DIY: Ophelia Pumpkin

Well, I’m back with another DIY project.

So it’s finally time to talk about our first pumpkin project. I know I’ve basically told you everything about the rubber band pumpkin in the post about Sunday, but in case that post was just a little too confusing, I’ve decided redo it. So forgive me if you’ve read that post. I have never heard of using rubber bands on a pumpkin seriously, but if you know me well if I know certain things are in good places, I might actually try it out.

I got the idea from this little magazine called Country Living, I’m actually thinking about having my mom get the next edition for November. I’m already seeing my nana’s future layout of her kitchen table for Thanksgiving! Anyway, getting a little ahead of myself. On page 62, was this cute little idea you can do to a pumpkin and I thought it was so different and cute that I knew I had to do it. The only thing you need that was the same as the directions in the magazine was the rubber bands.They used the tan bands as they are much larger than the smaller pink ones, with those you can really stretch out and basically use the entire pumpkin as your canvas. My grandparents only had the pink rubber bands, so I had to make do and I was perfectly fine with that. They worked just as good as the others, but getting them to stretch out as far as the tan/white ones was not an option for me, because I was too afraid that they were going to bounce back at me and hurt my toes. I wrapped one end of the band around the stem of the pumpkin and stretched it out to the bottom and hoped it stay there. In all, I got six or seven bands on it and once I got one on I’d turn it around and do the other side. That seemed to be a good idea too!

After the last one, I tried to see if I can add one more onto it, but neither side would let me. I thought it was adorable and so did my nana! I felt so proud of myself too, because that was the one craft project where I’ve actually been able to do all by myself. To make things even better! My mom got us a packet of different colored Sharpies and I decided that I could color in some of the holes around the sides of the pumpkin. I only did four sides of it. I used the colors, blue (which you couldn’t see), purple, red, and green. In a way, it was like the changing of colors in autumn, except I’ve never seen a blue or purple leaf before! This DIY project was probably one of the easiest things I’ve ever done! When I went home that night after completing it, I was trying to figure out a name for it. I knew I wanted a girl name, so I first thought of “Ruby” but it honestly didn’t fit. So while I was home, I was sitting on my bed, listening to music like always. Well, I was listening to the band Leaves’ Eyes and they have two songs from their new album, Symphonies Of The Night. One is called Cecelia and the other is Ophelia. I love Ophelia more and when I went to take it home yesterday afternoon. I told both my mom and nana about the name, I didn’t explain the reason to my mom though, but she said that it sounded like a name I’d choose. I don’t know what she meant by that either.

red and blue, the lighting in that house made it looked like it was a dark purple but it wasn't.
red and blue, the lighting in that house made it looked like it was a dark purple but it wasn’t.
You can see the rubber bands very well in this picture.
You can see the rubber bands very well in this picture.
Finished project. :)
Finished project. 🙂

DIY: The Weird Backdrop

So my nana has officially started on our pumpkins and that’s not all!

I’ve decided to save the pumpkin post until the weekend. I’ve been interested in finding great backdrops for certain things to make the post stand out. I’ve seen so many people use blankets, table cloths, etc as their backdrop. Different fabrics do work amazing, but I’ve also seen quite a few people use other stuff to make whatever they may talk about in that actual post give it some texture, I’ve seen bloggers use marbles, flowers, and candles. Both ways are fantastic and bring out a very cozy feeling to the post. A few months ago, I started taking pictures of different objects and I noticed that I was very limited on backdrops. I did have this very cool and rocker chic fabric that our neighbor gave me one day earlier this year, but somehow I’ve manged to lose it. I can’t use my sheet because of the lighting and my phone. That’s why I’ve been showing you everything with a notebook behind it.

This was so easy to do and there’s a big chance that you have everything on hand already! I’ve done collages before, but I’ve actually never done one were I’ve left and loved it. When I was in high school, for my senior year I had to do a collage of pictures, I made two. I made one for me that ended up being ruined after we rolled it up. I made the other for my nana, it’s a full collage of Adam Lambert. She loved it! Still does! Both of those collages weren’t as “neat” as this one though, my inner OCD played a big part in this today, so everything had to match up together. In a nutshell, everything on this cardboard is everything I like. If I can find a music magazine sometime soon, I might actually do the back side too. I can’t wait to start using this for my book reviews and for other things in the future!

Recently, I found a blogger with a very unique way to make your own backdrop for photos. I’ve been keeping it very close to my heart and even showed it to my nana, she liked the idea and thought it would be interesting to make. Since she likes my blog anyway, she’ll be happy to do something for it. Luckily for the both of us, we had everything on hand that we would have needed for the actual project. Before I go into the directions of how we made it, I thought I’d include the link of the other blogger who originally made it and inspired me to do it for myself. Chroma Me Silly was the blogger I got the idea from and when I discovered on how easy it looked, I immediately wanted to do it. One day I actually told her that I wanted to do it on Twitter, so I hope I’ve made her proud on actually finishing it. Everything is mostly the same as hers, but I didn’t use fashion magazines. I was originally going to but I didn’t find anything that caught my eye to put on my cardboard. I bet you’re getting tired of me talking about the fact I got a Country Living magazine over the weekend and I don’t blame you, I’m so sorry! This magazine gave me two ideas, first the pumpkins, and then I saw the vintage phones…

What We Used: 

  • A large sheet of cardboard, I basically recycled the sheet that came with the neon pieces of paper that my sister got to decorated the back of our doors.
  • I used weird pictures (of course!) CL magazine had a section of “collections” and it was about vintage phones. I was regretting I didn’t buy a second copy, we used different pages of the magazine too, such as a side of lightly decorated bed and lastly half an arm of a Halloween section in the back.
  • When we finally established which sections was going to be used, my nana cut them out and took out the excess off. I was actually supposed to do this part but we kept talking while she was doing this and I guess we both forgot about it.
  • My nana has a big tub of glue, we used Elmer’s glue and she didn’t have a small paint brush to put it on the backs of the pictures, so my nana was smart and got creative herself and I used a normal size Q-Tip as my paint bush. It actually worked very well for me!
  • We glued the vintage phones on opposite sides for starters, then we finished with gluing the rest in the middle. I only coated the middle on the four sides of each one. I did that to make sure it stays there and if we need to, we can glue the sides down later. Somehow I manged not to get all over my toes.
  • Now the cardboard is still at my nana’s sitting up somewhere safe (hopefully!) drying up! Here is a picture of the final product!


Keep an eye for the next post this weekend! Enjoy your day or evening! ♥