A Little Blogger Confession



In last week’s post of how I’ve about being a blogger for a six years, I actually did something that I hadn’t done yet, well until now of course! I was a part of a blog chat like two months ago, I don’t really remember the topic of it but I do remember a certain question that was asked by the hostess. The question was something like this:

“What have you done to get the perfect picture?

When this question was asked I hadn’t done a lot of crazy things that I saw a couple of other bloggers talking about like one person said that they like to take pictures in their aunt’s bathroom because it had the best lighting in the whole house and then another blogger said they’ve climbed a tree to get the perfect shot. I was laughing and amazed all at the same time by what these people were doing just to get a good shot of something for their blog. However, I’m not laughing anymore because if that question ever comes up again, I’m telling this story. It will be six tweets long but it’ll be worth it I’m sure!

The other day I was scooting on the floor, I had went towards the back door and as I looked out I saw little Otis sitting on one of the posts. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen!! He managed to pick the post that had a towel on it so he had a padded seat. I thought my mom needed to see this so I had her come over to the door but she thought I wanted to go outside so she opened the door to let me out, she went back to grab my camera from my bag because I technically didn’t want to go out there. She put it on the porch and they immediately flocked to it like it was a treat or something. I started taking a picture of each one (or tried to). By this time Otis was off the post and cleaning himself with his siblings. So I had to take everybody’s pictures at my level which is fine with me!

Here’s my confession though. I’m still learning how to work my little camera. If you are all curious, I use a regular camera. It’s not a DSLR like most bloggers tend to use my little P&S (means point and shoot, thanks to Jenn!) digital camera. It works just the same, if not better for me because I feel the others would be too heavy for my feet as far as both holding/balancing it and figuring out how to push the button to take an actual picture. Here are my three ways to take pictures:

  • I like to keep it on the ground to one level, it creates an interesting effect I think! Like close to far away!
  • If I want to get something that is higher up, I lean it back and shoot it that way
  • I balance it on my right foot either in the middle or side of it. I always use my big toe from my left foot to press the button.

When I was out this time though, like I said Otis was sitting up on the post and then he jumped off. Well, when I thought I was done taking pictures of everybody he decided to jump back up there when I wasn’t looking and I was a little too excited and then I thought, “How am I going to get this shot?” Because I have memories trying to get Bear Bear while he was sitting in the fold out chair but because the chair was located on the side instead of in front of me like this situation was, it wasn’t going to be that bad. I was determined to get this by myself! Second confession: I haven’t had the best time at balancing in the last month or so! I’ve almost fallen off my bed and even while I sit on the floor a couple of dozen times. My left side is becoming my worst enemy! Anyways I decided to use the door to keep myself from falling over completely. I was basically sitting on only one butt cheek the whole time. It took me three tries but I finally got it!