The Book & Cookies Tag


One day I realized it had been a long time since I read some blog posts of some of my favorite people, and as I scrolled through the long list I found a really fun and interesting tag about books and cookies. Marie had published this on her blog last month and I thought her answers really great and I just thought it would be a great first post of 2019!

I had to write out all of the questions on my note pad so that I could basically memorize most of them and think of the answers while lying in bed watching a really awful Rockets game! We’re not going to go there! I hope everybody enjoys this and if you decide to do it too, please let me know because I’d love to know what kind of books you picked for each cookie!

Chocolate Chip – A Classic Book That You Love Or Really Enjoyed

Unfortunately, I haven’t read a lot of Classics, even when I was in school, we rarely read anything which now is a bit of a bummer because I feel like I missed out on a lot of interesting books and lectures, but my teacher wasn’t the type to read the kind of classics I’d like to read nowadays.

However, when I was a junior I took a Novels class and we read three classics. The one I loved the most was Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It was the first book we read and it’s been the one to last the longest in my mind. I could understand Victor for the fact that he was seeking attention from his father and the love of his life, by doing something that was seemingly impossible and criminal to do. In 2016, I got to learn the origins of how Mary came up with this beloved Gothic story, and I think all that did was make me fall in love with the story even harder!

Thin Mints – A Fandom That You Really Want To “Join” and/or A Hyped Up Book You Want To Read

I’ve noticed that every book I read, I’m usually one year or in some cases 10 years after its original release and you miss everything that the rest of the speedy readers of the fandom have been able to enjoy. A part of me isn’t as upset about it, but since I have found my love for the Harry Potter, Red Queen, and To All Of The Boys I’ve Loved Before books, I feel like I’ve been left out again but instead of it being the other person’s fault. This one is all me. I feel like I am apart of their fandoms, I just don’t voice it out loud very often.

Now for the hyped up book though. I’ve tried my hardest to get into Paula Hawkins’s The Girl On The Train novel and I just cannot get into it. However, if I were to decide to say “screw it” and watch the movie without picking it up again, I would probably enjoy the movie because I have been loving suspense-thriller type of films lately! It’s really hard to explain why these two sections have different results, I’ve never been able to solve the mystery.

Shortbread – An Author You Can’t Get Enough Of

This is really difficult to answer because I’ve only read a handful of books with sequels. I know that’s not exactly the question, but I guess my favorite author is Olivia Cunning.

If you want a book that is in the exotica genre but not as “degrading” as Fifty Shades, I would suggest you check out Olivia Cunning’s books. She writes about rockstars! The series that I love the most is the Sinners On Tour and I’ve always been torn between Trey and Jace being my favorite male characters. I have a soft spot for the both of them! Olivia has been working on another series/band, called Exudes End and I have read one of the novellas and I didn’t like it as much but I want to give it another try as we get to see what’s happened with Trey and his ménage à trois with Reagan and Ethan.

Somoas – An Emotional Rollercoaster

This was the easiest one of the bunch, because it’s tie between The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and Me Before You by JoJo Moyes.

I find it a little odd, although it definitely didn’t surprise me that these would be the ones I’d chose because I bawled my eyes out for the both of them. Since they discussed real disability issues, it would have an effect on me but I didn’t know how bad until I got to the stuff I have, myself, have thought about, like leaving a legacy and contemplating suicide. I wish I could say, I didn’t cry as hard while watching the films as I did reading those heartbreaking senses, but I did and I’m not ashamed to admit that it got me twice!

Oreos – A Book Whose Cover Was Better Than The Story Or Vice Versa The Story Was Better Than The Cover

Unfortunately, I am the type of person that does judge a book by its cover. However, I am still very picky with the stories no matter what the cover looks like, because I’ve seen some gorgeous front covers but the stories were not my cup of tea, like Melissa de la Cruz’s The Ring And The Crown. I thought was cover for both editions were absolutely beautiful but the actual story was a nightmare. I never finished reading it because it was such a let down for me.

