Up Close & Personal

I have problems with beauty, we all do. I can’t get over pretty girls. Every girl is pretty in my eyes. Speaking of eyes, that’s how I look at them. It’s not about their bodies, it’s about their personality and their eyes. Your eyes will always be your best feature even if you want change something about yourself you can never change your eyes. Even a blind person’s eyes are beautiful. You know why, because it makes them as unique as the next person. However this isn’t why I uploaded this picture in the first place.

I think everytime I go on Tumblr, I see all these different pictures. Some I love and some that worry me. I think I’m starting to appreciate photographers and what they do. Normal teenagers take pictures of themselves up against their bathroom mirrors and posse, tilting their head slightly, and having one arm either on their hip or at their face. Trust me, my sister does these a lot for me to know. A picture like this, or any others I reblog on a daily basis has to be either in a lively (meaning not scripted pose) and just not stiff. Another one I love is close up.

Just like this picture. It’s up to her face. Nothing else. I love how sometimes I’ll find girls have made up half their faces and leave the other side without any make up at all. My sister takes probably close to thirty minutes to an hour to get every inch of her make up on. It’s unhealthy to me. It might also be because I don’t like makeup. I don’t like it all. I do like nail polish, but eye shadow, mascara, and blush is just pointless to me.

Christmas Classic

I remember one Christmas special when I was little that I just loved. It’s pretty old, but it’s so good and will always be my favorite Christmas special throughout the years. I actually just watched it too so I’m feeling pretty happy right now and I think I have some of my Papaw’s traits in me because he loves his old movies. Everytime I was in choir, our teacher would always play these old musicials that everybody would just hate. However, I loved them! Every once in awhile my papaw will be watching one around me and I’d be watching and admiring these actresses and their fashion style in these movies. The fact that they were in black and white was a plus!

I found all the classic ones that I loved as a kid. I got very happy watching this, so I hope if you remembered watching this when you were a kid or in some cases a teenager, I hope it brings back good memories!


What Is This?

I reblogged this on Tumblr. As I keep looking at this, the more I wonder about it. It literally drives me crazy. At first when you look at it, it looks like an eye, doesn’t it not? Well look on the outside of the black circle. That definitely doesn’t look like the colored part of your eye. Even though the picture is in black and white, you know your eyes don’t look like that because if it did, your eyes are dried out and that’s not suppose to happen. At least I don’t think it’s suppose. Just looking at this picture confuses me, because I don’t have a clue of what it is but it looks like an eye. What do you think?

Role Model

I discovered this video yesterday after I posted on my Twitter I missed Justin Timberlake’s amazing voice. Thanks to my friend Mariel, she was the one who started the obsession on this song. I didn’t think Justin Timberlake was a good rapper, but I changed my mind after hearing this for the first time. The song is really good. The last time I actually heard a fairly good rap song was when “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalfia first came out. After that, I haven’t heard many others. I still think after 2008 the whole rap industry went downhill. Everybody is turning to dance music, which is cool you know? But nothing sounds like a true rap song anymore.

One thing I happened to notice while watching this music video was how it reminded me of another music video. Anybody seen Fort Minor’s music video for “Petrified?” Some parts of both videos are somewhat similar. I know it’s sad that I say this, but it’s true. You can either agree or disagree, but don’t judge me. Want to know one thing is the same, besides the black and white part of the video? The spatkler. That was what started it, and I couldn’t help myself. Both videos are awesome.

My High Heel Problem

So I’m really excited for tomorrow. One thing I’m not so excited about is my little problem with shoes. Mostly high heels. Even though it’s all shoes to be honest. It freaks me out that I’m handicapped and however I have a big thing for shoes. I get jealous when I see other women walking around in shoes and having a closet just for their heels.

The last time I went into Journey’s I had a hayday between dad making fun that I was into Converse and how he they were shoes from the 80’s. I bet that store cahier was pleased to hear my dad’s wonderful story. Luckily he wasn’t the reason why I was upset afterwards even though I was debating to either laugh at his story or find mom to shut him up. I don’t think it would have worked at all though.

I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen this time, but something always has to go wrong. Can’t get lucky all the time you know. I can’t wait to go though. I’m bringing my good wheelchair with us, that way I don’t get left and have somebody run me into things. I do that enough by myself. I hope that doesn’t happen either. That would be embrassing but at least maybe if I yell at them for having everything together with no space maybe they would get some sense to place things around for handicapped people to get around too.