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So, I was on Twitter earlier this week when I found a little comment thread and this little tag was shared by Tea Party Princess (love it, so cute!) and as I read the post I realized I have never done this one. I mean, I know for a fact I have another tag about fall, but I hadn’t seen this questions before so I think this might be a new one.

The Rules!

  • Answer the questions
  • Link back to the creator
  • Tag other people (if you want to!)

Here are the questions!

Hot Chocolate – what is your comfort book?

I was going to say To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han, but that would be a lie. I mean, it’s a great book, but for some odd reason the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this question was a good erotica book! I mean, it’s true in a way. There are a couple of themes that make me comfortable as strange as that sounds, but whenever the weather outside gets a little colder, sometimes all I want to read a book that has a lot of sex in it. #shameless

Pumpkin Carving – what is your favorite creative outlet?

Recently it has been spending hours on Pinterest organizing! Now that you can make little boards within a board is very intoxicating for me! I have three of them that are full of different aesthetics. So, I started out with my new story boards and that has been a really good thing to have as far as figuring out more about my characters. In the beginning, I had each one with their own board, with having little sections for their style, home life, relationships with other characters etc. There is a massive amount of writers that use Pinterest for the same reason and I am basically learning to follow along I guess!

The next one is about colors. I have a lot light and vibrant hues. What’s even cooler (or weirder) is that they all have names for each one! For example, green is Giada Maria, red is called Valentina Soleil, and turquoise is Tiffany Brooke! And lastly, I just started collecting pictures that went with my favorite parts of history and once it got up to 50 pins, I just thought it would be really fun to create one section dedicated for a different important person. As of right now, the list goes..

  • Cleopatra
  • Bjorn Ironside
  • Vlad The Impalar
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Henry Tudor
  • Elizabeth of York
  • King Henry VIII
  • Katherine of Aragon
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Jane Seymour
  • Lady Jane Grey
  • Mary I
  • Elizabeth I
  • Abigail Williams
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Jane Austen
  • Mary Shelley
  • Queen Victoria
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Beatrix Potter
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Molly Brown
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Winston Churchill
  • John Dillinger
  • Neil Armstrong

Falling Leaves – changes that appear bad but you secretly love?

I am usually pretty good with changes in life, a lot better than some members of my family. I know everything is there to teach you a lesson of some kind, but of course there are some that I will try to dodge but everything happens a reason and there’s no use in hating something like that.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte – something you love that others that tend to judge

I am still a lover of Disney princesses falling in love at first sight–although I have never believed in it, I fall hopelessly in love with these types of movies. I believe a woman can rescue herself but I will always love knowing there’s a man wanting to protect her too. I really don’t see anything wrong with that.

Bonfire Night – what makes you explode with joy?

So, there are two things. I love being around our cats. I haven’t been able to go out and be with them up close for a while, but I can see them through the windows and when I say their names, they’ll meow back to me. It is literally one of the cutest thing ever!

And of course, hanging out with my little nephew makes me happy, unless he is not feeling good and crying/screaming, all that does is make me want to cry right along with him! He has been loving everytime I get on the floor with him though, he knows I’ll play and read books with him. Everytime I hear him say “hi” or give me a hug makes me so happy!

Fright Night – favorite scary book of film

I am not much of a scary film person, but as far as scary books there’s a great short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman called “The Yellow Wall-Paper” we read it for one of my English courses in school and it was so hauntingly beautiful that it became one of my favorites!

Halloween Candy – favorite thing to eat

I love PASTA! After years of being in a house with a father who has described himself as “meat and potatoes” type of guy, I have found myself branching out of that lifestyle and want almost every carbs you can find on this planet! The only second thing I am addicted to is dark chocolate!

Scarves – your autumn ‘must have’ accessory

I don’t really wear any accessories when I go out, but I do believe having great nails is a must! For fall, I think any color you see on the trees of the changing season is a nice touch. My favorites are gray, red and a vibrant yellow that would clearly match the petals of a sunflower!

Fire – a book or film that burns your soul

Hmmm, I’ll go with the movie first, I think The Hours wins the top spot! It is the story of three women in three different time periods going through life. It is a very sad film. It even brought out some very negative thoughts for me, but after I released those feelings, I changed emotionally and mentally, it was very weird but obviously it must have been what I needed at that time and I didn’t even know it!

Now for the book, this is going to sound weird yet again, but at the time I read this, I was still adamant about the fact that rockstars don’t deserve to or fall in life. Yeah, I know, that’s a bit harsh! After I began reading Olivia Cunning’s series Sinners On Tour, starting with Backstage Pass, I really came around that I was being very mean to the whole music genre and I saw their humanity, even if they were all fictional characters, they felt real to me because there are probably a lot of musicians dealing with the same things too.