The only cover that I feel like was perfect to the theme was Nikki Sixx’s photography book called This Is Gonna Hurt. The cover is very dark and mysterious; it was exactly what I wanted to see for this type of book. He tends to like a lot of different oddities, and thinks the ugliest of things are the most beautiful of all. He was trying to give you a different perspective of things and I loved it!

Peanut Butter Patties – A Book That Wasn’t What You Expected

I think we all have our expectations of what a certain is going to be like, sometimes we’re right with our assumptions and other times we’re not. I’m always in the middle of the pack when it comes to thinking about where a book is going to go, but I do try to keep an open mind as much as possible!

I had decided to read Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher while the first season of the show was on Netflix. My sister had bought the book after she completed the series, which I thought was strange, so after she was through with it, I asked if I could have it next to see what all of the fuss was about and I had heard of what it dealt with and I was both curious and shocked by it. However, when I started reading it and learning about the significance of each character and what made Hannah Baker want to take her own life. I felt bad for both Hannah and Clay, he about broke my heart in half with his sweet personality, but I carried on because I wanted to know more, but once I was finished with the book I made the decision to not watch the series. The book was enough for me.

Snickerdoodles – A Book You May Never Stop Loving or Re-reading

Well, since I hardly ever re-read a book, I can’t answer the last bit, but I love a lot of books. I love my historical books–they’re my babies, but weirdly enough my beloved stories, would probably be counted as short stories or novellas? They are The Last Leaf by O Henry and The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I read both of them while I was in high school. They both have really interesting plots and I’ve never been able to forget them and I’ve been out of school for close to 10 years!

So what did you think of this tag? Have you read any of books I’ve shared with you today? Hope you all enjoy your first day of the new year too!   

Let’s Bake Some Cookies!



The cookie post has sort of became a tradition on accident. I don’t know why I decided to blog about it, one theory is because it was one of the first things I ever did on my own as far as decorating something food wise.

This year, I honestly wanted to keep the three posts a week and I started to fill up December a lot faster than I thought I would and my nana and I decided to wait a bit longer to do our annual Christmas cookies, plus we also made a variation of chocolate bark too! By the end of the month, I started running out of room quick so I apologize for the leftovers, I hope you don’t mind!

Technically, nana and I did make a few batches of chocolate chip cookies on Dec 16th, she wanted to get a head start without having to bake the actual sugar cookies. We always use the packaged cookies to bake and then we decorate as we go on, but with these since they were only divided up between the two of us, there was no decorating involved because who puts frosting on a chocolate chip cookie?! Ew!

My mom purchased these cute tins to store the cookies we made, somehow my mom got one in a different design. Ours is a fiesta while my nana got a beach-y theme equipped with palm trees decorated with Christmas tree lights all around! My nana is obsessed with the beach and anything with palm tree related so this worked out pretty well for her!


A few days after baking these, my nana slipped and fell one night and she was very sore and having some weird pains here and there. She kind of lost her spunk and we ended up only doing one chocolate bark instead of two, but my Aunt Laurie picked up where we left off because on Christmas Eve, when my mom and I got at the house she was in the kitchen baking the sugar cookies with nana! She also took pictures for me since I wasn’t there, I did get to help decorate the last bunch of cookies though so that made me happy!

I tried to put frosting on the cookies, but I was already feeling weird that morning so I just asked to put on the sprinkles. Laurie was the one who slapped on the vanilla frosting, I put on the pearls, and my mom put them into her tin as she was the one who wanted frosting on them in the first place! We had our own assembly line going on in the kitchen. It was fun!

I will be posting about the chocolate bark and how that went down later on this week! I also have my “What I Got For Christmas” coming next week, after that post I swear we’ll be moving on from the Christmas-y posts!

What is your favorite cookie at Christmastime? Sugar or chocolate chip? 


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Christmas Cookies


Hey guys!

Well, Christmas is over and it’s always sad, at least I thought it was sad that everytime you pump ourselves up for something and once it comes, it goes away as it never came at all.

