What It’s Like To Be A (Disabled) Blogger



Last Friday, I celebrated another milestone, nine years of blogging! I know some of you are probably wondering why I didn’t just skip celebrating it when it’ll be the big one zero next fall, but I think it’s important every single thing, big or little, that happens in your life. There’s also the possibility I may not continue blogging next year too, although that is not going to happen anytime soon, but a lot can happen between now and then honestly.

For this post, I wanted to give you an insight on what goes on as a blogger, from my point of view as a disabled person. I think it’s important to show you (someone on the outside) what I do on a monthly basis. Honestly a lot of the time I’m in a panic because I haven’t gotten one day of the week finished yet and my mind has already moved on to the next two weeks! It can get really crazy but I have made it a point to not push myself as a writer. I go at my own pace, sometimes it’s a little fast, but it’s a steady pace!


A Day In The Life

Where normal people have their laptops either placed on a table or on their laps, I don’t have that luxury. Mine is always at the foot of the bed so I can get to everything easily. I started going about it this way, because it is getting increasingly harder for my parents to pick me off the floor. I did try it on the floor a few times in the beginning, but it was very uncomfortable as far as how I sat on my butt and my back instantly hurt everytime I went to type on the keys. This other way became my only way to continue my blog.

One more interesting part to this set up is the fact that the laptop is not flat on the floor, unfortunately that is too low for the way my feet are arranged, so it sits on a mobile seat cushion that a person would normally use during sports events and even graduations! I’ve used two or three of these things in the last six years, and the one I have now is a beloved, family cushion of Indiana University and yes, I feel horrible that it is literally breaking at the seams!

You might see pictures of other people with their computers, they look absolutely gorgeous as they’re clean and polished. Well, mine is not that way at all! It has a lot of hairs and dust on the screen and keyboard. Hell, I’m even missing the letter “D” but like I tell everybody that takes a look at it, “it still works!” I do try to wipe it off the best I can, but nothing really works. Let’s be really honest, have you tried your best to clean your screen on your phones and/or reading tablet?


You are probably freaking out that I actually shared a picture of it, but if I want to be brutally honest about my layout. This is part of it too. You have to remember, I use my toes to type on this, so they can collect different particles, sorry to the ones who are terrified of feet! If you had to use your feet to do everything for yourself. you’d be surprised what could happen! I mean, despite that, think about the ones who have to use pencils to prick the keys or maybe their tongue to work it, that’s a lot of different flecks from various places that get stuck in between those small areas.

Besides the laptop setup, I have two other things that I use to help me out on a weekly basis. My nana gave me a small bookshelf a couple of years, and I actually have a lot of fun organizing it, as I continue to get things to help stack papers together and make more room for other things too. This was a picture I used in the original blog post, it has now changed, but I’m thinking of switching it back to this, because it looks less chaotic! Anyways, I have everything from my pens to numerous notebooks placed in the two shelves, all ready for me to grab and figure out what I need to do next.


I have a Styrofoam box that my nana used to get her meals delivered in a couple of years ago. We had one stashed underneath the kitchen table at my grandparents house, and she let me take another one home so I could have a makeshift table to write on right by my bed. I actually use for various things; like writing out ideas in my notepads or looking at my daily planner. I can even use to do simple things like read a book or place my remote on it in the middle of the night so I don’t have to worry about kicking it off the bed!

Despite all of this, blogging is still a lonely thing to do. What gets me is that the only time we allow others to join in is when we want guest posts, other than that we are the ones that do everything for our blogs because it could be we’d rather do everything ourselves. We update our social media accounts and network our asses off! We usually get whatever ideas come to us in different times of the day (or night) and they’ll drive you nuts until you have to get out your phone or in my case To Do List and write out a collection of prompts to keep in mind for future open spots.

Overall though, blogging is fun! You get to “meet” wonderful people that are usually trying to do the same thing you are and because of them, you can express your worries and celebrate every good thing that comes your way. Unfortunately, not everyone will congratulate you on your accomplishments, but there is always someone that will send you a “good job” comment or tweet that will make you feel loved, and I think that’s part of the reason why we continue to do it, because thanks to them, we’re being appreciated for our hard work and it makes everything worthwhile!



