Baby’s First Easter!


It has been a really long time since I’ve blogged about a family gathering or in this case, a celebration. I keep wanting to kick myself whenever we babysit Nolan because I have good opportunities to snap a few pictures of whatever he’s doing, so the night before our Easter festivities, I had my mom charge up my camera because it’s been a couple of months since I’ve last used it and I felt like this was a good idea because I’ve been in the middle of something and all of a sudden my camera goes black on me. This way, I knew I would be good for two hours or so, depending on what I think was worthy because that in itself is a totally different story. Since my nephew has become very mobile either when he is in his “car-car” or army crawling on the couch or floor, the booger is fast. and he changes his reactions quickly that I needed a lot of juice in my camera so I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone else for help if it dies on me.

Nolan is at the age where not only does he put everything in his mouth, but he is very aware of things. When it comes to holidays though, I think we all kept going back and forth whether he would be interested in going on a makeshift Easter egg hunt. He loves colors, mostly red, so we figured he’d enjoy that part but there was the fact that they’re somewhat slippery and they can split apart. These are two things that he hasn’t experimented with a lot lately, so there was a slim chance that he could ignore my mom and I’s best efforts to make the living room into a sea of shiny colors!

When they first arrived we basically fell in love with his little outfit and gushed on him about it. Blondie and Brandon looked very nice too, but they didn’t get as much attention as him, which I think they were pretty fine with anyways! Personally, I thought he looked like a little farmer with his overalls, and since the redness in his hair is starting to push through more often, he looked like an Irish farmer! After obsessing over how cute everyone looked, we took some family pictures and surprisingly Nolan actually minded really well. Once he noticed the eggs all around though, he began to lose interest with family pictures pretty quick, but we managed to get everyone together before we released him to check them out.

One year, Blondie and I had to settle for an inside Easter egg hunt and we even did one for Halloween too (only because it rained for four days straight!). We weren’t happy about it at first, but I actually enjoyed it because I was allowed to get on the floor and scoot around to the candy. When we officially decided on this idea I was really pumped to bring it back for him. It’s in a controlled environment and leaves clothes very clean afterwards, or it should. I think Nolan enjoyed himself, that is until somebody tried to take away one egg so he could look for others. He didn’t really like that part, but he was obsessed with the eggs though! He played with them all day long.

Nolan also received a couple of baskets from the Easter Bunny as well! The one that came to his house got him a backpack instead of a basket, because the next day he was to start going to the babysitters and it would be an easy place he could put his toys in, and honestly it’s a freaking adorable idea! The backpack came with a few various sizes of Hot Wheels cars that not only can he enjoy but his daddy and his Aunt Meggie can too! The Easter Bunny came to our house too, and asked his MiMi (my mom) to decorate his basket. Next year he might want to consider asking me instead and you’ll understand in a minute what I mean. He got a very cute soft lamb that says the Jesus’s prayer for children. He was also supposed to have a sippy cup but Pa-Pa apparently couldn’t wait and let him try it out a week in advance. He’s known to do this, I was supposed to receive my first cell phone on my 16th birthday but he couldn’t wait anymore and gave them to us two days prior! He’s a soft-y when he wants to be!

After that, we had lunch, the adults had lasagna but Nolan had half an avocado and almost a whole banana! A couple of weeks ago, he decided that he was done with baby food so now he only drinks formula and people food. My dad has never been happier!

I think he had a lot of fun! I know we all did that’s for sure! Nolan has a lot of energy, and I love playing with him. I swear he gives out that energy everytime he comes over. Everything is innocent in his eyes, he’s not scared of anything, he’s not jaded as we are and I think this is a time to really cherish because as he gets older he’ll lose all of that and fear most things and can be influenced in other directions. We’ll get to all of that in a later  date though, right now let’s focus on these moments.

How was your Easter weekend? What were your traditions growing up? Do you have an alternatives when it comes to a rained out egg hunt? Let me know!

Photo Diary | Massive Amount Of Cats!


