Nolan’s 1st Party!


Last weekend we celebrated my nephew’s first birthday with a big party! It’s been a long time since I have been at his house. I told my mom that he had to been around three months at the time, because Brandon and I were watching Black Panther after it just came out on DVD. It was very difficult to keep my eyes on the screen and not on a certain little baby in the pack-n-play! He was surprisingly very good for us, until towards the ending where he wanted to be fed quickly and he wasn’t – he wasn’t very happy! He has yet to grow out of that by the way!

The theme of the party had changed a few times over the coming months, but ultimately they decided on one thing: Llamas! So, in March, my sister found him this cute little llama stuffed toy at the store for Easter and he apparently liked it so much that she set out to find other items to fit in that theme, thus making the entire party about llamas. The only thing that wasn’t in a llama shape was the cake, although she did try to find someone to make one for her back in May!

One of my favorite things that had llamas on it, were our shirts that Blondie found for us. Both sides of the family were given customize T-Shirts of a black silhouette of a llama with whatever we are to Nolan. For example, I am his “auntie” so that’s what I got on mine, but both of his grandmothers have different names. My mom is “Mimi” while Brandon’s mom is “Grammie” to him. I have always had a small stack of tops that fit perfectly on my shoulders and if there was a special design on the front, it isn’t blocked by my hands the whole time the stack was even smaller! I’m very glad to tell you that I can add this to the pack! You can see everything, I love it so much!

My mom and I were the first ones to get there. I was greeted by Chipper and the cats. Chipper was SO excited to see us, but the look on Nolan’s face when he realized that Mimi was the one waking him up from a nap in his crib, was so cute! He was so surprised! He looked stunned when he found out I was there too! We were there about 10 minutes before my dad and our “uncle” Russell came over. Nolan was very happy to see his papaw! He just wrapped his small arms around his neck (and beard) and my dad was all too happy to deny him. Nolan was a little unsure about Russell at first but after a couple of minutes, he actually asked to be held by him and it was so adorable.

They were originally supposed to have 30+ people coming to the party, but since we were under a Tornado warning all afternoon, we were happy with the small get together instead. It was an interesting mix of people though, the best thing was everybody got along perfectly! We ate food, chit-chat with one another, played with Nolan. Our friend Jayde, who is expecting her first baby boy later this year, ate around three cupcakes. She and I made a deal that she could have the cupcakes and I can have the broccoli. I love broccoli! She fully agreed to that! I’m actually shocked on how little I snacked though, because I’m known to eat quite a bit at parties but there wasn’t a lot of room for me to eat by myself or have my mom feed me easily without being in the way of little guy eating his strawberries in his high chair! Honestly, I made myself a deal at the end of the party, I was going to have one vanilla cupcake. I did get my cupcake, but I almost regretted it on the way home…

After everybody grabbed a seat, we decided it was time to open some presents. He got a LOT of interesting toys for his birthday! The first one that “he” opened was from his Grammie and his aunties too. Blondie opened the cards first, which is always a nice gesture even though they are usually the last present anybody ever wants to open, because they usually have a message inside that could make you cry in front of your guests. Nolan was another story entirely, he loved his cards! The one that his Grammie got him had shiny glitter inside the number one symbol on the front, so you could essentially shake it like a snow globe and everything will move around. He literally did not want to put it down! It was in his right hand during the rest of the unwrapping.

These are some of the gifts that I could remember of the party.

  • A small red and blue slide (that was wrapped in Batman paper! I loved it, and I’m not a big fan of him either!)
  • A large stack of different summery clothes.
  • Bubble making lawn mower
  • Tool bench and belt full of tools he’ll need to fix my ‘broken’ wheelchairs
  • A standing drum set
  • A big yellow truck to put all of his toys
  • Paw Patrol trucks with characters of the show
  • A book for bedtime made specifically for him as it has a blond baby named Nolan.

There were a lot more that you will see at in the gallery below. He will certainly be really busy making lots of noises in the next few months! My sister actually sent mom a picture of him standing at the drum kit in the middle of the pack-n-play without any help of the walls after the party was over! We’re getting closer to seeing cutie pie walking around on his own.

