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When I was younger I had REALLY long hair, like I used to scoot on the floor and whenever I’d back up and I would pull on my own hair! At the time, I loved it and so did everybody else. I might be going out on a limb here and saying I only kept it was because of the compliments I’d get from the people I was around, whether it was teachers or family members, everybody was in love with my hair! And apparently I liked the attention…

In 2002, we were told that I was going to have my back surgeries to correct my scoliosis, but first I would need to have a metal halo put on me. They would screw this metallic half circular thing onto my head and eventually they’d take it off during the last hours of the third. The day we got it cut off was a spur of the moment kind of thing. We were shopping somewhere and we talked them into just braiding it one last time before doing it at a certain point. We actually cut it pretty short, I think I came home with a bob, that’s how short we got it.

I was crying the whole time!

I absolutely hated my hair that short! Honestly, I’ve never liked my hair short. I think I just kept trimming it that way because it was the easy way to take care of it. You don’t have to wash it as many times as with having long hair, despite the fact you can’t have a long braid down your back, everything about it is better.

So why the hell did I decide to grow it out again?

I don’t know, I really don’t. Maybe a part of me missed it. I mean, let’s be honest I was like the brunette Rapunzel here!

When I went to the Five Finger Death Punch concert with my friend Brittany in May 2016, I loved my hair at that length. I looked like myself and most important I thought I looked beautiful. I didn’t look like a boy, nor did I feel like it was too much to have hang down. I figured it was my comfort zone since I’m not a big fan of  spike-y hair on me. I know, shocker! I’ve had my hair spiked too many times during my teenage years that once I turned 21, I no longer wanted it like that anymore.

When Blondie and Brandon picked a date for their wedding, I told everybody that I’d get my hair cut in August. I wanted to give myself one last braid before I went and cut it all off again. One thing I didn’t count on was since I’ve been out of school, I’m not really around a lot of people and I honestly don’t post a lot of pictures of myself online anymore so when everybody saw the length of my hair, friends, family and everybody else was an awe of how long it was and it did make me feel good, but when you are in so much pain in your neck because of the weight your hair was giving off, you know it all needs to come down soon!

Since I went to the nursing home while mom was busy recovering at the hospital, she asked if I wanted to have the salon lady Debi cut it for me. Truth be told, I was actually going to suggest the same thing but figured I’d be told no. So, two days after being there, I woke up that Thursday morning a bit giddy as I knew I was going to get it done one way or another. I already had a plan of how much I was removing but I don’t think Debi or my nana were expecting so much, and since she was a bit hesitant beforehand I started to second guess myself a bit but we ultimately agreed on the same length and if I wanted it shorter then we can go shorter.

We went to the edge of my neck. So it isn’t necessarily a bob or shoulder length either. However, since my neck does drip over into the right side it is longer than the other but that can’t be fixed by her. That’s just my anatomy! She did cut my bangs, but I think I probably should have left them alone or just trimmed them so far and then stopped. One thing that I didn’t think through was that I got it done before lunch so I didn’t know of the troubles I was to have while eating my meal an hour afterwards. The way I eat is that I bend over and reach with my tongue and month and everytime I tried to take a bite my whole left side of my hair kept going into my plate. It’s not fun to eat your own hair. We ended up having one of the CNAs put half of my hair up to hopefully make eating better for me! It worked, but now that I’m home I use a headband.

One funny thing I wanted to share before I end this post was the fact that my dad was the last one to know I got my hair cut. Since mom and nana knew about it from the beginning and Debi had tagged a picture of it with nana in the background to my mom on Facebook so she saw it while at the hospital. Blondie and Brandon only knew about it because I went to stay with them the following weekend. So dad was literally the last to know about it and his reaction was priceless! He was actually speechless, later he did find the words to say that he liked it. So far he hasn’t said anything about the bangs but they’ll grow out!