Toffee Apples – a book or film that seems one thing but really has a different inside

I think when everyone watches superhero movies, they are either a giant fan of the comic book characters and look for the things that make them fall in love with that character, but when I watched X-Men: First Class I didn’t have all of that information, I just had what was given during the previous X-Men films of Charles Xavier and Erik. So, when I was watching this one, I got to see Magneto’s point of view on being proud of your differences, and for me this was very big because I grew up always wanting to be like everyone else and never loving me who I was, so it was really eye opening as a person with a disability.

I am finished! I am also not going to tag anyone special for this. If you want to do it, you can, as long as you link me back to your post so I can read answers! I hope you have enjoyed today’s post!

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Milk Chocolate Oreo Bark


Howdy folks!

So you’ve heard about the cookies, now I get to talk about the chocolate bark!

Now before I get too into this post, I have to say, we’ve never made anything from scratch–my nana and I–we mostly use the packaged stuff mostly because that doesn’t require much from us or anything else! I’ve always wanted to make food and/or desserts from scratch though, I watch Food Network all the time and they kind of inspire that side of me to go into my nana’s kitchen and learn to make things homemade, but unfortunately I’m too short to reach the oven and she even has trouble using her stove!

I kept seeing things on TV about how easy it is to make chocolate bark via the microwave, so I thought it was doable between my nana and I knew she wouldn’t go to use a double boiler to melt a bowl of chocolate! I thought about it for maybe three months and then I finally said something to her about it at the end of November and she thought it was a good idea and something new to put inside the goody bags too!


Things you will need:

  • 1 bag of chocolate chips
  • 1 package of Oreos
  • Cookie sheet
  • Wax paper
  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Spatula
  • Microwavable bowls

We had my mom go to the store a few days before and I guess she couldn’t find Nestle milk chocolate chips, so that’s why you can’t find them in the picture above! I missed it, I couldn’t get it all in one shot! Sorry about that!

I gave my nana different recipes for the two variations of bark we were going to do, but don’t get too excited here! Like I had mentioned in the cookie post on Monday, my poor nana had fallen in the middle of the night and by the time we were doing this, she was very sore and had been dealing with some back spasms so the fact we managed to get through this one was a damn miracle!

Anyways, the Oreo bark originally asks for white chocolate chips but I thought that since we were going to use the white chocolate for the peppermint bark then maybe we could use milk chocolate chips instead! I’m leaving the original recipe here if you want to read it word-by-word but it’s honestly pretty easy! We decided to do the prep before we went to the melting stage, so we put half of the Oreos into a Ziploc baggy and closed it up before I grabbed a mallet that my papaw used to scare us with as kids, he used to ask us if we had a spanking lately! Anyways, it was very heavy but I felt like Thor as I managed to lift upright and crush the cookies to smaller pieces! It was quite fun actually!


It said to crush them so that they’re coarse but I still wanted everyone to taste the Oreos and “cream” inside so I deliberately left a few big chunks here and there!


After I got the cookies crushed, we moved on to the actual chocolate and my nana had to do this because I’m sure if I would have done it, the bowl would have flipped over and the chocolate would have landed on the floor!

We were fairly confused on what to do about the chocolate because it said to measure 1 cup. We put it into our bowl and you’re supposed to follow the directions on the back of the package on how long to melt them in the microwave, which I’ve always heard on Food Network is that you put it in for 30 seconds and then stir it around to get it melted better and if it needs to melt some more, you put it back in for another 30 seconds. Well, the package said 60 seconds and by the fifth time nana took it out of the microwave we realized that maybe the bag was right. When we got to the second cup, we put it in for the correct time! My fault!


Once we got to this point, I think it’s fair to say my nana was over it. When she put our first batch of melted chocolate out on the cookie sheet, we put the Oreos on top of it, but then for the second she just poured the chocolate into the crumbs and that seemed to work better than what we had done the first time around…

When we were finished with everything and it was all into the sheet, we put it into refrigerator for about an hour or so! Somehow we managed to distract ourselves enough to not mess with it. When my Aunt Laurie came down, she brought her batch of peppermint bark and chocolate covered pretzels and she and nana stacked all three treats together with some parchment paper and some red yarn and put some in everyone’s goody bags! Everybody seemed to love the crap out of them which made me really happy, but I think I will never get nana to do this again!

