DIY: Last Minute Pumpkin Ideas!



We are two weeks out before Halloween (a week for those of you who will be celebrating 27th and on!) and after Monday’s post, I was really inspired to compile all of my favorite pumpkin crafts for you! I think crafting with pumpkins is a fun thing to do both as an adult and if you’re parent with young children! It’s like the seasonal coloring book you never thought you needed until later on.

For the most part, every post has a list of what you’d need and I have even done step-by-step photographs in case you get lost in my words which has happened before! I try to be very helpful in guiding you through all of the projects, some might be a little confusing and I do apologize for that. Sometimes we just made up the rules as we went along and that can be pretty fun too! You are welcome to interpret what you see into anything your heart desires as long as you enjoy what you’re doing and don’t stress about your mistakes!

  • The Pumpkins – I have many versions of how to melt crayons on pumpkins but this one is visually pleasing I think. The pictures turned out beautifully, so that is the main reason why I am sharing this one instead. 
  • The “America” Pumpkin – This is a clear example of a last minute pumpkin idea, my nana and I actually worked on this early November and I published the post later that month while we discussed what we were going to do for Christmas! This is probably the simplest one out of the bunch!
  • Awareness Glitter Pumpkin – I decided to include this one because October is the month for two very big things: Breast Cancer and Domestic Abuse. My Great Aunt Shirley is a survivor of breast cancer and my sister is a survivor of domestic abuse. So it has a double meaning for me!
  • Ophelia Pumpkin – I actually got the idea to do this after seeing it in the magazine Country Living and I guess I loved the idea so much that I ended up just doing it!
  • The Punk-y Pumpkin – This one is an older post, when we didn’t have anything for our crafts yet. However we made do with a least used nail polish and a tub of silver glitter! 

I am sorry that these are the only ideas I have on my blog, I actually have more but they don’t have any good photos and I’m pretty sure my writing in general is down right awful so if you want to check the rest out, go to my search box on the top right and put in “pumpkins” and it should give you all of the posts, plus a few other Halloween inspired crafts too!

Hope you have enjoyed this post!


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DIY: Awareness Glitter Pumpkins

October might be the best month for different DIY projects for my nana and I.

it also means something else too. It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Abuse Awareness month too. October is the only month were I don’t mind seeing all of the pink around. I’ll wear anything pink with pride to spread awareness for it. I’m a big fan of the color purple, but the supporting of domestic abuse started just last year after different happens with certain family members, so I’ve been trying to find a way to basically show my support in both charities and I thought decorating a pumpkin would be the perfect solution.

We honestly didn’t know what we were going to do with our second pumpkin Thursday afternoon. When we were finishing gluing on the crayons onto the pumpkin, we only had six of them left, five dark ones and one bright orange. That would have made the pumpkin very interesting! At first, we were thinking of combining the left over crayons with one of our many choices of glitter, but then I got the idea about using the pink and darker purple for the two celebrations of October. It makes our pumpkins very different from our past ones and I haven’t decorated anything for a charity in YEARS so I thought maybe this would work. I talked my dad into getting the package of different colored glitter shakers at Wal-Mart last weekend. Last year, trying to do the glitter was a bit of a disaster for us! The container was too large for me to grab ahold of and shake up and down, and so we had to use a spoon to pour the glitter into the spots we wanted it to go. This time I’m happy to say that I could actually grip the whole thing in between my toes and shake it, that was actually the difficult part out of the whole thing. How to explain shake a container. You can tell I don’t do it very much.