Once we were finished with the presents, we moved on watching him eat his smash cake. For this, he had to become semi-naked and as much as he loves being like this, he absolutely hates taking off his clothes! After everything was off, he was placed in his high chair again. I will be inserting the before and after pictures of the cake itself in a minute, but Nolan isn’t necessarily a messy eater, he likes to inspect things so he was really puzzled by this cake at first. He literally only would stick one finger into it at a time. Brandon quickly realized that we’d be here forever if he continues doing this, so to make things go faster, he literally grabbed Nolan’s hands and planted them right into the cake! Nolan was not sure what to do with all of the icing on his hands so he was literally shaking his arms but he actually accepted the fact that it did taste pretty good!

The part that made me remember that I am still teaching him things without even realizing it, was when he started leaning his mouth into the cake. As everybody was laughing and taking pictures at this, I was like “oh, crap!” Whenever I eat in the kitchen, he is at the same level as me, so he can watch me like a hawk, because I do lean into my plate so my tongue can reach everything. So seeing the now one year old mimicking what I do for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, was pretty cute! He was trying his best to get into it, to the point that my sister actually had to hold the cake up in front of him to reach with his mouth! He’s such a smart cookie!

Once he was done eating the cake–well, actually his mommy had to take it away from him! He wasn’t very happy about that, but after he was basically washed down with many, many wipes, he was rewarded with his new toys! He quickly went back to his tool belt and started waving it around in the air. This was also the time where half of the guests were leaving to go home. Russell and dad were one of the firsts to leave because we needed them to be ready to get back into the house, which was a fun mini adventure on its own!

My mom and I left about 10 minutes later, but we were going to get food from Applebee’s and it was roughly a 20-25 minute wait to pick everything up, we decided to go look at the expensive houses in town. I’ve been watching Property Brothers like crazy lately so this was my jam! However between the two of us, we realized how different our tastes in houses were as far as exterior design goes! I still love my ranch-style houses, but even I started finding some of these larger houses to be very beautiful, especially that Tudor house! Once our 20 minutes were up, we went to pick up our food and eventually made our way home!

I had an awesome time spending the day with a great bunch of people, and what I think really made it better was the fact that after the small storm we had, the sky actually perked up. It was sunny again, which was really nice considering how much rain we’ve had in the last couple of weeks or so! I also had lots of fan watching my little nephew enjoy time with each family and friends as well!

What do you think is the most weirdest theme for a birthday? What did you think of my day too?

The Cake Flavored Book Tag!


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a tag, and I’ve been searching for fun things to post on here that wouldn’t consist of me doing a lot of thinking (much less move around!) so I have been reading other blogs in the last month and I have somebody who loves tags just as much as I do, and that is Shaa and she is a book blogger, so majority of the tags she’s done are about her favorite books. I checked it out, and I thought this would be a really fun thing to do. It is similar to the Books & Cookies tag I did a couple of months ago, but this is about cakes so how I can turn this down?!

Chocolate – A dark book that you loved

I thought about this question quite a bit because the word “dark” can literally mean different genres. At least I think it does, so I came up with two books that I think are “dark” in every sense of the word and they are Helter Skelter: The True Story Of The Manson Murders by Vincent Bugliosi with Curt Gentry and Night by Elie Wiesel. I remember reading both books in my Novels class and was absolutely floored by the horror each one discussed so that’s my answer.

Vanilla – A light read

This one was somewhat easier on me. However, there is more darkness to the story, but it is a very short book. I read this story while I was in my Short Stories class, literally a semester after completing the Novels course! It is The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It’s about 64 and a really haunting read if you’re into that sort of thing!

Red Velvet – A book that gave you mixed emotions

Oh boy! There’s only one book that belongs with this question and it is The Ring and The Crown by Melissa de la Cruz. I thought the story of Princess Marie-Victoria was really good but unfortunately there was way too much information and far too many characters to keep up with so I had a love/hate relationship with the book itself.

Strawberry – A sweet book

A sweet book. Hmmmm…. I think I would have to say To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. I really loved that book. It just brought me back to my high school days and I really enjoyed being able to look back at those memories with a smile instead full of regret as I use to do! I really need to get back to reading the sequel sometime. I might wait to reading it in the summertime. That sounds like a good idea!

Cheesecake – A book that you would recommend to anyone

Oh jeez. I have a lot of books that I would recommend to people, but I think if anyone wants to experiment with the erotica genre, and use something else besides Fifty Shades; maybe you consider Roxy Sloane’s novella series The Invitation. The first book is just 50 pages but it’s page turner and if you love British men, this will be right up your alley, trust me!