So, are you a homemade or pre-cooked type of person? Should I suggest to fudge next year? 


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Favorite Halloween Candy!



This post was inspired by a fellow blogger friend of mine, Missamrunaway and her blog post ideas for autumn! We are getting ever so closer to one of my favorite holidays: HALLOWEEN! I’ll be honest I loved Halloween as a kid and I love it as an adult, but hated it as a teenager and that was probably because when you’re a teenager you think you’re too old to dress up and go around your neighborhood asking for candy. When I was 21 though, I snapped right out of that and somehow convinced my mom to let us go around our grandparent’s neighborhood as it’s kind of out in the open. I think my mom kind of got a kick of the fact that her daughters wanted to dress up and go trick or treating again. I was a punky ballerina and Blondie was a witch. We walked around with our cousin Kristi too and we all managed to come home with a fairly good amount of candy for all four of us!

I don’t remember going out a lot, because our Halloweens have always been really cold! One year, we lived out along the road with barely any neighbors and it was also pouring down rain that night too, so our mom came up with this idea. She knew how bad we wanted to have candy, so she decided to take an idea from our Easter traditions like hiding the eggs for us to find, but instead of finding painted eggs we had to find the candy that was hidden in our living room. Surprisingly I enjoyed this a lot better because I was always so shy to go up to somebody’s door and say trick or treat. This only lasted for one year but I thought it was pretty clever for my mom to come up with it.

I’m getting a little off subject.. I happen to like a LOT of different candies. I’m a little bit like my dad in a way because I love a lot more fruity/sour candies like he does, but my true love is basically chocolate! I’m going to list everything from favorite to least favorite.

Nestle’s Crunch Bar
I’ve always loved a good crunch bar. From a young kid, we’d get those lunchables from the store and I always the fact that inside the pizza ones there wa a bite size crunch bar. It was hard as a rock, but it was delicious!

Dum Dum Pops
I love suckers! Especially these types of suckers. When my sister and I were kids and would sit in the backseat while our mom and nana would go to the bank, they’d give us each a sucker! We lived for these days I swear! My favorite flavors are: cherry, watermelon, orange, Club Soda, raspberry, and sour apple!

Creme Savers 

I came across these a long time ago!! I’ve never been a big fan of the flavor strawberry and cream together. However, either they had a commercial with these babies and I decided to go for it, but I think I think somebody else must’ve shared one with me and ever since I was a little obsessed! I’ve tried to get my mom to find them on CVS a few times over the years but I don’t think anybody sells them anymore.

Trolli Sour Gummi Worms
I love both kinds of gummi worms, but I think the sour ones are my ultimate favorite! I remember getting them as part of my birthday present from one of my favorite evening nurses at Shriner’s and I’ve never been able to get them for my birthday, at least I don’t think so!

These are another childhood favorite that I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of, they’re soft and suble. They’re weren’t sour or too sweet, just perfect the way they are.

Hershey’s Kisses:
This is another childhood favorite of mine, but I’d rather have the dark chocolate than the milk chocolate. Blame it on my papaw! It’s his fault, he’s the one that converted me. If I remember correctly he’s also the one that introduced us to the Kisses too! I could be wrong though!

Jolly Ranchers
My dad and I are a big of both life savers and jolly ranchers. I think it’s because they’re a little bit more sour and since their rectangle shaped they kind of last a little bit longer too!

Kit Kat
I am such a fan of Kit Kat’s. I the soft crunch of it the most. I don’t really remember how my love for it started but it might have something to do with as kids my mom would steal all of the Reece’s out of our bags before we even got a chance to eat one and Kit Kat’s were the next best thing?

This is another favorite between my dad and I. This is also my go-to while we’re at the theaters! My favorite flavors are cherry, raspberry and lemon!

Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups
I do love Reece’s. I can’t have a bunch of them because there’s chance my mother will steal the bag! I love the whole thing of peanut butter and chocolate together, it’s amazing!

I love Twix, this was another alternative of a Snickers because I can no longer have those. I actually love the cookie underneath chocolate and caramel. I recently tried the peanut butter one and I have to say, the production company ruined the candy bar! It’s disgusting!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t had one of these in a long time but they’re still good. This is another favorite flavor combination of mine: chocolate and mint. This one was started my grandparents on my dad’s side.

I like M&M’s, but mostly the mini’s and I recently tried the crispy kind. It’s like they have a mini version of a rice krispy treat inside of them! I think those were better than any other kind! Except maybe the mint ones!

