’t get along that well. I’m tired of being lonely and want to find someone who is looking for love and has the same wishes I do for the future. Hopefully somewhere down the line somebody finds me and grants me those wishes, because I’m tired of awakening from my dreams at night and be depressed because I’ve dreamt about my future wedding, but I probably wouldn’t go looking for my future wedding dress on Pinterest like I’ve been doing for the past two days. I’ve had dreams of my future wedding twice now and it was pretty freaky if you ask me. However, they were a lot elegant than the redneck wedding dream I had last month.

Where does anybody see themselves in a few years? Married and with kids. Nowadays, it’s backwards. I’m not judging anybody for that. That’s their choices, but I’m very old-fashioned when it comes to marriage and kids and that tradition of keeping it that way. So I’m hoping for no kids before I get married, but who knows, right? I’ve had early thoughts of my wedding dress, and I think it’s hilarious that I’m not even dating anyone yet and I’m already thinking of my wedding dress and the whole get-up. I love vintage, lace dresses. Kind of like this, but there is this picture of a dress I really like and I was going to use it as an example, but I changed my mind at the last-minute. Anyways,  the dress looks vintage and has lace all around it and it’s not strapless. SCORE!

I’m not telling what all I see for my future wedding. Those are just ideas still, piling up the more I think about it. Whoever becomes my maid-of-honor for my wedding I’m already thinking of how I’d drive you insane, so I’m apologizing in advance. Anyways, if I get married before the time I’m 30 years old, then kids are next on my list. I do want to have kids, somehow. Whenever I decide to try dating, that’ll be one of my top ten questions the person will have to answer. I think I’d try to leave that question for date #2 because I don’t want to freak anybody out. I mean, come on! Me and kids, that would probably be in the “high risk pregnancy” since I’m handicapped. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. One of these days, I would love to have at least three kids. I have some names picked out already. Even though I change them almost every four months. One name is pretty much stuck into my head.

So that’s where  I see myself in ten years or so. I would like to live up my life right now, because I think the right age to start thinking about future ground and marriage should be around 24 or 25, that’s enough time to show you how much you can mature and be committed to change your life forever. Dating for me, is a no-good right now. It’s not that I don’t want to date, it’s just the asking questions back and forth that’s getting me. Blind dates are out of the question. If you meet somebody at a bar or some place and you don’t know what they look like at all and you meet somebody and talk about how you got stood up and come to find out at the end of your chat with this other person is the person that stood you up, that’s just too damn awkward for anybody. I am not going to lie, I kind of want to try speed dating. I’m a fast talker, I could probably become a pro at that. That’s my sense of humor coming out to play. Which means I better stop, before I make a mess of myself.