Vloggers That I Love #4


I am so happy that I brought this series back because it seems everybody has been enjoying the last one a lot, so I figured it was time to come back for another post. This time we will be talking about family orientated YouTube channels. I have been loving these types of channels mostly because even though it’s usually a small fraction of their lives being recorded for us, they’re always so fun and interesting. I really look forward to a new vlog every week!

Now as much as this will be discussing the family side of these people, I really picked them for the fact that they’re all mothers but you get to see their interests in various things than besides their children. I was going to only list two for this post to keep up with my list, but I thought the last one fits better with this post than having to give it to another theme. Here are the channels that I think you should check out next!

Natalie Bennett | lifestyle + motherhood

Natalie has a second channels that includes her husband an their whole families. However, for this post, we are only highlighting her main channel. There are similarities to both of them as the kids: Liam, Judah, and Hailey are featured in several of her videos. I mean, you can’t expect her to turn off that part of her life. She does a lot of fun videos that include them right into the theme, like holidays, homeschooling, food, and even her daily routines.

As far as the lifestyle part, the term itself means “anything goes” so she does talk about beauty, fashion, health, and God. She’s had some issues with her health for the past few years, that involves her stomach, mostly it’s her GI tract and the woman has had a lot of changes in her diet between having to go both vegan and gluten-free at the same time. I mean, that in general is usually a choice you make on your own, but for some people it was recommended by your doctors. We haven’t had a proper update about her progress in a while so I hope she is doing better!

One of the things that I was surprised I wasn’t turned off about was the fact that both channels talk about their relationships with God. They do not shove it down your throat, but it does come up quite a bit in their vlogs. If you watch her morning routine video, you get a piece of it as she likes to take time out in the mornings to read sections of the Bible and incorporate it into her outlook of the day. I think because she has such a soft voice that whenever she does talk about her religion, it’s almost comforting and the fact that the kids want to learn about it is really cute too!

Megan Fox Unlocked | millennial, Mennonite & mom.

Now, if you’re thinking the actress Megan Fox made one heck of a life change, you’re wrong! This Megan Fox was born as a Mennonite in Pennsylvania. She lives a basically normal life, as she is a wife and mother of two: Evonne and Fletcher.

When I found this channel, I was a bit stunned but I really feel like I wasn’t the only one that has discovered her in the recent year or so! She has a whole video talking about others assumptions of what it is to be a Mennonite. It really did help at figuring out her way of life. For the most part, I’ve been around the Amish community, but hadn’t met anyone as a Mennonite until 2016. There are differences between the two, so before you go all judgmental, you need to really see her channel for yourself.

In a lot of ways, Megan and Natalie have a lot in common than besides their views in religion and motherhood, Megan also has a really nice voice. She doesn’t talk too fast or too quiet. She just seems like she wants to be your friend really, as she’ll give you some great tips about various things, such as decorating. I have grown to love those types of videos in the last month or so! She loves fashion, and the fact that she knows how to sew, she likes to make a lot of her own skirts and dresses, and even some household items like curtains too!

SparklyFamilyVlogs | teen parents of 3 living in Hawaii

The final YouTube family I love to watch is SparklyFamilyVlogs! Liola and her husband Na’ia are in their early twenties, parents to three beautiful, blond babies: twin boys Kekai and Koda, who have to be around four and daughter Everleigh who is under the age of two I think. They all live in Hawaii. Liola is a stay-at-home mom. They are basically homeschooling the children and they all live a vegan lifestyle.

How I managed to find them was interesting, because I think I was watching a vlog about a vegan dish and their newest video was on my right side, calling to me basically! I clicked it and was immediately curious about one of their sons, because they were running around behind their mama Liola, I wasn’t able to get a good look at the front of this child but I could see a familiar feature of the shoulders. They looked exactly like mine!

Little Koda has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia too. No, I haven’t messaged them yet, I want to, but I don’t to overstep any boundaries so I’m still thinking about my approach before I go making a mess of myself! One of the reasons why I love watching their videos is because of him. He is so brave and living life to the fullest. Actually, the vlog I watched showed him trying to climb a tree with his brother. Koda can walk, he just can’t extend his arms, they’re bent at the elbow like mine. So, the fact that he basically walked on the bottom part of the tree was good enough for him. He was just excited to get that far I think! Liola is very nervous about him and how she’ll have to explain the differences and struggles to him and his siblings as they get older, but I think she and Na’ia will be just fine in the long run.