Ferrero Rocher
These are dangerous little beasts! I had these for the first time either last winter or the year before. One of the women my mom works with offered a three pack to us and I decided to take them. She fed me the first two and OMG! It was so amazing! I really like hazelnuts and chocolate together. I really need to get a package of them soon!

Butterfinger Bites
Do they still make these? I remember the late 90’s I was obsessed with these! And then they messed with the recipe and I’ve had a hard time finding that love for them again.

What is your favorite candy as a kid and/or adult?

Another Easter Weekend!


I have to start this post off by saying that my dad finally took his bike out of his building early last week!! It was a very good day especially since he’s been feeling pretty awful lately. We’d been hearing the motorcycles out and about since the 25th, and I think he was kind of jealous that everybody has been out riding and he hadn’t, so while he was outside (working on the lawn mower, from what he told me!) I kept hearing a “vroom vroom” from the backyard and it was a LOT louder than the others that race down the road. After he moved it out of the shed, he came inside and into my room, opened the door and said to me “it’s alive! It’s alive!” in a very giddy voice! I couldn’t figure out which one of us was more excited that he got it out! Of course before leaving my room, he said he was going to take it around the block. An hour later, my mom came home from work. I was half tempted to text her beforehand with “you’re gonna happy” and not answer her if she texted me back. She was happy, it didn’t take her long to get changed from work clothes to a T-shirt, jeans and biker boots.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Tuesday night, while my dad was out playing pool. My mom brought Stormy into my room. He spent his time going back and forth between my bed, to the floor where his bowl of food was, and by the door. While he was napping though, I looked over at him and as he was tilting his head back, I thought he was going to tip back and land straight on his head. So I put my foot out in case, a few seconds later he did lose his balance but quickly got it back before hitting the floor. He used my foot as leverage to get back up, but before lying down again he came right up to my hands and I got to bend down and hug him. It was like his little “thank you” gesture! It was so sweet!

My Easter weekend didn’t start until Thursday night. I found two concerts on the Pollandia channel, Ellie Gouding at Wireless last year and a London Live show of Backstreet Boys. It was a BSB kind of weekend for me. I had that to tape and I also had it set to record their documentary film on VH1 Friday night. I had to rearrange my normal routine as my Mysteries At The Museum came back on the Travel Channel that night as well! I finally finished the movie Saturday morning while everybody was still asleep. Saturday was my nana’s birthday, I had a late night Friday night so I was still awake by midnight and I decided to make a big ole status for her than just posting something on her wall. She seemed to enjoy the message. I’m happy that I posted it when I did because I was asleep all morning long and my afternoon consisted of being around a hyper two-year old and a bunch of goofy adults!

It’s midnight that means it’s my nana’s birthday. I usually like hearing my phone go off around this time from certain family members and reading their cute little notes, but I’m pretty sure she would freak out if she got two or three text messages in the middle of the night to find out they’re not emergency texts, however she might be okay with the fact that Adam Lambert would be singing, but knowing that alone, she’d probably think he was singing to her in her dream instead! I hope you have a good and relaxing day! I love you

Before the fun stuff happened Saturday afternoon, my Uncle Shawn came over with his new car. It’s a 2009 Challenger in red and black. It’s gorgeous! My mom and I hadn’t seen it up close yet, I was outside visiting with the cats and enjoying the beautiful weather. When he pulled up, I hollered for my mom. Shawn showed it off to us and took my mom for a drive. I’ve already been told by my dad that the next time I get to go! You remember last year, we had a fun time over at the barn for Easter activities. We didn’t have a Pinata, but we did have a huge Easter egg hunt in our neighbor’s yard. Sammy and her boyfriend Alex hid all of the eggs around a vast space. Rusty and a neighbor kid Cody hid some of the eggs on top of the trees for the older kids. When it came time to go and find them, I think we had six kids in all and everybody just scattered! Chevy and I were going to share a basket of plastic eggs with candies inside of them! Each kid was to have 23 eggs in their baskets. I only wanted the Krabby Patties gummies. I’ve never been into the chocolate bunnies, eggs, or peeps! Yucky!

