What Is Your Perfect Honeymoon?

So I was watching an episode of Roseanne today and it was an episode where the kids were younger. My mom and I think after they won lottery and Darlene has the baby, the show goes downhill. Anyways, the episode where I got my next blog post idea was the one where Dan and Roseanne plan their second honeymoon. Dan thinks a cabin in Wisconsin is the perfect honeymoon, but Roseanne doesn’t think so. She wants to go to Florida. They end up at the end of the episode, staying at home while Jackie takes the kids. Roseanne tries to be romantic and lights some candles and had some wine. Roseanne teases Dan with wanting either a stream or waterfall effect done by their kitchen faucet. The last part of the scene is of Roseanne spraying Dan with the water and Dan grabs the wine and starts shaking it up and shoots out of the bottle and Dan says, “NAGARIA FALLS!”

So I decided to ask the question to both married women but also single women as well. Where did you go on your honeymoon? What is your ideal honeymoon? These were just some of the comments I got on both of these questions. My mom posted on the comment and said that everybody got drunk but her, because she was pregnant with me. It’s okay, I find that hilarious, so you’re allowed to laugh if you want to! Another person said she went to a cabin where no one knew them. My aunt posted that she went to Franklin, TN but had to leave early because there was a tornado. I only had two singles comment and she said, what every single woman wants to do for their wedding and honeymoon. Go to Hawaii. Even my two main characters of my story went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. The other said she’d like to have her honeymoon in Ireland or Paris. So far I haven’t gotten anymore replies on either Facebook or Twitter.

So that only leads to my answer for my own questions. I am not married, so I technically can’t answer the first question. The second though, my ideal honeymoon would be adventurous. Hopefully, my other half would be just so daring and has a big bucket list of travels as I do. So speaking of bucket list, I think my future husband and I should do at least four different things that are on our bucket lists. I think that would be interesting to see what each of us discover about our travels and interests. It’s also out of the box, which is what my life is about anyways. Plus, if we did this for our honeymoon, it would pretty cool to do that for every year for an anniversary gift to each other. You would have to know their lists very well though. That’s only fair. I think going to Hawaii or somewhere warm to too traditional. I mean, that’s what everybody that has lived in the colder places choose to go. I say that, but I’m pretty sure I have “Bora Bora” on my list. I think it’s best to keep that one for a later on in the year kind of gift. Or if your spouse has done stupid, but hopefully you have some common sense to see through the lies of that gift.

This is just my answer to the question. I’m welcome for some answers from you too. If you had a honeymoon, where did you go? And if you’re single, where would you want to spend your honeymoon?