Magic Mike XXL vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

Well, it’s here!

Apparently nobody could wait until Wednesday afternoon to see the first trailer of “Magic Mike XXL” on the Ellen DeGerenes show. From the time I got up on that morning, it was first thing I saw all over my Facebook timeline.  Which was a nice change as everybody has been discussing the pros and cons of wanting to see Fifty Shades over the holiday weekend. As one sexual based film comes (no pun intended!) and a new one taking its place. I’m still wondering about the acting on both films, but a lot of people are in agreement that the first Magic Mike film lacked good acting in the whole story line between the characters. It surprised me of how many of my book blogs pages had been sharing the trailer than any of my friends. It barely made a notch in daily discussion on my Twitter, and I think that surprised me the most because I have quite a few Channing Tatum fans on there.

If you don’t know the background of the films or why every woman will be taking full advantage of ordering their tickets early, it’s about the lives of male strippers onstage and off. There is some heated dance scenes and screaming women (and sometimes men too!). The first movie was about teaching Adam “The Kid” played by Alex Pettyfer the ropes and apparently the second film, they’re going to a convention.Oh dear god! I’ll be honest, watching the first movie made me so uncomfortable and I watched it alone. I don’t know why it made me feel that way, because you all should know by now how many erotica books I’ve read before. I think the reason I felt so weird about it was the fact that if I was ever to go to one of these places like in the films, I’d probably get a special lap dance because of my disability. I’ve always had problems with getting special treatments like that, but this one gets me in a knot. I’m pretty sure I’d be okay now that I’ve technically witnessed in a similar one at Plummer. So who knows, I might get be perfectly fine with it this time around, now that I know what is in store.

I know its one movie my sister won’t be seeing. I doubt she even watched the first one, she HATES Channing Tatum. Can’t deny that he’s a good dancer, but thinks he’s ugly. My mom and I are a totally different story of course! I’ve always been a fan of Channing’s dancing skills and charming good looks. The jaw line alone gets me! Blondie is seeing Fifty Shades Of Grey with her boyfriend and I feel so bad for the boy. I have nobody to take me to see it and that’s one film that my mom will NOT be in the movie theater with me. She’s choosing to see the good in that too! I do think we will be seeing the new Magic Mike film in theaters, at least I can hope for a miracle. It comes out in the summer, so I’m down to see it and then get some ice cream afterwards because I’m going to need something to cool myself down with. The only thing my mom is not happy about is that Matthew McConaughey isn’t in it. I’m happy that Joe Manganiello and Alex are in it again. I have a love/hate for that guy I swear.

Will you be going to see Magic Mike XXL instead of Fifty Shades Of Grey? Or will you be seeing both films this year? 

Top 20 Sexiest Males

Well one of the trends on Twitter today is “#10sexiestmales” I don’t usually do that kind of thing because I either forget a few people or I spell their names wrong. I was doing pretty good typing them all out and them I got to #7 and of course, my brain decided to think. I forgot a few sexy males to my list. Then I realized that I haven’t exactly blogged today. So I’m ruining my good blog with the letter to Nikki Sixx with a list of my Favorite Sexiest Males. I’ve tried to do one of these lists before and include their pictures but that was a bust, so I’m just typing them out. It’s better that way. I’m also including my Twitter list to help me figure out who I’m forgetting.

  1. Paul Walker
  2. Dj Ashba
  3. Channing Tatum
  4. Adam Levine
  5. Ludacris
  6. Mike Shinoda
  7. Duff McKagan
  8. Donnie Wahlberg
  9. Brian Littrell
  10. Ian Somerhalder
  11. Chad Kreoger
  12. Mark Ballas
  13. Bobby Flay
  14. Joseph Morgan
  15. Rob Bourdon
  16. Michael Trevino
  17. Sal Costa
  18. Dave Navarro
  19. Josh Todd
  20. Blake Shelton

The Dancer In Me.

If I wasn’t handicapped. Stuck in my wheelchair or my bed all day. If my legs worked right and I had some muscles in them too. This is what I’d be doing. Dancing. I love watching dance movies and dance videos on YouTube. When I go to Basketball games at my old high school to watch my sister cheer. I would live for when the dance team gets front and center. Doing turns and twists and making everybody look at you without thinking if they’re just cheering you on just because you’re a pity. They wear cute costumes and glow when the light hits them.

I would love to learn to dance. I think that’s why I’m always searching for different music. Just to see what sounds good and if you can dance to it. I daydream about myself dancing to my favorite songs. I’ve danced with the hot dancers in movies and it makes me sad. I am addicted to Dancing With The Stars. Its made me love the Tango and Waltz. I use to hate slow dances but then after awhile I noticed something. The slower the song, slower the dance, and longer dress. The dresses the dancers wear are gorgeous!
I already have rhythm in my hips and I can count in the steps but its the standing up long enough that’s more complicated. I’ve noticed more that Rock music is only made for Strippers to dance with. Everything else is fine with modern dances. I love Ballet and Hip Hop the most. The whole Prima Ballerina is in me I swear. I love the dance movie “Step Up” because it had Ballet and Hip Hop in it. I love when I see guys dancing! It makes me smile! The guys get very creative with their moves.
If you were to ask me how many dance movies I’ve seen I wouldn’t be able to tell you because I have no idea. I’m that addicted. I can do (not that I think about it) the Cupid Shuffle. I can do the sitting done Cupid Shuffle. Yes, it can be done! I can also make my chest pop. At school dances I’ve gotten a few pointers watching everybody else but I’ve also gained some sadness from it too. Since I can’t do the other dances like Ballet, Hip Hop and my newest Burlesque it makes me sad. The Dancer inside of me wants to come out that’s probably my sign I listen to too much music. I have my headphones on right now and I can’t control myself to stand still. Oy, I’m crazy!