Song Review: “Coming Home” by Sigma featuring Rita Ora

I heard this song a few days ago, I honestly heard it on an electronic dance music station on my TV. They host a countdown during the weekdays and this song started playing. At first, I didn’t like it. Everybody knows me by now that I’m really hard to impress. However, I heard it again that day after the first time and I kept thinking about it later that night.

Sigma is a duo from the UK and they actually have quite a few good tracks out. I really like the track “Higher” with Labrinth a lot! Now they have this one with another UK singer, Miss Rita Ora! This is another artist that I’m sad to say that I’ve had the toughest time getting into because I love her voice, it’s really gorgeous! It’s really hard to explain, I just have my issues as you can tell. This song though is beautiful. I’m definitely addicted to it and I just added it to my Starred playlist on Spotify like seven days ago.

This song is called “Coming Home” and something that I’ve always been really aggravated at different dance tracks, is that in some of the content of their lyrics, there’s no soul. It’s just the beat and I’ll be the first to say that it works in some cases. I like the focus on the music, but to be able to relatable for somebody to sing out loud makes it that much better. Thankfully, this song has a very equal playing field. You can hear Rita’s beautiful vocals and this awesome beat. Nobody’s overstepping the boundaries, it’s leveled perfectly together. Do I think it has a soul though? Eh, it’s too early to tell honestly. I haven’t learned the lyrics yet so when I’m ready to take that step, I might give you an update on this post.

What do you think of Sigma’s new track with Rita Ora?