Coffee Cake – A book that you started but never finished

On my Goodreads profile, I have a total of five books that I’ve started by never finished but I think the two that have bothered me the most are Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Aszkaban by J.K. Rowling and Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. The reason why I haven’t finished HPATPOA is because the movie has probably been my favorite out of the entire series, so I have trouble with comparing them side by side thus I’ve never been able to complete it. The other one is mostly because I go in and out of fantasy/magic genre. Originally, I stopped because I wanted a break… oops!

Carrot Cake – A book with great writing

Personally, I think there are at least three books that have had really great writing and they are: The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (again!), Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, and Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. The reason why I’ve chosen these three stories are because I thought they each have their good notes, but the one common bond they all share is that you can clearly picture everything that is going on within the story. I have a permanent image and to each one of them.

In The Yellow Wallpaper, I still have a sense of grief and am completely terrified to see anything on my walls. Whereas Me Before You brings me hope of understanding emotionally and physically as a  disability person. And finally, Red Queen means a lot for me. The fact that the writing itself was so vivid that I could see Mare running away, basically ducking and jumping out of a window; this somehow made me want to write a story with that much action and detail.

If you like mixing cake with books, you should do this tag too! Link it back to me if you remember, okay? Have you read any of the books I listed above?

Birthday Bash | Part 1



So last week was my birthday and the celebration was divided into two days: the actual day of my birth and the following weekend. The reason why we did that is because if I don’t hang out with all of my family, it’s just weird! Even while my sister was gone for 2 hours to collegea a couple of years ago, we went up there to visit for my birthday as a surprise! We have lunch at Steak n Shake, and walk around the campus for a little bit. Blondie might be closer to home nowadays, but between she and Brandon, they both work and have classes during the week so we had to resort in waiting for the weekend to hang out with them.

Besides, I wanted to spend my actual birthday with my nana and the main reason was because since papaw has been gone, holidays and even birthdays are not the same anymore. I know my papaw was around though, because I woke up super early that morning with the story of the fact he never got to finish his Red Lobster meal for two days, because I decided to come early! It was something he would tell me every year, that he never got to eat all of his meal. Sorry papaw!

Despite the fact that it was my day, I originally wanted to keep everything a surprise from my nana, wanted her to have that look on her face of us coming into her house celebrating my birthday like we used to, but in order to make sure somebody baked me a cake, we had to tell her. She told me that she’s still surprised because I had kept that secret for like three months but she understood that making sure there was a cake or in this case cupcakes, was there that I had to spoil the surprise. After telling her, I started making another banner like the candy corn banner we made for Halloween. I made a “Happy” with a selection of dark colors and “Birthday” had the more vintage colors. We even found a green that matched the living room carpet in her house!!

I am a cupcake fan, I think I’ve always been more on the side of cupcakes because I don’t like a big slice of cake as everybody else. I’m also not a big fan of frosting either! I think I’d rather have a naked cake instead! One of these days, I’ll figure out how to make those cake pops because I feel like they’d be more up my alley than anything else! Sorry to continue down this slope, I don’t necessarily like chocolate cake anymore either! This was the one year that I got to have a vanilla cake because half the time it was divided up between my family and my nana and papaw! My papaw was more about ice cream and cookies than he ever was about cake in general though! Well, besides the occasional apple pie at Thanksgiving – that could only be served with chocolate ice cream!

Anyways, she had my mom buy her some skull paper liners for the muffin tins but she’s also used the aluminum foil liners and something about that or the temperature in the kitchen and they became very dough-y after baking! They still looked like cupcakes though, they just looked tough because of the spiders and sugar skulls on the sides of the liners! She baked them the day before my birthday as I wanted to help decorate them. So we colored them with greens, blues, and orange with the white frosting but I wanted to try something that I had seen on TV quite a few times.

I’ve seen where if you don’t have a piping bag you can use a ziplock baggy by snipping off  the sides and just pulling the frosting through the one side that has a decorative tip (I originally had one, but it got lost in the bag!) and just to see what that does. I think it would have worked better for me if I could have seen what I was doing! Since I was using my right foot is my guide, I couldn’t see around it so I was literally checking every five seconds to see if I was even hitting the cupcake at all! We didn’t put a lot of icing into the baggy so I could cover three cupcakes and majority of the frosting went on the bottom of my foot! I think with more practice and maybe switching the feet around, I could do it better!

