OOTD: She Hulk!


Hey guys,

So I’m back with my first spring/summer OOTD post! I’ve seriously missed doing these but they are so last minute that my mom or dad will get me out of the car quickly and we tend to forget to take pictures.

Anyways, I have to say my whole Marvel comics obsession might be getting out of hand considering this is my third top! My mom got this for me last week when she was out at Wal-Mart and after when I told her about what I thought when I opened my Batman shirt present at Christmas. She seriously thought Batman and Cap were in the same comics. She looked at me like so it’s not from Marvel? No, mama. He and Supergirl are from DC! So this was her surprise for me the next day when she came from work!

I love it but for a weird reason, I have a shirt that has She Hulk aka Jennifer Walters on it! I don’t know much about her but I knew her well enough to pick her out of this lineup and wonder the hell they didn’t just put Bruce instead since you can clearly see Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor! Is she in the Avengers? Another thing I like is that the whole design is large enough were you can see everything, even with my hands in the way. It isn’t black either! It’s navy blue!

As for my pants, you guys know about because I tend to wear them a lot in these posts. I need to go through my bottoms and see what really goes with this shirt besides these, because I do love the pants a lot, but since I wear them so much I’m afraid I’ll want to hide them somewhere where my mom can’t find them! By the way, that’s Bootsie at the last photo, she has a problem with photo bombing! For something special, my mom let me borrow her clip and I had my hair slightly up while at nana’s and I only “stabbed” myself seven times trying to rest my head!

So what do you think of my new outfit? Yay or nay? Who is your favorite superhero?

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Top 3: On My DVR

UntitledI am so sorry about last week! I didn’t realize that I had even forgotten about it until Friday afternoon. What really got me was the fact that ALL day Thursday I kept thinking to myself, I’m supposed to be doing something right now, what is it? I had looked that morning to see what the word prompt was for Five Sentence Fiction, but I didn’t have any ideas or inspiration for it so I knew that wasn’t it. This week, I thought since I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately. My poor DVR just adds more and more everytime I go looking for something to watch throughout the day. If I find something that is rarely played on the movie channels I don’t watch it at that point of time, I record it instead so I can just skip parts or commercials. I’m actually going to be talking about TV shows, but I will say that I recorded From Justin To Kelly over the weekend. I don’t care what anybody says, I loved that movie! I wanted all of Alexa’s bikinis and wanted to slap Brandon’s face without whipped cream instead of Justin’s cute face! I’ve also been getting interested in Machine Gun Kelly and been watching the hell out of those Kellyvision episodes on YouTube at night. Now I’m either going to embarrass myself even more or I’m going to make a few friends out of this next part. Who knows!

  1. With Great Power The Stan Lee Story: Yup, I found this Sunday night, as it was a late night for me. I went looking for something to watch/record for tomorrow. As I was going up and down the movie channels, I found this very sneaky title and I was having some trouble reading the lettering because my eyes were getting tired. All I saw was Stan Lee but I also thought to myself that I could’ve been seeing “Spike Lee” instead. I thought, well I’ll just tape it and see which it really is when I get up. I somehow went to sleep and when my mom took me to the bathroom before she went to work, my DVR had its little red dot on, meaning it was recording something. I literally had to think about it and even told my mom, I don’t even know what I’m recording! Well, I watched Monday afternoon and I really enjoyed of hearing the life of Stan Lee and about how Marvel comics got started, heard a little bit about Jack Kirby and I must be learning as everytime I hear his name I think of Thor. I can’t imagine a guy at his age doing all these things STILL! I mean, he just doesn’t stop and I absolutely love the man! I love finding him the films, he’s like Waldo, but without the red and white hat. He’s got the glasses though! I throughly enjoyed it and I had to tell my dad off as he called him Spike Lee and he made DC comics. You can tell he never read a comics in his lifetime. I haven’t either but I still know the difference and I am totally Team Marvel!
  2. Houdini – I had only seen the previews a few times. A lot less than when History channel premiered Bonnie & Clyde. Nevertheless, I am enjoying it too! They premiered the first part of Monday night and the second on Tuesday. They’re fairly long, I’d like close to two or three hours long. Like, any person in the world I’ve heard the stories of the Great Houdini, but I’ve never been too sure about the whole magic acts. Don’t get me wrong, some acts are pretty cool! What Houdini has done, just kind of blows my mind a little! In the movie, especially the first part the underwater scene were he goes head first into the Chinese torture tank full of chains and locks on his wrists and then the locks on his legs above him keeping him inside the actual tank. Out of all of the things that they’ve been showing the viewers, the tricks themselves and how they really did it all. The elephant act is the one they never really revealed and it sucked, because I was literally trying to figure it out! Adrien Brody is doing a wonderful job of making this legendary magician come alive once again.
  3. The Making of “Frozen”: Yup, I watched AND recorded it. One of the things that I tried to do was denied that Disney was done with making likeable Disney princess. When I first the previews of both Tangled and The Princess and the Frog I didn’t want to watch them because of this reason, well everything changed when I saw the previews for Brave and when I watched the movie, I liked the differences of these Disney Princesses. They didn’t seem too perfect and too fairytale like. When I finally watched Frozen I was basically in big trouble. You know when my sister is addicted to it, you’re very close behind. I LOVED IT! Olaf is my favorite character! I mean, who doesn’t love warm hugs?! I get WAY too excited when I hear the songs, “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” and “Let It Go.” Now that I’ve gotten to see how everything was made and hear the animators, actors, and directors expressions over the movie and everything going into it! The fact that my favorite song wasn’t supposed to be in the final cut and somebody finally said “put it in” just made me feel really weird and really glad at the same time! Seeing the actual sketches of how Elsa was supposed to look like before they changed her. Plus, seeing the animators act out different poses was pretty hilarious! When they announced that there will be a short of Frozen made a little more happy than I ever planned on being!