My week leading up to Christmas wasn’t as exciting as I had expected it to be. There was a lot of bad energy around my family and a close family friend that it kind of brought everything to a halt. What was even more puzzling was that we were under a tornado watch on Wednesday. For us, having thunderstorms in November isn’t that bad, but this was odd even for us to hear thunder clashes outside the windows! I live in the Midwest and our “winter” is starting out like early autumn-like weather, having 55-60 degree temperatures and then on top of that the storms. What the crap?!?! However I don’t want to complain too much because I know how it’ll be from January to April!

Between our weather and family issues, my nana and I had to divide up doing our annual Christmas cookies in two days, they were supposed to be back-to-back but that didn’t happen! The week before I asked my blog friends what my nana and I could do about our sugar cookies. Last year, after we had baked them and everything, they got extreme hard and some of us had trouble chewing them. So thankfully I had some pretty good ladies giving us advice and instead of putting a timer on the oven we just kept an eye on them. However, the one time we go to do this of course, the dough doesn’t want to come out of the package for us. So we had roll them out in a ball and flatten, which at first made them look rustic and homemade and then they went into the oven and grew! Don’t believe me? Well, here ya go!


After we got like two packages cut and baked, my nana got pretty tired so we had to quit for the afternoon and I was okay with that. I came back on Christmas Eve and it was kind of weird in a way because I felt as though we were rushing! My mom had gotten us different food colors and sprinkles to decorate the cookies, I felt like a little kid. Since my nana decided to do our last DIY of the year by herself this was when my creative side decided to come out!

I’m the type of person who isn’t a big fan of frosting, and that goes with both cake and cookies! It’s just too much for me. My nana is the total opposite, she likes a lot of icing and she’ll literally pile it up on whatever she can, trust me! Sometimes she doesn’t even need cake or a cookie. You could clearly see a difference between each cookie on how much frosting was put on top of them! I also had to use my feet to work a spoon and butter knife to get the icing on top. Sometimes I just wish we didn’t have self-cautious people and I could just put my toes in it like finger paint (I did wash my feet before baking/decorating the cookies) it would be so much easier for me! I almost did it a couple of times I’m not going to lie! Once we had half of them finished and in the dish, I wanted a picture of them all stacked up together. Well, I guess my toes had frosting on the edges of them and I didn’t notice it quick enough and as I was taking the second picture the camera slipped right out of my toes into the pan making every cookie drop onto the floor… I almost started crying. I had to tell myself “it’s just spilled cookies. It’s just spilled cookies.” They were good though! We checked each one, don’t worry!


Thankfully by this time, my nana was finished eating her dinner because it was like 5:30pm, she took over the frosting part for me. I decided to do the sprinkles which to be perfectly honest is my favorite part. Now that you know I hate frosting, I like sprinkles more. It doesn’t bother me as much as the icing has in the past. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Anyways, the star sprinkles were a big hit this year! We used the whole bottle. They were super cute! Once we were finished completely the lid was placed on top of the pan and we sat in our wheelchairs waiting for my mom to come pick me up.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad of an experience. This whole month went by too fast, so by the time we realized Christmas was here we couldn’t fit everything in at once! It wasn’t a bust though I mean we could have just said “screw it, buy some Oreos!” Just because there were a couple of slip ups doesn’t mean you should give up entirely. That’s why I decided to take over the sprinkles because I didn’t want to give up. My nana’s back was already giving her problems I needed to do something besides sit there and talk my head off, but as papaw was saying as a joke when we were sitting in the kitchen, “do you two have anything to say” because that’s all we ever do is talk our heads off. We can’t help it though!


A Very Festive Day!


Sorry for the inconvenience, but there’s been some breaking news! It’s only been December for two weeks and I’ve spend more time on Twitter and YouTube making sure I don’t miss a single Vlogmas. Now that’s dedication right there! And now we get back to our regular scheduled post!

Hey guys! 😀

On Tuesday, I decided to get up earlier than anyone in our house and stay sitting up for about four hours just keeping to myself aka watching YouTube videos and listening to music on the lowest volume ever! I went over to my nana’s at 3pm, which in a way isn’t so strange but since the skies get dark so fast that it feels later than it is. My nana had been telling me a little bit of what she wanted to do while I was over, one of which was trim the tree. Normally we have family from up north put it up, but since things were cut short this Thanksgiving, she was going to have Blondie and Brandon put it up, but she basically gave up on them and asked me instead.

