That Awkward Moment

Oh I’m in trouble now.
I was thinking about Justin Timberlake and then Linkin Park popped up in my head at the same time.
At first I was thinking, “what’s going on with my brain now?”
Well then I remembered I had watched the studio session of when N’Sync were helping out Phil Collins in the Tarzan soundtrack last night.
Well that part was fine.
Then I started thinking about how Justin, Lance, Joey, and if I remember correctly Chris all had different hair colors.
Lance an Justin had Bleach blonde.
Joey and Chris had Bright red.
My excuse for not listening to Linkin Park was for two reasons, I thought Chester was scary. The other was his blonde hair.
So here is my awkward moment for the day.

“The awkward moment when you don’t listen to Linkin Park for the crazy hairdos but you listened to N’Sync just fine.”

Hair Dye.

So my dark roots are coming back. I actually miss my Auburn hair that I had for a few months. Even though my dad thinks I shouldn’t dye my hair again, because you can see the red halfway down my hair. It’s not at my tips but I need another change. Auburn wasn’t my first choice. I wanted that bright red. I had that spray red stuff on my hair for Halloween and ever since I had that I’ve wanted it permantant.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had another color in my hair before. I’ve had those red highlights that only last two weeks. I got them when I was younger and I was with my grandma (my dad’s mom) and aunt. That was interesting because I really wanted another color but I didn’t want my dad to flip since I was so young and got it with them. Thankfully by the end of that week they were gone so I didn’t get into trouble.

For my 19th birthday I was going to get a tattoo but I am deadly afraid of needles and STILL haven’t got one yet. So instead we got hair dye. I got auburn and Emily got brown. She really wants to be a brunette. She’s the only one that’s a blonde in my family. We dyed our hair at my nana’s house in her kitchen. That was an interesting weekend and that was the good day. I think we all inhaled too much of the fumes. We all got a little crazy that day. The next day wasn’t any better either.

So now that I know red dye works in my hair. I kind of wonder if the purple or blue works too? We’ve tried blonde at the salon and it actually didn’t work and my friend Meaghan said she’s a natural dark brown brunette. She’s had blonde and hair both in her hair but yet it doesn’t work for me. I wish it would because my mom doesn’t want to do the purple dye. So I’m kind of thinking I’d find somebody else to do for me instead.