Am I Still Working On My Novel?

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Am I still working on my novel?

Yes, I actually said the “n” word. The one word you could not get me to say out loud for most of the year. It was always a “project” and it still is, don’t think twice about that. I’m only answering this question because I’ve decided to do something either really dumb or smart. I’m still debating on which one to use, but it’s pretty early to making up my mind! I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year, so yes I am still working on it. To be honest with you that despite the fact that I stopped writing it in February, I did come back to it one morning in the middle of June that kind of surprised the crap out of me. The reason why it freaked me out was because I figured out how to start it! #winning 

So now you’re probably wondering what the hell NaNo is?

Well, NaNoWriMo is a whole month dedicated to writing your whole novel in thirty days. My fellow writing buddy Katheryn of Our Wolf Song asked me if I was going to do it, but I wasn’t even thinking of it at the time because writing something like this in that short amount of time is scary! And then I read an interesting post from somebody who has done it TWICE! Marie of Drizzle and Hurricane Books wrote a blog post documenting her struggle writing her novel during NaNo but instead of saying things like “it sucked” or “don’t do it” to her viewers, she came back saying she rocked it and gave us some tips to hopefully ease the pain too!

I literally read the entire post and left an interesting comment that kind of shocked me in a way. I told her that I was going to do it too, all thanks to her post.

Later that day, I posted a tweet asking for more advice from other writers who have done NaNo in the past. Everybody was so nice and I got a lot of helpful advice like do NOT edit until your are finished and somehow in the mist of things, I found another site that had a batch of different NaNoWriMo posts, and one of which inspired me to map out my plot all over again as an outline instead. If you want to check out what I am talking about, click here.

Here’s a little backstory of my struggles of writing this past year.

The spring of 2016, I was inspired by both of the The Hunger Games and Divergent movie franchises enough that I had an idea that kind of just never left me. And then on top of that when both the Olympics and Paralympics were in progress, the idea kind of continued to grow and by the end of October I had started researching information that went with the many layers of the idea. And then when November rolled around, I wrote out my second plot (because my first one sucked!) and I proceeded to let myself go.

Unfortunately, I never really started writing out my novel.

For five straight months, I spent time researching intensively and never got to a point where I felt ready to write it yet. And then March came, I stopped everything. I kind of wonder if the date of my papaw’s passing was part of the issue. On the good side, the ideas never went away completely. They still came to me every once in a while, so it wasn’t like I just gave up on it.

It wasn’t until I saw Marie’s blog post that I felt like I was ready to get back into it. I pulled out my blue notebook of my plot and looked at it with wonder. In the course of a year, some of the material I had written inside I didn’t want to include anymore. And then I realized again that it’s been a WHOLE year since I started figuring this out. I’ve had ideas stay with me in the past, but nothing has been gnawing at me to be released as much as this story.

So I’m doing NaNo this month, I’m writing over 1,667 words (or whatever I decide to write) a day to reach the 50,000 goal that many other writers will want to make this month too. I have decided that if I continue on the cycle, that I will post an update in two weeks and if I’m still going, I’ll give one other post on the last day of the month if I’m not tired of writing by then!

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Have you ever considered devoting a whole month to an idea you’ve had stuck in your mind for a while? 


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REVIEW | Me Before You


Hi 🙂

Today I am with my second review about Me Before You. This time I am talking about the film. Yes, I have finally been able to watch it, thanks to the fact that we had a free preview weekend on Epix and this was on my list from the get-go. The bad part was during that same weekend that not only did my DVR act up but my remote kept dying on me and we had no triple A batteries in our house!

If you read my book review that I published back in March or April, I explained that I read this book for a difference. I wanted to see how Will Traynor is portrayed. How does he become quadriplegic?  This was a question that I had in my head the day the trailer came out. So when I finally read the book, I got my answer but I had to make sure the movie was as clear about the reason too. I am glad that the reason is as good as they could make it in a movie.

I did watch it with an open-mind and I was very surprised! I was expected to see a LOT of missing dialogue and beloved scenes, but you can’t expect a movie to have everything in the right order! I did have some issues with the actors. Whenever you read a book, a person or in my case a silhouette of a person will appear as that character. Since I did see the promo pictures of the two main characters when the movie came out, I immediately liked Emilia Clarke as Lou, but I did not approve of Sam Claftin–able-bodied or not–he was not in my head while I read the book. I also didn’t like Matthew Lewis as Patrick or the actor who played Nathan. However, I also imagined Mr. Traynor as a bigger man so I figured I wouldn’t like Charles Dance but I quickly changed my mind. So besides this, I was pretty impressed with it!

