#FWF – A Demon’s Fate

Hunter's Moon VegaStar Carpentier
Photo by: VegaStar Carpentier Website – http://www.space.com/18307-blood-red-hunters-moon-photo.html

It was a bedtime story for centuries, about the creatures that would come out in the late hours of the night. They wouldn’t take any of your belongings, just your blood from your veins. As some children had their parents or grandparents make up stories using that child’s name in the actual story, we got told about the dark creatures that came out and you couldn’t do anything about them. The elders have the families tell their children about them because one day that might realize that not all stories are make believe. As the night were the moon is at its brightest are the nights of the legendary hunters. They feed on the weak and strong. They are very powerful and don’t like to take prisoners. Nothing can keep them away, unless there’s a child around that person they’re about to feed on. According to the elders that’s their one rule, is to spare the children. They elders’ theory is that they watched their family get bitten and drained and that was their punishment for the rest of their lives. They would have to be turned if they saw a child watching them. Once they talked about one who was detoxing from blood, upon orders from one of their elders, and knew he was killing a mother of three in front of her children and as the others of his kind were feeding of their victims, they heard three small screams and rushed to aide him. They found him with his fangs out dripping of their mother’s blood, instead of helping him kill the little children they put him out of his misery and took out his heart. The children stopped crying and were hushed to go back to sleep, but their queen came in too late and saw one of her kind lying on the ground with the women of the children. There was no father in the pictures of the house. Their queen had to make the decision of leaving them there or taking them along.

Our mother was killed that night. She was beautiful and wise. She had told us about the stories of the night creatures. Everybody knew they had fangs and drank the blood from their victims, but nobody knew they had a name of their kind. Vampires. As that night brings back sad memories for not only myself, but my brother and sister too. My name is Faye; I am the oldest and have been a vampire for ten years. After the night we were taken out of the house for good, my siblings and I were raised by one of the other elders of the vampires. Their hive was in a dark cave lit up by the beams of fire and sealed from the outside world as the vampires aren’t allowed to go in the sunlight. We were raised by a woman by the name of Celeste. She has been a vampire for seven centuries. As we grew up under her care, she told us stories of places across the oceans and the smells and tastes, of each country. We thrived on her stories as she only talked about happiness as to the stories we were told by our mother. They were awful, but very true. When it was time for my feeding, I was very scared because my scenes were very heightened and I couldn’t bear the screams of women and the cannons exploding and killing some of the family I had come to know after all this time. As the moon reached the peak of the night, the wind picked up and I embraced this new woman I had become to be. I killed my first victim that night and as I made sure there was no children in the house, the feeling of being haunted by a spirit scared me out of there before I was finished. My brother Auguste felt the same way, as we fed in the same house. As we ran back to the cave. Our elder mother had told us, we killed a couple in the very house our mother was killed in. We felt like we betrayed her.

My sister Anne was too small to remember our mother and how she died. She doesn’t get to relive the memories of a detoxed vampire draining the life out of her as we watched and begged him to stop. She fought back for us and then another vampire hushed us to sleep. We were told that Cassandra had been the one to make us go to sleep and pull the heart of the dying vampire. Cassandra was the one who saved us from him and brought us into their hive. Anne is the last to be changed into a vampire. She will have the same training as her brother and I had when we first fed on human flesh. The ceremony will be when the moon is at its peak, and the blood moon comes out. Once she feeds, we move on. We can finally move to another place and find new victims who hopefully don’t the stories of the hunters of the night. When Anne completes her training, we will be able to rule the colony together. It is a demon’s fate.

It’s Vampire Thursday!

It’s Thursday, so it is Vampire Day! Screw Valentine’s Day with paper hearts when you can get a real heart in the palm of your hand. I think it’s all getting to me now. The Vampire Diaries is on tonight, along with The Secret Circle. Which I am no longer a fan of anymore. There was one episode when it first started that made me rethink being a fan and watching it late at night. It was that episode that blonde lady looked like the exorcist. Not a big fan of that at all. So I stopped because they would play that part at the beginning of the next episode. I just never went back after that.

I think the only reason I’m still a fan of The Vampire Diaries because the guys are amazing eye candy and the fan are awesome to chat with on Thursday nights. Some watch it on Friday nights. So I try to keep my mouth shut and off of Twitter that whole night. Which is difficult I must say! Anyways, I’m excited for tonight. The Original family is reunited and having a killer ball apparently. I can’t wait for what happens tonight. I also didn’t get a good look at the new Original brothers Finn and Kol so I’m even more curious of what happens. Especially the Klaroline scenes, those are going be divine! I’ll probably cry! Again!

Despite being a fan of TVD. My first supernatural shows I ever watched was Charmed and Angel. Both weren’t bloody, or at least too bloody. I could get through them and enjoy it. Then I started getting into The Vampire Diaries and Twilight. It actually took a lot longer for me to get into Twilight. I denied it for a year probably and then I watched the movie and completely fall in love. I was always Team Emmett and Team Jacob. A little Team Carlisle too. I do like my older men. Recently I got into the Underworld franchise. I love Kate Beckinsale. She’s freaking hot! And I’ve got a weakness for anybody with dark hair with blue eyes. Rather it’s fake or not. It doesn’t matter I’ll fall right for it. So be careful.

My dad is always giving me vampire type movies to watch. He doesn’t get that even though I’ll watch Underworld and TVD, I’m still pretty freaked out. Mostly because my dreams can always get crazy, and I’d like to keep them at a range of good instead of bad. He suggested I watch The Daybreakers earlier. I was actually going to try to watch this movie even though I knew I’d never make it past the beginning. I was correct. I was surprised I got pasted when the guy not only threw up but exploded. When the bat-vampire dude came out and started looking creepy is when I changed the channel. Watching that movie made my stomach turn. I wasn’t risking my lunch over a damn movie. Hey, at least I tried! It’s like with The Roommate, I tried to get through that movie too, but couldn’t. I don’t care if anybody doesn’t understand. I don’t get it either, but maybe it’s the fact that blood is involved. I wouldn’t last at a Motley Crue Vegas show. I heard they have fake blood. I’d be screwed!