Small Idea, Big Gift

Even though Christmas is over, I keep getting Christmas miracles. My small idea of sending Christmas cards half around the world seemed like a hard thing to wrap your head around. Especially if you’re somebody in my family. I’m sure certain ones didn’t want me to send cards out to different countries, but I thought why not? I sent out a total of 22 cards altogether. Seven went overseas. I trusted in God and hoped they’d all arrive to the right people, not necessary at the right time. To me, as long as they got to them I was fine. That’s all I was worried about. If they didn’t go to the person I’d be a wreck and depressed at myself. However, if it did end up like that it would be out of my hands until somebody nice was to send it back to me.

Not only did I sent out seven to people overseas I also sent out a few here in the states. Planning on this was difficult, I have over 100 people that I talk to on Twitter, and I knew not everybody was going to get a card from me. Which I was upset about because I would have love to send one to everybody, but I couldn’t. I’m sorry for the ones who didn’t get one this year, maybe next year. I thought about only sending cards to the ones I talk to the most. Surprisingly, that was an easy list to make. I had to separate everybody up and hope to God some would at least understand why I wanted to do this and lend out their addresses to me. I only had two who didn’t give out their addresses, so I had to do something special for them. I took two pictures of cards I had and uploaded them onto Facebook, and Picniked them for these two people. They loved them!

When I first announced this idea to all my friends, when I asked for addresses, some wanted mine before I send out their’s. I knew about three I was going to get back. At first, I was happy, but worried since two were coming in from overseas, so that was going to make them worry, if their card that they sent out for me was going to arrive. I resured them that it didn’t matter if it arrived on time, it was the thought that counts. It was also very cool to hear how some have NEVER gotten a card from the US. Which that made me all excited! Because I had never gotten a card from Germany, United Kingdom, and Srebia. In the US, it’s kind of normal to get cards from other states, but when it’s countries like them, you’re stunned by what a small idea can do to you. I’m very blessed by the friends I have. I loved making these cards, giving them out, and recieving ones from everywhere. Makes my life less complicated for me to understand.

Today Beats Monday’s Ass!

Today has been probably one of my happiest days ever! I love it when I get cleve ideas. These Christmas cards are done, with the exception of three of them. One had to be changed. I knew I would probably have to do that. While my mom was finding out who close with which address she was reading through them. I have a history of leaving out words and having bad grammar. The first batch she did, she didn’t read them. The second batch she did. I got one card with a missing word. I’m surprised my mom didn’t fix it while she had the chance. I am so happy I did this. Even though I’ve been worried about the overseas cards. I have 7 cards going to 6 different countries. There are two that live in the same country. My mom texted me a bit ago saying that they’re all under a dollar to be sent out. I’m so happy. All 7 cards are being shipped out probably tomorrow!

I’ve recieved three cards so far! One is from family (my nana) and the other two are my Twitter friends. I got the first two the other day and I have a hard time opening the envelopes. I’m surprised I didn’t get a papercut because I completely destroyed my nana’s card envelope so much that the card will not go back in. Oops! I took a picture of the envelope after I got the card out. It is pitful. Melissa’s card is small and not as bad to get open. It actually seemed to open easier, I didn’t have to fight the damn thing. Today I got my third card. My friend Stacie, she is from the UK and her card finally arrived! My mom saw it on the coffee table and showed it to me and ripped into it before I could even say anything. She read it first and saw the special something she tucked in the envelope. It was a boy band article in a UK magazine of Backstreet Boys. I’m very proud of myself I did not cry, but I thought my mom would. I now have three “Let It Snow” Christmas cards.

Today has kicked Monday’s ass to the core! I love it! ❤

Christmas Cards

This will be my second year not doing any Christmas cards. Since I haven’t been in school I don’t have anybody to make and give out and I’m surprised to say this but I actually miss making them. So I think I’m bringing them back. So I got to thinking about how to send them to, my family would most likely get cards from my nana, so that takes care of them. I think I’m going to go even bigger than my Senior year. I think I’m going to send them out to my Twitter friends. I think it would be awesome to do that for them! Since I have so many of them and in different places around the world I’m going to have to be smart about this.

I feel like Santa Claus. I am going to the ones overseas first, since they are the majority of everybody on my Twitter. Thing is, everybody is in time zones. Two of my friends, Manaroma and Laricya are from the far side, so I might have to send theirs out first before anybody else’s. Then the ones everwhere else. I don’t think everybody will get one. I’m going to be making a list, and checking more than twice apparently. After them, I’ll do the ones in the U.S. and hope they all arrive on time. I’m crazy to be doing this, but I really want to do this. It would be very sweet and special for a lot of them. I’m going to make my list now.