Before I go, I wanted to say that I didn’t think all of these families had more things than one in common with each other! I knew about the homeschooling and religion parts but it’s crazy to see it all written out in front of me! I know what I like, and that is an authentic sense of family even if it is on YouTube. They’re not bragging about the money that they could be gaining with their sponsored items, every vlog is like you’re hanging out with your best friend and since I can’t physically get out to be with my friends, this is enough for me!

Are you a fan of family YouTube channels? Do you watch any of the ones I mentioned above? If you have a favorite, please share them with me in the comments!

Non-Disney | Hanna-Barbera



I’ve been wanting to write about this for a few months now, as I have been trying to generate new ideas for this specific series, Hanna-Barbera has been at the top of the list! The cartoons that came out of that production studio in the late 1960’s until sometime in the 1990’s, they merged with Warner Brothers, was at the heart of my mom’s childhood. Once Blondie and I were allowed to watch something else than besides Barney (shut up!) she basically showed us a number of animated shows she used to watch a child, and what’s funny is now that we’re much older, we still like watching a couple of those shows!

I had to look up all of the shows I’ve seen since I was about seven years old, and I literally counted up 11 different series! For this post though, I’m only discussing the ones that I currently watch on TV right now, and unfortunately Cartoon Network no longer shows the good stuff, but in light of that, there’s another channel specifically for the older animated shows like the ones below and some that came out in the early 2000’s that are over, and it’s called Boomerang!


I absolutely love Scooby-Doo! I still get excited whenever I see the gang all over stores, on children’s clothing, food, watches. It’s nice to see that it is still alive and well for the newer generations. My mom used to tape the marathons on TV while we were at school, so when we came home, we’d sit in the living room, eating our snack on the floor while watching old school Scooby-Doo! I think she was happy that we were interested in something she loved as a young girl too.

My favorite series are the actual “Where Are You” series, honestly because I like the early 70’s getup, and fake laughing audience in the background. If you’re a true fan, you know Shaggy was a stoner and it wasn’t the name that gave you that realization; between the fact that he and Scooby were ALWAYS hungry but the way he was dressed, he was the definition of a 1970’s world peace, free love, weed loving, dude! Now Fred looked the part with mainly the bright orange scarf or whatever was around his neck, but you could never tell whether or not, he liked to smoke a few blunts too! You just wished that he’d come out and say that he and Daphne were a couple! For anyone who hasn’t watched the most recent remake of the show, apparently they’ve made Velma and Shaggy into a couple. How do you feel about that?

I also enjoy the movies, mostly the ones that came out in late 90’s and early 00’s, so like Scooby-Doo, and The Witch’s Ghost, Scooby-Doo, on Zombie Island and Scooby-Doo, and The Alien Invaders. There is one film that came out in 1988 called Scooby-Doo and The Ghoul School. It is about Shaggy, Scooby and his little (brave) nephew Scrappy-Doo become volleyball coaches at a spooky ghoul school full of young daughters of different and infamous characters, like Dracula, Werewolf, and a Mummy. I love it dearly, but I think my favorite feature about is the fact you can tell that it’s an old film, despite only coming out roughly 29 years ago!

Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry is another beloved show by my mother and I, we can still watch certain skits and laugh our butts off! Poor Blondie can’t watch it, and it’s not because she doesn’t have cable TV, it’s because our first cat Oliver, killed her first hamster literally a week after we came home from Florida in 2003.

Boomerang actually plays more Tom & Jerry than any of the other shows. The older series will air like two hours worth of the show in the middle of the afternoon and if you need a good chill out moment, it’s a nice show to kick back and watch for a while. One of the interesting things is that back in 1990, they did a remake but creating the main characters in their younger selves. What was even cuter though was they dressed Tom in overalls and stripped shirt with a little hat, while Jerry only had a medium sized red bow around his neck. They were so adorable, but I’ll be honest I don’t think we ever watched these episodes, because as I’ve been watching them now as an adult, my joy is genuine! What’s even better is that my little nephew Nolan enjoys watching it too.

The Smurfs

They’ve started playing an hour worth of The Smurfs in the mornings, so whenever my mom goes to work, I usually try to stay an hour afterwards to watch the episodes. They began airing the show I think at the beginning of August and either they’re only allowed to play a small selection or they never really created more than 10 episodes, because I’ve seen the same ones more than twice.

I have tried to watch the live-action movies, but I’ve never really been interested in them. They look the same and the adventures seem fun, and using Hank Azaria for the villain, Gargamel was brilliant! I do like the fact that they’re trying to get younger generations into the characters as well! The smurfs themselves are adorable, I love their names and how they all act around each other. I feel bad for Brainy everytime he tries to take center stage on certain things, the rest of the clan just throw him out.

