The Past 48 Hours Have Been Interesting To Say The Least

So today was the day after Thanksgiving. Today was the main reason why our TV’s have been going crazy with the commercials. While everybody was getting ready to go into their favorite stores for whatever they like, I was in dreamland, sleeping away. I’ve got to say after eight of basically no sleep through the night, it was actually nice to sleep, wake up, and then go back to sleep after rolling over to the other side. Last night was a little rough, so even if we had plans of going shopping (which we didn’t, because my mom had to work) they wouldn’t have went through because we’ve had a sick person in the house. My sister had a very rough night. Around 8:30pm, after hanging out with our cousin she came home and well, let’s just say she spent most of the evening, in the bathroom, and sat on the floor while the kittens went in and out of the hallway. Kristi spent the night and slept in my room. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a person sleep in my room. Funny part, I don’t think she noticed everything in my room. The last time she spent the night was in 2010. My room has had a few changes since then, but anyways, as tired as I was I could have stayed up a little longer. It was like our roles were switched. She was tired and I wasn’t. Once she passed out though, which was probably around 11:30pm, I did manage to go to sleep. When I got up this morning, it was 9am, I was so proud of myself but by noon I wanted to take a nap. Nope, not doing that again!

Yesterday, was a very chaotic, but fun day. We were kind of small in how many people usually come down for Thanksgiving. My aunt had baked three pies the night before while my uncle, Kristi, and Blondie went to the movies. I had actually wanted to go with them, but they were wanting to go see “Bad Grandpa” and I remember the past Jackass movies and I didn’t feel comfortable in going, plus I knew my mom would probably be asleep when we got home. There is too much work in doing something late at night. Especially when it’s cold outside too. So when mom left Wednesday night, I went home with her and broke bread with her. We finally got to watch “Major Crimes” after missing it because of “Dancing With The Stars” that night. Too many shows in one night. Heh, what am I saying? Tuesday night was the worst. Anyways, I’m glad that I didn’t go because they said it wasn’t that good. It had some funny parts, but the rest of it sucked. However to hear that Kristi fell asleep in the middle of it, would have been hilarious to see! When we went to my nana’s yesterday, she made the two kinds of stuffing, while everybody that was in that kitchen trying to watch “Friends” she basically made us all sick to our stomachs, and I don’t mean that literally! I’m not really sure who made the mac & cheese, because I mostly remember the yelling that happened while it was cooking/baking. Dad brought over the turkey and we ate, while Kristi, Blondie and I were watching “The Guardian.” We might as well gain that as a tradition. I’m glad I taped the parade on my DVR.

When we got home afterwards, my parents took a nap, and I think Blondie did too, but I’m not sure. I don’t exactly know what happened when we got home to the time she came home with Kristi. I know I didn’t have my headphones for that long to miss that much. When I got home, I should have taken a nap, because I was listening to a song I could feel myself get weaker and weaker. It felt like my body was begging for sleep. I pushed through it and I got my second wind when my mom got up. I actually didn’t have dinner last night. I was originally going to have the rest of my popcorn, but after Blondie’s night, I went against that quickly. So when I got up this morning I was hungry. While she was still sleeping, I got online quietly. I was also watching the lovely marathon of “I Love Lucy” on TVland. After Hallmark Channel switched to their holiday movies, I’ve missed both that show and “Frasier” a lot lately. I’ve got to say I was glad that Kristi was up when that episode with William Holden was on, because I died laughing! He was a very handsome man by then too! I thought I’d have something to use for Free Write Friday, but looks like I’ll have to find something tomorrow. Especially if the rest of our family doesn’t come down. So good night!

Fuzzy Pants and Dirty Dancing

This has been an interesting two days. Yesterday was better than I expected it to be minus a few things. Today I woke up not as early as yesterday morning, but it was still earlier than I’ve been getting up before Thanksgiving even arrived. I woke up this morning with my bladder about to explode! I hate that and I woke up at 5am. I got about four or five hours of sleep, which is better than I thought I’d get at all. Since I took a three-hour nap after we came home from nana’s, I seriously thought I wouldn’t get any sleep that night, but Just Dance I think wore everybody out. After I did “Tightrope” for the second time in a row I was pooped and said, “I’m done for the night.”

Today though was fun. We went black Friday shopping in town. It wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. I kept imagining all week long that it could be very crowded or not at all. It wasn’t thank God! Mom found some work scrubs and Emily found some cute flats and a shirt. I’m somewhat picky when I go shopping. I’ll stop and look at different things and show mom or Em but I don’t usually want it that bad enough to get it. I usually want an iTunes card, and I got one of those and I should be making a list of songs right about now too. Mom found some cute yoga and fuzzy pants and got those for me for Christmas. Then when we were in the movie section, she pointed out “Dirty Dancing” and then I found “DreamGirls.” I love that movie, but she got Dirty Dancing instead.

After that we went back to nana’s house and eat her fruit and veggie trays. I think I ate too much veggies today. Before I even started eating the veggies I had a cupcake, nana was good and made cupcakes instead of an actual cake. While I was eating the cupcake I almost got choked on it, I was trying to chew it and breathe at the same time. It doessn’t work like that. Today my Aunt Laurie, her boyfriend Mike, and her son Tate are going back home. I’m sad about that, because mom’s home this weekend, but Emily’s got a basketball game tomorrow night and apparently it’s suppose to storm. Which means I’m not going to it. Oh well, I’ll go to the next one that’s on a Saturday.

Thanksgiving Is Next Week

Still can’t believe that next week is Thanksgiving. It doesn’t seem that close really. I don’t know how this year is going to be exactly. I know it’s going to be chaos. It’s always been that way since my nana’s kitchen is just enough four people, not ten. Between nana’s cart and wheelchair. My papaw’s walker, and the wheelchair I use and a few people. It’s crowded! Thank god for my cousin Tate who just knows to stay in the living room. I think he’s the only smart in the family.

My Aunt Laurie is suppose to come down, the only reason she didn’t come down last year was because she and Tate were sick. She literally made two pies and couldn’t down. This year hopefully she won’t be sick. Hopefully nobody is sick, because I’d like to go Black Friday shopping the day after and find things for my sister. Look at me, I’m forgetting about my own self and thinking about my sister instead. I’m trying to help mom. Emily’s a bit picky at certain things.