A Day Out In The Yard…


On Friday, a little bit before three in the afternoon my dad came in to my room after he got a drink from town. He told me that he was going to clean out his truck from the inside, which I was even surprised he brought it up and actually completed it. Well, before he got started he asked me if I wanted to go out and “play” with the kittens. Okay, first of all I don’t play with them, even though I do love scaring the crap out of them and chase after Bear-Bear, but I find that fairly normal considering he likes to chase after me when I have my pants that have big sleeves (the joy of having small legs!) and Bear likes to bite/nibble on my feet. He does it for everybody, he finally did it to my dad which lead to him getting tossed back outside afterwards. Anyways, I went outside and usually there are like three or four cats on the front porch waiting for that one second when you’ve got the door open enough for one to squeeze in really quick. Bootsie, Midget, and Bear are VERY bad at this. Bootsie and Midget are also our climbers too. They’ve climbed up the window and front door screens. This is NOT something you want to hear late at night, at times my parents will sleep out in the living room. They’ve been freaked out a couple of times.

While I was out, I had to go to the backyard to find anybody because they were all at the back yard, waiting to slip inside as dad was coming out. I actually took my time going to the backyard. I like to get some front yard shots with my phone, but there’s not much to capture in the front. So after attempting to get a few shots, I finally went to the back and the babies looked like they were surprised to see me. I like to go in the very back of the yard, towards the trees. I tried to stay out in the sun as much as I could because it felt amazing just to be in the warmth. It wasn’t too bad in the shade either. Kind of breezy, but not too bad! My dad’s truck was in the middle of the yard and it was kind of weird to be outside with somebody else, I’m mostly out there alone. So of course, the times I want to try to mediate and relax, my dad is there throwing stuff away. I took too many pictures of all of the trees and changing colors of the leaves. I watched the babies play with one another, they’d chase after each other and jump straight up in the air and clash. Around this time, the wind was blowing and every leaf that was hanging on the tree branches above were flying all around us, the babies didn’t know what to do with themselves at this point. They were chasing after the ones that landed on the ground. It was cute, until a stick came crashing down on my head while I was taking pictures of the cats by the tree. I felt like Henny Penny and the sky was falling.

My mom was having a rough day, so work let her go home early. I had been outside for an hour or longer. I don’t necessarily remember the time, but it was before the Bloggers Do It Better chat started. I came back in as Dr. Phil was starting, thankfully I’ve already seen that episode! When I came back inside, my mom had to put some itch medicine on my foot. The one bad thing about the weather getting a little warmer, the bugs were back in full swing. So I was around the bees and mosquitoes again. As I was watching the babies chase after the leaves, I was rubbing my right heel against the side of my left foot, I discovered a black bug on my foot. Apparently, I had killed it, whatever it was. Well, about seven seconds later that entire side of the foot started itching and then all I saw were two white circles surrounded by red skin, something had left me a parting gift. Bugs like getting me on top of my bones of my feet, but of course that’s were my veins are too! I was trying my best not to mess with it, so I kept distracting myself with trying to get pictures with the babies including the last two to the party: Bootsie and Wren. I still didn’t get a picture of Bootsie.













Small Treat



Hello, how is everybody’s Thursday going? Is it just me or is this week going by fast? 

Yesterday I went to my nana’s while my mom did her errands. Since my Uncle Rick came over on Saturday, he actually went out and did her errands for her, so when she went out again she didn’t need to get as much as she usually gets at the end of the week. I hardly ever work for her anymore because she’s been doing majority of the stuff on her own. Which is really good as she’s fighting to do things she hasn’t been able to do in a while, but now that she’s been able to do these things she’s also hurt the side of her back and everytime she leans down or to her side, she has pain. When I got there, she already had all of the clothes out of the laundry hamper for me. All I have to do is spread it all into whites and colors and put them in different baskets. It gives me something to do first of all and yes, I get paid for it, but I basically used that for an iTunes card. It was very worth it though! While I’m working with her clothes, we always have time to chat one-on-one even if poor Papaw is sleeping in the next room. He’s gotta be used to us by now!

