Bloggers Do Collections Better!

10488251_4127989776157_704492893010089186_nSorry for the lack of Bloggers Do It Better posts! Haven’t really had any ideas for the other prompts until I read about this one. I do collections a little bit different. Oh, who am I kidding? I do everything differently from the rest! For some it could be nail polishes and/or other beauty products. For me, it’s all about music. I am sucker for the real CDs than just downloading it off of Amazon or iTunes. The only advantage of downloading it online is not having any hassle with looking for a rap or metal albums without wondering if the swear words will be cut out or not. Because online they usually give you two options for that, but you go looking for an album of those two genres at Wal-Mart, you’re basically screwed. Trust me, I learned that the hard way. Want to know something a little bit more embarrassing. As kids we used to go to the library and a few times they’d have sales and they were actually saling CDs. I was shocked because I didn’t know they were saling those too. Well, at that time I was big into rap and she found 50 Cent’s first album and I bought it and took it home. I was so excited until I went and put it into my stereo to find that the bad words were cut out. So the majority of the record was disappointing for me but then we realized the library was owned by a church and put two and two together. I was screwed from the get-go I think.

When I was in the fourth grade, I remember taking out all of my CDs from their cases because before I didn’t know they made cases like the one I use to store of them now. I think I had over 40 CDs and I was pretty proud of myself for having so much. My first ever CD was the Backstreet Boys album and I only got that because my nana had bought me my first ever boombox. I was probably seven years old when I got them and that was like a big accomplishment back then because we didn’t have iPods, iPads, laptops, and cell phones that you store and listen to your favorite artists/bands. I grew an appreciation for them and did my best to make sure to be careful with how I handled them from day-to-day. When you do everything with your feet, putting up things like CDs can get pretty tricky. Sometimes if my dad gives me a CD he holds it the right way. He gets his fingers all around the edges and lifts it up and carries it that way. If he does it that way I have to grab it by the side and I hate doing that. I have my own special way of carrying and holding a CD. I put my pinky toe in between the hole in the middle and put my other toes around the sides and grip it that way. You should see how I drive with one in my foot! Especially coming around a tight corner. It’s not a pretty sight!

10389519_734719276592405_376637255461759790_nIt is very difficult for me to like an entire album. I’ve always that problem, but since I’ve been getting into all kinds of genres the process isn’t as harsh as what it once was. It’s been pretty easy whether or not, an album is amazing or not. I have a pretty wide variety on all three of my music outlets (iPod, CDs, and Spotify) I used to say I wouldn’t get into rap, folk, metal, country and rock but yet I have. Surprisingly, in just this picture here I don’t have them categorized like I had my nana do with her case. You can see a Carrie Underwood, Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys (my first uncensored CD and it took me a year to open it up!), Pussycat Dolls, three Britney Spears albums (that gray one is hers!), and Natasha Bedingfield album. Some CDs were bought only by chance. That Natasha Bedingfield album being one of like three out of the whole thing! I mainly got the CDs from birthdays and Christmases. Once I got like seven CDs for my 13th birthday, it was a GOOD day! Because nowadays if you want that many songs you need a $100 iTunes gift card and even then do you have to figure out what all you want. Everytime I go to download songs out of a $15 gift card I usually get about 12 songs. I don’t see how that’s really fair of that much money. ┬áMaybe I’m being greedy I don’t know, but nobody messes with me about my music and nobody will either.


So here I am, I’ve been up since 7:56am this morning. I went to bed early. I was productive yesterday and I was in pain again. I guess I got comfortable and passed out. I put my CDs and DVDs in my big case and traded a few that were inside my stereo and put in new ones. It’s a somewhat of a long process when you’re trying to scoot from one side of your bed with about four CDs in your right foot and trying to keep your balance as you’re getting to the edge. I’ve had a couple close calls from falling off my bed because I’ve either lost my balance with placing my foot in the wrong place or trying to put a CD inside the changer and I’m leaning slightly to the edge of the bed. If I ever fall off I think I’d be stuck there. It’s a mess over in that part and quite small.

Afterwards, I laid down and noticed my feet were really dry. I got new lotion in October and haven’t used it yet. I texted my mom asking her to put lotion on my feet and for some reason she thought putting up the tree would be awesome to do instead. We usually put up the tree in the evening, it’s kind of a tradition to do it that way. However, dad had his football game on and so that was a factor. Poor Emily was dropped from her normal job of putting up lights and garland around the tree. We were in charge of putting up bulbs. She kept taking all my spots in the middle and bottom part of the tree. Dad found Christmas hats and put them on and we had to take a freaking picture because that’s what mom wanted. We had three animals in the house, a wheelchair, and a girl who was going to wing it through putting up the tree. It was interesting.

When we were done, I went in my room and looked up at the clock only to find out it was only 2pm. I could feel my stomach hurting. I was exhuasted from staying up til mom and Emily came from their ER visit that night. Werid part was, I had gotten sleep, generous amount of sleep too and I still felt crappy. So I ate something around four and I haven’t been eating much. Last night was the exception apparently. I rolled over and I felt comfortable and all I remember was waking up and seeing my clock turn 8:30pm. My family was going to bed at that time. I didn’t go to bed until midnight, but again slept alot but I’m feeling pain and tired again. I could take a nap but I’d be screwed for the rest of the night, but I really want to stay up until my mom gets home tonight from work, so that nap is looking pretty good right now.