Photo Diary | Feeling Like Spring


For the past few weeks, I have felt like I’m in a daze. I don’t want to do absolutely anything, and it has been very annoying! However, nothing really compares to the trouble we’ve had with out internet services. I think a big chunk of why I feel so out of it is because our WiFi will stay on for like a minimum 10 minutes each time someone goes to turn it back on; on the good days, it will be really good but those days are very rare anymore.

Thankfully, I have some things to help distract myself from it, like getting into a new TV show. I am happy to share that I am finally done with Rizzoli & Isles! As I was watching the finale though, I cried like a baby! It was like watching the episode “500 Years of Solitude” of The Vampire Diaries, where all of our favorite characters who had died came back, I was a fucking mess! On the good note though, I have been getting into the show Bones now. It has the same dynamic duo but with David Boreanaz as the officer and Emily Deschanel (plus her band of assistants) as Maura Isles! So, the teamwork and crazy banter is still there and at the moment, I am enjoying it!

What surprised me though, that while I am in this fog, I was able to do something I hadn’t done since the start of winter. I was allowed to go outside.

Despite the fact that I love the changing landscape and seeing all of the birds fight for food on my bird feeder, I really miss being outside.

I hate being away from my cats, and it doesn’t really help now that like four of them are not living at my sister’s house! Bear-Bear and Oscar have officially moved on and it really sucks because they are my social kitties, they tend to want to spend time with me the most and since they would rather stay on the block, I’ve been somewhat sad, but I have Grumpy and I think he is perfectly fine with this change because now he doesn’t have to wait in line to be the center of attention to us. We still have Stormy, Nelson, Midge, and Felix too, so it’s not too terrible, although my dad kind of wishes they would all move out but I think he would be sad for me because that’s my connection to the outdoors for now.

We were able to experience some early spring in March. It isn’t too uncommon to have a few good weather days around this time, but it is important to remind yourself that we could still have another big snow coming until the middle of April. So, when we had three days of beautiful weather, my mom put me in my wheelchair and I sat out on the deck for a little while.

For the first two days, I would bring my camera out with me, but I wouldn’t turn it on. It wasn’t because of the lack of cats coming to see me, I just wanted to enjoy being in the moment with them. I needed a change of scenery and being among the cats, trees and noisy birds was a big comfort to me in those early days. The temperature would seesaw between a good 64 degrees to a chilly 57 degrees and I would only allow myself to stay out for like twenty minutes because I felt like my toes were going to fall off because it was so damn cold!

Even though this is a photo diary, I like being able to just unleash whatever I have in my mind. I tried my best to lie and be all cheery but this is what I’m been dealing with, and I know it can stem from the fact it is five years since my papaw’s passing and I could have suppressed feelings about it. So, I feel somewhat better now that I have unleashed my thoughts before allowing you to see the pictures I took on my third day outside. If you are still reading this, thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the beautiful photos of our cats.

Do you have any advice for me when it comes to being in a haze? What are your favorite things to do when the weather starts to warm up a bit?

REVIEW | Triple 9


Hey guys!

I hardly ever talk about movies, the only time I do is at the beginning and halfway through the year as part of “movies I want to see in” whatever year it is at the time.

I have finally seen a movie that was included on my Movies I Want To See In 2016 – Part One post and it was Triple 9! I was very excited to watch this, but I didn’t necessarily know what it was about until the day my mom put it on. I watched it on my little DVD player I got for Christmas this past year! I finally got a chance to use it, instead of sit out in the living room with my parents… However, I’m the only one who watched it that weekend so maybe I should have watched it out there.

As I was watching it, I was busy reorganizing a side of my room and after that I started coloring on my bed, so parts of the beginning I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t pay all that attention to, sorry! All I remember was a group of guys made a hit at a fancy bank, used tasers and bombs! Kate Winslet’s character Irina is a Russian Mobster and I’m not joking! The woman is a badass, but the group is essentially working for her. And there are two corrupt cops, one of them being played by Anthony Mackie.

It’s a very interesting story, but it’s also very quick. I feel like some of the scenes were too short, so you don’t know a lot about the way certain characters are or how they became that person. I like getting some background information instead of having to guess, what happened. The only one that makes sense was Michael (Chiwetel Ejiofor), he got Irina’s sister Elena (Gal Gadot) pregnant and now I guess the term, he is her bitch.

In the way I described it for my mom, it’s like if Bad Boys and Takers had a baby, this would be it… However, it was pretty good. Everytime I thought I knew it was “safe” I was wrong, but I liked that! It always kept me guessing!

Have you seen Triple 9 yet? What are your thoughts about it?


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