So I am back with another photo diary and I apologize in advance for anybody out there who doesn’t like cats, because between the last photo diary and my recent post about how I got a new camera I’ve managed to consume a lot of cat pictures in just two months! This is ridiculous I know, but for those who love our cats, you will enjoy the stories and pictures below!

This first batch was from the previous camera and I do remember banging it on our back porch and the cats just staring at it like food was going to come spilling out of it. Greedy little bastards! If I haven’t told you this, the reason why I have a lot of pictures of them eating is because half the time they just run into the house whenever you open the doors so it’s better to have food on hand to help distract them so I can scoot out to the porch. It seems to work with all of the cats but Bootsie. She’s still the one that makes a beeline to the food container or one of the bedrooms. We can’t tell you how many times where we’ve found her just chilling on the bed after a few hours!

This next batch, I decided to experiment with the different settings on my new camera and somehow I managed to create this red-ish hue around the cats and the shadows of chairs, I don’t know what explain made everything like that but I don’t think it was a bad thing!

On the day I took these I screwed my camera onto my little tripod and they seemed to think was another thing to rub up against because I had to delete quite a few (and still have to) because they would just head butt it and fall over in front of me, but I hope they realize that all I want to do whenever they act like this is take more pictures of them! Everything they do though I want to try to capture it on film and post it on here for you guys but they are fast little boogers! I can never get them to stay in one place too long before they get bored and run away from me to explore. I can’t say I blame them for this, if I had the power to do that I would do that too!

Again, I’m sorry for the big selection of pictures of the cats! I definitely didn’t plan on taking so many at one time. It just sort of happened and funnily enough, I don’t think I will ever learn from this because I kind of like it. I definitely didn’t want them to be individual pictures at the different parts because I figured that would make it worse and unappealing! So that’s why I ultimately made them into a slideshow!

Hope you’ve enjoyed all of the pictures. I’m also thinking about playing a game for all of my readers via Twitter and Facebook next month, called “Name That Cat” and I’m testing everybody and you have to guess who is who. Remember the names are: Bootsie, Midge, Grumpy, Bear-Bear, Stormy, Tavis (Tavy), Felix (FiFi), Oscar, and Nelson (Nelly)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which picture(s) are your favorites? If anybody has any good camera knowledge that would be more than welcome to help explain a few things to me, that would be great! 


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Getting A New Camera!


So recently I’ve had to get myself a new camera because my pink one decide to stop working on me one morning. It had been acting a bit strange for a while; whenever I would go to turn it on it would just stay black, it wasn’t until I would basically bang it on the ground (I don’t really recommend doing that) for it to actually start working again! I’d say after two months, it finally crapped out on me.

I can’t say I was really mad about it though. It was originally my sister’s camera from around 2008, so technically it’s pretty old! She and I got cameras roughly around the same time and I just so happened to break mine within 5 months after getting it as a birthday present.

I was trying to get a picture with a couple of school friends after the graduation ceremony was over and as it was being placed to another person to snap the picture for us, it just fell out of their hands and onto the sidewalk. It just shattered into a million pieces. It was my first camera and I was shocked and more upset that it broke then I was never getting a picture with the school friend! My parents sort of never trusted me with a camera ever again. Now you know the reason why whenever I go places and I say, “my mom took this” because she doesn’t want me to drop it and we have to replace it. However, as much as I understand her belief and as a reminder I’m not the one who dropped the other one and I don’t believe it was even on purpose either!

Blondie used her camera off and on throughout her years in school. Before she left to go to college though, she gave it to me and I didn’t use it much in 2015 mostly because I didn’t think I would be able to do anything with it because of my feet! After Facebook and Twitter changed their settings for mobile phones, my little camera on my flip phone wasn’t able to send pictures anymore. So I had to get out Blondie’s camera and try it out, somehow it worked out really well and became one of my favorite accessories!

It’s been a good little camera for me and was very much a learning experience on how much I can control as far as holding a camera in between my feet. I’m just really glad my feet are learning the definition of “teamwork” after successfully holding a camera for almost 2 years!