In our house, my parents do basically all of the trimming. Dad unfolds the branches of the topper and my mom, Blondie and I unfold the smaller ones. I always manage to prick my toes with the pines every single time. I don’t know why, but helping nana put up her tree and I mean, I did a lot of it with her I didn’t get as hurt as I usually do. We put the top branches up first because I thought we were going to be too short in our wheelchairs to put up the tinsel and lights so we did everything kind of backwards. My poor nana had to put the stand together, which thankfully wasn’t that hard and plug the two sections together and at one point we did have the angel up. I got to put her up. It’s been YEARS since I’ve put the angel up on a Christmas tree. When we were kids, we had to remember who put it up the year before, now dad just does and it saves us a lot of time and arguing. Just before we were to put the small branches into the little holes in the stand, she looked like she was going to fall off so nana just removed it. Once everything was shoved in, like literally! The tree was up but with no angel!

The next thing on our list were the lights of course! She had extra lights out on her front porch and somebody had brought them in and she decided to see if those would work, she knew one side lit up but the other didn’t so imagine this for a second. We had this long strand of lights dragging across the floor, I’ve got one end and she’s got the other to be plugged into the socket right? I don’t know why I continued to hold it in my toes but I did. She had to go into the kitchen to find an empty socket and I was trailing behind her on my end. I felt like the caboose of a freaking train! In the end, both sets of lights that she had only worked halfway. After that, we didn’t think it was best to do anything else since it’s always best to do lights, tinsel, ornaments, rug, and nativity scene around it at last. At least that’s how we’ve always done it!

It took us maybe an hour to get everything up. The next time I go over there I’m taking pictures of the empty tree and some of the ornaments that she has, as I can create another blog post out of them too! We figured out that we are indeed doing Christmas cookies again. This time not as many, but I’m slightly worried because last year the sugar cookies were so hard, like rocks to chew. Is there something we can do about this? We just get the premade cookies from the store, is there a better alternative then to making them by scratch? I also have an idea for our last DIY of the year, but like always I can’t tell you much about it! Because you know, I have family reading this post. I can’t spill the goods! My grandparent’s entire house is so festive, I think it’s as decorated at Zoella’s house, I mean that’s how good it looks!

When my parents came back after two hours, not only was it super dark but I forgot to tell you that my mom told me just before we went over that since it’ll be dark when they get back that she’ll take me out to see the Christmas lights in the park. I am almost in my mid-20s and I got a little too excited about it. When we dropped dad and the food off at the house, I was so excited that I was seriously flapping my feet together like a seal! Driving up to the park was even cool! Some of the houses had little displays and then there was one that had its entire yard covered with lights and aired up Santa Clause and snowmen. When we got into the grounds, I was happy but a bit shocked. There wasn’t a lot as much as a couple of years ago. There were bigger ones which made me awesome! This was like the Christmas markets I’ve been hearing and seeing on Facebook for the past two years! This was as close as I’m going to get to ever seeing one of those I think! I’m pretty my mom’s favorite was the Santa riding a Harley, the lights on the tires moving like it was moving really fast! Mine was the big arches over by the lake. While she was busy trying to take pictures (and not driving off the road!) we kept hearing the ducks outside the window.

Just before it ended, we came over a hill and there was an electrical tower but a tree was blocking it as you were coming over the hill and we both swear up and down that the bell on that tower looked like a bikini! As we got closer, it definitely looked like a festive bell but far away it looked like a high waist 50-60’s style bikini! When it was over and we were at the main road to go home, we got stopped at the longest light ever! So my mom thought she would see how her pictures turned out, most of them were bury but she got quite a few good ones that I had to edit a little, but I was keeping an eye out on the light and once I said “green” she looked over and grabbed the wheel and realized there was a cop on my side of the car. Oops! We didn’t get a ticket or anything, I don’t think he even noticed us!

Do you put up your Christmas tree? Do you go by what we do or do you do something different? 