The Flintstones

These last two are also new additions to the channel’s daily schedule. I was very happy to see that they were going to put The Flintstones back on the air, they were also another family favorite for my sister and I. We, like every other child, took the Flintstones vitamins before getting to school in the mornings, and everybody usually wanted a “Dino” or “Wilma” because they tasted the best and didn’t leave a chalky taste afterwards. I feel sort of to the kids that get to have the gummies now and don’t have to endure the grape-y taste of rock pieces throughout their mouth.  Oh, and I enjoy Cocoa Pebbles and milk in the mornings now as an adult…

Since both The Flintstones and The Jetsons are much older than the others on my list, my mom and her siblings, watched the original and a couple of the remakes, especially The Pebbles and Bam-Bam Show. This was the one time I remember watching the squeals and loving it just as the first one. I actually love watching the movies too! I feel like my favorite is The Flintstones (1994) when John Goodman played Fred Flintstone, which I thought was just perfect casting!

The Jetsons

Something that I thought was weird is that the creators at Hanna-Barbera productions obviously had a fascination with both the future and prehistoric times. Both The Flintstones and The Jetsons were aired in the same year so that has always made me giggle in a way because you have to think one is about having flying cars and robots, and cars made out of rocks, logs and animal skin and using dinosaurs to help you do the simplest of things!

I do love the show! And I have enjoyed the crossover episodes and movies. Everybody freaks out when the Arrowerse collides the week before they go on their Christmas break, but as a kid of the 80’s or 90’s, seeing these two shows mixing their realities was very cool!

I know Hanna-Barbera created a few more other shows, one of which was The Adventures Of Popeye and I do remember watching some of those specials but not as much as I would have put them on the list above. Honestly, we were encouraged by everyone in our families to check out something on television that was aired before our time, most of the time we had grown to enjoy them, but I actually took them pretty easily.

If you can think of any others that were made by HB throughout the 60’s to 80’s, let me know I’d like to know what you enjoyed as well.


Blogmas | Dear Santa Claus



My nana found this letter as she was going through her things back at the house in February. It was in the large stack of papers of things she couldn’t part with, and I decided to take pictures of it in case I wanted to use it for this year’s blogmas. The date on it says “1997” which means I was roughly six or seven years old and probably in first grade, so I was only starting to write with my feet. We weren’t taught how to do cursive until second grade and as you will see, my foot-writing is less than impressive to what I’m known to do now.

We had an old home video of our Christmases, and there was a tape that showed my reaction when I was probably four or five years old. I was obsessed with Barney. I remember I got like 4 things that had Barney on it. So I had a lamp, two different sized stuffed Barneys, and a blanket. This had to be the same Christmas, Blondie and I were given this soft lounge chair; it was of Simba and I imagine we fought like crazy to sit in it because somebody had to get another one. It wasn’t of Simba or any other Disney character, but it was still in the animal category. We had those well into our preteens actually!


Another thing I was obsessed with, were the Olsen twins. It was absolutely insane! I know I’ve already written a post about how bad it was, but it’s nice to know that this letter proves how much I loved them! Funnily enough, three years later it was all about Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Once I hit a certain point, my ultimate favorite gift to receive were CDs. It was on my list every year, even after I got into using my iPod, I would still ask for physical CDs and gift cards if they were going to Walmart to purchase the records. What really gets me is the middle of the suggestions is “scissors to cut paper”. First of all I was never allowed to use the scissors, hell I cannot use them because of the placements of my toes. So the fact that my mom didn’t even try to talk me out of it, is actually pretty hilarious!

If you’ve ever read a child’s letter to Santa Claus, one thing you’ll notice is that they never want to add clothes and tend to get pretty ticked off if Santa brings them any, but once we get older, our directions change. For girls, we do look forward to receiving clothes, we’re just praying that “Santa” picks us something that we generally like and nothing that “he’d” like to see us in. I think one of my favorites to get now are socks! I really enjoy fuzzy socks, they’re a little quirky but soft and easy to put on by myself! Leggings are fun to give as a gift, but I feel like whoever decides to get me another pair, needs to take a look into my closet to see what all matches the shirts before they make their decision. I have so many leggings that hardly go with any of my tops.

A few weeks ago, I posted a question on my personal Facebook page about what they used to ask Santa Claus for when they were children and now that they’re older, what they’re asking for now. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! Some of the responses that answered for when they were younger were a pony, easy bake oven, video games, baby dolls and action figures. Now they want a day spent around with family, cooking pans, loyalty (which I thought was interesting!) experiences and something we’ve already discussed: socks! Apparently I’m not alone in my love of them.


Do you remember anything you wanted to get from Santa Claus when you were a kid? What would you like from Santa now that you’re older? 



