The Goodreads Challenge | Hopes for 2022


This year I am doing something completely different on my Goodreads Challenge. If you don’t know what this is, Goodreads is an app that allows you to find books. You can make up lists or shelves as they call them to categorize all of the books, like fiction and nonfiction. At the start of a new year, they give you a spot to choose a number of books you want to read in the 12 months. I’ve tried to make one in the last five years I’ve had it. Since 2019, I’ve been trying to up the number of the previous year, and even though I did get to 40 books in December, I decided to go for it in 2022.

I like the Goodreads Challenge a lot. I’m not one to make any big goals for the year anyways, so being able to set a somewhat large number of books for one year can be thrilling as a whole. I am always so pumped to start on a new one, but this time I decided to change it up a bit. I had the though back in September of splitting it up to focus on books that have been turned into movies. I love movies, and last year I learned how much I missed making time for them so I thought I could connect the two and hope I could make room for both loves. At the moment, I’ve only done one but I have been very distracted lately so I hope I can up my game a bit as the year goes on.

There is one drawback about this. I am not sharing my thoughts about these books and their film adaptions on my blog. I actually have a separate idea for that, but don’t worry I have two books that I am getting ready to publish–one might be coming out this Friday! I couldn’t just stop creating my book reviews though. I like being able to talk about thoughts on certain books and it just seemed silly to quit on all fronts, so I will continue doing those posts every month.

Now you’re probably wondering I am doing with the books on my other list. I do have something really cool to share with you today.

Around the same time, I came up with first idea, I was watching a lot of videos on YouTube about these reading journals. I was puzzled by them at first, but then I started watching like 10 a week and I knew I was hooked on the idea of creating a different space away from my blog to talk about my books. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I am always looking for something to be more creative and I thought this would be pretty cool to try out.

I ended up talking about it a lot with my mom and she agreed that it would be a good idea to try something new. Once I found out about monthly trackers, I was pretty much sealed on the deal and basically asked for a brand-new journal, calligraphy markers and pens, and more books that were being turned into movies this year on my Christmas list. I did receive the dotted notebook I asked for and it’s been a learning curve for me so far! I have the markers and pens as well, but I haven’t really used them that much. And out of all the books on my Christmas list, I got one book and it was Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

In the videos I’ve seen of these reading journals, everyone comes up with a different theme and I decided on Harry Potter, and I hoped to capture a bit of the Wizarding World and place it throughout the different spreads, but I’ve had a rough time just making simple banners, so it is a bit plain in some areas, but I am getting better at it. I also have the standard bookshelves but I totally forgot to include the House colors for the various types of reading, because I want to explore them as well, so, gray is for Kindle while pink is for Audiobook and Print is in the color turquoise. I don’t include the titles on the spines because I write too large to do that and I just want to see which way wins.

One thing I have learned in the past two years is that I am obsessed with words. Every time I found one that seemed unique, or it was used in another way than we normally say it, I wanted to collect it for later, so when I got my journal, I decided I would make a section just for my words and it’s been a fun thing to keep track of, and even my parents have enjoyed them too!

Here were the words I was obsessed with in January, and I have to apologize if any of the words are misspelled as well.

Words included are: synapes. candytuff, cur, filgree, ells, hewed, crux, tedium, signews, skein, bishopric, morose, trounced, brocade, whetstones, alight, coffer, chignon, commencement, gythia, truncated, primsigned, saccade, demesne, vehemence, daub, architaves, granary, manses, crux, hinterland, and picaresque

The last spread I made in my green journal was my end-of-the-month-stats. I want to keep track of everything like how many books, days, pages, and words I would make it to every month. I have these long rectangles going vertically on two pages (I actually have three because I made the boxes too big to include November and December!) and I assign different colors for each one and it’s easily my second favorite thing in the journal.