DIY: Holiday Project 2014

1507148_656115491164704_6226756379600682951_nIt’s been a while since I’ve done a DIY post. If you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve missed me talking about what my nana and I have conjured up for the end of year project. It’s strange how it all started with my dad and I and then somehow I managed to switch him with my nana. He kind of enjoyed doing the crafts the first year we did it, but he’s a very hands-on type of person. He also freaks out a bit if he sees me struggling in any way, and we end up arguing about it for like five minutes.I think he’s perfectly fine that I get my nana involved with these projects, I hardly make his head spin anymore! You all should feel bad for my nana though! Because if I’m in my thinking mood. All hell could break loose in a matter a few seconds. Sometimes it can get difficult for me to explain my thoughts out loud. I stumble on my words while I’m thinking about what else we could do. If there was a way for me to do everything and not have to ask for help I think I might actually get to do everything on my own, but I don’t think it would be that much fun!

This idea came completely organic and I decided on it in about a day or so. When I get really cool ideas, sometimes you just gotta act on them! Most of my family will be coming down for Christmas and I’m so excited, but with that it also means the amount of gifts doubled. I’ve been thinking about candles, I’ve got a slight obsession with them recently. When my mom told me we were going to the mall the other week, I thought “well I wonder were I can find something that was cheap, but for a good amount of people.” I went on both Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle. They each had different kinds of sales, but since I don’t know much about lotion, body wash, and wax melts. Everything looked foreign to me. I’m not much of a girly girl. I had to keep in mind of some family members and their living arrangements. My mom explained what a wax melt was and she told that majority of everybody got Scentsy burners for Christmas last year. Our most common presents were blankets, socks and Scentsy burners. We are a weird bunch of people! So I decided to go with my original plan of getting candles, I went online and saw the prices of the tart wax melts and they were cheapest! So my mom and I went in there and got different scents: Cherries On Snow, Cherry Chutney, Merry Marshmallow, Lavender,  Vineyard. All were $1.99 each!

Things You Will Need:

  • Small Size Brown Paper Bags
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Scotch Tape
  • Holiday Colored Yarn
  • To and From Stickers

Since it was only the two of us. We kind of worked slow, but somehow we managed to get everything done in one day. Now that’s a Christmas miracle! She still had these brown paper bags from last Halloween/Thanksgiving or the one before that. I don’t remember but we never used them all so this entire project was inspired by that! We use small lunch brown paper bags as our packaging. If you’re read my last blog post about the cookies. You know that my nana and I made a LOT of cookies. She made the last two batches a couple of days after that. We have both sugar and chocolate chip cookies. We frosted and she put sprinkles on some of them as well! We decided on Tuesday that we’d just wrap a stack of cookies around in plastic wrap. My nana came up with the idea of after they’ve been wrapped in their little paper, that she’d put a small strip of tape around to secure it. And then added the new red yarn as a lively decoration to finish it!

That was her job to do! My job was getting each bag ready, placing a “to and from” sticker in the center of each one, and then I put whatever we selected for them in their bags. We actually did these for two different reasons. Instead of getting two presents (for each couple) we made them one gift bag. The men would get one thing and the women would get the other! Even though considering how many cookies we had left over, my dad might not eat the cookies that we stuffed in his bag! I originally had the idea of decorating each bag like we did on the mason jars last year, but I opt out of it because I love the plainness of a brown paper bag. If I could wrap my own presents, I’d only use this and a very sparkly blue colored wrapping paper! I know I’m weird. I really hope everybody has a great Christmas and hope my family enjoys their goody bags to take home! Next time my nana told me we’re getting to work on our holiday project in August! As much as I want to agree with her, I kind of like waiting til the last week. It gets my creative juices flowing!


The Christmas Cookie Monster Is Back!


On Tuesday, my nana and I tried to get two of our traditions off the ground.

