I Can’t Hate You Anymore

So I’ve been thinking lately. Crazy enough about relationships. Throughout high school I wasn’t in a relationship with anybody, but I wanted to be. Looking back on everything I think I chased a few boys here and there. I got so mad whenever they’d get other girlfriends and leave me behind. I hated just being a friend towards them because I was willing to do anything to show them I was worth it just as much as the other girls were. I would get depressed and every person in my family would hate on them everytime they wouldn’t give me a change. Since I’ve never been in actual relationship before I don’t know how to really love somebody. I get the flirting down though. I learned that quickly.

Recently I’ve noticed myself still yearning that attention from certain guys that I went to school with. Some more than others. Actually just one. I’ve moved on from everybody else. Which is such a relieve! Some of the guys I learned quickly just weren’t worth all those tears and depressing songs I deciated them to. Now they don’t matter. It all doesn’t matter. I just wish I could get over this one though. He drives me crazy, In a good way, however he’s taken, but when are they ever not taken. I would never have a chance with him, it’s too late for a miracle I think. However he’s going to need one to get rid of this crush.