Today is the second of October. Our A/C is officially turned off and my room is still a freezer. It is 69 degrees in my room right now. I would love if our heater would come on though. Its even worse when it’s night. I don’t like having my fan on low and I don’t like my door slightly open. It’s sunny outside and doesn’t look windy today. Which is good because it’s been windy for the past two days. I just remembered two things I don’t like about fall/winter. My bones are already stiff and pop a lot. When it’s starting to get fall, my bones get even more stiffer and my muscles get really tight.

Something I am happy about is every month our movie channels add more movies to our line-up. I’ve already watched Tron: Legacy twice in the past two days. Now I’m watching I Am Number Four. Which I’ve already seen it. Now all I gotta watch for is Black Swan. I can’t watch at night. Because it’s considered a horror movie. I don’t want any nightmares at night. I already have less sleep I really don’t need anything else ruining the rest of it.