I explained that my nana and I have been figuring out what we should do about our cookies. So I guess she couldn’t wait any longer, she messaged me on Twitter that morning and said she had fixed up one batch and we’d do the rest later. My parents had to go to Evansville, for some more Christmas shopping. When they got back my mom took me over and I stayed there for five hours. We didn’t exactly go right into fixing the rest of the cookies. I had to see her new laptop, figure out how to fix her phone but that never got fixed because even I don’t know how to do that and I did it a few months ago for mine. Anyways, after that I let her smell my candles I got over the weekend, and I “tried” to explain my thinking of how to do our gift bags for this year’s Christmas. I made out a list of couples and singles on paper to see who would get what. Surprisingly, everything that was crowding up my brain was unfolding and making me feel all better because I was getting it all on paper and explaining what we should do.

I’ll explain that a little bit later in the week. Complete with detailed instructions I promise. By the time I had finished with that stuff, my mom and sister were coming over to wrap presents. They know some of the details of the goodie bags, not much because I’d still like it to be a surprise to them. In the mist of figuring all this out though, my nana and I worked on probably six batches of cookies, I got to somewhat bake today. I got to arrange the cookies in the way that worked for her, don’t worry she washed my toes! After that, I admired them from a safe distance and watched them bake in the oven. My grandparents are so lucky to have that little window and light to see through and watch anything rise up as it cooks/bakes. I felt like a damn kid the whole day! Everytime the buzzer would go off, we’d switch baking sheets and put the new batch of freshly baked cookies into another pan to store for a bit so they could rest. We both realized today that I watch too many Food Network shows.

 My mom thought that since it had rained the night before and throughout the time they were gone, that we should take the push wheelchair along instead, so I don’t track mud through the house. I understand the point of that, but considering how I’ve been able to move around without sliding out of the seat and being in the way of my papaw while he’s in his chair, plus the fact I could’ve actually used an actual table than a chair as my work station. I thought it was a bit stupid. I ended up getting through about it and with less pain than I thought I would come home with, so that’s okay. Everything seemed to want to work with me and thankfully my patience was intact. I think I have finally figured out how to do frosting on cookies. I’ve always had a hard time getting the frosting from tub to cookie. I asked my nana if I could have another spoon, I wanted to try another trick I learned from Giada, Ina, and Ree. She found an offset spatula, it was a small one too. So I used my right foot to take the excess off the spoon. I wish we had gotten a picture of it while my mom and sister were there. They saw me do it, so that’s good enough for me.

When we got home. The first thing my dad asked was where were the cookies. I think we made the mistake of making the cookies so early in the week before as now I’m worried that since they’ll be part of the bags that they’ll be stale. My nana mentioned she was making the last batch the day after, which I was hoping she’d wait until early this week in case those batches did taste a bit stale. Oh, and I changed my username on my Twitter for the holidays. Majority of my Twitter/blogger followers have added a Christmas theme to their names. Some have actually worked well for their names, but I knew nothing would work with my name. Until one suggested “Sugarplum.” So you can all call me “Meghan Sugarplum” for the time being. Okay, time for the pictures of the cookies! This is the part you all came for I’m sure!

This was something that took us three tries to get. At the last minute I had my nana take it for me because I was to far away to get a good picture of the cookies inside.
This was something that took us three tries to get. At the last minute I had my nana take it for me because I was to far away to get a good picture of the cookies inside.
The cookies just coming out of the oven.
The cookies just coming out of the oven.
This was taken just because the last batch of cookies we made.
This was taken just because the last batch of cookies we made. Nana got confused on one of the packages, because my mom got her a package of chocolate chip cookies. So when my nana went to cut into the wrapping, she didn’t know what it was until the last minute. She managed to stop herself twice in the middle of this. We ended up getting two or three chocolate chip cookies. I ate one of these by the way!
We used store bought icing, it was REALLY soft. Got it all over my toes! We used food coloring to decorate the cookies. A few pastels colors, totally not Christmas-y, but it's okay! We had about seven of these small plastic bowls of different colors, we had two different shades of green. Also, a peach and brightly yellow colors too!
We used store-bought icing, it was REALLY soft. Got it all over my toes! We used food coloring to decorate the cookies. A few pastels colors, totally not Christmas-y, but it’s okay! We had about seven of these small plastic bowls of different colors, we had two different shades of green. Also, a peach and brightly yellow colors too!