I wish they had included more things described with Will’s disability. I think Lou getting a better understanding of his condition was made through going online to those chat boards and learning as much as she could, and they did share a bit of that but I felt it was not as in a lot of detail. The only thing we really got to see that even goes with being quadriplegic was when Nathan put him into his wheelchair and whenever he was sick, that was about it and I really hated that! I mean, he was just basically sitting in a power chair for fun. If it wasn’t for the beginning and those five small scenes, I probably would change my tone and say it sucked but it was really as close to the book as you could get honestly!

So have you watched the film yet? And did you read the book? What were some things that you wish they had added in or taken out?


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Book Review: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

I don’t know how in the world I did it, but I managed to finish two books in April! It was a triumph for me considering I haven’t read an awful lot since probably October when I realized getting through the third Harry Potter book was a no-go.

I had started Me Before You back in August as it says on my Goodreads. Thank god that it keeps track because even I don’t know what I actually started reading it! I knew about the book itself from all of my blogger friends and they were going back and forth between loving it and absolutely hating it, and then the film adaption came out and there was a big backlash that came afterwards with0 the whole disabled community, they weren’t so pleased with the actors! I was on fence about the whole thing and so I wrote a blog post back in November called “What’s The Point Of Acting?” that explained my reasons for keeping in open mind for able-bodied actors playing characters with different disabilities.

The story is about Louisa Clark, the ordinary girl who lives a simple life in England, who in the beginning works at a coffee shop while she lives at home with her parents, granddad, younger sister and nephew. She is in a seven-year relationship with Patrick, a man obsessed with fitness. After losing her job, she goes to find another job and the only one she seems to find that isn’t too bad is working as a caregiver to a severely disabled man by the name of Will Traynor.

Will Traynor was “the perfect guy” to some standards. He traveled and did everything that he wanted. He was also a partner at a firm and in a relationship with a beautiful girl Alicia but one day he loses it all when the accident happened and he became a quadriplegic, who was now stuck in a wheelchair with 24/7 care; the man who could do things for himself now had to depend on other people for the most intimate things.

Somehow these two’s lives would change forever, for the best or worse depending on how you looked at them.

One of the things that I applaud for the author, JoJo Moyes for doing is giving the reader all of the information they would need to get a semi-understanding what goes on for a caregiver to somebody like Will. We’re not easy to take care of, sometimes our families aren’t strong enough to lift us and they need help to do things like getting us in and out of our beds, wheelchair, etc. I say “we” even though not everybody is the same, I am able to scoot myself around on the floor but I cannot put myself back on the bed like I used to. I can’t even give myself a proper shower and wash my hair like others can, my mom has to help me for those types of things. So in certain parts, I could definitely relate to Will’s attitude towards life.

The other point of the story is whether or not you should be able to end your life. I think that’ll always be a hard subject to talk about, whether it’s caused by bullying or if you in Will’s shoes and you have to live out your life in a wheelchair, never being able to do the things you loved doing before this happened. I will be honest, this is a touchy subject for me as well because I have been suicidal in the past. I’m not as open about it, because I feel like I would never do it despite having those strong thoughts. Sadly those ideas still live deep in my mind.

I see Louisa and Will’s family point of views on the topic, and at times I will pulling for Louisa’s ambition to try to change his mind, but as my mom and sister were discussing one day, if a person is very depressed and suicidal, and if the first time they don’t succeed that doesn’t mean they don’t have a plan B. Sometimes people don’t feel like their situation isn’t going to change, that is their decision on what to do next. It should be a respected thing, they’re not being cowardly, they just don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and for a long time I didn’t either, but somehow I lost those thoughts and began to live and love my life.

I hope I haven’t offended anybody with those two paragraphs (I probably have) but I figured since I was going to this review I would decide to unleash all of my thoughts I had while reading this book. Now I can finally watch the film!

Have you read “Me Before You” yet? What did you like (or didn’t like) about it?