After that, we just hung out for a bit… looking over some of our family history and talked too much about a secret project. No, I won’t tell you and no, it has nothing to do with my blog or anything for Disability Horizons! 😉 So that’s all I can share about day one of festivities! I’ll have a second post up not next week, but the week after! Next week is already booked up enough as it is!



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Cake In A Mug!


Hey guys,

So I’m here with a little baking post! I think the last one I wrote about were the cookies at Christmas, but technically those are premade so yeah! As you can see from the title, we made these cakes inside mugs! You might be skeptical right now, but I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty incredible!

This wasn’t even my idea! My nana found it through her Facebook, if I remember correctly it was from “On This Day” sidebar. She sent me this little status one day and I just thought it was a fluke despite seeing it done on TV. She really wanted to try this out so she had my mom get like six different cake mixes a few weekends ago. She got two angel food  cakes and strawberry, lemon, chocolate, yellow, and white mixes. She also got the idea of storing them in mason jars, I wish I could’ve read my mom’s brain when she read that section of the grocery list!

What you’ll need for this:

  • 2 different cake mixes
  • big bowl
  • whisk
  • water
  • coffee mug (has to be microwaveable)

She asked me of the selection she had, what mix I wanted to try and I was really curious about the lemon so we tried it out with the angel food mix. She took both mixtures of their boxes and put them into a big or medium size bowl. We tried to mix them together with a wooden spoon but it didn’t work out well for me so we switched to a whisk. When I first went to stir it, I swooshed the powder right out of the bowl and onto the floor and the lower half of my body!

After a good stir, my nana grabbed us some coffee mugs, both are mostly used for soups. For this, you need to take out three tablespoons of dry mixture. She did the first one, but I did the last two, I even leveled it off with my right foot! There’s not many times where both feet work together on something! Anyways, next you put in two tablespoons of water and stir it until the lumps are out. Lastly put it in your microwave for one minute and when it’s done you let it cool like a regular cake and put on frosting, fruit or whipped cream to finish it off! Personally, I don’t necessarily like any frosting, much less whipped cream! Yuck! So I just ate my little serving as it was and it was pretty good without anything on it.

The flavor is very subtle compared to the actual smell when we first opened up the bags. It’s very sponge-y, thanks to the angel food. Since we only used a small bit of our mix, we had to have a good place to store this rest. This is where my nana’s second idea comes into play! We poured the mix into a measuring cup since we figured it would be easier to put it into the jars, nope! We still made a mess! This time it was nana’s turn! We each got our own jar full of lemon/angel cake mix ready for a midnight snack!

I think my nana wants to do the chocolate one next! Third will be confetti! Yay!

Have you ever tried the microwaveable cakes before? What is your favorite?



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What A Celebration!


This week has been a very interesting one as whenever you have things planned things can array and that’s what happened, my mom has her work schedule changed twice in the week, first she was wasn’t working on today (Saturday) and well, now she is. We’ve had to rearrange everything around and lucky for everybody I was willing to go with the flow with no complaints. I’ve kind of always wanted to celebrate my birthday on Halloween and this year I actually got to do that. Another part of our original plan was to go to Steak N Shake in Vincennes and eat there for my birthday, but we found out earlier in the week that they wouldn’t open until next week. So we ended up going to the second post and we got to do the buffet at Ponderosa. It was my parents, Blondie and her boyfriend, something else that was different from the past years was this was the first year that I got to eat by myself, I’ve always had somebody feed me, but we took the push wheelchair and it was much shorter than my big chair, so I got to it all myself even eat ice cream!

After we left, I sat in the backseat with the push chair, which was weird. The day was pretty windy and gloomy. It never rain or anything, but the cold wind was NOT the best thing. Halfway through the drive home, I was busy watching the pretty autumn overview as we were driving home. So I finally asked my mom how good her camera was while the car was in motion. She, of course said that she didn’t know and then she asked if I wanted to some pictures of the trees and everything around, I said yeah. She was REALLY getting into it. I kept seeing her try to reach out a bit to get a better picture. I kept wondering what my dad was thinking while she was busy doing it. When we got home, my mom took a nap and I laid on my bed trying to relax a bit, after fifteen minutes I sat up and started editing my pictures. When she got up, she took me to my nana’s and she made me dark chocolate cupcakes. My papaw had told us when we first got inside the house that he’d had two of them already, but only had the second because he dropped the first one on the floor! He rat on himself! It was hilarious! I only got to eat one cupcake but it was okay because my nana and I kept talking amongst each other. It was okay, after that I stayed at home for a couple more hours until the last part of the night begin.

