What I Really Grew Up On.

I have a playlist on my Spotify called, “What I Grew Up On” but it’s mostly full of rap songs which is what I listened to when I was little, but it’s somewhat of a lie too. Rap wasn’t the one thing I loved when I was little. If you think about it, I think my mom was really missing the 80’s rap because I listened to Salt-n-Pepa and En Vogue a lot. I know that wasn’t all she had me listen to, it’s just what I can remember.

I remember when I first got my radio ever. My parents were getting furinature and appliances and somehow in the mist of that my nana bought me a radio and my first CD ever. Wanna guess what it was? I was addicted to The Backsteet Boys growing up, and had a big crush for Brian Littrell. He was just too cute! I think I was seven years old when I got my first radio. I still have it, and it surpringly still works too.

Since then I’ve had a few larger stereos systems. My music has grown up too. I think after my first CD I got the second Backstreet Boys album. Then Britney Spears, not her first album. By the time I was in the fourth grade I actually counted how many CD’s I had. I had 45. I think I’ve doubled that now. Or tripled it. I actually have all the Backstreet Boys albums but two. Linkin Park has pretty much beaten them to the curb. I have 7 Linkin Park albums and 5 Backstreet Boys albums.