Movie Review: Colombiana

Finally! After five months I get to watch this movie. It was featured in one of my August posts, “Top 5 Movies I Want To See” I think it was called. When I saw the preview for it being released onto DVD/Blu Ray last week, I literally put it on my Christmas List. Well I put it on my online list, and I didn’t get it for Christmas. However, waiting four days after Christmas isn’t so bad especially since I waited five months to see, four days is a piece of cake. Anyways, I love bad ass movies with bad ass women in them. I am a big fan of Zoe Saldana, so I knew I’d like this movie either way.

This movie was interesting. To me, it was like “Takers” which ironically has Zoe in it as well. Except in that movie, she plays this sweet girl and her fiancee is the one who is the bad ass. He doesn’t really kill people though. In this movie, she was the bad ass. I don’t know what it is, but when girls “play” with guns or anything very dangerous is very hot. Cataleyna (Zoe Saldana) was very powerful and sneaky. She was also very fast, there were parts in the movie where I held my breath because there’s some close calls. Even when the younger Cataleyna was powerful. I kept thinking she was Willow Smith though, and I just looked up the cast and it isn’t. That’s ok though, the girl was still great!

If I saw my parents/family gunned down and have something they wanted. The people who killed them, if I wasn’t handicapped I’d probably attempt to kick some ass too. Something that the police officer when they were trying to find out who killed that guy in the beginning, he said, “it can’t be a woman.” Well, obviously he’s never watched Snapped. She was skinny as hell, and known what she was doing and as a viewer I was laughing inside when he found out he was wrong. Something I didn’t get was the title of the movie. “Colombiana” when I was first seeing the previews for it I thought her was that and when I first started hearing everybody calling her “Cataleyna” I got confused. I’m guessing, they titled it that because it takes place in Colombia? It doesn’t make sense. Anyways, if you love action-girls-with-guns this your kind of movie.

New Movies I Want To See

This is one out of I don’t know how many movies I actually want to see. This movie recently came out so I desperately want to see it now. I love action movies. I love girl power action movies. I also love Zoe Saldana as well so I definitely want to see this movie. It looks as if it’s Bad Boys but the girl verison and she’s the only one, she doesn’t have anybody else. So this is movie number one.

This is number two, even though I actually want to see this one even more than any of the others. So it should be first, but I don’t know. I love dance and I actually thought it was going to be about 1980’s time era and music but I guess I was wrong, which is fine by me. I love Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid. I don’t have a clue of who the boy is though and it’s about to drive me crazy! I know him but yet I don’t. The face is familiar. Ugh!

This is movie number three. I love comedy movies! You know it’s a going to be a funny movie when Seth Rogen is in it. Just that simple. I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Oh, he is so cute! He’s definitely cute in the movie “Stop-Loss” too. Has his funny moments and downers, but he’s a really good actor. I saw Anna Kendrick is in it as well. Which makes me very happy! I love her. I’d like to see this movie.

Okay, the title kind of makes me wonder especially only seeing one trailors until this one I’m actually understanding the meaning for the movie title now. Two things, well really it’s three things: Taylor Launter is in this film, which makes me a very happy girl at the moment. Mario Chello is also in this movie. I love her as well. She can definitely kick some ass. This movie is an action. Thank you God!

This movie is going to be one hell of a tear jerker. I was just watching the trailor and almost cried. I know I’d love it but seeing it in a theater. Don’t think so. I’ll wait to see it on DVD. There’s no way in hell I’d see it in theaters. I’ve cried in movies before but I can’t watch any of animals or people that are handicapped. It kills me inside and then I cry and if its my idea to see it everybody gets mad at me because I picked it. So yeah, I’ll wait.