It’s been a while! I have not blogged in a month. Well, technically, if I had held off for another week, it really would have been for a month. The last blog post that went up was my annual post of my papaw’s death and the last post I wrote was the one that’s coming tomorrow! I’m hoping to do another “Life Lately” post next week but we’ll see what happens.

This post is about a project I’ve somehow created while I was on hiatus. You all should know by now how much I love baby names. I’ve talked about my favorite styles on here before, but at the end of March I was looking through Pinterest at various boards of other people who make those adorable wood name signs and as I would continue to pin and scroll through the many, many names I kind of found myself somewhat bored with my limited choices so one night I thought, “well I can’t find what I want, I might as well create them!” I have to add I’m not doing wood signs like them, I’m purely using my Paint software on my laptop to make things easier on myself. What I thought would be a cute little board of my favorite name pairings turned into a board full of 400+ names in a matter of a few weeks!

Originally I made the board of names I have always loved and have in my phone’s notes. After that, I found others on a baby names Facebook group I recently joined and anything I enjoy in the local newspaper, on Nameberry’s birth announcements, etc. Finally, after all of those inspirations, I would even literally come up with in the middle of the night, and yes, it happens a lot! I also went back and forth about creating little mini boards for the different sexes, I even have a board of both unisex and unique styles too! Ultimately it just kind of got out of control to the point now my whole lower half of my body hurts after about an hour or so!

Here are some of my recent uploads to the board.

Click here to visit the official board of baby names!

I myself have a wide array of styles, I always tend to stay in between classical and quirky ones. Since doing this, I’ve also realized that I have a LOT of constantly used names, such as “Catherine,” “Rose,” “Alexandra,” and “David.” I tend to overuse several of my family’s names as well. I mainly do that to see what all could fit with each name. It’s one of the most frustrating thing about older names, sometimes you just get stuck and began to experiment with all sort of combinations.

Unfortunately, I don’t really pay that much attention to meanings. It would just depend on the name itself because I have looked up some of them in the past so I have a few stored up in my brain. If you’re interested in a name and have issues what kind of middle name(s) could fit with your chosen favorite, you can always talk to me on my blog’s Facebook page. Send me a message to my inbox and we’ll figure it out together! You could also scroll through the many others in the boards too, and see if you like anything in there too!

What is your favorite of the 6 names posted above? If you’ve visited the Pinterest board already, do you like any in the mini sections? If you want, you could send me requests too!

Album Review: “Himmelsrichtungen” by Juan Maria Solare

Cover Art by Alban Low

Recently, I got an email from a musician requesting me to look into his music and the possibility of reviewing his latest work. His name is Juan Maria Solare, he is originally from Argentina but is now based in Germany. He is a composer and pianist. Juan’s music is a mixture of both Tango Argentino and contemporary classical music. He is very different as far as the other musicians and bands I tend to talk about on here, but as you’ll find out, he’s equally as talented!

I will be talking about his spring release album called “Himmelsrichtugen” and he has graciously explained that the title represents the “directions in the sky” and the concept behind it comes from the names of the songs which symbolizes each cardinal points of NSEW, plus Zenith and Nadir that ultimately make up a 3-dimensional piece. On each song I will have the original title and also the English translation that he has provided for me.

Okay, so starting with track number one we have “Siesta Norteña” that simply means “The Northern Nap”. I am usually all about having a heavy start to an album, but when we’re talking contemporary classic music, my focus is different. I do like a slow beginning. I found this to be beautiful and serene. It almost puts you to sleep (in a good way!) and it’s a very interesting! This is what I want to imagine while looking up at the stars! Next is “Viento del Este” which translated is, “Wind from the East.” This one has a scattered outlook to it; you hear sudden stops throughout you’re sort of curious as to what is going to happen as it continues, because you’ll have these cute, little notes and then all of a sudden you’ll have these dramatic notes that to me, sound like the increasing blows of the wind. That’s what it sounded like to me!