New Bookshelf!



So… I had another bookshelf tour post that I already wrote up and arranged my pictures in the way I wanted them and then my parents took me to Wal-Mart about a week later! In my perspective, not much has changed from the first format except for a few things but it’s not anything too drastic like placing my bookshelf on the other side of my room!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me ranting about a section of my bedroom and I personally want to apologize for the fact that I talk about this area a lot. As a disabled person, if you use quite a bit of stuff on a daily or weekly basis, you want those certain things kind of close to you. This is has become a problem of mine lately. A lot of stuff I had in this area of my room are for my blog, so I have my props that are very large. I also have my everyday items like books, CDs, and notebooks that collect a lot of space if they are stacked on top of each other! I was always reorganizing and cleaning that part of my room to the point where I was literally exhausting myself!


I want to say about two months ago, I started to talk to my nana about the fact that my mom and I were considering on buying a bookshelf just so the whole thing would be a little easier to control. She kind of threw out that she had a small shelf that I could have instead. It was right behind my papaw’s chair in the living room. It was full of different books. So while my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike were down in mid-August, we decided to clean it out. The books inside the shelf were pretty interesting, I’ll discuss those in a post sometime!

To start this bookshelf tour, I should probably tell you that I have all of my blogging equipment on the right side of the shelf. I have a clipboard that my nana gave me that I only use for coloring! And then you have my foam board, regular cardboard and backdrop that my dad was nice enough to build for me!


All right, starting from the bottom to top and left to right sides we have my stack of DVDs, this was a change from the previous post I had, they were in the second story, but the reason why I put them here was because I don’t normally watch them on a weekly or even monthly basis so I knew they would be a nuance so I removed them and put them next to my large white cigar box that my dad bought for me! I have a slight problem with boxes apparently! That’s another post that’s coming soon! On top of that is my paperback version of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, I’ve already finished it and felt this was a good place for it now!


The second story is the one with the most changes. When I went to Wal-Mart, I went and bought two more books! Oh lordy bee!

On the left though, we have my cousin’s hardback edition of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling, that unfortunately I cannot finish at this time. It is my favorite film of the series and the one I’ve seen the most. I kept comparing the two and realized I wasn’t interested in reading it anymore. Now above it is the hardback edition Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard, which is book two of the Red Queen series. In the middle are my newest books: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes and The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. Right behind them are half of my CDs that still have cases attached to them. On the corner of the right side is another cigar box, this is full of my papaw’s rocks aka “The Treasure Box” and on top of it are more CDs that wouldn’t stack up for me! Lastly, I have a cute, chicken recipe box that I use to store my iPod when it’s charging!


Third shelf is less chaotic! Well, I think it is at least… At the bottom I have a small notepad with two of my pens that write smoothly! Behind it is yet another cigar box, this one is my most recent box. This has cards and envelopes in it since it’s fairly small! Next to it is a Velveeta box that has my remotes, a neon bandana, etc. On the right side is a stack of notebooks, medium size notepad, folder, magazines, and my World Atlas book. I also decided to store both of my iPod, camera, and tripod at this level too!


At the very top, I wanted to make this section very relaxed and cute, since everybody would be able to see it more than the whole bookshelf put together! I have a beautiful bouquet of autumnal flowers and my headphones are directly behind them. I have a small Easter bunny, her name is “Nilla” because she used to smell like vanilla when I first got her! You see my purse up there but I tend to keep it on the floor, I was just tidying up the bottom area and forgot to put it back on the floor when my mom took the picture! I also have a cute, skull bucket that my nana got for me! You can see sweets are in there, but underneath them are my colored pencils and sharper are stored inside of it.

I think that covers everything! I realized after I got everything stuffed inside the shelf that some people have five or six gigantic book shelves to store their books! I quickly backed out of ever wanting more than just those two in my life!

What do you think about my bookshelf and everything I stuffed inside of it? 


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