Here is a before and after into seeing how much hair I actually got rid of last month! There are a few people I’ve talked to, that have said I can still get my hair braided, it just might be only french braid or dutch braid maybe. Right now I’m going to relish in not having it up in a ponytail all the time for the time being!

Have you ever cut your hair so short that you actually regretted it? What is your comfortable length? Short, medium, or long?


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Live | P.O.D. & Shinedown!


Hey guys!

So a couple of weeks ago I was given the biggest surprise ever!! As you can tell from the picture above, it was concert, but I’m going to tell you how my mom, my friend Brittany and every other family member and close friends manage to pull this off!

It was probably the end of February when it was announced that P.O.D., Shinedown, and Five Finger Death Punch were coming to Evansville again. The last time 5FDP was there was in 2012. I remember my mom telling me at the beginning of the month to save up my money, but towards the end she told me that we wouldn’t be able to go. At that time, I had already prepared myself for it and I just accepted it for what it was, but it must’ve been the same day that she began talking to Brittany, a very close family friend, she decided to share that let down. A little fun fact for you, when I was looking for someone to walk me through Grand March for my senior year on Facebook (and yes, I asked for someone on FB)  she offered to take me. She spent the whole night with me and gave my mom a night off in a way. Anyways, these two decided to conspire behind my back. Brittany bought the tickets for this concert and almost everybody knew it but me!

Fast forward to the last weekend of April, my mom had told me that we might go shopping on that Tuesday, which was the day of the concert. I only knew that because I kept seeing the advertisements pop up on my Facebook ever since it was announced! I was excited to go shopping, mostly for the fact I could finally have Chinese food! That day, I woke up around 10am, all of us messed up our sleep patterns so after my mom got up and feed me breakfast and then she told me to take a nap. I had already been awake for two hours and she wanted me to go back to sleep? I did but I thought it was strange to ask that. I got up again around 2pm and my mom got me dressed. I wore my gray hoodie with my tribal skull in the front with my black and red tribal leggings.


Now you’re probably wondering why I’m sitting in this wheelchair. Well, for starters this isn’t even mine! This was my papaw’s and considering he never went fast in it, the left wheel rattles like crazy and it doesn’t have a seat belt! This is my dad’s idea. My electric wheelchair had six bars on the controller after charging all night and the next morning but my mom didn’t think it would hold up “while we walked through the mall…” I still think it would have in both places but that’s my opinion! I also had to sit on a towel off and on throughout the evening. It was not the most comfortable chair but then again I have yet to find the best seat for my butt!

Once we got to Evansville, we took a different turn than we usually do and had lunch at Steak n Shake which is one of my favorites! I literally have cravings of their cheese fries and that’s what I had, a small dish of cheesy fries and Oreo mint shake! It was while we were sitting waiting for our order that everything sort of got weird.

The night before, I looked up different dresses and rompers on the Forever 21 website for another family friend’s wedding. I was on Facebook talking to Brittany about them and how excited I was to go out the next day. We had a nice little chat. So to see her pop into Steak n Shake was very strange. I literally turned over at my mom and said, “I just talked to her last night!” She joined our table and ordered her stuff. The woman didn’t even need a menu! Next time I have to remember you can get the shakes without whipped cream and a cherry! Anyways, all four of us sat, ate and talked a bit. I didn’t do much talking though, I never really do!

After a little bit, once I started to slow down eating and gulping down the yummy shake, my mom gives her phone to my dad on which I thought she was going to ask for a selfie and then Brittany goes for it. I wish I could share the video but I can’t unfortunately! She first surprised me with a new SD card which I was like, “awwww” but I was also really confused too then she said “I figured you might need that for tonight” and showed me the tickets and my mouth dropped! I couldn’t scream so my initial reaction was to cry and after 25 minutes everything started to register in my head that I wasn’t going shopping afterwards and instead I was going to see P.O.D., Shinedown, and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH later that night!

They had been planning this for a while and the fact that nobody told me was a miracle. Especially since my neighbor Sammy almost texted me the night before but my dad apparently got mad at her and talked her out of it.

