Flesh And Blood — Part Four


When I last left off in part three, it was at the last hour of Chloe and Hank’s wedding reception. Different things have started to unfold on Chloe’s almost ruined day. If you have read “Little Liar” then you know what’s going on. If you haven’t, you need to catch up! I’m still surprised I’m even considering to continuing this awful but quite hilarious story with you all. Enjoy part four!

I couldn’t believe that I was sitting next to my older sister, trying to comfort her at her time of need. It was my wedding day and I was drunk off my rocker but yet I still showed my heart and caring ways. So did my newly husband, who after seeing Brenda crying her eyes out about discovering the truth of her cheating husband. Things became clear that things were about to get a lot worse. I thought it was best for Brenda to leave the reception early and take herself and my nieces home before things got too out of control to keep them blinded by the scenes that were come as the night came to an end.

Brenda dried her tears the best she could and put on a brave face when she gathered her daughters, with the help of our younger sister Claire, who also agreed to go home with her to help with the girls for the night. Claire brought all four girls towards me to get my last hugs before they left and as they put on their coats, they asked where their daddy was, and it was hard to break it to them, but I knew one day they would know about it and that is Brenda’s responsibility, not mine. Thank god! Brenda finished making her rounds and as she said her last goodbye to me and hoped that our honeymoon ends up being better than the reception, things became real again. Those worries, creeped up again. Will Hank ever go so low to actually cheat on me? Will I have to tell our children while it still breaks me apart inside? I couldn’t imagine Brenda’s pain for her daughters, but I could imagine the pain that Hank was inducing on John right about now.

After Brenda, Claire and the girls were leaving the venue. I rushed back to the outside of the reception hall. I had to make sure I found Hank and Levi, and hope they weren’t too bloody to come back to the reception. I remembered thinking of all kinds of things I’ve been wanting to tell John since I first found him cheating on my sister, but for once I was at totally loss for words. I had turned into a narrow hallway, and passing me was the waiter that I saw before the whole started and asked him, where the two angry men were and surprisingly he knew exactly who I was talking about. He pointed straight and turn to my left and there was a door, they were in there. Great! It’s one thing that Hank and groomsmen were already fired up, but now that they were in an actual room with a door that could possibly lock, scared me a little. I’ve seen Hank get mad before and he’s drank some tonight. John would be lucky if I actually get there in time to save his sorry ass. I ran down the hall as fast as I could before turning and finding the door. I could hear the grunts of pain and I instantly knocked on the door, hoping for a reply back. Five seconds later, one of Hank’s groomsmen, Blake opened the door with a grin and said,

“Hello Chloe, uh, Hank is a little busy, anything I can help you with?

“No Blake, just let me in!” Chloe said back to the fairly large guy standing behind the door. “You know I can’t let you do that.” Blake said, Chloe thought about it for a second and then said back to him, “Okay, I’ll give you deal if you don’t let me in, I will tell your mother that you are planning on going to the new strip club that just opened four blocks from your apartment on your 18th birthday.” It took Blake a minute to stand aside of the door and let Chloe’s outrageously large gown in the small, occupied room. “Sorry dude, she was going to bust me!” Hank lifted up his muscular body to show me small splatter of blood on his white shirt. John’s nose was definitely broken and he definitely had a pretty good swollen right eye. However, the look of sorrow and forgiveness was very clear to see. “Chloe, you know I’d never meant to hurt Brenda. It just happened and I couldn’t control myself.” John pleaded to Chloe, but who he really needed to be begging to was Brenda, but since she was with the girls. Chloe had to act as a supporting actress and answer for her hurt sister.

“You know what John, I don’t know if my sister will or should forgive you. You had every chance to stop the mess you started and had every right to be the bigger man and tell her the truth. I regret not telling her about the time Claire and I saw you down the street picking that girl up with flowers. I think Hank should have told her that he seen you flirting with some girl at the bar. You had every chance in the world, but yet you never did a single thing to help yourself or your marriage to your wife. Now saying that, I wouldn’t go home first. I’d go to the hospital instead and I’d stay there for a while, because you know my step father is going to want to break your neck as well.”

John gulped, because even though Hank was a huge guy and could have killed him, he knows somebody has already called dibs on his sorry ass. It was only a matter of time before the word spread and all hell would break loose. Two other of Hank’s groomsmen grabbed John’s arms and stood him up. He was weak from the fight with Hank and bleeding like a river flowing down a stream. He had a lot to think about before he faced his faults and the wrath of Brenda. If our step dad doesn’t kill him, Chloe was pretty sure Brenda was prepared of going all Carrie Underwood on him. This time it was a 4×4 pick up truck, this was a Benz instead. Chloe was just tempted on passing on her honeymoon and stay behind to watch it all in place. She figured it would be more entertaining than watching Hank get chased by a bunch of seagulls at the beach.┬áLove is a crazy emotion. It can come at you at an instant, but in that same instant it can also disappear.

To be Continued!