After hearing me complain about it in the beginning, my mom found a little book called “My Reading Life” by Anne Bogel on one of the people she follows on Instagram and we looked at it because despite my best efforts, I knew I needed some help, so I got it around the second week of January, and the main thing I use in it is the monthly tracker. I really love those pages, because it is so easy, but you have to be really careful because you only get little diamond shapes in each block, and you can feel lost once you get into the thick of a month.

I only have one book written in there already, and it was Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I like to start a new year with disability themes. I just like to get them out of the way honestly! I found this book featured on Kindle Unlimited and it was a great read but I’m so thankful I’ve only watched the film once since it came out in like 2016. There were some changes made throughout, I really like Julienne Moore and Kristen Stewart for both Alice and her daughter Lydia. My second book will be 12 Years A Slave for Black History Month and I have always wanted to watch the film and luckily HBOMAX played it all month long, so I have that to look forward once I’m finished. And yes, I have decided on my March read but I’m keeping it a secret for now.

I am reading rather slowly, and I don’t know why I’m doing this because I’ve always read multiple books with opposite genres at once, but I think it has something to do with the fact I hadn’t published this post out for January and I wasn’t able to relax in between the two areas, so let’s hope I zip right through the incoming books and their respectful movies too!

How many books do you hope to read in 2022? Do you have an app to help you keep track of your books like Goodreads or are you one to use a reading (bullet) journal instead?


Will Travel

I am following over 700 different accounts on Twitter, they range from fans of bands, celebrities, and TV shows. If you want the whole story of how I really got into the whole Twitter phase of my life. Blame it on Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. In the fall of 2008, I had created my first ever account but I was so confused on how to use it that I lost my will to use it, that is until the summer of 2009 were I was following the guys of Linkin Park and their fans like crazy. I got to release some thoughts that I felt were trapped deep inside my head. It was a great idea until I started to have old classmates and family members creeping up on me and seeing my tweets. Is it bad that in the beginning that I actually blocked a few people I knew? In 2010, I deleted my original account and got a new one a week later. Trust me, my break from Facebook was longer. Now I follow different bloggers and several contestants of Dancing With The Stars.

As you may know, I really enjoyed seeing Amy Purdy on DWTS this past year. She was my idol on that show for season 18, as she is a double amputee snowboarder that decided to join the cast two days after she won a bronze medal at the Paralympics in Russia last winter. She was partnered with my mom’s favorite Derek Hough. This week on DWTS Derek was having a bad week finding creative ideas for his and partner for this season, Bethany Mota. The next day, I saw a tweet that I didn’t think would inspire me in any shape or form, but it did. Amy posted a tweet of a link she had him watch on the week he wasn’t getting any ideas of what to do for their routines. The video at the bottom was the link she included in the tweet. It was 11:30am and my mom was just getting up, I had been up for a few hours. I decided to watch the video of author of the book,¬†Eat, Pray, Love¬†Elizabeth Gilbert talk about finding ideas and describing them as “geniuses” and how to turn off those doubts of after you’ve done something amazing.

In the middle of the 19 minute video of Elizabeth’s speech, my mom came in with one of our kittens: Stormy. I didn’t get the chance to pause the video while she was in my room, so it kept playing and she talked and soothed Stormy to stay up on my bed. After she left, I quickly figured out how to rewind it just a tad after I found the place I missed hearing, I continued on and different things she was saying were really revealing to me. Without giving too much away, I’ll just skip to the parts were it really made me think. When I get ideas, I have trouble getting them and having them last for a long period of time. When I was in high school, I used to write songs and I did this for nine or ten years, by the end of it though my ideas would only last for a good ten minutes before they float away. Now I have the problem of getting an idea and the words to write it out from my brain down to my feet to type it out so it’s real. Apparently it’s a slow process going down to my feet and that’s the reason why it takes a few days for ideas to be let out.

If you have 20 minutes to yourself and have a headphones set with you, I think you should watch this and maybe you’ll learn something about yourself. I did…