As I’ve been loving talking about all female singers for the past five months, I think I should make a small change to my normal Tune Tuesday routine. Last year, I made up a my first theme! It was a worldwide music experience. I basically took all of my viewers on a little getaway using different music artists/bands and where they’re originally based as our destinations! I actually had tons of fun working on each post. At times, it felt a bit too much for me, but ultimately it was a fun experience!  I’m hoping I can get more people into it this time around. I only had three people share their favorites from their home countries. It was so much fun working with them and figuring what to add and getting their feedback after the post published. So I’m asking for everybody for suggestions again! I’ve got another long list of different places I’m interested in “visiting” this time around. You can leave me a comment at the end of this post. You can send me a message on my Facebook page or send me a tweet with your favorites!

I’ve added BRAZIL, SCOTLAND, EGYPT, SOUTH KOREA, and JAPAN to the new list! I’ve listed the places below and the artists/bands I focused on last year! Please don’t duplicate!

  1. Canada – Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado
  2. England – London Grammar, Laurel, Young Guns, Frank Turner, Paloma Faith, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, U2, Pythia, Cher Lloyd, Muse, Sugababes
  3. Ireland – Enya, Celtic Woman, Glen Hansard, Two Door Cinema Club
  4. Poland – GOORAL, Happysad, Doda, Edyta Bartosiewicz, Hey, Agniezka Chylinska, UnSun
  5. Russia – Revontulet
  6. The Netherlands – Don Diablo, Within Temptations, Delain, Epica
  7. Denmark – Medina, Oh Land, Amaranthe
  8. Finland – Tarja, Apocalyptica
  9. Sweden – Avatar, Anette Olzon, Pain, Hysterica
  10. Austraila – The Amity Affliction, Cody Simpson
  11. New Zealand – Saving Grace
  12. France – David Guetta, Eths
  13. Spain – Diabulus In Musica
  14. Italy – Lacuna Coil, Crysalys
  15. Germany – Charles Simmons, Casper, Coronatus, Eklipsie
  16. China – Chloe Wang
  17. South Africa – Seether
  18. USA – Linkin Park

The Aunts’ Collection Of Spoons.

Hello everybody and Happy Monday!

I hope everybody had a good weekend. I did! On Saturday, while my dad went on a bike ride I went to my grandparent’s house. I ate lunch and my nana and I had a lesson about computers and all that fun stuff! It’s a bit strange sometimes when we both teach each other things that we may not know yet. She’s been getting me more into making creations on Paint lately. I’ve been teaching her the rest. When we finished with that stuff, she fed me ice cream and after a half hour, we finally got started on figuring out her spoons. Well, they’re not exactly hers, more like Papaw’s aunts. Growing up, on my mom’s side of the family. My Papaw has four aunts that are kind of legendary. My nana thinks the spoons either belonged to Aunt Lula or Aunt Regina (Ra-gee-na) we don’t know which one at the moment.

I’ve honestly never seen these before. Anything that’s higher for me to see, then I hardly ever see it. One reason why I’m just now seeing them is because of the fact they were originally placed behind the kitchen door, collecting dust. So the weekend when my Aunt Laurie and her husband Mike came down, they were rearranging my nana’s office and she found the perfect place for them in her office. She had enough space for the shelf to hang and it’s actually pretty where it is now, because my nana has these small lit Christmas trees that she plugs into the wall and the different colored lights flicker against the spoons on the stand. It’s really cool! Well, the day I came over to help with her laundry, I took pictures around her house and I decided I wanted to write about them. The only problem we had been the fact we didn’t know where the spoons came from. We tried taking a couple off and reading what was written on them, but with the poor lighting in her office, you can’t do anything in there, especially read. No wonder when we used to have company my papaw would have his recliner moved into that room. It is the perfect room for napping.


This time around we took the stand and spoons into the kitchen, because we knew with both the light above and the light coming from the outside would be enough for us to see even the smallest of writing, but the trick was I had to figured how things were spelled. Some of the markings of the spoons were easy to figure out. Like the upper parts of the handles, those had very small but easily determined markings on it where you could figure out what the maker’s wanted everybody to know where they came from. There were two spoons that had easy handles, it was the whole point of making your brain work to figure it out. The first had a leaf and we were like, what the hell does the leaf mean? Once I looked at it, I thought it was pretty in the details and it did look familiar, but we couldn’t figure out until we read the inside of the actual spoon, were it said in plain writing “Canada” and it was like, “OH!” The leaf looked like the flag so I knew I knew the leaf somewhere. She actually three spoons like that! The other was the hardest of them all honestly. This one, had a beautiful decorated handle and inside of the spoon. A small picture of our first President, George Washington was at the top, while at the bottom had a small detailed markings of his hometown. It had something written at the very top that we never understood, but the bottom was my real problem no matter how many times we arranged it to get the light to reflect it so I could actually read what it said, at the last bit I finally found the comma and the letters “VA” standing for the state Virginia. That last second I finally got it, when she had it upside down (not kidding!) I read “Alexandria, VA” and it was best thing ever!