The day it stopped working, I was going to my nana’s so I brought along the SD card of the last roll of photos of our cats that I took in mid-February. She uploaded them for me and I began my hunt for my next camera! I didn’t want to buy anything really fancy or expensive. For one, that’s not my style and considering I do have a history of dropping cameras from my height in both wheelchairs, I need something that wouldn’t be such a hassle to fix either!

Since my future brother-in-law works in the electronic department at Wal-Mart, I asked him if there any cameras under $60 because that’s all I had in my purse. He replied back with just a brand: Polaroid. The first thing that popped into my head were those cute, vintage-like Polaroid cameras that were like the new trend! Once I went online though, I found the point and shoot cameras and they were pretty cheap and looked like like my previous camera too!


Now I have a new camera! It’s a Polaroid iE826 in red and silver. Truth be told, I have no idea what anything means on it and I actually wanted this in white and I already found one and shown it to my mom and somehow she managed to get me through the others on the website and we found the red and silver! The reason why I was no against the red one was because my nana also has a red (and black) camera that is pretty much the same size and shape as this one! One day we’re going to leave somewhere and come home with a different camera!

First Impressions:

Well, first off it is wayyy too small! One bad thing that goes with a similar post I wrote about cell phones. The buttons are extremely tiny and very stubborn. The power button is probably the worst! Even my parents have issues with it! I do have problems with holding it, even with the wristband that is on the opposite ankle. They need to make these according to left and right dominant! I think that it would be a lot easier for some of us who prefer using these cameras so you don’t have a random ribbon in your shot. However, I’ve miscalculated where the legs of my tripod are and have a few pictures of one in the middle of my picture afterwards!


Unfortunately, yes because of the width of the camera, I’ve had to use my little tripod, which if you think about it isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing because I felt like I’ve been neglecting it for the last few months. So the fact I’m using it full time (just to have a better grip of it in between my toes) makes my dad happy since he’s the one who found it for me! I am getting better at putting it on and off the tripod, it is easier to do it while in my wheelchair since I am higher and don’t have to strain my whole upper body when I screw it on!

One last negative is the screen. It tends to be very gritty and timid in different lighting. The flash hardly works and most of the time, the pictures are pretty dark even when it goes off. I’ve had to stop judging it after pressing the recall button because half the time they’re awful looking but then when we upload them they’re actually okay? They’re not as good and clear despite the amount of megapixels it offers!

Other than that though, it’s actually not all that bad! I know it’ll just take time to get used to everything and I’m usually good with change so the fact that I’ve had this many judgments about it is a little weird!

Here are some of my first and favorite snap shoots I took with my new camera!


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OOTD: Dropping Cameras + Family Time

I love to hate these colder months I swear! Funny thing is, I’m pretty sure they hate me right back. If the temperature goes up or drops, its like my body has radar and my body aches in different places. I’ll be a happy camper when spring is here, but all that will bring are thunderstorms and my least favorite: tornadoes. That’s the downside, but I’m getting anxious about going outside and taking pictures with my camera. I’m pretty sure you all are tired of me talking about it!

I’m not very handy with cameras though. I should be grateful that I’ve been able to use my phone camera for as long as I have, because ever since 2009, digital camera have been like an enemy for me. I went to my friend’s graduation and I was out taking pictures after the ceremony was over and as I was about to give my camera to a guy to take the picture for a friend and I, it literally drops onto the concrete and basically shatters. I came home in a sad mood and my mom and dad were no help. So everytime I hold one, my mom goes “don’t drop it Meghan.” On Saturday, I took my camera over to my nana’s house. She hasn’t really used a camera like this before and I kept telling myself that I need to play around with it and figure out how to hold it with my feet. I knew my grandparents would have the right type of batteries I needed for it, my nana and I had ourselves a little try out with it. Although we couldn’t figure out how to exactly take the picture. Two days later when my sister came home, she showed me and now I know how to do it. Yay!

