Time To Vote For People’s Choice Awards 2012.

It’s that time again. I think this is my all-time favorite award show. I love voting for the my favorite nominatees on the different categories. It’s so easy to nominatee different actors, actresses, musicians, movies, and TV shows. Then afterwards you vote out of all the choices other people have nominateed. It’s definitely the best show to have people vote for. I just love it.

I was originally only going to vote for Linkin Park but since when you click on the link it just started it from the beginning. It starts off with movies.

Here’s the nominatees in order:  Favorite Movie, Favorite Male Actor, Favorite Movie Actress, Favorite Movie Icon (which is a toughy!), Favorite Action Movie, Favorite Action Movie Star, Favorite Drama Movie, Favorite Comedy Movie, Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, Favorite Comedic Movie Actress, Favorite Move Star Under 25,Favorite Evsemible Movie Cast, Favorite Animated Movie Voice, Favorite Movie Superhero, Favorite Book Adaptation, Favorite Network TV Drama, Favorite TV Drama Actor, Favorite TV Drama Actress, Favorite Cable TV Drama, Favorite Network TV Comedy, Favorite TV Comedy Actor, Favorite TV Comedy Actress, Favorite Cable TV Comedy,Favorite TV Competition Show, Favorite TV Crime Drama, Favorite Scifi/Fantasy Show, Favorite Daytime TV Host, Favorite Late Night TV Host, Favorite TV Guest Star, Favorite TV Celebreality Star, Favorite New TV Drama, Favorite New TV Comedy, Favorite Male Artist, Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Song Of The Year, Favorite Album Of The Year,Favorite Pop Artist, Favorite Hip Hop Artist, Favorite R&B Artist, Favorite Band, Favorite Country Artist, Favorite Music Video, and last but not least Favorite Tour Headliner.

I didn’t realize how many there were until I laid them all out like this. That is alot of categories. Everybody vote for your favorites. If you don’t see your’s on here, better luck next time. Support everybody and vote for the nominatees daily or anytime you’re free. That’s what I’m doing. I just voted for the second time today. Here’s like the website. http://www.peopleschoice.com, Click on “VOTE” and and vote your ass off! Have fun!