Writing Prompt: One Touch


I’m back with another post, hopefully this one will be on the lighter side of things compared to last week’s story! I found the prompt on Pinterest again, but what drew me to it was it reminded me of a song that I really love, and it’s called “Touch” by Natasha Bedingfield. I am obsessed with this song and when I saw this prompt, I was like “yes!” Apparently I have wanted to do this for a while and didn’t even know about it until now.

Since the prompt has two people, I think I’m going to try to write two people’s point of view on this post. I’ve never done this before, so please don’t judge me for my mistakes. Now here is the prompt for today, I hope you all enjoy it!

Coffee and papers flew into a mess as the two strangers collided on their hurried paths, unaware their destinies were now intertwined.


I cannot believe I am so late. I’m never late getting to work. Jack thought to himself while he stood in line at the coffee spot, just two blocks away from his apartment. He looked ragged, his face was a mess and his suit was wrinkled since he forgot to iron them after removing them from the dryer this morning. He knew his chance of impressing his bosses was lost now, but yet let out a big sigh while seven others stood in front of him waiting to order their coffee and breakfast pastries.

He had only been in the city for about three months, and was surprised by how fast he was able to find a job for himself in such short amount of time. He tried to send his resume everywhere he could think of, but it was a big city and figured it would very difficult to find a job when everyone else was looking for work as much as he was, so when he came home from job hunting to find an opening for a position at a place he applied was the shock of a lifetime. However, he hadn’t been there for a week, and he’s managed to fuck it all up.

After waiting in line for close to seven long minutes, it was finally Jack’s turn to order and as let out another big sign and started talking to the cashier in front of him, the door rang somewhat quietly as a person came into the place, but Jack wouldn’t hear it, he was such in a rush that he managed to block out any outside noises around him. He was just there to get a strong cup of joe and figure out a story to explain why he was late to his bosses. Coffee sat on the counter, steaming out of the lid as Jack got out his money to pay for it. The girl tore off his receipt and attempted to give him back his change, but he quickly turned away from her and headed for the door.


Stacy was a free spirit, ray of sunshine kind of girl. She’s always been this way, but lately life hasn’t been treating her very nicely. When she first moved to the city, she thought it would bring her closer to her boyfriend Travis, since he was always working and couldn’t come home to her as much as they both seemed to wanted, but then one day after coming home from doing her errands she caught her boyfriend in bed with another girl. She was shattered. She was in denial with her family and friends when they tried to tell her how much of a player he was, but like most girls, she thought he cared enough about her that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. She risked everything for him and here he was, screwing away her hopes and dreams.

For the past two months she’s been trying to rebuild her life as a single woman. She tried her best to push her feelings back, but if you ever got up to her face-to-face, you’d be able to see the many layers of blush over her cheeks as she desperately tried to mask the steady stream of tears that fell from her eyes every night. She hoped and prayed that her fake smile will divert people’s worrisome thoughts about her love life, but unfortunately, it didn’t.

All wasn’t lost for Stacy though, as she had a great circle of friends to try to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on; one of those friends recently got her a job at a coffee shop uptown. She knew how much Stacy loved meeting people, she has the perfectly personality to handle various attitudes. Stacy felt grateful for the opportunity, because she definitely needed a job since her ex-boyfriend was the source of her income. Today, she was about to start to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to make coffee and bake breakfast pastries, so she dressed in her favorite outfit: white T-shirt with a matching tulle-like skirt, she also wore a denim jacket on top in case she needed to cover up her upper arms and a pair of white flip-flops. She wasn’t known to wear anything practical, so until she was given a uniform she wasn’t going to change her dressing habits.

She finally made it to the shop, fairly early then she was expected to be there, as she wasn’t supposed to show up until noon to train under the manager, but she wanted to make sure to appear to be a responsible worker. When she entered the front door, it dinged from above and everybody on the other side of the counter looked at her with delight, she gave them a light smile as she let the door close behind her. A part of her felt weird to be standing in the corner of the doorway, but she wasn’t a customer nor a real employer yet so she stood next to the coat hangers, by a table of an elderly couple who smiled and nodded at her. The line to order was dwindling down after the morning rush and she vowed after the male in the half-washed suit left the counter that she’d make her move to the cashier about starting shadowing the manager. Since she knew she had some time to kill, she grabbed herself the local paper and started reading it, but as soon as she began reading the first big story, the man twisted on his toes in a hurry without taking his money, and didn’t see Stacy coming right at him and suddenly she regretted to wear all white on her first day.