After I was finished, I started thinking about taking more pictures around the house. She’s got a few things that need to be recognized. One of these is her dollhouse. One day, my dad went on a bike ride with a bunch of other bikers. He was very excited to do it and he’s always wanted to do it. I went over to my grandparent’s house since Blondie was away at school and mom was at work, so I went there and we had a back up plan in case I needed to go to the bathroom to call my friend Sammy. Well, during the second or three hour I was there, I really had to go and so I texted her and she came over. Well, as I was explaining everything, Sammy took an interest in the dollhouse. She just loved it! That was before it was fully decorated with different Halloween decorations like it is now. My nana loves this dollhouse, she’s made the furniture for the different rooms. She’s different done everything to make it look like the ideal dollhouse. I used to love it as a kid. Now as an adult, I love looking at it and seeing the classic look it brings to the corner of the room. The blue is a beautiful shade of baby blue. It looks like it just got a fresh coat of paint on it. She’s collected different little things for the holidays and got the idea to put the smaller stuff on the dollhouse. Just wait til Christmas!

Now in their living room has the “Holy Grail” as what I like to call it. It’s a massive stereo system. My Papaw loves his music just as much as everyone in my family. In different parts of the house, you may not be surprised to find an old vinyl lying around on a bookshelf collecting dust. He has three sections, at the top is of course the record player. Middle section is where you can play CDs and at the bottom are the two rows of cassette players. I call it the Holy Grail because when I was growing up and even now, those three are so outdated that it is rare to find anybody to have all three. I have no idea if they all still work. I’m pretty sure they do though. Something does work, because we used it one year. In our family, we used to play Stan Kenton’s Christmas music on there every year. My mom has the best story though. My grandparents were leaving for the evening and he told her to not touch it while they were gone. Well, once they exist she popped in a Motley Crue cassette into the holder and started jamming, because of course he’s got these two huge speakers that I would use to my advantage and the floor would move. Anyways, she only got busted because Papaw forgot something and came back inside the house. Even I was mad that she failed. On the other side of the room, he’s got the piano were he’s got his little buddies. He’s got singing/dancing creatures from different Christmases. What’s bad about it is that one even sings Maroon 5’s “Move Like Jagger” and shakes its butt. He’s got like six of them sitting around the piano, it’s so cute!

This afternoon, I finally broke down after telling myself that I needed to do something than besides watch TV. So I basically told my dad that I was bored. He told me that he’d take me outside sometime this evening. I thought that was okay, considering I was still trying to figure out my words to do this post. My mom brought in little Stormy for some one-on-one time and I always have to go on the floor because he won’t be good and relax if I’m on my bed. This time he decided my lap was the perfect bed. It was actually more comfortable for him to be there anyways, but I couldn’t do anything once I got in that position. Luckily, he let me fix my music before he decided to go back on my legs for one last nap. When my mom brought in my big wheelchair into my room. When I went out, my dad sprayed some kind of bug spray on me that actually didn’t smell too bad, but he forgot to do himself so when we went to our neighbors the bugs were ignoring me but they were just eating him up like a grade. We went and visited with one half of our neighbors but didn’t stay very long as one of them was just leaving anyways. We left and went to another one of our neighbors and they have this beautiful pit bull puppy, her name is Lexi and she has the same colors as our old pit bull, she’s brown, black and white. She’s really sweet but she really hates her chain too. She’s climbing on people and she was giving me kisses, it’s been a while since I got big dog kisses. When I got home I thought ChiChi was going to have a cow, she didn’t even smell me, she was too into my wheelchair to care. I hope everybody’s been having a good week. Thank God tomorrow is Friday! ♥


A Sleepless Night Of Thoughts

It’s one of those sleepless nights. Actually, I’ve had them about every day of this week. I still don’t know how it exactly happened either. Anyways, I have finished two movies and a TV show that I taped earlier this evening. A little bit ago, as I was finishing SVU I saw this fairly large bug crawling on my table. I know! I know! Why am I freaking out about a bug that’s basically on the other side of my room (like any of you would know that!) I didn’t know if it flew or not and so I knew my mom was awake so I sent her a text. So she came in and when she had the door cracked open the bug went onto the floor, I still don’t know if it jumped or flew down there. It just landed there and as mom was walking in, I was trying to tell her it was on the floor by her feet. She literally jumped up and slightly screamed. It was kind of funny! She did kill it after attempting to do three times. We found it to be a “water bug” and it was pretty big! So now we’re both screwed of ever finding sleep now. I’m more awake than I was an hour ago. Too much excitement. Now I’m listening to music from my TV and enjoying the darkness of my room. I might try to attempt to find some sleep, but I think I’m going to go on Pinterest for a “quick” visit. Hopefully, I’ll be back with a real post later on today!  For all of the people getting ready for their day, I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