The last part of the day and the beginning of the night, started out simple and absolutely hilarious for my mom. Now, we were supposed to go out trick-or-treating, but since it was too damn cold and really windy outside, it ended up being a no-go. Which was okay, because while my mom was out doing my nana’s errands she got a bunch of candy. We also decided to dress up anyways. We waited until the last minute to find anything and Sammy and her mom had quite a bit of different costumes you could do the last minute. Somebody had suggested that I could go as somebody in an electric chair because since I have an electric (wheel)chair, we could find a belt and something else to put on my head. My mom got really into it. Unfortunately, I don’t have very many white clothes, but we did find this one sweater that has black skulls in the front. My mom had this bright idea of putting it on backwards and tying the sleeves around to my back. My mom used one of her brown belts and put it around my arms, lastly we didn’t exactly know how to make the helmet or whatever. So we used my headband and get this my mom cut part of the cat food bag and cut a circle of it and put underneath my headband. It actually ended up being pretty good. An hour of being in the barn, seeing Sammy and Tepe with their face make-up on, Sammy offered to put on some makeup on me too. She gave me a similar sugar skull design. I actually liked it a lot! A couple of their friends came over and we had some pretty cool pictures! Lots of fake blood, I was the only one that was tame.

The whole time, we sat by the heater in the barn. I kept eating candy that we brought from home. I swear I had like five or six different suckers, still haven’t had a Club Soda sucker yet. My favorites of the night were the Raspberry Lemonade and Peach Mango, that I never got to finish because I had that one while Sammy was doing my face makeup and I didn’t want to drive her insane with my sucker in my mouth, so I took it out and gave it to my mom to HOLD! She ate the stinking thing! Sammy and her mama, got me some really cool presents. I got a cute black skull garland and a pajama outfit of a skull shirt and light purple leopard fuzzy pants. The one thing I wasn’t expecting was the last gift of all that everybody knew and I didn’t. Sometimes I love/hate those kinds of surprises. Sammy and Theresa came inside and they surprised me with an awesome birthday cake, it was a light purple skull and it was a while cake around the face area, but the top of it was the most coolest part of the entire thing. She put a small layer of red velvet cake as a brain and she had red corn syrup dripping down the sides of the cake like blood. The green parts are coconut shavings, the little black “graves” at the sides are from crushed up chocolate graham crackers. It was amazing! I had never treated red velvet before and I’ve got to say eat it with coconut on it and it tastes really good. Sammy and I really enjoyed it! So did their outdoor cat Twitches too!

I also got a small little bag of those left over skulls on the right side, they weren’t edible. I’m going to have fun finding places for all these different skull stuff! I had a fun time over in the barn with everybody! Day Two was on my actual birthday. We celebrated it in the garage this time around. Our neighbors just a got a new pool table. So everybody was interested in playing it for the first time! We went over there, dad made his famous pork chops, somebody made this really good sweet baked beans, it had like three different kinds of beans. Ju-Ju also made a good batch of corn on the cob and basically soaked it with butter. I had two corn cobs and it was delicious! I honestly had a great time over in the garage watching the guys play pool and all of us women were just talking up a storm. Going back home however was interesting because we were walking out in the dark and I remembered there was something on the side of the other garage and I could see an outline of something in front of me, so when I was trying to dodge it my mom was trying to get me to through it, it was difficult not to scream after that but I knew I was hitting something! That was my two days of my birthday celebration. I’m hoping on Monday or Tuesday, my mom will make me potato soup because I still haven’t had my birthday dinner yet.

I'd say this comfort food at its finest!
I’d say this comfort food at its finest!