My Own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree


You might remember a couple of years ago, my mom bought me this nice little purple Christmas tree because I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit, kind of like this year. I don’t remember if I had asked for her to go look for one if she went out and did my nana’s errands or what, but while I was at work she and my dad went out Christmas shopping and found this little tree by accident and my mom had to buy it for me. I was so glad that she did because I think it bring my spirits up a bit. It was nice and shiny, came with white lights too! After the holidays were over, while we put away our bigger tree in the living room. I didn’t necessarily want this little guy stuffed inside a cold box for the whole year. So we kept him out and put him on top of one of my stereo speakers. I never used him last year for some odd reason, but recently I got this black and skull garland for my birthday from our neighbors. My dad had placed it around my tree and thus got me in the mood to decorate it more!

I talked to my mom about what we could do with it. I went online and tried to search for smaller ornaments, but there wasn’t anything that came in a set and majority of them I did find were expensive! So that basically crushed my dreams a little, but of course! Leave it to my mom to find small ornaments while she was on her lunch break at work. They are sliver ornaments-shatter proof! We tried to wrap the skull garland around the tree, but unfortunately it’s too long and I was too afraid that the paper skulls were get too hot around the lights and start a fire in my room! Right now it’s just the ornaments on it, but I think it looks pretty cute! The only bad part about the ornaments though was they didn’t come with hooks, so I couldn’t place them directly on the tree but since Blondie was home for the night, she and my mom put the ends of the stems through the holes of the ornaments, which we quickly figured out that those aren’t shatter proof. My sister kind of had a bit too much fun though because she put one right on top, where you’d place the angel on a normal tree. My mom has been calling it “Cyclops” ever since. Now he’s got himself a name too!

My friend Sara from Bloo ‘n” Stuff blogged about what her tree and room looked like for Christmas. She gave me an idea to kind of decorate my tree a little bit more. She used beads as garland to wrap around it. It dawned on me that, that’s what my cousin Kristi did to my nana’s tree too! Duh! I’ve got a lot of different bead necklaces that I can place on it that I still have from Plummer. My mom has majority of them in her car up on her mirror. I might’ve found a way to get those back finally! My sister has to get through this week before she can come home for Christmas break. We still gotta go Christmas shopping! My nana and I are getting a little too excited about making Christmas cookies soon! She showed me today that my mom got her two rolls of sugar cookies and then another roll of chocolate chip. Dear lord.

I think it’s just best if we don’t make anything special like a Christmas DIY project like we did last year. It’s kind of difficult to do those types of things when you can’t get things easily. So our thing for this year will probably be the cookies and that’s all. She’s probably do money IOU’s like she’s done in the past. My mom is planning on taking us both out and about around our town, but we want to wait until Blondie’s out of school/work too. It’s all a big waiting game and usually I’m pretty good about the waiting in general. Today, like Saturday I went over to my nana’s and we looked at old pictures and today, I read some articles from a magazine out loud to she and my papaw. I also got to put on both the 7th and 9th days on her Christmas tree. She got this Advent Calendar through the mail, it’s really cute. It is a plain Christmas tree that you only decorate with the dated different ornaments. She put up today’s early this morning and I put up tomorrow sticker. I really liked doing it too! It’s really fun now knowing the significance about it. My friend Stephanie from The Loudmouth Lifestyle blog said it’s a thing that helps you remember to do something fun every day and countdown days until Christmas. My friend Ania said she has one that allows her to have one piece of chocolate every day. I think that one is just cruel! My nana and I both know we’d never get through that one!

My nana's Advent Calendar hanging up on her fridge. This picture was taken on Saturday (6th)
My nana’s Advent Calendar hanging up on her fridge. This picture was taken on Saturday (6th)
As my sister was down last night, our cats were brought inside. When I got down on the floor, both Stormy and Grumpy went on my bed.
As my sister was down last night, our cats were brought inside. When I got down on the floor, both Stormy and Grumpy went on my bed.
Things would have been fine if Bear Bear hadn't gone up there too. Thankfully, Midget was nice enough to stay on the floor with me.
Things would have been fine if Bear-Bear hadn’t gone up there too. Thankfully, Midget was nice enough to stay on the floor with me.