Movies I Want To See | January-June 2017



So I am back with my “Coming Soon” movie post that I’ll be doing twice this year! Now that we’ve entered 2017, it’s perfectly fine at looking ahead of the films that will be able to check out! I personally love doing these posts, but it gave me something to look forward to complete throughout the whole year! I was really disappointed in myself of how many new films I checked out in 2015, that when I decided to pick out different ones I wanted to see for 2016, I made it my mission to at least watch more than the five or six movies I had seen between both 2014 and 2015 alone!

I am still missing only a few that were included on the second half post, which I figured I would since I had added a lot of films from October to December, even I knew I wouldn’t go out to see them. For 2017, I tried to shorten my list but that didn’t necessarily work out well for me!

Underworld: Blood Wars – Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, and Charles Dance (January 6th)

This was a film that I was hoping would come out around October 2016. I saw some advertisements that it was originally supposed to come out this past year, but it got switched to an early January release, hence the early postage!

I really love this series despite the fact that my love of vampires is losing my interest. I can not have this one my list though! My dad is even looking forward to this sucker too!

Sleepless – Jamie Foxx, T.I., Michelle Monaghan, Dermont Mulroney (January 13)

I saw this and I immediately thought of both Takers and Triple 9, but I have to say that even though the themes are the same I am still looking forward to it. I really do have a weakness to action based movies like this so there may be many remakes of these films as long as the action is the shit, I’ll continue to watch them!

The Comedian – Robert De Niro, Leslie Mann, Danny DeVito (January 13)

You know, I really hate “dirty comedy” as I like to call it. I’m old school, I just like regular, non-sexual, or offensive (well a little is okay in my book!) and I’m hoping that this film, mostly because Robert De Niro is in it that it’s too, too bad.

xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage – Vin Disel, Samuel L. Jackson, Nina Dobrev, and Ruby Rose (January 20)

When I heard about this film and finally saw the trailer, I was like is it even worth watching it?

I don’t know anything about it, so if there are two other films of the series than I’m going to have to watch them but then again I don’t. I mean, I didn’t even watch the Iron Man, Thor, and/or Caption America films before I watched The Avengers and look how addicted to that I am!

Split – James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jessica Sula, and Haley Lu Richardson (January 20)

Now this is a film that I am extremely interested in seeing, even though I know it’ll just scare the living shit out of me!

I saw this trailer and thought, Blondie is going to love this! I texted her that night about it, telling her she needed to see the trailer – she had already seen it and had it on her list too! It comes out 3 days shy of her birthday!

A Dog’s Purpose – Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, and Britt Richardson (January 27)

Surprisingly, this is the only “G” film on my list for the first six months of 2017. I thought it was cute and interesting how these dog breeds go to different people and it kind of explores reincarnation in a way too!

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Milla Jovovich, Ali Lanter, and Iain Glen (January 27)

I am ecstatic to see this one coming out this year too!! I’m really glad that the two films that I sort of said “no” to a long time ago have now become a beloved batch of films. I am a bit worried about how much sci-fi will be in it compared to the first film.

PS: I have never seen the first, well I’ve seen only the first five minutes of it. I just couldn’t do it!

Tulip Fever – Alicia Vikander, Judi Dench, Zach Galifiankis and Dane DeHaan (February 24)

I don’t know if you want to put this in a historical category, I kind of want to since it does talk about how women were treated in the 18th and early 19th centuries. So I’m more curious about this one and it’ll probably be one of the last films from this batch I’ll watch in 2017 because I usually go for action first than dramas.

Logan – Hugh Jackman, Patrick Strewart, and Richard E. Grant (March 3)

I usually try to wait to watch any new movie trailers until it gets down to the time I am going to write up these posts so I don’t overwhelm myself, but I knew once the trailer came out I would break protocol and I’m glad I did.

I am very sad that this will be Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of “Logan” or “Wolverine” as most of us call him. I am such a big fan of his that this trailer practically made me cry! Both Logan and Charles are getting older and despite changing events in Days Of Future Past apparently mutants are having a difficult time surviving again! Do they ever get a good decade or something? Anyways, I am both sad and excited to see this one!

Beauty and the Beast – Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and Josh Gad (March 17)

I’m surprisingly more excited about this remake of Beauty And The Beast than I thought I would! I loved the Disney animated version and still mad that my own sister had to like MY movie and princess! I had to switch princesses after already falling in love with that library!

I keep going off subject here! I will probably turn into a critic when this sucker comes out, but something tells me any die-hard of the original will be too! So it should be interesting to say the least!

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 – Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, and Vin Disel (May 5)

This was a last minute addition because honestly I wasn’t really interested in the first Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. I mean, I love Nebula and Gamora, but I’ll be totally honestly the only reason why this is on this list is because of baby Groot like seriously that opening was adorable and hilarious!

Baywatch – Dewayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, and Alexandra Daddario (May 26)

This is still shocking me that this is on my list… I mean, despite being a 90’s baby I don’t really remember watching Baywatch all that much! I still think it’s only here because of both Zac Efron and Priyanka Chopra!

The Fate of the Furious – Vin Disel, Dewayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jason Statham (April 14)

If this wasn’t on my list, I’m pretty sure I’d be disowned on a big chunk of family! I do think the title is very intriguing because that could be a number of things about the cast or previous events in the last film. I have to say, I am looking forward to the whole switch up between the characters, Dom turning evil and then you have Own Shaw working with the team, which seems bad in all sorts of ways but also, I’m really forward to Charlize Theron playing a total badass, like seriously! Yes!

Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, and Robin Wright (June 2)

I have been looking forward to this one since it was announced that Gal was going to play Wonder Woman in Superman v. Batman like I was so happy and proud. I generally get excited whenever I see my favorite people from other films finally get recognition that they deserve and I think Gal playing Diana/Wonder Woman is such a brilliant decision! I was also happy about Ben Affleck as Batman, but we’ll talk more about that later this year I’m sure!

Transformers: The Last Knight – Mark Wahlburg, Peter Cullen, Josh Duhamel, and Tyrese Gibson (June 23)

Last one on my list for the first six months of 2017! I was sent to me by my cousin and I had to wait all day long to watch the trailer, it was worthwhile but not going to lie, I almost started crying towards the end – I’m a big Bumblebee fan! I love Optimus so I’m curious about why he’s so evil. I’ve tried reading the comments on the bottom of this trailer but seems like everybody’s a bit confused about if Optimus is under mind control or if that is him at all. I am pumped that we have both Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson back for this film too!

What film(s) are going excited about seeing this year? 


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My Childhood Oddity


What were you obsessed with as a kid? I mean, serious? Do you remember anything from your childhood that was big with you at such a small age? I have always been in love with caves, dirt, and rocks ever since I can remember. I remember making mud pies with my sister and cousins. Whenever we were at my nana’s, she’d have bubbles, chalk, and spoons. I was into the bubbles and spoons. We only used the spoons to dig up the dirt around the edges of the sidewalks. Every weekend we would do this and I’m starting to wonder how majority of the spoons she still uses are slightly bent. We were a bit rough when it came to certain ones. I had my own spoon that had a gripper so it wouldn’t be such a pain to really down deep into the ground. I loved seeing as you dug your spoon into the ground that there was a narrow line of tan dirt. Sometimes we’d pull up worms and then stab them a hundred times to see it squirm. I‘m going to hell, ain’t I? I remember once that we had share spoons because we kept dirtying nana’s spoons in one or two days that she didn’t want to run out of them before they ate supper. That ended up causing a bitter fight between my sister and I, because one of us didn’t want to share. I’m not throwing the blame on her though, it was probably me not wanting to share with her in the first place. We also had fun with chalk and bubbles too. At the time, I had very good flexibility in my lower half. So I could do the bubbles myself without anybody else holding it for me. Chalk wasn’t my forte. They were either too thin or too thick for me to use. so I only played with the bubbles and dirt.

As a kid though, it wasn’t just those things that kept me entertained. The start of my love with rocks had to start around I was six years old. I can’t think of myself older and be collecting them. I remember as the years continued on, my little tin can stayed in a corner of my nana’s house collecting dust, just waiting for me to cone back. Almost like that scene in Toy Story 2 where Jessie and her original owner Emily loves her and plays with her but once as she grows up and discovers makeup, her love of her childhood things fades. She ends up saling Jessie along with the rest of her childhood things. Instead of me throwing it away in the trash, I grabbed it and when I got home, dad unhinged the lid and opened it up. My nana said it hasn’t been opened for 15 or 16 years. Which mom told me I would have been 7 or 8 years old at the time. These rocks are old. When I took them out of the box or can, I had ten pieces of little rocks. I actually 11 of the bigger ones with the lone little sea shell. I’m still confused about the shell and how it ended up in there. There were so many differences in the rocks, I do think I snatch one from my grandparents driveway, but I have no idea where I must’ve gotten the rest. The textures from the bigger ones are kind of interesting. Two are incredibly smooth and there’s a big one gray rock that has circle edge at the top of it that’s white. If you hold it up to good light, it kind of sparkles like it has diamonds in it. That’s why as kids, we used to think we were pirates and that nana’s dirt had gold in it because of the tan line in the dirt. We were a little nutty! I must’ve been able to grab a hold of the smaller ones easily when I was younger as to why I have so many. I was trying to pull them off my floor and I couldn’t get my toes around them to get a good grip. Now it’s actually difficult to grab them with my toes, they didn’t want to go back in the can.

I was thinking about something. Our neighbors have a little girl named Chevy and she’s fairly smaller in age than I was when I became so interested in rocks, but she loves them! However, she loves throwing them at people more than anything, but I thought it would nice to get her to collect them instead of throwing them. Inside the barn are rocks everywhere, there are fairly large rocks inside and I thought it would neat to get her to collect maybe these bigger ones. I might be getting ahead of myself as she is only two years old, but my mom and I just don’t understand how much she runs around in the barn without shoes or socks on, because to us, even I was thinking it, that would hurt the bottoms of our feet being stick with those rough and sharp edges and all the running she does! No wonder she’s been wanting rides on my wheelchair! Now that the temperature’s dropping in the evenings, I’ve actually seen her with tennis shoes on and it’s so different because I’m normally seeing her barefoot or in somebody else’s flip-flops. My mom had to go to the house one day while she was over at the barn, Chevy just went with her and came back with my mom’s flip-flops on. Tiny feet in big shoes, you would assume she’d fall on herself but she never did. That takes some talent, at least it’s got to, because I’d think it would hurt to have bigger shoes on. I’m just glad I don’t have to wear any kind of shoes. Socks drive me insane whenever I do have to wear them. Anyways, back to the rocks thing. I might talk to her momma and see what she thinks if it would produce good results or not. If not, it’s cool!


the smoothest rocks
the smoothest rocks

the roughest and biggest.
the roughest and biggest.

the lone sea shell
the lone sea shell

Grasping Some Beauty


I think it’s safe to say my family and I had a little bit too much last night considering we didn’t go sleep until midnight. Well, I went to bed at 1am, because I needed to have my time with my headphones and iPod. I didn’t have them on for very long as my pain medicine didn’t kick in until a little bit after, my left hip wasn’t feeling the exercise it got while I was on the floor last night. Let me start over first, we had some friends, one of them works with my mom and they came over at our house and they brought their kids along with them. I love kids, everybody should know that by now, but I’ve got to say I’m a little rusty after not being around ones that are under 10 for so long. The youngest Maci is almost a year old and the last time I saw her was when they came to Blondie’s graduation party and she was like several days old. The older kids Katie and Aiden, are a couple of years between them but they are definitely little kids because I remember when my sister and I just said things from the top of heads and didn’t care if they came out wrong. I miss being at the age where you could do that! However getting in trouble sucked but that was part of life and growing up. Anyways, when they first into the house I got to see their mom and all three kids. I felt a little nervous because I didn’t know if we were going to be babysitting them, but thankfully the adults stayed in the house. Well, some of them did at least. The kids were obsessed with the cats, our two troopers Grumpy and Wren were the only ones besides our inside cat Oliver that wasn’t really phased by them until they tried to pick him up and then he got a little worried, other than that they all did well. ChiChi was totally another story!


When the kids were getting cold, they wanted to be around my sister and I, which was only certain because to their eyes, we were aren’t adults. Blondie’s short and I look like I could pass as a 17-year-old, so you know I could understand their perspective of us! However, Katie (who is the oldest of the three) knew how old I was and saw me as an adult. Aiden, not so much, but he is a boy so I kind of figured he wouldn’t see me as somebody who could be “threating” because I can’t stand up to him. Here’s an example of what I mean, when we were in my room. One of the cats, Grumpy decided to go in my closet and hide and Aiden went into my closet and said that it was comfortable. He is a small little boy and he literally fit right in there, as much as impressed as I was, I didn’t want him to hurt Grumpy or scare him that he used his claws on him to defend himself and I get in trouble. So I tried to get him out of there and his sister tried to help me get him out, and I’ve realized that I am not the most persuading person in the world and since I don’t look like an adult children don’t see me as a threat. When we first went into my room, which was so cute! Katie sat on the floor by me in the living room and asked if I could show my room. I said, “sure” and started scooting into my room with the both of them following me behind. I couldn’t had scoot any slower in my life! When we got in there, Aiden had to make a comment about my Transformers poster and I love what he said, “YOU HAVE A TRANSFORMERS POSTER!” So adorable!

feeding time
feeding time

They definitely had lots of questions to ask me, which I love when kids ask me questions about my hands and feet. They loved my artwork and my dad went into the bathroom and when he came out I had him get out my folder where my “newer” ones were and they loved those as well! They asked how I did them and I showed them how I did them and that got Katie’s creative side going, but sadly nobody thought to get them coloring books or anything! We did have markers, so there’s an upside here! She made this “girl in a mask” drawing as she called it and I put on X2 for Aiden. From then on, he started telling tons of stories that he told were secrets that I’m allowed to tell anybody! So I’m keeping them to myself. When their step dad Casey came in to check on the three of us, he had to tell Aiden about how I might’ve seen The Avengers movie more than them. His face was priceless for that too! A little bit after that, the kids decided that they wanted to go back outside and find the cats again. So I took that opportunity to go into the living room and visit with my mom, Kristen, and little Maci. Little Maci was so cute, I think she took to me pretty well. However, she did take a tumble out of her stroller and then decided that my dad was very comfortable. She was very sleepy and was the first to fall asleep. I’m just called it wasn’t me this time around!

Trees are still bare
Trees are still bare

I spent most of my time in the living room, except for the couple of times I was in my room. When they started to get hungry, the males went out the barn, and the kids sat in the living room and we attempted to watch Happy Feet Two. The DVR in the living room kept wanting to pause in the movie about five times. It got some annoying that I think everybody but the kids lost interest in it. When the guys came back, we sat around and still told stories and who knew the words “Google it” would be so funny! It was a birthday of one of our friends Russell and he was the first to leave and they left a little bit before it turned midnight. After they left, I didn’t know what to do with myself. ChiChi was released from my parent’s bedroom and she had to smell the entire living room and Blondie and I’s rooms as well. It was probably one time where all four of us were exhausted and only two were actually cleaned the house! I slept like a rock last night though! My room is still somewhat clean, it’s my carpet that collects anything so easily! I sill have a couple of things out-of-place but that’s okay. When I woke this morning, I was glad that I hadn’t slept all morning long like I thought I would. What I was the most surprised about was the fact that when I got up, my mom was awake too! She took me to the bathroom and afterwards she gave me one of my granola bars. Around 2pm, we got ready to go to my nana’s house. My mom washed my hair and after my mom and sister got dressed, we left and we only came over so Blondie could get things she needs for her dorm. I stayed at my nana’s house and heard her story with my papaw’s heart monitor and she fed me some of my ice cream too!

When we got home. I thought it felt amazing for a Sunday! It felt like spring today as there’s a slight breeze but the sun brought some warmth in it. While Blonde and mom brought things inside from the car, I stayed out on the porch with Bootsie and Wren. I’m pretty sure Grumpy and Midget were still terrified from yesterday as they kept running away from us when we tried to come up to them. I stayed outside looking at the sky and took some pictures too! So all of these pictures are what I got while I was outside with the cats. When I went inside, I had to show off my pictures and my parents started to cook dinner and dad grilled some chicken for himself and hamburgers for us ladies! I was full after eating the burger that I didn’t get to finish my chips on my plate. I’ll have some later before I go to sleep tonight!

#FWF – God Help The Outcasts

Here is my entry for this week’s Free Write Friday hosted by Kellie Elmore. I think I should be warned that I truly wrote what I saw in this picture. I saw somebody who saw sorrow everyday but was still lovable through it all. Also, you might need a few tissues. I hope you enjoy it anyways!

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

It was just another day of doing the same thing, it never got better nor did it have a happy ending. I was only hired to bury the dead, mostly the lost and forgotten. I hardly saw any family members when they would bring the caskets to the yard. If I did, they were probably only there to leave to their parties and hear somebody read that family member’s will that evening. I watched the same people bring the caskets in and leave without them, they knew the same sorrow I felt for each and every one person that was buried in this yard. It was always the same, old folks that nobody cared about anymore. They were glad that they were gone and their belongings would be auctioned off like cattle in the old days. When it was youngsters and babies, it took a lot out of us just to get through the service. It was the same six people, the pastor, the two men who bring the caskets to the yard, and a mid-aged woman by the name of Lisa she was a “nun”, she always came whenever we had to bury a child. She would be the one to grief for them as nobody else was there show their support for them. She wasn’t a real nun, but she cared more about these people than the ones who came to leave with a smile on their faces. It was such a tragic to bury them, especially when they were on the “Jane/John Doe” list.

On days where the sun was away and let the rain escape from the clouds, those were always a sign from the angels that God was crying for the lost souls. It was always a sign that we’d have to bury children more than adults. So many stories from each one carried with them until the last specks of dirt entered their place. I know it was never my place to ask where they were from, but I always had to know what little was always known about them. The three kids we buried today came in Lisa and her intern, as she was to leave for two weeks for vacation. Every time she left for a couple of weeks, she tried to hire somebody to take over her duties and come in and show that they cared for them even though they never met them in their lives. She would bring them to a funeral and have them experience it with all of us. A normal person would go to the showing and then go to the yard to give them their last goodbyes with their friends and families, but since these people never had anybody to care for them, it was always harder to get through for the newbies. It didn’t matter how much Lisa explained to them about how everything is going to go, they usually feel more sorrow like a widow would if her husband died and he was getting buried before her own eyes. Lisa would pay for the tombstones and give them a name with the last name of “Smith.”

First of the day, was a young girl by the name of “Alyssa” and we were never granted access to see these kids faces like at a showing, but we were allowed to stay and pray that their souls will find peace in heaven. I always tried to imagine their faces, how they grew up, did they ever smile? Lisa spoke to the men who dragged the white-painted casket, they painted the children’s coffins white to show that they were still pure in the eyes of God. She showed her intern the layout of the yard and directed the men to their places to go ahead and put the casket inside the deep hole that already had an inch of water inside, the dry dirt became mud and was hard to walk in. The men had lost their balance a couple of times and almost dropped the casket on the ground. Since it was an orphan, the caskets didn’t come with locks on the sides like normal caskets did to make sure the funeral directors don’t get sued for their loved ones falling out just before heading inside their graves. Luxury wasn’t in the books for the ones who deserved it the most. Pastor Mark walked over to me and gave me a brief talk about the girl we were sadly burying today. He told me, that the medical examiner gave an estimate that she was probably fifteen years old, she was abused by a man in her old neighborhood and she carried the burden of the incident with her that she started self harming herself and taking pills to get rid of the pain inside. After a couple of overdoses and not completing rehab, her parents just gave up on her and here she was to lay to rest. Her family no longer cared for their daughter anymore because of something that happened so long ago.

The next child was another girl, but according to Lisa and her sobbing intern Amy, she was born a boy. Lisa explained to me that when she was little, her father caught her wearing her mother’s high heels, makeup, and jewelry. The father went into a rage and was never supportive in his child’s life. Her mother was there, standing next to Lisa and Amy, crying over the loss of her the daughter she never had. When the men lowered the casket into the ground and the pastor continued on with his serum. All three women continued to sob over the life that was taken by a father not being able to understand a child’s mind. Amy told me that the young child’s name was originally “Claude” after her great-grandfather on her father’s side and after continuing on experimenting with dressing in women’s clothes and taking pills and thinking of having surgeries to fix everything to make her look more like a woman. She had a close bond with her mother, but the father was still not into the idea that his only son wanted to turn into a girl. So he took matters into his own hands and murdered her after she announced that she wanted to be called “Claudia” for the rest of her life. Her father was being sentenced to jail for the murder of this innocent person. Claudia was only seventeen years old.

The last child was a little boy that nobody knew about, he was three days old. The only information that both the pastor and Lisa were told was that the mother of the little boy was still in high school. She was scared to give birth to him and by the time she finally found out she was pregnant, it was too late to get it aborted. She apparently tried everything to miscarry the child, but he was a fighter while in the womb. She covered up her growing belly with jackets and even her boyfriend didn’t even know about the child. When she gave birth, her teacher at the school called the nurse and she had him in the back room in the nurse’s office. When the baby was born, the nurse raised him up to her and she didn’t cry tears of joy, she cried tears of angst. She started screaming and yelling at the nurse to “kill him” and the nurse was concerned for the baby after she got up from the small bed and attempted to punch it in the head when it started to cry for her. The other students had to hold her back and somebody called the police. She was arrested and the child welfare took custody of the little unnamed boy, but after being in the care of some nice people, the baby started acting strange and died in its sleep. When the nurse got word of this and found out he had died from the mother drinking alcohol while she was pregnant, he started crying. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did. The nurse named him, “Daryl” as she didn’t want him to be called “John Doe” on his tombstone.

Each one had a story to tell, even though those stories could have continued on if there were more people who showed they cared about them. Going home after the workday, I hug my family and friends a little tighter than I normally would. Every person I see walking on the sidewalk at night wearing clothes that showed more skin than they should especially when there is half melted snow still on the ground. I always wonder if the little kids that my grandkids hang out with, how are their families? Do they get enough to eat? Do they feel loved? I never want anyone that comes around me to feel like I don’t care about them. I want them to feel like I was the highlight of their day or life. Every person should do everything in their power to show that they care about the people around them. You should never bash that person and always tell them that they are beautiful. Be their friend always and forever, be that person they don’t have in their lives already. Be their inspiration to do and be better.