Roll With Me: One

10443843_10152846309109989_500281358_nIt has been a long freaking day. I mean that in a good way though, even if I had some flashbacks to last Christmas because I was around quite a lot of people.  My parents, Blondie and I went to one of our friend’s birthday party for their little girl. She turned one this week so they celebrated it today at in the park we have in town. I have actually been looking forward to this party for about a month or two, because it’s actually a first for me! I’ve only been to baby showers, usually life takes me on separate paths that lead me to never seeing kids grow up. Now thanks to technology and Facebook, I can see them celebrate their birthdays with friends and family. It was a bit weird to actually go to one and be around a lot of people who I was not familiar with, but on the good side I didn’t feel like a burden throughout the whole afternoon!

The party originally started at four in the afternoon, but my mom wanted to get there an hour earlier to help them out a bit. My dad was there to visit and grill out. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, and baked beans on the grill. Before everything was to happen though, my mom fed me lunch because she had gotten up kind of late in the day. Once I was done with my food and two mini smoothies, I was waiting for my mom to come in and grab my plate and move my table over to the side. Well, first she had to bring in this cute little gray kitten. Last night, right after my mom and sister got home from work, they found Bootsie/Wren’s kittens. We don’t know which ones were from either cat. They found two at first, a calico kitty that only had these markings on its face and tail. Other than that, it was all white. The other one was like Grumpy and my ole buddy Ivan, my mom said “I’m seeing a trend here!” We don’t know what the sex of either one at the moment.

When my mom came in with the little gray one, she brought her into my room. This one we know is a girl. I was so hooked to her, she’s our little explorer because she wanted to do was move around all over my bed. I’ve named her Silver, because calling her “Gray” would remind me of Christian Grey too much. We found out that she’s our special kitty, her two front paws have an extra claw. So she has six little toes or whatever. Plus, she’s got this cute little outline of an “M” right above her nose. So after noticing that I decided to add “Moonlight” onto her name. She is named after one of my favorite songs by Within Temptation, “Silver Moonlight.” Next mom found the last one (so far!) and this one is fluffy. Like, really fluffy! We know this one is also a girl too, mom is in love with this cat. She likes to sleep in darkness. She liked to go underneath my blanket and then at the last of the visit she found her way inside of my pillow case. I had remind myself four times not to lie down. My mom wanted to name her something with “Princess” she wanted to go all Star Wars on me and call her “Princess Leila.” I said no. We agreed on “Belle” but once Blondie got home for work, she ended up changing it to “Kells” after her new favorite rapper, Machine Gun Kelly. We both had music on our brains, hopefully this time these names stick!

When we arrived at the party, people were just starting to get there and majority of the people who have been there for an hour was decorating the place up. Compared to both mine and Blondie graduation parties, this party was more decorated! I knew there were going to be little kids there, but I didn’t think I’d actually get overwhelmed by them. Everybody around me was having beers and here I was, miserable with a headache wanting to try my first beer! I didn’t though, my mom had gotten me a Code Red Mountain Dew before we left and that was my way of getting through. It wasn’t THAT bad! The kids were doing what kids do. They’re suppose to go a little wild while they’re around each other, but when it was lunch time or dinner time, whatever you want to call it. Everything started spinning in my head in a very fast pace! It literally made me think about not wanting to kids when I got married. When I got around little Maci (the birthday girl) those thoughts went away. She didn’t like the fact there were a bunch of bugs at her face but she did like everybody around her. In the middle of the party, just before my sis left to go back to work. She got to hold Maci and she kept wanting to try to pick Blondie’s tattoo off on her collarbone. Maci is just starting to stand up on her own and she was up against my controller and right foot. She had her left hand fully attached to my right foot for support. She looked like she was so happy standing up, trying to figure out the buttons of my controller. Don’t worry I had full control of the stick and made sure she didn’t go to grab it.

When it was time for presents and cake, everybody was starting to overheat and Maci was very tired. She was very alert during the whole time it was time to unwrap the presents. She got a lot of normal things for a one year old, clothes, stuffed animals, and a bunch of Minnie Mouse things! One thing that was kind of funny was that a present was actually repeated. I was actually stunned because I don’t think I’ve ever since that happen before. It was cute but funny too! When it was time for cake though, Maci wasn’t the normal one year old. She was very much wore the heck out by the time we got to the cake and she never got down into the actual cake part. She just had pure pink icing all over her face, hands, and most of her high chair! While she was getting washed off, I got to do something that was pretty adorable because I hadn’t done it before. One of the girls that my mom and Kristen work with brought all three of her boys with her and which gave both Katie and Aiden somebody to play with, but her youngest was very shy to me at first. Which is normal, and he wasn’t the only one either! Well, he had gotten past his shyness and asked me if I could take off the wrapper of the cupcake he had. Everybody else was busy so I attempted to do this while he just watched me go around the top of the wrapper, pulling it down and trying to keep my toes away from the actual icing part. Once I had gotten it loosen up enough he got it all the way undone and began to eat the icing!