I’ve literally looked up the instructions on Google like five times so I’m really committed to learning more about it as a whole. I am terrified to change anything on it. I actually got the “menu” and “delete” buttons mixed up and I almost had a freak out moment at my nana’s Monday afternoon. Oh yeah, Uncle David and Aunt Katt came over to my nana’s for a visit. It was very strange, because it was a Monday but it felt like a Saturday to us. My mom worked all weekend long so she definitely thought it was Saturday. Blondie came home this weekend and it was nice to have everybody in the house, eating French beard pizza. I tried to get pictures but I kept dropping my camera. I dropped it like three times on the kitchen floor. I felt bad because of the two carpets in that house to drop it on, it’s the hard carpet. Trust me, my butt still hurts from falling out of my chair. It can’t be considered carpet in my opinion. Anyways, I thought I broke it because the batteries fell out while it was on and it shut off with the lens out.

In my family, our topics of conversation can get pretty interesting at a really fast pace. We managed to talk about domestic abuse, religions, wars, meat, animal cruelty, high school reunions and lastly talked about animals again but it was a more happier discussion than before. I like it when we have these types of talks because everybody has their own opinions on the matters and I’m usually the one sitting there, listening to each person. This is what I do but I was so happy that I’ve mastered the will to hold my tongue sometimes. Because at least two topics above could’ve ended badly if I had voiced my opinions on it. By the end of it all though, my mom brought out this big stack of pictures from my nana’s office and she began to look through them. David, Katt, and even my papaw got on the action. It is hilarious that with all these pictures we were looking at, I was seeing a LOT of pet pictures. So if you thought I posted a lot of pictures of our cats, I got it from my mom’s side of the family!

We got home like two hours before The Originals came on. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, so towards two in the afternoon, I started to get extremely tired! I was enjoying family time way too much to go home early though. I took a few random pictures I’ll share in a few weeks. My mom and I have decided that we’ll only upload a big stack of them at a time, because of the way the SD card goes into my laptop. I don’t think I can do it by myself. However, you will be very proud of me. I reminded my mom to take a picture of my outfit of the day! It was too cold to take the picture outside and about the left side of my face, it was bright in that side of the room. There’s no way of fixing it sorry! My shirt is from Hot Topic (of course!) and I got it for Christmas. It says “without music life would be a mistake” and its true! I’m wearing my mom’s old North Face jacket she gave me at the beginning of fall. I’m also wearing my favorite pants, I don’t remember what brand it’s from but they came from Wal-Mart a few years ago! They’re my favorite because of the buttons on the side of the length. It makes my legs look cute! I don’t own any beanies, but we do have like hundreds of bandanas (because of my dad) but this is one of two girly colors he gave us! We couldn’t find my skull bandana.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Don't mind the mud on the floor! Lol
Don’t mind the mud on the floor! Lol

Dreams Of Running

Last night I was going through some things and now that it’s a new day, I think it’s safe to say I’m over it. I did delete my facebook. I’ve managed to stay off it last night afterwards. This morning I did reactivite it, but after 5 minutes of doing that I deleted it again. I haven’t been on it since. Am I getting withdrawals? Oh yes, and I am fighting to stand my ground and get over it. Facebook is like a very annoying drug. Now that I am trying to get away from it that’s all I want. Sad to say, but I feel like a Facebook junkie.

That’s my last paragraph talking about last night and Facebook. Last night although that was the bad part of my night. I dreamt a good dream of something I’ve been waiting to do. I know I titled this, “Dreams Of Running” but for once I wasn’t running in this dream. Like a normal person would. I was in my wheelchair traveling around the U.S. and going through one town and city to another. I got tired of everybody in my hometown and I packed up things I needed in a backpack and left. In every city or town I got a throw away camera and kept every picture and made doubles of some and wrote letters and send pictures to my mom.

I pretty much ran away in my dream last night. One of those dreams where everything seems a lot easier there than doing it now. I know I can’t charge up my wheelchair myself or take myself to the bathroom either. One of the things that I freaked me out was that I visited the Grand Canyon. Knowing myself, I would never visit that place. No matter how cool people may say it is. I am deadly scared of heights and that would probably send me over the edge just a little. My journey ended after six months (that would never happen) and I went home.