What We Used: 

  • Pumpkin
  • Glitter
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. First’s thing first, we lined our work station with aluminium foil, only one sheet to start off with, and then you place the pumpkin directly in the middle. Fold up the edges to keep the glitter inside the foil.
  2. Plug in your hot glue gun so it’s ready for you.
  3. Now about the glitter, there was two options as far as the tops, it had a part with little holes on it and as you move it to the other angle there is a part that gets bigger. My nana had to basically break it a bit, by placing it down so move glitter would come out of it. She did this to three glitter bottles.
  4. When the glue is hot enough, we slowly made a circle on the very top of the pumpkin and I poured the glittered out of the bottle. We used the pink first.
  5. After we got made a circle of pink, we started making small lines of glue and I poured the purple glitter around them.
  6. When that resulted in small lines of purple, we got the idea of getting a second sheet of foil and switched the pumpkin onto that sheet and used the other one with the excess pink and purple glitter and directly poured it onto the tops of the pumpkin.
  7. After doing that, my nana got creative and made a swirl of glue around the top layer of the pumpkin and any excess that didn’t make it onto the first downpour, we did it step 6 again, but this time including the white glitter too.
  8. We kept both sheets of foil underneath the pumpkin just in case anything else decides to come off in the couple of days.
Our choices of different colors to use. Was it bad that I was coming up with future uses for Christmas?
Our choices of different colors to use. Was it bad that I was coming up with future uses for Christmas?
Sorry for the pictures being so blurry, my feet wouldn't stop shaking. Irony at its best!
Sorry for the pictures being so blurry, my feet wouldn’t stop shaking. Irony at its best!
Pink and purple mixed on top.
Pink and purple mixed on top.
Ain't it cute? <3
Ain’t it cute? ♥


I’ve always been into Lifetime, mostly because when I was growing up my mom and nana would watch their favorite shows on Lifetime, like The Golden Girls and The Nanny. They use to play them in the mornings and afternoons. Then the rest of the time they would play movies. When I was little I wasn’t big on watching the movies they’d play. Now that I’m older, sometimes if I can’t find anything else to watch and if the summary of the movie sounds good I’ll watch it.

Recently, I watched this movie called “Five.” It’s about five different women going through life living with breast cancer. Five mini stories, five different women directors. Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Alicia Keys, Penelope Spheeris, and Patty Jenkins were the five directors of each story. Jennifer Aniston directed the story of “Mia.” She had breast cancer for two years and expected to die. Her story started from now and went backwards, her story was probably the most hilarious! Patricia Clarkson plays Mia.

Demi Moore directed the story of “Charlotte” and was the opening story of the movie. This story starts of a mother dying of breast cancer and her young daughter Pearl being by her side. She drew a picture of her mother on the moon with two astronuats and told her mother “nobody gets sick on the moon” and Charlotte told her daughter that was where she was going. Ginnifer Goodwin potrays Charlotte. I actually missed the beginning of this story. I only got to watch the end of it.

Alicia Keys directed the story of “Lili” and she is a sophisicated, young black woman who doesn’t really want her mother to know she has breast cancer. When she goes to have lunch with her mother and older sister, her mother gets upset that Lili doesn’t want to go to her cousin’s party. Her mother makes a big scene and says something about having cancer because it would be used as an excuse. Her sister stops her and then indeeds says, Lili does have cancer, breast cancer. This was a very good story. I shouldn’t give everything away. Rosario Dawson plays Lili. Jenifer Lewis plays her mother, Maggie. Tracee Ellis Ross plays her sister, Alyssa.

Penelope Spheeris directed the story of “Cheyanne.” Cheyanne is a young, exotic dancer. Her husband, Tommy is a gambler. Tommy goes to watch his wife dance and when they come home. While he goes to undo her bra, he feels something on her right breast and then she felt it. They go to the doctor about it and she tells Cheyanne she has to have surgery on not just one breast but both of them. She worries about her how her husband would feel about her losing both of her breasts. She gets very worried and insecurtied about her body. It was a very good story. Lyndsy Fonseca plays Cheyanne and Taylor Kinney plays her husband, Tommy.

The last story was directed by Patty Jenkins. This story was about the daughter of the opening story of the movie. “Pearl” is about a young doctor that treats women who have breast cancer and sees what they go through with the cancer. Pearl is a mother and goes into looking for things her mother had. At the end of the movie Pearl and the other stories of women come together for their 5 years of survival and kiss a tile on the wall. Pearl was the doctor of Mia, Lili, and Cheyanne. Jeanne Tripplehorn potrays the story of Pearl.