Third track is called “Un Poco Más al Oeste” which is “more to the west” and this one another soft one, but the tempo starts off pretty slow but it increasingly goes faster, this song and the first have like a zigzag feel in the way he goes back and forth between the keys. This one kind of gives me a slight “jazz-y” feel while listening to it. “La Voz del Sur” is the fourth track of the album and it means, “the voice of the south.” This is much shorter than the previous songs, so it was a bit harder to pinpoint what it actually made me think of; I think it’s good, but unfortunately not a favorite of mine. It’s always the shorter ones that always make me want more for different reasons!

Here is the music video for “La Voz del Sur” it is directed by Doni Irawan and it was filmed in Indonesia.

These are the last two songs of the album! Starting with “Cenit” this is a very bubbly track. It has its softer notes but you mostly hear these high-pitched sounds going on throughout. I really loved it! Oh, the title is “Zenith” and the explanation is “that point in space exactly above the observer”. And lastly “Nadir” and this doesn’t have an English translation to it, but the definition used as the same as “Cenit” but it’s “that point exactly below the observer” and this one is definitely a lot more darker, almost depressing – any words to describe the word “sad” would be able to explain the demeanor of this track. However, in the past I’ve noticed I like how an album has a heavy start and a banger to finish it. Since with Himmelrichtugen, we begun with a slow song and we also end the album with an even slower one to match! So I liked it too!

This was a very interesting album. I sort of fell in love with the concept of the album first, because I felt he put a lot of time and effort into creating a space for a listener to explore each song! I really do love these types of albums more than any other mainly because of that reason! It gets you out of what you might expect out of a musician or even your favorite band too! Juan has a fantastic album on his hands and he should be very proud!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post!

Juan’s music is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify!


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Tune Tuesday: Finland


We’re another part of the country where one band reigns supreme with me, but I talk about the actual band a lot more than the former singer so I thought I’d change that now. Before I even go to her, I gotta mention another good band that is very special to me. Because they’re not just like every other heavy metal band out there. Oh no, these guys only use cellos. I’m serious! These guys are called Apocalyptica and they were trained in classical music and then became a tribute band to Metallica and then made albums featuring some of your favorite singers like Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Gavin Rossdale of Bush, and Lacey Sturm ex-singer of Flyleaf. I wanted to share two songs, one that has a featured singer and the other is just of them as a whole.  To this next one I’m focusing one, is also trained in classical and her name is Tarja Turunen. She was the female vocalist of the band Nightwish. She left the band in 2006 and became a solo artist from there, touring all over the world. She’s a full lyric soprano and she’s one of my mentors that I use to make my voice more powerful and she’s just amazing. She’s out on tour promoting her latest album “Colors In The Dark” that came out late last year. They are the real deal and I hope you guys like them! What are you listening to right now.

Hope by Apocalytica

Lost Northern Star by Tarja

Broken Pieces by Apocalytica featuring Lacey Sturm


I like to have some fun. Who doesn’t? I’ve always wanted to have a masquerade party, I’ve always loved the masks. Even though I hate almost every mask out there. Well any that looks scary. To me, every mask is like a clown. Although you’re not really wearing as much makeup as a clown while wearing a masquerade mask. These kind of masks are different than any other masks.

They are regal. Elegant. Classical. Somewhat mysterious too, depending on how you carry yourself while wearing a mask like this. It’s kind of a like an another story of Cinderella. She was a servent to her stepmother and went to a ball when she was not allowed to and her fairly godmother dressed her up and so ono and so on. I don’t need to go on when we should all know the story. These masks are like our own fairly godmothers helping us out.

These masks can make us forgot about our problems for just a moment. It takes everything away that can make us feel ugly inside. Our eyes are our best feature we have on our faces. No matter what others say. Every eye is different. In shape or color. Be thankful for the ones who can open their eyes and see out of them. Some of us don’t have that choice.

I wish everybody voted for the masquerade theme for prom during my Junior year but no it had to be “Welcome To The Jungle” which wasn’t bad, but not what I picked. I wanted to be regal. Elegent. Classical. Somewhat mysterious just for one night. However you can’t be too different when you are in a wheelchair, but at least I’d feel beautiful for once or twice.