DIY: Last Minute Pumpkin Ideas!



We are two weeks out before Halloween (a week for those of you who will be celebrating 27th and on!) and after Monday’s post, I was really inspired to compile all of my favorite pumpkin crafts for you! I think crafting with pumpkins is a fun thing to do both as an adult and if you’re parent with young children! It’s like the seasonal coloring book you never thought you needed until later on.

For the most part, every post has a list of what you’d need and I have even done step-by-step photographs in case you get lost in my words which has happened before! I try to be very helpful in guiding you through all of the projects, some might be a little confusing and I do apologize for that. Sometimes we just made up the rules as we went along and that can be pretty fun too! You are welcome to interpret what you see into anything your heart desires as long as you enjoy what you’re doing and don’t stress about your mistakes!

  • The Pumpkins – I have many versions of how to melt crayons on pumpkins but this one is visually pleasing I think. The pictures turned out beautifully, so that is the main reason why I am sharing this one instead. 
  • The “America” Pumpkin – This is a clear example of a last minute pumpkin idea, my nana and I actually worked on this early November and I published the post later that month while we discussed what we were going to do for Christmas! This is probably the simplest one out of the bunch!
  • Awareness Glitter Pumpkin – I decided to include this one because October is the month for two very big things: Breast Cancer and Domestic Abuse. My Great Aunt Shirley is a survivor of breast cancer and my sister is a survivor of domestic abuse. So it has a double meaning for me!
  • Ophelia Pumpkin – I actually got the idea to do this after seeing it in the magazine Country Living and I guess I loved the idea so much that I ended up just doing it!
  • The Punk-y Pumpkin – This one is an older post, when we didn’t have anything for our crafts yet. However we made do with a least used nail polish and a tub of silver glitter! 

I am sorry that these are the only ideas I have on my blog, I actually have more but they don’t have any good photos and I’m pretty sure my writing in general is down right awful so if you want to check the rest out, go to my search box on the top right and put in “pumpkins” and it should give you all of the posts, plus a few other Halloween inspired crafts too!

Hope you have enjoyed this post!


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DIY: The Pumpkins!


Hi 😉

I’ve been keeping everybody on their toes about these damn pumpkins and if it wasn’t for my mom, we probably wouldn’t had done them this year!

I’ve done so many posts about these pumpkins that they’ve sort of been embedded into my brain. The only thing that my nana and I tend to forget every year is the prep! Our whole setup was different from the years before because the chair she normally sat in to actually melt the crayons on the pumpkins is gone and the chair that is in its place is papaw’s chair, which everybody is in agreement that it is NOT comfortable to sit in. It’s a damn miracle that my papaw would sit in it everyday!

Anyways, we mostly had to everything on the opposite part of the kitchen and at one point, my poor nana got stuck between the white box and her other chair by the sink and said a very bad word!

Oh, and I tried to kill a cricket in between all of this too!


What you will need for this:

  • Pumpkin (we used both white and orange)
  • Crayons
  • Hot glue gun and/or Elmer’s glue (we used both!)
  • Hair dryer
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Newspapers
  • Glitter

This year, my nana got a couple of white pumpkins and they are very cute! They’re real, not fake, because I think they would have weighted a little less especially with the one we decided to work with that day! The day before, I picked out a couple of crayons that I figured would turn out pretty good on it. I finally got to use a orange!! Because you can never use that color with a regular pumpkin. A way to get the crayons out of their wrappers, you need to soak them in a cup of water for a little bit so they become easier to peel for you! However, this year my nana just decided to not to do that – she might be gaining some patience after all!

We used an old calendar as a protector of the foam box, we didn’t feel like lighting anything on fire! Not saying we’ve ever done that either, but we’re very cautious! Anyways, I put the pumpkin on top of the aluminium foil and folded the sides inward to help keep the crayons from drippings onto the floor or wall! We sometimes wear newspapers at our legs to help protect from the heat of the hair dryer and splatters of the melting wax!

We broke the crayons into halves (or tried) and put around 12 or 13 sticks of them all around the top of the pumpkin with the hot glue gun and I basically gave this job to my nana after the second one because it always worries me; doesn’t necessarily make her feel any better either I’m sure! As for the second pumpkin, we had to use regular Elmer’s glue because the hot glue wasn’t working so just before we turned on the hair dryer to start the melting process, we reinforced the crayons to their spots. I went for the bright but also picked a couple of darker colors to line up at the top. The ending result was very pretty! I sort of liked the dark colors on it better than the neon ones, especially the violet and gray!


Have you enjoyed all of the craft-y projects we’ve been doing lately? What have you made for this fall or Halloween?


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DIY: Infamous Melted Crayons

I think I should say that October is the month of DIY projects.

I’ve decided not to combine these pumpkins together even though they were made on the same day. The first pumpkin we made was the melted crayons on the pumpkin. I’ve been thinking about whether or not if I should explain what we did, as it’s basically the same things we did as last year, but I’m going to explain the important things. This is always a fun thing to do between my nana and I. Doing it with a medium or large pumpkin is more ideal though, but smaller pumpkins are good too. We used a smaller pumpkin today.