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Summary Of Yesterday

I’ve got some good news to share. Yesterday, I got a double of goodness. Not only did I get to buy a book on my Kindle yesterday afternoon, but last night I wrote a small message on her Facebook page, and didn’t think she’d actually write back. I never think they’ll write back. It’s back to think that way, than the other way around. Anyways, when I got up this morning, I had one little notification on my Facebook and it was her reply on my message. Can I start dancing now? That completely made my day. You can so tell I haven’t had a book in a while. When I first woke up, I went on my laptop and not read first. Oh well, I’ve got all day to read.

While I was at my nana’s yesterday morning, one of our topic conversations was about the “book list” I had to remake three times. I’ve got several more days, so I’m sure it’s not my last list. I started off with 8 books and now my “final” list has 19 books. I have to add one more to the list and put a star on two of original books that I really want to read. My nana wants to read rapper Ice-T’s book, The Milestone Tapes by Ashley Mackler-Paternostro and The Stone Girl by Alyssa B. Sheinmal. I gave a summary of what The Milestone Tapes was about and it was awful to explain what it’s about when your mind and mouth is going too fast. I originally gave her a list of five or six books for her to look up and see if she’d like to read any of them. These were the only ones she picked out. I’m sure, once I come home and read some of them, and talk about them, she’ll want to read them too.

Two of the newer books on my list, were found on my small visit to Barnes and Nobles website. Yeah, that’s all I need is another site that shows book covers and the description. It’s sad enough I was already using two sites beforehand. The two books that were added to my “looking” list are High On Arrival: A Memoir by Mackenzie Phillips and Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey by Margaret Peterson-Haddix. They both sounded interesting, so I just went and added them. When my mom first saw my list of books, she literally freaked out a little. She thought that’s all the books I was going to buy. Nope, that would be too overwhelming for me. Plus, I don’t have a big enough bag to put them all in. So that’s a bummer too. I just started looking around my room, wondering where in the world, I’m going to put these books. My actual book shelf has stuffed animals and old notebooks occupying it, so that’s out. I wonder if it’s too much to ask my dad to make me a small shelf by my bed so I can stack everything around me.

Pain Equals Weather Changes?

It’s been one of those days where I can feel myself move kind of slow. From the moment I woke up this morning, something about today was going to be a little bit off. At first, I thought my day was going to suck but surprisingly it ended up fairly good. I woke up around 10am and I noticed that I was laying on my stomach and hands. Which is comfortable, but of course I had wondered how long I’d been in that position since my fingers were tinkling like they’d been asleep too. Anyways, I turned over on my back and I could feel the pain in different spots. I’d been laying like that for awhile that’s for sure. After I turned over, I noticed again that my head wasn’t on either one of my pillows. Which explains to my neck pain when I first sat up this morning.

After checking my blog, Facebook and Twitter I decided to lay back down since I was hurting so much. At first, it was just the neck and left shoulder area that bugged me. As the day went on, my back started to act up. Just really achey. Then my stomach. I kept thinking, “Really? Why are you hurting for?” Don’t worry by this time I had already eaten something and apparently didn’t sit well. Around 3 or 4pm, I finally decided to read my book and dad came in to check on me. Offered me part of my Candy Cane, like I need any sugar, but I had it anyway. Just to get my mind off the stinking pain. Then when I started reading my book, guess what started hurting? If you guessed my hips you would be correct. They always hurt when I’m reading. I try to prop up my Kindle with my TV remote so that 1) it doesn’t glare from the light and 2) I don’t lean forward so much. My eyes are not my problem! Its the dang glare that gets on my nerves!

I’ve only read about three times today. I’ve only gotten to 63% that’s lesser than yesterday, but since my mom told me today–or yesterday–that I wouldn’t get another book until after Christmas got me thinking. Having book withdrawals sucks, and knowing I’d have to wait about three days (which I know isn’t bad) is just mean. So I’ve been cutting down on my reading. Which makes my hips happy I’ve got to say. That’s the good part about it. Earlier, I looked up at my Calendar and saw that tomorrow is the first day of winter. Then that caused this little thought, “that’s why my body hurts.” Snow? My friend’s best friend is driving up from La and said on her Facebook status earlier today that everybody should hold off on their White Christmas wishes until after Friday, well I have objection to this. I’ll hold off on mine but if my pain continues I might go back to hoping. Just saying!