 The older kids finally got to join in on the fun when somebody realized the only thing we haven’t done yet was the pinata. This time I decided to stay out of this one and let the younger kids have the fun. They did it the right away though, blindfold, spinning around a couple of times and then letting loose! Well, Miss Katie was first since she was the only girl and she didn’t even make her first hit before the damn bat exploded in two! Which in a way was handy because the hands were WAY too short to handle a three or four feet bat made of paper. I think all of the kids got to go except for one but we didn’t really hear him complain though because there was a lot of candy on the ground! Once it was broken, people started to throw away their stuff, say their goodbyes, and leave. We stayed a little bit later to help clean up. While my mom was busy helping, I was trying to keep Maci occupied. She has a few teeth in her mouth and she kept wanting to pull my toes into her mouth. My good work was coming back to literally bite me! I only got three hugs and two kisses by three different kids. I love getting kisses and hugs from little kids, it makes my heart melt! Now that I’ve been home for a few hours, I’ve been listening to music, editing pictures and trying to summarize my whole day in one post. I’m pretty sure today rocked! And tomorrow I get to have cake all over again, since we’re celebrating my papaw’s birthday that was this week too! Until then, I hope you enjoyed your day and/or evening and here are what our new kittens look like. Goodnight!

This is Princess Belle, I refuse to call this pretty little thing "Kells" sorry sis!
This is Princess Belle, I refuse to call this pretty little thing “Kells” sorry sis!

Our little calico that my mom won't let me name "Snow White." So far, this is un-named
Our little calico that my mom won’t let me name “Snow White.” So far, this is un-named

See! He does look like Ivan and Grumpy doesn't he? Still un-named too!
See! He does look like Ivan and Grumpy doesn’t he? Still un-named too!

Our little explorer, Silver Moonlight!
Our little explorer, Silver Moonlight!

Happy Birthday To Me. <3

So it’s official, I am now 20 years old. I’m no longer a baby, kid, or teenager. One thing that’s really surprised me than anything else is that I’ve lived through two decades. To me, that is just weird. When I was born, I weighed 2 pounds. I was a premie. I was suppose to come January 2nd, but obviously I wanted out early.

My mom posted on her Facebook, that I weighed that much but now I’m a hellraiser. That’s only because I listen hard rock music. It’s alright though. It’s actually a good nickname for me. Here was my horscope for today, my nana posted it on my Facebook for me. So here it is, “You seem on the first hand to be a bright, positive individual and you can be this on occasion, but the over-whelming reality is that you are a serious-minded individual. You seem to be always immersing yourself in issues that are dark and dangerous in some way. Perhaps it is that you have something of the daredevil in your nature. And you derive a great deal of secret excitement from flirting with danger and disaster.” I’m just going to say, it is soo like me it’s not even funny!

My parents just actually came in my room and started singing “Happy Birthday” to me. I didn’t get to have a cake last year and we’re all still trying to figure why exactly. So dad made up for it and made me one. It’s not this one, both of these pictures were from two of my Twitter friends. The first one up top is from my friend Manaroma and the cake picture is from my friend Alex, they’re both like sisters to me. Sisters I’d like to meet one of these days. Along with a few others too.

Speaking of them, my Facebook Wall has been filled with people telling me “Happy Birthday” and everything. I feel so loved and blessed that these people are saying such nice things and I’ve never met them before, they’re better friends than the ones I thought were my friends that I went to school with. Okay, a boy I went to school just sent me the sweetest tweet ever! So not everybody I went to school with is mean.

Oh I forgot to say my papaw got me a card. He wrote inside it and gave me a $10 even though he didn’t have to since the card was adorable enough. My nana made cinnamon rolls this morning and when my dad went over there earlier she gave me two. Ain’t like I need anymore sugar since I did have a few Hershey mini bars for breakfast. Shhhh, don’t tell my sister! Thanks for all the birthday wishes from Facebook and Twitter. Love you all! 🙂