Top 7 Achievements

The ladies of Ketchup With Us, Mel and Michele have been doing this amazing list theme for the whole month of June and I’ve only done four days of lists. I feel like a bad person, but I have actually do a lot of different types of lists over the years. I am too afraid that I might repeat myself in a way, so I have been very selective in choosing what kind of list I still haven’t done. Well that thought led me into a comment I got earlier this week and it was for my “Things I’ve Done” tab at the top in Bucket List. The lovely commenter said that “nobody rarely does a lists of achievements because they’ve forgotten all the little things that make their lives special and unique..” Her words, not mine I swear! I decided to share some things that I’ve done that maybe you don’t know I’ve done before.

  1. Have a surprise party thrown for me – When I was in either second or third grade, my mom and nana put on this nice party for me. I remember that my aide took me to the bathroom and said we were going to take a detour and we ending up on the other side and found my entire class singing “happy birthday” when we walked out of the other side.
  2. Go to Disney World – I went to Disney World a year after I had my surgeries and it was from the Make-A-Wish foundation. My family and I spent an entire week in Florida in this nice little community. One of the days it rained like the whole time we were there and on our day that we didn’t have anything planned, we could either go to the beach, go to Epcot, or to the place we went two days before. Guess what my stupid butt picked? I totally regret not going to Epcot. I’ve never been to a beach and didn’t think getting my wheelchair stuck in the sand would be a great idea either.
  3. Try a Starbucks coffee – For my 21st birthday a normal person would go to a bar and get drunk, I spent my birthday shopping for books and clothes and one of the things I wanted to do was try something from Starbucks. Stupid me got the order wrong and I ended up with a real coffee that everybody agreed tasted awful! I literally couldn’t be around the smell of coffee for a month and being around my papaw was pure torture!
  4. Have a pen pal – When I was in the fourth grade, we had pen pals from the other school in a nearby county. My person was another young girl that ended up inspiring me in a way. Back then, I didn’t have that good judgement and hated steak. Now I love it and everytime I eat it I think of her. Is that weird?
  5. Bake cake pops – That was a fun experience! This was before I had patience at all and I matched my dad and sister. Blondie got this cake pop maker for Christmas and dad wanted to try it out one night, and the label said it would be an easy process. It wasn’t! It didn’t say how much batter to put in the holes and how long to keep them in the freezer after they get done baking and don’t get me started on the icing!
  6. Decorate Easter eggs – I am like the best/worst person to ever do Easter eggs. Because as a kid I liked to get messy, I was never good at painting but that was easy! As an adult, it is a lot different! Now I know it’s just safe to be a helper instead of just decorating. As long as I don’t run over any eggs I’m okay!
  7. Own a pair of skinny jeans – For me, since I already have skinny legs. Skinny jeans should be kind of easy to find right? Well, not when you have giant hips and an ass. Throughout my time in high school I had only one pair of skinny jeans that actually complemented my legs and the problem areas.


Doesn’t Mean Anything

I just got off posting a status on my Facebook about how I went on my MySpace profile, because I actually remember my URL better my Email and Password. I went on there how long I haven’t been on there, and it’s been a year or so. I remember when I made my first social network account. At that time I had only one Email account and only a Bebo account. My friends from school were my only friends until I had the nerve to add people I didn’t know and the first person I added was a girl fron Memphis. Technically then that was far away for me. Recently I deleted my account on there and have about four Email accounts that I had made in the paat several years. 

Shortly after joining Bebo everybody switched to the bad reputation website at the time. My mom was the first one to create an account on there. Dad didn’t like MySpace because of the other people, he had heard all the stories of people acting like teenagers and planning to meet up with these teens and finding out afterwards the other people they were talking to was an adult and not a teenager. I understood my dad’s concern, but everybody was switching over and I just asked my mom and she told me, yes. It wasn’t until I turned probably 15 or 16 I made my account and made a second Email account so I wouldn’t get confused and I also realized that everybody had MSN Messager and so that was the reason for that.

I think out of all four years in high school I think I remember Junior year the most. It had it’s good parts and a lot more bad ones too. It was the time of changing the big double doors in the hallways and learning who was on your side and who wasn’t. As much as I hated that year to the core, it helped. I now know I still suck at doing Math that has to deal with money. I remember that it’s not always the kids that are going to talk behind your back. I should have remembered that one. I was hooked to this one guy and then I got hooked onto another one, sadly enough I can’t get over him. I met my friend Fia during my Junior year and she was my first real friend that lived overseas. For prom, I didn’t have a date, but I did get to burrow my friend’s (ex now) boyfriend to walk me down Grand March. A kid I knew from Elementary, told me I looked beautiful, but I didn’t feel it.

I read those comments on MySpace and all of this popped in my head. I’ve never remembered so much in my life at one time. So many memories for that time for me. It was a time where I had friends my own age always talking to me and I felt loved. I learned that some adults will talk you out of things you wanted to do. I learned I fall easily for guys, and I wish I’d forget about every single one that broke my heart. I learned I need to do things on my own, like ask a guy out. I did that in Summer 2008. It wasn’t a date. If it was, it was as awkward as hell. At the end of the year I wanted to get drunk (I didn’t) because I thought the year was both good and bad. Now I know it had lessons and the rest doesn’t mean anything.