If anybody doesn’t know, this was my first rock/metal concert in an arena. It was also the first time I’ve ever went out to downtown Evansville too. It was a day of firsts I think! The Ford Center is HUGE! Seeing all of these people in their Shinedown and 5FDP shirts was intoxicating! I told Brittany as we walked around these are my people! I felt weird though, I have like 4 death punch shirts in my closet and I didn’t wear one. I wasn’t the only skull wearing person there so I was okay! After getting through the doors, we went upstairs and went to the bathroom and waited in line to purchase a tour shirt. I’ll wear it soon and do another outfit of the day post!

We had some good seats, like better ones than I thought. I’m always afraid of the seat part because the rails that are used to protect or whatever can be too tall and that’s sort of scared me! I’ve read and seen a lot of pictures of other wheelchair users have these issues so that’s my reason! Anyways, we missed the intro of P.O.D. because we were still in line getting the shirt. So technically I did go shopping! Afterwards, we went back to our seats and seeing everybody in their seats was a bit overwhelming. I thought I could live with watching the crowd on YouTube but watching them below was pretty cool. I was very glad I wasn’t down there though! Brittany was the one who took the pictures for me, which I was very happy about because I’d probably worried I’d drop the camera on somebody!

For the most part, watching P.O.D. and Shinedown was pretty good. I knew more songs from Shinedown and I did headbang, not as aggressively because like I said above, I didn’t have a seat belt and we were afraid I’d fall out of my wheelchair! When Brent Smith of Shinedown asked the crowd if this was their first Shinedown concert, my right foot shot up into the air! It was very weird being a part of the crowd. I danced, headbang, and sung along with everybody. I kind of forgot about everything that had happened, my paranoia, etc. I just allowed myself to feel that moment. It was great!

Next week, you’ll get the next installment of my reaction of Five Finger Death Punch’s performance! Enjoy the pictures below!

Have you ever seen P.O.D. and/or Shinedown in concert? What are your favorite songs by each band? My favorite was “Boom” and “Youth Of The Nation” for P.O.D. and “Diamond Eyes,” “Enemies,” and “Cut The Cord” by Shinedown.



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Music | Best Of 2015


Hey guys!

It’s Tuesday, which is normally one of my music days of the week! 2015 was full of a lot of music for me. I always feel like I consume a lot of music but I definitely feel it all more starting like the 26th of December. I start to really think about the songs and artists I’ve listened to in the year. After getting out of the rock scene and transitioning into my mini pop phase I tend to go into after every five years is up. I’m not kidding, it happens everytime I get out of a genre. I was hooked to One Direction for seven months before the end of January came and then I found my next phase: EDM.

In my previous music related posts, I’ve explained that I’ve always been into dance music. I liked trance growing up and then dubstep after Blondie suggested I listened to Skrillex in 2011. Now I’ve been really committed to learning more genres in the electric dance world like moombahton and trap music, but it seems like I’ll be going at this a slow pace as those are the only two that I’ve really enjoyed lately. I still don’t like a lot of house music, it’s too boring for me! I started off my year listening to Dillon Francis, Alesso, Krewella, Yellow Claw, Jack Ü (which gave way to Diplo), Major Lazer, and Flosstradamus. In all honestly, there was more but this is all I could think of at the moment.

What’s really funny is that I thought I’d only listen to EDM for only a short time, maybe a few months as I was only listening to find a song that was basically fading from my memory. That came back to bite me in the butt, as I couldn’t tear myself away from anything Diplo – I didn’t know he produced Madonna’s album when I first heard it. It was already on my radar before that started so lay off me! When I first heard “Living For Love” I was actually listening to Prince’s single “This Could B Us” and because I am my mother’s daughter I ended up liking both of them at the same time.  I didn’t think I’d ever fall in love with a Madonna album as much as I have with “Rebel Heart” and I’m still trying to convert my mom but she has decided to take this time to listen to more rock music as I’m not as interested with it right now.

Whenever I get into a different music scene, I tend to want to everything and almost anything in that scene. I mean, the skull obsession I have is definitely from listening to too much heavy metal on full blast! However, I’m not into the crazy lifestyle of ravers. I’d rather go rock concerts any day and I find this shocking because I love a lot of bass but I don’t ever want to go to an EDM festival. The ones I’ve managed to find on YouTube is good enough for me! My neck and hips have been hurting me like they would if I sat in my chair with a bunch of crazies, at least this way I don’t have to worry about running over anybody’s feet in the process!

I tried to count all of the albums and EPs that I’ve listened to this year and I think it was like 32 altogether! After I got down counting them I thought to myself and went “no wonder my brain feels like it’s about to explode!” I listened to more EPs than I had thought I would. When they switched days of new releases to Friday, I’ve had to be a little bit more patient as I really liked it better when everything came out on a Tuesday. It was the day after Monday (we all hate Mondays!) and it just made me happy to be able to have new music to hear all week long. Now that it switched to Friday, I saw the positive in the fact that Friday’s are considered “paydays” but I don’t like the wait clearly.

My favorite EPs were:

“Holy Water” by Laurel
“Mine” by Phoebe Ryan
“Francesco Yates” by Francesco Yates
“This Mixtape Is Fire” by Dillon Francis
“Up In Flames” by Ruelle.

As far as favorite albums go:

“Run” by Alison Wonderland
“Skrillex and Diplo Presents Jack Ü” by Jack Ü
“Into The Sun” by Bassnectar
“Peace Is The Mission” by Major Lazer
“Take It Like A Man” by Butcher Babies
“Revival” by Selena Gomez
“Club Life Vol. 4” by Tiesto
“Chapter One” by Ella Henderson
“General Admission” by Machine Gun Kelly
“Get Weird” by Little Mix
“Malviolence” by New Years Day
“Stereotypes” by Black Violin

I did a lot of different reviews this year that I’ve been very proud of lately! If you would like to read any of those, they have their own page on here! Just click “Reviews” under the “Music” tab at top! I’m hoping to continue to do more of those in 2016 and I’m slowly getting arrangements to do my annual summer travels for helping you to discover new music that you may not have heard before. I have a two pages of my daily planner of countries and artists/bands to focus on! I’m actually excited about it! Of course, those will start up in May 2016!

What did you listen to in 2015? What genre were you just stuck on? What album was your favorite?

A Rare Day With A Movie

09fd0b952bd236b2e64c466404556eeaI like how I was just talking about how my mom shortened our movie package recently and DISH decided to give us a free movie weekend. Of course, not everybody was as happy as I was. On Friday, I discovered that DISH had decided to take off two of our local channels. According to my parents, it’s playoff season so my dad is kind of freaking out at the moment. Since I don’t watch football or any other sport events unless I’m at my grandparents house. I was very excited for the additional choices on my guide. It’s the little things in life that make you happy.

Normally, you have to hold me down to get me to watch a movie all the way through. I honestly hate to take off days from blogging and social media. I could just listen to music 24/7 and that wouldn’t bother me one bit. I do love my movies though. I’m usually the type that finds a movie and records it (Mom was right, the DVR would become my best friend!) I’m an action and comedy type. I can watch drama and chick flicks but I’m not obsessed with them as I used to. I’ve already watched Divergent and I’ve got The Other Woman on my DVR.

I love movie trailers. They are the sneak peaks of movies that you should/want to see once it comes out. I always say I’ll watch it once it comes out on DVD, but of course I tend to forget about them too. Well, Philomena was one of these movies. I loved the trailer for it and I remembered when Judi won an award for her role as the main character. The movie came out in 2013. It’s now 2015 people! Apparently I still have quite a few movies that I still need to see! I was super happy to find it on Showtime. I had originally wanted to record it, but I also wanted to lay down on my bed for a bit too. I wouldn’t have to wait long either since it has started at 3:30pm. I shut off everything and decided to spent an hour watching the film. It was one of the rare days, I had even watched an hour Ellie Goulding concert on YouTube two hours earlier. I must be getting sick or something!

I feel like my nana, she hardly listens to any “new” music if we give her anything to listen to. I feel as though I’m that way with movies now. I feel like I’ve seen almost every storyline and concept that I’m tired of the repeated process. In other words, I’ve become quite a critic lately. It is extremely rare for me to find a movie trailer that I say “I want to see that movie” and after I’ve actually seen it go, “I loved it!” Well, this is exactly how this one went for me. I’ve never heard or read the story of Philomena Lee and the search of her long-lost son. I hadn’t been in 30 minutes before I started bawling my eyes out. It was a good cry though. Besides all the crying, I did get a good laugh and it did have great messages as far as having faith and hope. It was a heartwarming story of friendship, but also kind of bittersweet towards the end of the film too. I definitely recommend to anyone that is looking a movie to watch, but bring tissues! Lots of them!

Money Doesn’t Last, But Memories Do

win the lottery and share it with my loved ones!!

How many of you have always wished to have a million dollars and then started listing off different things you would do with that amount of money you’d receive after the government takes out the taxes of it. Some would say give it to charity, others say move into a bigger house and have cooler cars. Everybody’s got their own wishes. My Papaw is always playing the lottery every week. He never misses it. Every Wednesday and Saturday, we know that sometime he’ll be calling in the mornings wanting for somebody to get his tickets and figure out if it’s the lucky ticket or not. In my family, we all have different things we want. I asked a two-part question on both my Facebook and Twitter and I got some responses, I know my Papaw wants to go back to Hawaii. My nana wants to go to San Diego and see the beach. My mom also wants to go to Hawaii too. Out of all of the responses I got from my Facebook and Twitter, nobody could have topped my Uncle David’s reply. He said he wanted to go anywhere that has a Pizza Hut. Technically I shouldn’t had wanted anything better than this kind of response because it defines my Uncle as he nicknamed the “Pizzaman” in our family. My blogger friends Aftab and Ella said they wanted to go to Bora Bora and New Zealand.

My nana and I were actually discussing about this, about what we would do if it ever happened. Honestly, I don’t want to win the lottery, because to me, it doesn’t matter how many things you get or go with the money, I don’t think you’ll ever be happy. Money doesn’t last forever, one way or another you’ll run out whether if you’re greedy and spending it all or being generous and giving it away. We were discussing about the one thing that we’d go to do it with the money and I indulged in the wish for a moment. Where would I go? I know I’ve done a bunch of posts about the travels on my bucket list, but if I could just go to one place, where would I go? It’s honestly a tough choice to make when everybody wants to travel the whole world, but when you think about distance and a place were you’d truly love and be able to enjoy yourself. I kind of had to separate this out a bit from being in the US and internationally. So to start off, I’d always wanted to be  food tourist. I’ve watched too many shows and read too many blog posts to ignore myself from wanting to go to a place and just tour the different restaurants and bakeries. The first place I’d go to in the US is Portland, OR. I’ve just heard so many things about how the chefs there being really unique with their dishes but being able to stand out amongst the rest is difficult, that I’d like to just enjoy the different eats and then of course blog about it afterwards. Now internationally, my heart wants to go to Poland. Mostly to see my friend Ania but I want to learn all I can about her country too. If I couldn’t go there, I’d go to Ireland as my second best.

As I’ve mentioned, there was a second part we discussed. My nana and I are in wheelchairs. She has told me about this fan of Adam Lambert, basically paying out the wazoo for him to play a small concert for her and family and friends. So she’s always told me that if they ever won the lottery that she’d want somebody to do that for her and get Adam Lambert to play for her, but without all of the people in front of her and the screams of the crowd. So that leads into my next part. If you had a million dollars, and you could have a concert all to yourself or a normal gig with a big crowd, who would you chose? It can be alive or dead too. My friends Ania chose Queen but with only Freddie Mercury. Mandy had said she wants Stone Temple Pilots but only with Scott Weiland back as lead vocalist. I really liked my mom’s response as I figured she’d choose Prince, but she wants old Prince. Whether that means Prince & The Revolution? I have no idea. Honestly, if she ever got that I’d probably go with her. When my nana asked for my answer I actually took some time to think about it, because I love a lot of international bands. A lot of them never come close to me. So of course, I was thinking of distance. It wasn’t about which group was the furthest, but which one I love the most and who would put on a breath-taking show. My answer was clear, it would be Within Temptation. I’ve seen their live shows on YouTube and I get so memorized by the whole performance. The flames of pyro and the love you feel between the audience and members of the band. It just seems like a great choice!

So now it’s your turn, if you could choice any place and if you had the money to pay for it – where would you go? Plus, if you could see anybody live (alive or dead) who would you chose? 


Rock Show At Plummer River Rally

“Little girl, there you are.
All the lighters looking just like stars.
Sing along, feel the sound.
Take a ride on the hands of the crowd.
Here it comes, the moment when you know you’ll never be the same again.
Power chord, see the light.
You found your place in the world tonight.

At the rock show.
You’ll be right in the front row.
Heart and soul, they both know.
It’s where we gotta be.
Yeah, at the rock show.
Getting high on the solo.
So what if it’s crazy.
That’s gonna be me.” – Halestorm

If you heard my first post and found out that I totally skipped out on talking about the awesome concerts at the rally, I didn’t. I wanted to do something separate because for both nights I kept having one song playing through my head because well, it was fitting to how everything was working out for us as far as getting a good seat to watch everything happen on stage. Friday’s festivities included watching a band called 100 Proof, that played from 6:30 to 8pm. We got to their set late because I was still enjoying it though because it was good music, even though I was having trouble getting my eyes away from the awesome looking guitars. I have a weakness for guitars and I didn’t know I did until I started watching them. When we got up there, my friend Sammy asked me if I wanted to go up by the stage, I didn’t hesitate I nodded my head “yes” and she guided up there to the stage and I began to feel at one with the music. It was weird to be that close and feel your chest like it’s about to cave in and my wheelchair was slightly moving with strum of the guitars and bump of the drums. It was heaven.

Sammy stayed on my left, her boyfriend stayed behind her, my mom was behind me, and Mama was on my right side. I had my own little security guards around and trust me, I began to be thankful of this act of kindness later on in the night. I’ll explain that later. There was this nice lady that I think her name was Missy that was so sweet to me that she actually talked to me and my mom and asked questions about my disability. Surprisingly, not a lot of people really asked questions about my arms and/or feet, not to me at least. After the band finished the singer was out throwing beads to the women in the crowd. This lady Missy got the singer to not only throw the beads in his hands to her but also managed to talk him into getting a picture with me too. When he got off stage, he took a picture with me and even gave me a guitar pick and when my mom put the pick in between my toes he looked at me and said I should learn how to play guitar with it. After he left, my mom tried to take the pick and put it on my pinky finger because it had a small hole in the middle of it but it was too small for my finger. Which was interesting because it’s usually the opposite.



At 8pm, we had ourselves a good ole time. Mama and Sammy were talking about when we were discussing about the bands that were performing that night, that we should check out Bag Lady Sue. My mom and I thought it was a band and then I thought it was a weird name, but then after the first concert was over with, it was time for Bag Lady Sue and oh my god! I don’t know I’ve ever been so happy that both of my folks were behind me and not in front of me or besides me because her act was very prerogative, but nevertheless absolutely hilarious. I told my friend Sammy that it was just a little bit weird for me because I was understanding a lot of the stuff she was saying and in the back of my head, I was thinking I wonder what my dad thinks of me hearing all of this. Like Mama said, it ain’t like I’ve never heard of any of the stuff she was saying. I had the sex talk a few years ago and I definitely know more back then especially when she starting talking about bondage and stuff, it was like a mixture of embarrassment and my stomach hurt from laughing so much. The act was just different, especially since she started off in this old women get up first, kept getting drunk with the crowd as they were giving her all kinds of alcohol and then slowly undressed in front of us. She was amazingly sweet and totally somebody that I would go see about a hundred times. On Saturday, she came back and did her act again and I got to meet her. She signed she asked me how I spelled my name and signed a picture and T-shirt for me. She immediately leaned down and gave me a hug and when she found out I did things with my feet, she kissed my left foot three times and then signed it. That has never happened before in my life!

1620762_4264773715670_7718364050577075167_n (1)

10532377_4264771795622_2817509468117348775_n (1)

This nice couple a few tents/campers over from us and one of the first people we met on that first day, made these awesome balloon hats. It was a little weird because Sammy came up to us while we were in line to meet for Bag Lady Sue and I heard something about somebody wanting to borrow me. As soon as we got done with meeting her, this sweet couple Larry and Barb came up to us and put this very large but awesome balloon hat that I actually like, I wouldn’t be surprised if it freaked the shit out of me in the next few nights, but that’s okay! I’d share the one with Barb and I but I don’t know how she’d feel about being on my blog at the moment. If I hear anything, I’ll post it later in the week as an extra picture. After this I ended up going back up to camp and one of our other neighbors talked to my parents and somehow gave me one of his necklaces. Mama and Sammy actually brought a baggie of their beads that they’ve gotten from other rallies and they reuse them (which is smart) and let me wear two of the purple ones and a red one too. I ended up getting another blue necklaces during the concert Saturday night from another woman in the crowd. I’ve just got to say I’m pretty happy I had all these beads and I didn’t even have to take off my shirt to get them.


Around 10:30, as the last second to last band of Friday night was finishing, the air started to get very cool. We knew that we had a chance of rain/storms after midnight. Mama ended up having to tell me that we needed to go back up to the camp as we were set up on a hill and the grasses gets very slick when its wet. Of course, I didn’t want to go but before we left I kept thinking in my head of being optimistic and picking my battles so I went back up to the canopy. We stayed up there for several minutes, put on sweatshirts and jackets on before my mom decided that we were going to go back down there as the rain was skipping us. We got down there in the middle of sexy body contest, it was the guys turn. It was down to last three guys and I was just feeling a bit uncomfortable but yet so glad that it was my mom that went down there to the stage with me and not my dad. We had another band come up, I don’t remember what they were called but I could not take my eyes off their guitarist. Dear lord, he was SEXY! Everybody thought the singer was hot, and here I was about to go insane over this dude. Too bad we couldn’t get a good enough picture of him while we were at it.


After it was over, it was time for the ONE Metallica tribute band to start. I, of course didn’t know what to expect but I was hoping my neck was going to be on my good side as it was already hurting after the first two bands of the night. I’m also not that big of a Metallica fan either. My mom and dad have tried, hell even I’ve tried to listen to them. I think the songs I did enjoy hearing were “Fade To Black,”  “Master Of Puppets,” The Memory Remains,” and of course “Enter Sandman.” Nothing could really be out of ordinary until they came out and I thought I was going to melt into a puddle right there. The bassist did the growls and I was hooked instantly, even if I didn’t know the words of the songs I still enjoyed it. My neck got on my nerves but thank god for headrests. I kept having to lean back into it but then I started to wonder if the headrest was the reason why it was hurting in the first place. Anyways, these guys were genuinely sweet guys. The stage was pretty large, it had a half round part to it where the three of them could get up close with us and this proved to be a good thing for me as the lead singer Shane came around and did his solos over by me FOUR times. They hadn’t been on stage for probably 15 minutes and when they got into the third song, I had my little pack of people around me again and the lead singer sat on the edge of the stage so I could watch him do the solo and then gave me a guitar pick that he used during the solo. They all stood above me at one point of their performance and then some towards the middle of it the drummer gave me his drum and then some crazy dude decided he wanted to go crowd surfing right by us and I didn’t even know what was going on at first all I saw was a bunch of hands over my head and Sammy completely my view of the right side. I didn’t freak out or anything but I was for sure the dude was going to fall backwards but he didn’t. Thank god they tossed him to the other side.




On Saturday night, we heard another band before the main band of the night and why the park drastically got bigger from the day before Warrant came on. They actually did two songs that I knew and the weird part it took me a bit to figure out what song they were doing and then it dawned me and I could not control myself, my poor mom was thankfully behind me only because there was a topless woman besides me on the left side. Both women were extremely nice despite that and surprisingly I was actually comfortable sitting right beside her until she kept drinking more and more, then she turned into a huge pain the ass and her boyfriend or husband wasn’t helping out at all. Anyways, the song that they played I knew was My Darkest Days’ “Porn Star Dancing” and there was a dude with some gnarly sideburns or a beard, who knows what the hell it was. He did Ludacris rapping. I was utterly impressed and then they did “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy” a couple of songs afterwards and sadly I only knew the chorus to it. After they left we had another sexy body contest and it was the boys turn again, this time we got to see the whole thing and it was much more enjoyable this time because I knew what was going to happen but I did not think it would happen right front of me and the poor dude fell right in between the space between the stage and the wooden part were the security and photographers walked around, he was again he got up again and was still crazy as ever. Unfortunately he didn’t win and I thought that was bullshit because we were loud as crap for him too. At 11pm, and some technical difficulties with the mics, Warrant came out and I was less than pleased. So was my mom, the singer was good and they sounded good but they weren’t very open with the crowd I thought. I only knew the last song they played and it was “Cheery Pie” and I did enjoy hearing that, but other than that it wasn’t all that good, plus it was a short set too. They started at 11pm and ended at midnight. What the hell? So that was my first little concert review for you.



What I Like To Watch


Since this the last full week of June. I thought I’d do like a few days of lists for the ladies of Ketchup With Us. I think I did better than I thought I would. Even though I only did like ten of these types of posts, I still did better than the two days I only thought I would do. If you’ve been reading my blog before, you know that I am in complete love with my DVR. I did not think I would really love the whole rewinding, pauseing, and skipping the commercials buttons but I really have! I’ve had a lot of things still stored onto my side of the DVR. If you were to look on my parents and then look on mine, you’d be laughing your ass off! They have a buttload of scary movies mixed in with my dad’s Bizarre Foods and biker/gang shows. My mom has to tape her favorite shows like Roseanne, Everybody Loves Raymond, and her newly favorite The Good Wife. I’ve got my fair share of TV shows but not as many as both of them combined. Movies are what I have my DVR. I have to be really bored to watch several of them, but the rest I can watch all the time. So I’m making a list of my movies and TV shows that I have on my DVR right now. I will be a sad person if my parents change over to another company.

  1. Mad About You

  2. Unique Sweets 

  3. Hey Arnold 

  4. Mysteries At The Museum 

  5. Star Trek Into Darkness

  6. Madeline

  7. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

  8. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

  9. National Treasure

  10. Avatar

  11. X-Men 2

  12. Captain America: The First Avenger

  13. Alice In Wonderland

  14. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2

  15. Halloweentown

  16. Halloweentown High

  17. Grease

  18. Van Heising

  19. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

  20. The Avengers

  21. Brave

  22. Underworld Awakening

  23. The Lion King

  24. Cinderella

  25. Beastly

  26. Casper

  27. Happy Feet Two

  28. Marie Anionette

  29. The Parent Trap

  30. Flubber

  31. All Dogs Go To Heaven 2

  32. Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity

  33. Blue Collar Comedy Tour 

  34. Christina Aguilera: Back To Basics Down Under Tour

  35. Papa Roach At Club Nokia

  36. Train Live In Chicago

  37. Motley Crue: Carnival Of Sins