The others were very interesting, the one we had trouble making out that first day, had some sort of house on top of the handle. It wasn’t like any other house though, it was craved out of the left over space. Looked like a little hunt on top of the spoon. Nana said it might be from the Philippines or some other islands. Well, when she let me read the inside of the spoon, it said “Manila, Pha” on it. So she was right, after looking over the next one and the one after that, we were kind of hoping to find ones we had in our heads, she hoped we had a England spoon and I hoped we had a Poland spoon. We didn’t find either one, which was fine. The Aunts definitely liked traveling over to Canada considering we had like six or seven of them. Five of which were doubles of the same ones we already had. Along with the Philippines spoon, there was also an Italy spoon too. It didn’t have any clues on it that could’ve made us know what it was at the start, but it did have the colors of their flag on it thought. On the US side though, we had a Michigan, Kentucky, and Niagara Falls. It was interesting not to find an Indiana spoon in the lineup but Kentucky and Michigan spoons instead! There was one more spoon that unfortunately didn’t have any good markings on it, telling us where it was from but it had a nice round marble like at the top of the handle, it was white and blue swirls. We still don’t know what it is. I tried to get some good pictures of them. If anybody in your families has a collection like this, I suggest you take the time to go through it. My nana and I actually enjoyed it.

The Kentucky and Canadian spoons
The Kentucky and Canadian spoons
I wish the top came out better, we still don't know where this one is from
I wish the top came out better, we still don’t know where this one is from


Finding More Bloggers Like Me

That sounds so corny. Finding more bloggers like me, that to me sounds cheesy. I love meeting new people and talking to them. It all started in high school, mostly Junior year where I met our exchange student of the year and she was the best thing to ever have came into my life. She’s originally from Finland, and since she’s from the opposite side of the world it made everything kind of blossom. After meeting her and learning about her, I think I was jealous of her. After living in my shoes, you get jealous of anybody that isn’t you. I always imagined what her home life was about. She went back for my Senior year, but came back to the States for Christmas break because she missed us.

She changed my life. I have had Twitter for about three years now, not technically my original account and I’ve had more than just one account. I was an idiot and made more. Apparently I haven’t learned much. On there, I started talking to different people who were fans of different things. The first was The Vampire Diaries, and I made quite a few friends and still talk to a couple that had me on my original account after I deleted it. After I made the new one, the one I’m using now. I started following Linkin Park fans and man, they have a lot of fans that are from overseas. I’m not kidding, but that seriously made me happy. My farthest friend is from Indonesia and my closest is from my homestate just further up of me. They’re so cool to talk to but I have being so far away from some of them.

Tonight I made an account to find more bloggers. That excites me even more!! I have a few bloggers I talk to, but not a lot. I’m not complaining, because I enjoy reading their posts and following them on Twitter and Facebook. I got on my Facebook page earlier and saw one of my fellow blogger friends, said she saw herself on Well curious me got even more curious and asked her on Twitter if you had to pay to make an account. She told me no, so guess what I did? I made an account. I think this is like my 100th account (kidding!!) and so far I am only looking for personal blogs. For some odd reason everybody has a “Blogspot” blog. I don’t use that one anymore. Hopefully I’ll find some “WordPress” bloggers soon!

When I was looking at all these accounts of different bloggers I was amazed. I saw a lot of bloggers from overseas. I don’t know what it is about people overseas that amazes me so much. Knowing that there’s a person your age on the other side of Earth is freakjing cool! There’s my crazy side that just came out of me. Seeing all these people that you wouldn’t necessary think had Internet connection. When I was younger, I was watching TV of commericals of Child Fund and it would make me sad because it would broadcast people living in bad condtions. I thought the whole continent was like that. People never tell you when you’re younger that not everybody lives like that. So seeing people have blogs from places that you heard were “bad” places is fasnatating to me. Forgive me if I went overboard with that.