What do you think happened to these two characters? All theories are welcomed!

Writing Prompt: We Could Have Been Happy


We’re in February now and like everybody knows, it’s a month dedicated to love, so in my way of showing a bit of love on here is to write some romantic stories. Honestly, I got the idea to do this after I finished with my Christmas prompts. I just enjoyed coming up with those cute and funny little stories that I thought, “why don’t I continue this for the next holiday?” so here we are! The only issue is that I’m not sure if I’m going to skip the last week of the month or not. I am considering it because it would help me get ready for my plans for March.

All of the prompts were found on Pinterest. I’d even change my mind about a couple of them at the last minute because I didn’t think there was enough variety between them. I didn’t want to be too cheesy or sexual, so hopefully these will be a good medium for everybody! They are ALL free write stories–so if you see a mistake, try your best to ignore it! I’d also like to say that I have tried my best to keep them happy, but as you’ll see it hasn’t happened… Anyways, the first prompts goes like this.

At one point of time, we could have been happy.

We moved too fast, at least that’s what she told me as she packed her stuff that she had recently shoved into my itty-bitty closet. I stood at the base of the bed we just made love in the night before. I was so confused. Why would she have sex with me if she knew she was going to break up with me the next day?

We were only dating three months, she fell just as quickly as I did. I mean, you couldn’t blame me for doing it either. She was the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a long time. And the fact that I spend a good chuck of my time in a room full of gorgeous women everyday, because of my job as a casting director, she could knock every single one of them out of the ball park. She was tall, brunette, and had the silkiest skin on the planet. She was a goddess and she knew it too.

I watch her pace back and forth attempting to explain her reasoning for breaking us up. She can’t look up at me, but I want her to so bad. I just want to see it on her face, if she’s really done with me, her eyes will say it before her mouth comes out with it. She walks to the closet and removes her clothes on the hangars, and throws them into her suitcase. I try my best to calm her down to meet her gaze, but she will not let me, she keeps pushing me away. I start to wonder to myself, what have I done? I couldn’t think of anything, but that doesn’t mean anything. I know how women are, they like to gossip to one another, so if there was a rumor going around about me and some girl I was casting in an upcoming film, she’d probably know about it before I do.

At one point of time, we could have been happy. Now instead I am standing in the doorway of my apartment feeling distraught. She’s gone. She was here for an hour never giving me a direct answer for her actions, and never told me goodbye. So, I’m here and I have no idea what to do next.

So, what do you think of this little free write, heartbreaking story?

The Last Book You Read, Who Are You?

Writing Prompt from Amanda Patterson (click to go her Pinterest board)

If we were to really get down to it, my reading choices aren’t very well to be able to do this prompt, but I’m going to do it anyways, because I’m really bored and need something to do. So I’m picking the book I’m reading now, which if I would get myself to get back into it I would probably be finished with it by now and be able to move on to the next book. Right now I’m actually a book called, The Spice Of Life by Jennifer L. Jennings. I have had a tough time completing this book but I’m happy to say that I do like it and majority of the characters. I don’t want to give much away because of the fact that I would like to do a book review of it when I’m finished with it, but at the rate I’m going, this might be all you get of it. 

The main character is Vanessa Roth, and she is a married woman, who is in her 40’s and is very much a workaholic. Things happen the first few chapters that continue to change her life. Her husband leaves her, her assistant’s roommate gets raped and they come to leave with her at her house, and her niece takes her to some Burlesque classes as a birthday present, but her niece Anna gets a job in another state and she promises to Anna that she’ll continue to do the classes. Well, Vanessa is very much out of her element on all parts of her new life. Because now she’s separated, she’s got these two young people living with her and become a part of her life and on top of all that she promised to still take the classes, which she just hates to the core of her being. Right now I’m at like chapter 25 or 26, so I’m only sharing some of it as I still don’t want to give much away. To get back on track, I am the total opposite of Vanessa. I am not a workaholic nor am I married or in her case, separated. I am a lazy human being and I am still single. This will be my eighth Valentine’s Day being single. It never gets better trust me. Nobody’s came to live with me, other than my sister left to go to school and my parents are around, but that’s pretty much it.

The Burlesque part, I find myself drawn more into the old burlesque times, during the 1920’s and 30’s, because back then it was glamorous and flashy! I’ve read online that burlesque makes you self-aware of your body and as you learn how to use your body and do all of this things that you have a greater chance of loving your body. I think that is amazing and the one thing that I do have like Vanessa is the fact that we’re both very insecure about our bodies. Vanessa has had a rough few weeks and she doesn’t know what’s going on and her mind is just everywhere, but when she goes to these classes, the only thing she does is think about the classes and I’m hoping as the book goes on that she grows to like it and she becomes to feel comfortable about it. I feel like if the opportunity was to present itself I think I would go to a class. I would like to go to a private class instead, but I think that would be beside the point of loving your body if you don’t do it in front of people and showing people who you are just as beautiful as everybody else.

Creative Writings: Set 2

Found a site today, that gives you prompts to do some creative writing. I’m having a boring day, so I thought I would open my mind a little and get those writing juices out of me. I think my creative writing teacher I had in high school would be a little happy for me right now. I hope you like these little writings. If you would like to see all the prompts and chose some surprising ones for me to do. I’ll do one per person. So first comes up with an idea, than I’ll do it. I just hope you like the result of it. Click here for the website.

Below are 3 sets of words. Use all the words in each set to write mini stories in 300 words or less:

SET 1: paper clips, principal, lunchbox, swing, girl with a pink ribbon
SET 2: biology, class card, foreign student, leaf, blood sample 
SET 3: typewriter, filing cabinet, puncher, clerk, carbon paper, janitor

“Oh my gosh! Do we really have do this Mrs. Roberts?” said Rachel, from the back of the class room. The tiny brunette who wasn’t looking forward to doing this experiment in biology 101. It was Wednesday, the day she’s been dreading for a couple of weeks. Mrs. Roberts announced to her biology class that they will be doing a special test that requires everyone giving a blood sample to see what blood type they are. Rachel was old enough to give blood, but that doesn’t mean she wanted to do it. Mrs. Roberts gave her students a permission slip for their parents to do this experiment. Rachel’s parents signed, sealed, and delivered it back to Rachel’s unfortunate backpack. Her parents didn’t understand why she didn’t want to take a needle and put it through her finger and draw blood all to see what her blood type was. It didn’t matter if she was getting graded on it, she didn’t want to do it.

Before leaving the class room. Mrs. Roberts had an announcement to make.
“Now I know a lot of you are nervous, but it doesn’t hurt that much. If you’re parents didn’t sign your permission you are to stay in this room and do a few questions on page 256 in your biology books. Get ready for your test on Friday. If you have any questions, I’ll be in the next room and I’ll try and answer as many as I can. For the rest of you, I have some good news.”
“Did hell froze over yet?” said James, the tall, blonde and blued eyed hottie from Australia. Rachel was the only girl who didn’t think he was attractive enough.
Rachel looked over at James, and rolled her eyes like always. She didn’t care what was going on around her. She was ready for her next class, at 11:35. Constantly looking at her pink and gray watch on her wrist.
“Did you hear me?” James said again to Rachel. Trying to get her attention.
“Are your ears ringing yet?”
“They’ve been ringing since the second I walked into this hell hole.”
“Oh, well I could be a good distraction for you.”
“Really? I didn’t know you could do that, since you’re the foreign exchange student and all. I thought you were suppose to be good or they’ll make sure you have the first plane ride home.” She turned her head and looked at him with her piercing blue eyes. She was not in the mood to have some cocky guy who didn’t know her very much, and who was also flirting with her. Even though she did need a distraction and he wasn’t technically a bad-looking either.
“What crawled up your butt and died?” he said.
She turned again and this time she wanted to do a little more than just tell him off. She wanted to hurt him, but just before she was to take her chance. Mrs. Roberts intervened.
“Is everything all right, Ms. Bryant?”
“Yes, Mrs. Roberts. Everything is fine.” Wrong. She wanted to hurt the prick.
Mrs. Roberts then looked at James, and nodded.
“Well good, and since you and James are getting along. You two will be partnered up together for the experiment.”
Rachel growled when she heard those horrible words, but then she kind of got happy because that meant she might actually get to have her revenge after all. A smirk appeared on her face as she turned to look at James. James had no clue what was about to happen. He just hoped he was able to live after the class was over.

Rachel and James got desk number seven. The only desk by the window. Rachel started to think that maybe Mrs. Roberts didn’t hate her as much as she thought she did. James didn’t know how to work everything on the desk. He kept fiddling with things he shouldn’t be touching in the first place. Rachel tried to keep herself contained, but he was getting on her last nerve. As Mrs. Roberts was explaining the instructions and rules in doing this with a partner. Rachel’s wondering eye kept looking out the window. There was a tall tree. The branches were long and dark. It looked like an old tree. It was the beginning of fall and the leaves were starting to come off, one by one. She focused her eyes on this one leaf. It was slightly red at the bottom, and the rest was all green. She thought to herself, “hold on, little leaf. Hold on!” She couldn’t take her eyes off it for one second in hopes it fell. James noticed Rachel wasn’t paying any attention to Mrs. Roberts speak which was strange to him, because Rachel is considered the “good girl” on campus. She studies hard, gets good grades, and has the looks of a goddess. That’s what he thought of her at least. James hadn’t dated an American girl before and he didn’t exactly want to either. Too much work to find true love when you’re only around for a year. He didn’t think it was worth it, but something about Rachel captured a hidden love he thought he could do without.

Mrs. Roberts walked around the room, handing out small first aid kits, needles, and papers that tells you where to put your finger of choice to every table. Rachel was still looking outside when Mrs. Roberts goes to her and James’ table. She hands everything to James and stands next to Rachel and kneels down. “Rachel.” she whispers softly. “Rachel.” She says it again, this time a little more firmly. Rachel was still concentrating on the leaf and all of a sudden, she hears “Ms. Bryant?” She turns her head around to find not only Mrs. Roberts looking at her, but the rest of the class was also staring and smiling back at her. She felt embarrassed, but got enough strength to say, “sorry, Mrs. Roberts. I have a slight headache.” Mrs. Roberts nodded back at her excuse and replied back, “well I think your partner would like to get a good grade on this project. So I suggest you take a class card and go up to the nurses office and get checked out.” Rachel smiled at her and started stand up out of her seat. She turned around to grab her purse and look outside for the leaf before leaving the room. James kept staring at her. He actually looked concerned, but it was probably only because they’d get a late start on their project. She took the class card and left the room to go to the nurses office. Instead of taking the normal way, she took a detour and went outside. She snuck around the corner of the entrance way and she got around the big tree that she was watching from the room. She saw the back of James’ head and kneeled down as low as she could. She walked on all fours, looking for the leaf. She was wondering if it was still on the tree, but she couldn’t find the same branch. She tried looking through the leaves on the ground. As she was searching for the missing leaf, one of the math teachers on smoke break saw her and yelled out, “hey! What are you doing out here?” She hit the bricks and flew open the door to go back inside and ran like hell, back to where she started from. Completely forgetting about the colorful leaf.

She recovered herself before entering inside the classroom. Mrs. Roberts, looked up from her desk as she was grading papers and asked, “Are you feeling any better?” Rachel said, “I guess so. Mrs. Hampton wasn’t in her office at the moment.” Mrs. Roberts looked at her and said, “Oh, well maybe after you do the assignment then you can try again?” Rachel nodded and went back to her seat. She found James watching everybody doing their test and said, “okay, let’s just get this over with.” Suddenly James was back from la la land, and went back to crushing on Rachel. He thought he could barf.

Not done yet, but stopping  for now. (: