Song Review: “Save Yourself” by Claire de Lune

I found this song on accident, going through my following lists on Spotify. I hadn’t look through them and listened to the new stuff on them for a while and I’m glad I did because I found this song.

I’ve never heard anything by Claire de Lune before, but I’ve heard of lots of songs called “save yourself” technically I’ve never been disappointed. And I’m not saying it that way, because I hated it. I actually liked it. It’s very nice, very soft but powerful too. I like how it starts out with only the deep sounds of the piano and then transferring to Claire’s low vocals and slow drumming, makes it sound dramatic without having to use so much at one time. It’s also less annoying that way too! However, in doing this a listener like myself is always looking for that section where the song transform, kind of like something exciting happens and makes it 10x better! Unfortunately, this is not the song.

I do like it though, I mean the message behind it is pretty good. I’m just looking for something that doesn’t like everything else I hear on those playlists, it’ll be stacked up with the rest of those deep sounding tracks. It’s not different enough for me, but I still rate it like 5/10 so that’s not THAT bad.