After it was over with, we went into the garage to eat. Chevy was more concerned about her eggs though! As soon as we were inside, I was the one who had ahold of her basket because she wanted to ride on the back of my wheelchair. So I was on candy duty. She was so cute! She started unwrapping the chocolates and I tried to stop her but it didn’t work. She did give me a mini chocolate egg after she had unwrapped it, I gave it back to her and she ate it. I think she felt bad that I hadn’t had one yet, so she opened another chocolate candy, this time it was a mini Reese’s cup and just stuffed it in my mouth. Sammy finally got her attention with her plate of food and I finally got a chance to eat mine. It was honestly a big feast, our normal Sunday dinner but on a Saturday. Once I was done eating, Chevy realized there was bubbles. My inner child was alive again! However, I had to push her aside and became a little helper. I’m extremely hands on with Chevy, and she is mature, but goofy after a while. She likes to help out with me as much as she can, but we were worried she’d spill the bottle of bubbles all over the floor and be sliding all over the place! So I put my feet around it to keep it steady, she put the wand by my mouth to let me blow a few times but I was so afraid the bubbles would go right in her eyes so I didn’t do it too much!

I woke up Sunday around noon I think. I know, that’s not good! I was up earlier than that but I managed to go back to sleep around 9:30am. I don’t know why I didn’t just stay up! Anyways, I knew what we were doing that day since all of our Easter stuff had been planned for a few weeks on my nana’s birthday my mom felt bad that we didn’t spend it with her. So as she was on lunch Sunday, yeah she had to work both days and still managed to do everything she did this past weekend! So my mom, Blondie, and I went over there so they could do her errands, only to find out that the stores were closed because of the holiday. The visit wasn’t a bust though because while my mom was at work–well technically on her lunch break! She felt bad that she hadn’t made her a cake so she got her a cute little cactus plant. She also got Blondie and I Easter baskets. You’d think we’d be too old for these things? I’m not, I’m still a kid at heart! So she and another nurse she works with got like four baskets (two for Chevy and Chey) and they helped decorate them. I got a little orange basket with a scented vanilla bunny (which had my room smelling like a latte and cupcakes all at the same time!), different chocolate candies and jellybeans, plus two different pairs of socks! I was pretty happy about that!

When we came home from my nana’s, my mom took a nap. I stayed in my room, editing what little pictures we managed to take this time. My mom just decided to take video of the egg hunt and I can’t put it on here, so that’s why I’m not including it in this post. Saturday night I found out that HBO was airing that Frank Sinatra documentary Sunday night and they had premiered Jersey Boys that night. So I recorded both of those and then later on that night I found two episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? that I hadn’t seen yet. Sunday night in the garage was a little boring, I’m pretty sure everybody was still exhausted from the day before! Sammy found four Chinese lanterns and we lit them up as it got darker outside. They were really pretty as they were floating up in the sky! I think we only stayed for an hour or two, before heading home to ChiChi and the cats.

Blondie and her baby Bear-Bear
Blondie and her baby Bear-Bear

My baby Stormy.
My baby Stormy.

Look how cute he is!
Look how cute he is!

My nana's catus that my mom got her Sunday, as a belated birthday present.
My nana’s cactus that my mom got her Sunday, as a belated birthday present.

Fighting The Cravings

For some reason, I’ve been having a big craving for granola bars. I’ve been seeing a lot of ads on my TV for the past month about them and I guess my stomach has just decided it’s time to get some yourself. Besides these yummy looking bars popping up on my screen. I’ve been thinking a lot more on eating healthy foods. At 9am I watch ths show on Cooking Network on the weekdays, its called Healthy Appetide and it’s a very good show. About half of everything the chef Ellie makes looks good. I’d like to start eating right, but I don’t make food for myself so I think that’s why it’s always a thought in my mind and nothing more.

I don’t drink water and I rarely drink any juice. I’m a soda addict. I’ve always been this way since I was a kid. Even though soda has always been my number one choice at school, it was either juice or milk. Thank god for chocolate milk. Wasn’t a big fan of regular milk or stawberry milk. I only had regular milk in some of my cereals. I normally don’t have milk in my cereals. I think around my Juinor year I stopped having breakfast in the morning altogether. I’ve been told all my life, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My thought after hearing that was always, well if you made the first five to ten minutes of school less important I might actually want to eat. I’m serious that was my thoughts about it. I did love to eat Pop-Tarts and Granola Bars, but the bus was usually quick or we were late to begin with. It was never in our favor.

I know everytime I think of changing my diet to heathly stuff it usually goes in one ear and out the other. It’s not that I want to lose weight, because in my case that isn’t an option. If I lose weight I’ll seriously look sicker than most. It probably won’t help that both my legs and arms are skinny as hell. I just want to eat better. I drink pop night and day. It’s more the flavor thing, if it still has the same flavor after a while I’ll drink it. It has to last, and most juices don’t do the trick. Especially at night. I say this now, but once next week comes along with Cooking Network’s Chocolate Covered Week. Everything will be out the door in no time at all. I think it’ll always be just a thought.