Foods I Want In The Fall


Disclaimer:¬†I apologize for anyone reading this post before (or after) their lunch break. You may want to save this for later because it won’t help you out at all.

Hi ūüôā

Last year around this time I started to notice something different about my appetite and what I was mostly craving when the temperatures would basically drop. I was in the mood for anything that was going to go down gently and warm, in other words all I wanted was soup.


This year, soup is still something I want. I’ve gone as far as where one morning I went online to the Campbell’s Soup website and looked up all of the soups they make and wrote them out in my notepad so whenever my mom went to the store next, she could possibly find a couple of them for me so I could try them!

Of course, I still want chicken noodle and vegetable soup majority of the time I go over to my nana’s, but those are the only ones that I’ve tried and fell in love with, so I’m open to try others at home with my folks, they seemed to be supportive with that exchange too! So far I only like the potato soups out of the three I’ve had… I mostly go for the chunky kind because I want something that’ll fill me up, not be this hot liquid force going through my body! I’m not saying on really cold day that wouldn’t be a dream come true but in the last two months I’ve wanted chunky style!


I’ve seen it on TV that fall is the “season of baking”, unfortunately, nobody in my family knows how to make homemade snickerdoodles. I feel like they’re like a standard sugar cookie, the only difference is before you bake it, you add cinnamon on top of them. Everybody knows cinnamon is like one of 3 autumnal scents with apples and pumpkins at the top of the list! So they are the ultimate fall cookie to me!


I’m not an apple pie kind of person. I’ve never been into both pies or cheesecakes in my life and I find it strange because everybody seems to like both of them at times and I’m not like that. I’m also not an oatmeal kind of girl either. I’ve tried it at two different points of my life: younger and just recently and I still can’t stand of something warm with such a sweet taste. It’s just weird!

Once autumn comes along, I want a lot of apples! I get cravings for apples in caramel with peanuts! I’ve only ever had it once in my life and ever since I’ve wanted it again. My mom gets me a kid’s meal (not joking!) from Wendy’s because they offer apple slices and I just devour them whenever she puts them on my plate! It’s ridiculous! I’ve also acquired a taste of apple juice despite hating it as a kid! Same goes with grape juice too!

Banana Nut Muffins

When I was in grade school, sometimes I would go down to the cafeteria and have breakfast. Surprisingly, the breakfasts they would serve us were pretty good. I literally still have dreams of a few of them, but the two of the muffins they would make were blueberry and banana nut. I loved them both, but I loved the banana nut muffins than the blueberry.

It took me longer to find another brand of banana based muffins than blueberry! I remember having a huge craving of them one day and I basically had my mom go out on a scavenger hunt at the store to find me some than besides Hostess, because those weren’t good enough in the banana area as they were with blueberry and chocolate chip. And then one day she found these gigantic muffins that became my guiltiest pleasure ever! They’re moist on the inside and the top of it has extra nuts scattered all over and they’re just amazing!

What are your favorite food(s) to eat or snack on in the fall? 


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The Hungry Post.

It’s about to get pretty funny now. I literally woke up this morning thinking about Rally’s. This isn’t a joke either. I woke up to thinking about what the three of us girls are going to do tomorrow. Mom suggested going to the movies tomorrow afternoon. Which is in Jasper, everytime we go there we get pizza. Well I’m not like everybody else in my family, I can’t eat pizza every single time. So instead I starting thinking. Thinking about food at 7am is probably the worst thing ever. Not to mention my TV is on the Cooking network right now.

I’m actually suppose to¬†be asleep right now, but I had to finish certain things online and look up the menu of Rally’s.¬†I do everything, but I couldn’t find the price range on the websit if it killed me. I found two that I actually wanted. Cheese Fries with Bacon or Chili. Thing is, mom would probably talk¬†me out of getting the chili one because the possibility of heartburn during the movie. Here’s my defensive on that subject. I always get heartburn when we get breadsticks with cheese. Not that big of a difference now is it?¬†

This is weird part. I haven’t hung out with my friends since probably the end of August. I have actually never¬†had Rally’s before.¬†Here is where these two go together. When I was about to turn 18 my friends and I all went and hung out and two of the girls were hungry even though we were going to get¬†pizza after the movie. So my friend who was driving went to Rally’s. Brooke got the Cheese fries with¬†Bacon and Ranch, which we thought was disgusting. Jasmine got the Cheese fries with just Bacon¬†on it. She couldn’t finish her’s and I had maybe one of two bites out of it and when she offered to all of us if we wanted it, I gladly took it without¬†hestiation. It was¬†SO yummy! I don’t think I tried Brooke’s because I think the Ranch just threw me off.

That was three years ago and haven’t went back there since. I¬†gave my mom a text this morning¬†telling her I was literally craving it. When she came in my room, I asked her “would you at least think about it?” She said she would, but I already know I’m not getting Rally’s this weekend. Well that’s my food post for the day. Sorry if it made hungry. Happens to the best of us.

Since My Nana Has Been In The Hospital.

My nana has been in the hospital since last Friday. She spent July 4th in the hospital. Luckily for her, didn’t hear a damn thing. My mom doesn’t like fireworks and maybe she should have went to see nana that night. Since my nana has been in the hospital, we’ve had McD’s (McDonald’s) for lunch. I think both my Papaw and sister Emily were getting tired of McD’s already. Papaw would get a Big Mac and Emily would get, well I don’t remember what she would get. The reason why I can remember Papaw’s is because we have to change his top bun with a seedless bun instead.

I, however has had nothing but Chicken Nuggets and French Fries. I’ve also had Ranch with it too. The first few days, I only had Ranch with my Nuggets. Then I got brave and didn’t want Ketchup so I ended just using the rest of my Ranch with my fries. It was sooo good! So good together. The last day we were at the hospital, I had my mom get me 2 little boxes of Ranch. So when I ran out of it I had backup. My mom also was nice enough to get me a Strawberry Lemonade too. This time that sucker was amazing!

So now that I’ve haven’t my McD’s fix for the third day in a row, I’m craving just the fries and Ranch box now. I’m also craving one of the milkshakes from Huck’s that my sister was suppose to share with me. That didn’t happen. She got the Cookies n Cream. I got one somewhat of a big glomp of it and was instantly hooked. So next time, we’re at both places (hospital not included) I want my own milkshake and a large fries and about four little boxes of Ranch. That should keep me occupied.