What You Need:

  • Pumpkin
  • Several crayons
  • Small cup or bowl
  • Water
  • Newspaper (optional)
  • Aluminum Foil (optional)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hair Dryer


  1. It’s best to do this first part a day before and not like 10 minutes like we did today. To be able to take off the crayons wrapping you need to soak them in a small cup or bowl. We also broke them before we put them in their bath. It’s best to do longer sticks for medium-large pumpkins than small ones. Also, the smaller you break them the more you can put on the actual pumpkins.
  2. After soaking the crayons for a good 10-15 minutes, go ahead and take them out and start peeling off the wrappers. Dry them off with a towel and throw away the excess paper.
  3. While you’re do that first part, I suggest you get out your hot glue gun (or any strong glue) plug it into the socket to heat up as you tearing off the paper from the crayons.
  4. After both are finished, get your work area ready. We used aluminium foil and newspaper as our protection for a number of reasons. I’ll get to that in a minute.
  5. Lay out two sheets of foil on your area flat. One going vertical and the other horizontal. You can roll up the sides so nothing gets out.
  6. If you have an apron that covers down towards your legs, then you can just skip this step. Use your newspaper as your shield against the melting wax. Put it in front of you to protect your skin and clothes from spraying of melted crayons.
  7. Next, you’re ready for putting your broken up crayons on the pumpkin. We don’t usually go up too far the stem. As it starts the go down the sides is a good place to put them. I wouldn’t suggest putting a lot of the glue on at one time, because it will look like a bubble once everything is melted. Place each crayon on the dab of glue and press it in slightly, try not to burn yourself in the process.
  8. Once you have the crayons were you want them, plug in your hair dryer into the wall and put it on high and move it around the crayons. It takes them a bit to start melting, probably 10 minutes. When they start melting you can change your direction of your aim, we started by going down directly on the sticks, but once you have a good flow you can direct the heat sideways, it makes the colored wax collide into the other one next to it and it’s actually pretty good!
  9. I’d turn off the dryer when the sticks have basically disappeared or even if you just have a little bit left. When you are finished, take a break and remove the paper from your lap gently as the wax is still hot. It actually dries pretty fast so you can move it somewhere else if you want to after like few minutes. I HIGHLY suggest keeping the foil underneath the pumpkin, because when it starts to rot and if you don’t have that underneath, it becomes difficult to move off and throw away. Plus, leaving it and you get this pretty bottom of dried crayon on the foil.
  10. Now you are finally done with everything. You get the joy of cleaning up after yourself and admiring your new art project!
We saved the tops of the crayons for another time.
We saved the tops of the crayons for another time.
The pretty crayons soaking in their nice bath.
The pretty crayons soaking in their nice bath.
The crayons glued onto the pumpkin.
The crayons glued onto the pumpkin.
Sometimes the brighter colors make it look cooler. I really liked that silver there too!
Sometimes the brighter colors make it look cooler. I really liked that silver there too!
The other side of it. Oh, don't do what we did and use an orange, it looks like the pumpkin melted along with the crayons. Lol
The other side of it. Oh, don’t do what we did and use an orange, it looks like the pumpkin melted along with the crayons. Lol

George the Pumpkin!

We did it! And without burning down the house in the process. We didn’t do what I had seen on Pinterest, with using a lighter and lighting each one and then placing them on the pumpkin. Leave that up to the professionals, or say the ones who feel more comfortable with a lighted match. My nana had sent me a video from YouTube the other day of how to do it, and if you want the video go here. One of the things on the video was to soak the crayons in a cup full of water before tearing the wrapper off it. Well, that kind of worked for us. It worked for the ones who were still wet from that morning of soaking. I had a hard time getting periwinkle unwrapped with my toes. My nana did majority of them and I didn’t have much energy to mess with a stinking crayon. I mostly broke the crayons in half and she broke them smaller if they weren’t small enough. The video said to use a hot glue gun to place them on the pumpkin, but not too high on the pumpkin. So we kind of estimated to put them really. We did it in two sides that way we knew how much to use. We actually have a lot more left over for next week or Sunday. I wanted to use the blue and purple ones first, but only grabbed one purple crayon. I don’t know how that happened. 

Here are the crayons on top of the pumpkin. 


Here is the first area after finishing it.


When we were working on the other side, my papaw came in from the other room and I think he was kind of amazed how the crayons were melting on the pumpkin so well. He literally stayed there, sipping his coffee and occasionally looking at our new masterpiece. Once we were officially done with the pumpkin. She unplugged everything and I began to feel VERY tired. Between not getting any sleep last night, waking up at 7:30am, going to my mom’s work for her meeting, and then lastly therapy. The entire day about wore my ass out. I was surprised this even happened today because I didn’t have any energy at all. Even with the ice cream, sugar can only go so far! Here it is, almost 6:30pm and I am surprised I am even awake now. If I don’t get any sleep tonight I’ll be pissed. So I leave you with the last picture of our handsome pumpkin. I think my nana can agree with me when I say her burned thumbs were worth it. Meet George the Pumpkin! (: