Blogmas | Things That Make Me Feel Christmassy!


As I went looking through other blogs in late October into early November, I was trying to find new ideas for Blogmas and this one seemed fun to do, but my only worry is, I’ve probably done this in the past… If I have, I’ll just link it at the bottom for a bonus post. If not, whoohoo for me!

I was going to list 16 things, but with my luck I wouldn’t even make it passed 10, so I thought it would be better to go safe and do a little free write, so I hope you enjoy what makes me happy during this time of the year.

My sister and I are polar opposites when it comes to Christmas. She certainly enjoyed it growing up, as she was the loudest one of the bunch while opening gifts at our house and nana and papaw’s, but as she’s gotten older, her joy for the holiday is basically gone. She’ll still put up the tree, makes cookies with us and watch Christmas films, but she doesn’t feel very Christmassy inside, which is really but I’m not writing this to make her feel even more depressed about it by the way, there’s a reason for this I promise because I understand a lot of people out there do not like it, and I am trying to be respectable, including my sister, because I’ve been there. It is possible to absolutely despise holidays such as Christmas. I mean, you should see me going into the month of February, and Valentine’s Day. I am not one to be bothered with the lovey dovey stuff and I’ve been like this since probably middle school, and I definitely know I’m not alone with my thinking too, so if you don’t feel the love for a certain time of the year, that’s fine! You shouldn’t force yourself to feel something you don’t; the same goes for our guilt too!

For the last few years though, I’ve been increasingly obsessed with Christmas. I like almost everything about it, whereas when I was younger, I felt lost and it just seems like we switched our views about it somewhere going into high school and it’s honestly strange to explain, especially on a blog post. Anyways, with this year, my nephew Nolan is another year older and even though COVID-19 wants to crush everyone’s plans for the holidays, I don’t want to act like it already has, so I think that’s the other part of my intense feelings to want to celebrate Christmas like we always have in our family.

He really loved helping put up the family tree and usually, we wait until like the week of, to put it together so the fact that we did it the day after celebrating our Thanksgiving was interesting! Nolan helped me rearrange the limbs of the branches and gave them back to mimi (my mom) and Blondie who were storing each one on the stand. Once we got that done, he walked around in many circles with them to wrap the lights and tinsel from top to bottom. We even had a couple of short pieces that he would place inside and around the front end of the tree. He was utterly excited about his little addition!

Once we got to the ornaments, he literally saw each one and said, “BALL!” and we just hoped to sweet baby Jesus that he wouldn’t throw it! Thankfully, he didn’t but he would show each one to his parents, and was very cute about it! He loved putting them on the branches, and we were sure that he stayed safe on the ones with the hooks and pretty much gave him the ones that I tend to use, as they have string and ribbons around them. The final thing was when we got the nativity pieces and village out of the tote, Nolan was absolutely obsessed with them! He loves to arrange things in his own way and for the most part, the little houses my mom has always had under our tree, were standing on the windowsill in the living room for the better part of the visit. If the window is cracked open, he will actually leave a row of cars in that little section and we have many, many pictures of them. See below.

Recently, we baked our sugar cookies a week earlier than usual because my mom had the weekend off, and thankfully I said something or we might not had been able to do them this year.

It was a bit strange to add someone so little in our tradition. Last Christmas, Nolan was still at an age where he liked to put everything in his mouth and we just didn’t think he was ready for it. So, being able to include this year was exciting because it is something brand new to do. We’re all in agreement that he definitely enjoyed the cookies, the decorating part, not so much! Although, he did like the sprinkles. We even had to put some on his fourth cookie that he was holding tightly in between his hands. After finishing with the cookies, we switched tactics and was really glad he didn’t become confuse with it, because since I have finished with my projects, I have extra canvases left and we basically made him paint assortment of robots, snakes and various shaped cows. While he worked on his painting, the amount of focus on his face was so amazing to watch because his mommy was trying to get him to smile for pictures and he wasn’t paying her any attention at all. It was so cool and his painting turned out very beautiful!

Since the arrival of Nolan, he’s definitely been a factor to my festive side. Whenever he comes over and if I am not in my wheelchair at the moment, he will explore my room and point out certain things like my purple moon garland, he’ll say what they are and he knows his colors very well now, so anytime he spots anything purple, he’ll shout it out to anyone willing to hear him and he will sit up against the wall on my bed and chat with me a little.

He has so much energy radiating out of him that it is sort of easy to pull out a slice and hope you can get to that level with him enough so he keeps going with it. I am so excited to see him experience the snow, baking cookies, unwrapping presents from Santa, and enjoying papaw’s big breakfast he does every year. I am so thrilled to see the tinkle in his eyes for everything new and old, because obviously he is experiencing the holiday with new eyes! As this post was suppose to be about multiple things, I think I mainly love seeing the holiday like Christmas through his eyes. His innocence and the fact that he can talk more has really made a difference. He definitely has the same expressions that his mommy wear on her face when we were little, so that has been a little mind blowing for me!

What makes you feel Christmassy? You can make me a little list or write a gigantic story like this through my comments or DM. Whatever you decide, I’ll enjoy either way.


My Worst Fear



Today’s post is going to be a little interesting. For most people, talking about their worst fears would probably be a bad thing, because of the backlash that could come from family members and/or friends who love to tease them about it at different gatherings and holidays. Honestly, I don’t blame them for wanting to keep quiet about it.

People usually are afraid of “little” things like the ones I mentioned in my fetish and phobia post last month, but I actually have a fear of something that is slowly but surely becoming a “great engineering feat” in the world. Are you confused yet? Let me walk (or in this case, roll) you back to when I was in elementary school in the late 90’s!

I want to say I was probably in second grade when all of my classmates were made to sit out in the middle of the gym floor (except me) while we watched a little movie. Now it wasn’t a cheerful Disney film or anything, this was an educational movie for us kids. I vaguely remember it talking about different careers and what the world would look like with all of the advancing technology people were learning at the time. Surprisingly, this was a very stimulating film for all of us, even if the adults had 80’s styled, big rimmed glasses and denim jumpsuits with big hair to match!

One of the things I actually do remember very well, was the “possibility” of self-driven cars. Now to every single one of my classmates and even some of the teachers, this was pretty cool! There was a scene of a man, seemingly driving this crappy looking orange vehicle with his knees and eating cheese burger with his hands. The car just knew where he wanted to go and it took him there without him ever needing to control the steering wheel and feet controls, and it absolutely terrified me! Funnily enough though, the first thing that everybody says when this pops up on the screen, is “Wow!” Meghan, this is something you could look forward to in the future!” I was both amazed and insulted at that comment, because at the time I wanted to be like everybody else and obviously nobody believed that I could drive my own car without needing all of that!

Now looking back years later and seeing Ford create a self parking car. My worst fears were realized whenever I’d see those commercials on my television, and I have to say it absolutely made me feel like I could throw up everytime it came on my TV and on YouTube!

I should probably explain why I’m afraid of these self-driving cars.

It actually goes back a little bit further in my childhood. I was invited to a birthday party, and the girl’s family lived out in the country and that afternoon as we were leaving, it began to pour down rain–eventually it had turned into a medium size thunderstorm! My mom put me in the car and buckled me in. She went back into the house to call my friend’s mom about how to get there and as it continued to rain down overhead. I seriously thought the car was moving without my mom being in it and pressing on the gas pedal. It was the worst situation I had been in and unfortunately, ever since it happened, I’ve had nightmares of being trapped in an empty car and I am usually rolling down hills or just down the street. Every four months, I have a similar dream of being stuck in a beloved family car without a way of getting out!

I’m getting closer and closer to my thirties and it never fails to me that I can still have that fear. My mom probably doesn’t even remember the incident. and hardly anybody in my family actually knows about this either. I’ve always felt that it’s a stupid little thing that why should I share it? In a way, I’m still asking it as I write this post, but I might get lucky (sorry for your sake!) that other people have the same fear. They might’ve experienced a similar thing during their childhood and it’s played a bigger role in their adult lives. I’ve always wondered if that has something to do with the fact that I’ve never wanted my driver’s licences. I tell people all the time that I can’t be trusted with a car because of my speeding record in my power wheelchair, but maybe this is the real reason for it. I don’t think we’ll ever know the truth about that, but it is an interesting theory to make I think.

So do you have any “weird” phobias that you’d like to share with me? What have you done to try to face and get over them completely?



OOTD: Stripes & Cats



It’s time for another OOTD post! Yesterday I was kind of absent from Twitter because I went over to spent time with my grandparents. It was a fun time as my nana and I did nothing but talk our heads off and she painted my toe nails too! You’ll get to read that post on Monday!

Tuesday’s outfit consists of black, gray, and white. A lot of you will think they’re all dreary colors. Some days I’d agree with you, but I kind of liked it. You’ve seen my top before, it’s my Aztec printed (I told you I was obsessed!) skull hoodie. My mom really likes this hoodie, but apparently I don’t have enough leggings that will match with it. My bottoms were a Christmas gift that funnily enough my sister got too! They’re black and have very cool looking white rows of stripes going up and down then side to side. We literally unwrapped them at the same time, I didn’t notice mine at first because I was too busy telling her how cute hers were and then I looked down and there they were! We found out that “Santa” mixed up our sizes. She got the small and I had the large, so before we went home we switched pairs! It’s all good!

When we got home from my nana’s, I thought it was nice enough to stay outside for a bit. I had just gotten told how many dentist appointments I had this week and the next so truth be told I needed to chill and hang out with the babies. Plus, I needed pictures for this post. Well, all of our cats went crazy! They wanted food and they got loving instead. I was trying to focus on the camera and between Bootsie and Nelly running up to my feet, I had about five cats wanting to be in each shot. So sorry if you’re not a big fan of cats because they crashed our mini photo shoot. That’s Bear-Bear’s back side in the picture above and sorry about Oscar’s butt right by my face. In the second is Felix, he usually doesn’t like sitting on my lap so five seconds after this was taken he jumped off, the last is of Bootsie at my foot getting her close up! The last two pictures were randoms of Nelly and Bear-Bear. Nelly was in the middle of meowing, we swear he’s very sweet! 😀

Besides the cats, how do you like my outfit? Yay or nay?



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Life Lately | What We’ve Become



Everything’s been a little off lately. I worked on a big blog post that I literally put all of my energy into but when I published it at the start of the month, I didn’t have any new posts for the rest of the week and the next. Usually when this sort of thing happens, I’m pretty upset and scrambling to find something to write about, but thankfully I haven’t felt the need to do that this week. I did work a few posts for Tune Tuesday, but those are sometimes easy to do. I tried to write up a review of Purity Ring’s album, but I feel like I suck at describing what electronica music sounds like, especially if it all sounds the same towards the end. I thought about reviewing both Red and Kelly Clarkson’s new albums as well, but I opted out of that too. Not because of the music but because I’d rather not force myself to do it. You might only be getting song reviews for a while if this continues!

Besides all this, I’ve had quite a good break from blogging. I’ve finally finished The Fault In Our Stars and started on the movie now. I’m already moving faster in the movie than I did while reading the freaking book. I’ve also cried too many times! I’m still debating if I’m going to do just a book review or compare things between the book and movie. I still don’t know what I’m going to do yet. I’ve been having some back pain here and there, but I think it’s from the weather we’ve been getting (still) and I’m pretty sure the snow we got like a week or two ago, never melted away. We keep adding onto it every other day I swear! The last time I wrote about winter storms, I talked about how I wanted to see what winter storm Thor would be like (as a joke!) told my dad about it too! He came into the hallway yesterday afternoon and said, we’re on winter storm Thor! My mom proceeded to open up my blinds to show me and I’m definitely over all this snow and being stuck inside the house!


My TV is still about the same. Over the weekend, Blondie came home and my mom rented us some movies. I got to choose two out of the three and I’m glad I went out into the living room to watch them. Mom got November Man, Tammy, and Transformers: Age Of Extinction. Guess which ones were mine? We watched Tammy first and it was a bust! We got to the middle and I had to voice my opinion that it sucked. It’s REALLY starting to bug me that these “funny” movies that are being released aren’t as funny as the trailers make them out to be. Plus, why do they have to be stupid/dirty funny? What happened to good ole comedy movies?

When my mom put in the Transformers movie, I could hardly hold my excitement! I am such a damn geek when it comes to these movies. For one thing, I was really cold when I went out there. Blondie and ChiChi were huddled underneath my mom’s blanket, so I had mom get my Transformers blanket before Tammy started, by the time we put Transformers in I had to take it off because the action scenes were making me hot (that sounds so bad!) my sister had already seen it, so she took a nap in the middle of it. I’m pretty sure my mom knew nothing that by the end of it. My dad was over at our neighbors and came back to get more drinks, when he asked me if it was good I quickly said yes without taking my eyes off the screen. It was a long ass movie but so freaking good! I didn’t really like the fact that there were like three different plots in the story line, because that just made me so confused! Oh, by the way the cars were awesome! I’m pretty sure my favorite was Lockdown, he transforms into a grey 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700–4 Coupe. It looked so badass! So did Bumblebee too! You can’t hate on Bumblebee! Anyways, it was really weird to not hear Linkin Park at the end or see Ironhide, but Imagine Dragons’ song “Battle Cry” was amazing. I’m ready for the next one, and yes, there’s going to be a next one!

What else has happened lately? Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D came back on Tuesday! Even though I already miss Peggy Carter, I’m really glad to have the gang back on my TV screen again! Throughout the break I’ve been really curious about why we weren’t seeing sneak peeks about what happened to Raina, but now I do! I watched it after an hour it was over, I recorded it through my DVR and when I saw what she looked like, the first thing that popped into my head was, “well, so much for getting any sleep tonight.” Which was untrue. I got plenty of sleep that night.  I can’t think of anything else that’s happened that needs to be on here. I’ve been mostly trying to keep busy whether that means spend all of my time on Twitter or YouTube that’s basically it!

I hope my blogging mojo comes back soon. Hope you all are doing wonderful! Bye! ♥

Top 5 Best Movie Franchises

I’m a movie freak! I like so many different types of films, from some black and white classics to the modern movies of today. I’m a bit weird too though, because I am a lover of sequels too. Sometimes I have even loved the second movie of the franchise a little more than the first. There even a lot of Disney movies like that, The Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp, and Pocahontas sequels are awesome no matter what anybody says! Two of my favorite Disney original movies should be included in this post, but I decided against it. Both the The Cheetah Girls and Halloweentown films are a GREAT group of movies, even if one of the main actresses out of the loop. I thought it would be awesome if I made out a small list of my favorite film franchises. What movies do you think deserve to be on your list? I’d like to hear them!


1.) Back To The Future

Yeah, I’m a BTTF baby! My mom got me started on these movies early on! When I was a kid I remember asking my mom for both purple underwear, because I love the color purple! And where were the damn hoverboards? Now that it’s almost 2015, everybody is taking bets on the Cubbies! You definitely don’t see any hoverboards or flying cars out and about, but Nike did announce recently that they were working on powered laces! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?! My mom and I love the first two movies, but she won’t watch or tape the third movie. I can tolerate it. I definitely haven’t seen it as many times as the first two, that’s for sure! 


2.) Step Up

I love my dance movies to the core! The fact that if this movie wouldn’t take off we’d never be so in love with both Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, and then they wouldn’t get married and have Everly?! Oh My Gosh, I don’t want to think about it! The first movie was delicious! I loved the chemistry between Nora and Tyler. The dancing was amazing, the scenes that would repeat in the future installments, the party scenes and big dance finish at the end. I’m sad that I didn’t get to see the newest in theaters, but it’s okay because it’ll be out on DVD soon. I think the best couple that came out of the series was Camille from the first movie, who is played by Alyson Stoner, she played Tyler’s foster-sister. Moose was on the second film, he’s played by Adam Sevani, they somehow meet in the year or two leading up to the third movie. They’re were adorable and had a beautiful relationship between them. The hottest male of the series and this might freak out a few people, including my mother, isn’t Channing. Even though my girl crush of the series is still Jenna! Anyways, the hottest male is Ryan Guzman from Step Up: Revolution! *swoons*


3.) Fast And Furious

This serious has got to be one of the best! Every racing type of movie wants to be like it, plus have the fans like it too. The cast, crew, and fandom had a total shock when the death of Paul Walker was announced. The production of the seventh movie was put on hold for a bit and the new movie technology had its good advantage to it when the news was made that instead of just cropping Paul’s scenes out for good, that the team was going to use Paul’s brothers as his body stunts to continue on his legacy of the films. Despite all of this, the movies are the best! My sister and I loved the current release. We didn’t start bawling our eyes out until the very end of the movie during the prayer. I was sad all over again about the death of Han, played by Sung Kang, but we had to add on Gisele, played by Gal Gadot, who dies in the sixth movie. I can’t wait to see what the newest movie will have in store, as it will about revenge of both Han’s death and Own Shaw’s death too. I’m ready for it!


4.) Transformers

I don’t care what anybody says, but Michael Bay did an amazing job making these movies and characters come to life. I sadly haven’t been able to see the new one yet, but it is on my agenda before the year is over so don’t worry! Yes, I was upset about the new recasting for the new movie, but considering majority of the movies that recast in a franchise will just continue to do it, I may as well get used to it and shut up. I wasn’t feeling the change of Megan Fox in the third movie either but that sure as hell didn’t take me long to stop denying. Rosie was a nice change but looked like Megan’s character Mikaela was a trashy character so I kind of got defensive over that thought. I really loved Shia in the first three movies, he brought those Transformers come to life just as much as the voice actors did. They brought the humor and seriousness of the scenes. My favorite film is the second one and I can literally quote the whole damn movie too. We saw that one in theaters and my mom bawled her eyes out when the Megatron killed Optimus. My favorite car is of course Bee, the yellow Camero, but I really love Sideswipe 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and since I’m more into trucks, you gotta love Ironhide who had a 2006 GMC Topkick C4500.


5.) Bring It On

The first film of the series came out in 2000. That was 14 years ago! I’m pretty sure I didn’t exactly watch it when it first came out but it’s somewhere close to it. I think my sister became a cheerleader after watching these movies, luckily when she was a senior in high school she shared the role of cheer captain before having to quit because she wasn’t enjoying it anymore. She has talked about going and doing it again for college, but doubt she’ll ever do it again. Too many hospital visits! Majority of the sequels of the series was mostly played on ABC Family so all of the cuss words and not family friendly scenes are cut out. My favorite cheer captains are Hayden Paniettere from the All or Nothing and Christina Milian, from the Fight To The Finish. My favorite enemy is Winnie from All Or Nothing. She was a real bitch. The only movie I haven’t seen all the way through is Bring It On Again, because the girls just got on my nerves, but I still love the series and plot of the story. The big finishes of the films are the best. They always make me miss Blondie cheering in school.