OOTD: Bossy!

Hi 🙂

I’m back with another outfit of the day! I knew once spring decided to come around that my mom, nana and I would be able to go back to these posts again! I generally love working on them and showing off my style with all of you too!  I know I had mentioned in my previous OOTDs that I was going to start wearing more colorful outfits but you all should know about my love of black by now too! I don’t see the problem of wearing too much at one time!

This shirt is new, it was included into that fairly large shopping spree back in February, it is a regular graphic tee with “Not Bossy, Just Better” written on the front of it. When I saw it on the rack I couldn’t help myself, I had to get it. Something you may not know about me is that I have a strong personality, sometimes people confuse my attitude with being “bossy” but I feel like I am far from that. I just have strong beliefs and don’t like being told certain things, as a disabled woman seeking independence I don’t like when people assume and judge me. I think I can do the things you are able to do, but maybe even better and this is where people get carried away and automatically think I’m stuck up when I’m not. So this is probably my third shirt that I’ve worn that has a true statement about something I truly believe in some way!

This was also around $7 because it has a saying on the front of it. I’m sorry if you have trouble reading it through my hands, that’s the one negative about it, the font is fairly large and my hands take up most of the space on it.


I feel like I’ve worn these pants in a blog post before, but I’m not for sure so I had my mom and nana take them just in case I was wrong!

These are actually pants, not leggings! I don’t have very many of them in my drawers mostly because they’re a little hard to find and fit through my thigh and butt! I’ve always loved these though because the design of the skulls (not even sorry!) have like a black and white sugar skull theme on them. The material is nice and soft, they’re definitely made of cotton because they’re so thick, considering it’s “spring” it sure as hell didn’t feel like it! I was secretly freezing when that picture was taken up top and these were the only part of my body that was nice and toasty. I’ve learned to smile through the cold and hope to God that the sun can warm me up a little, it didn’t happen but hey, we still accomplished our mission!


Unfortunately, I purchases these a few years ago so I don’t remember where we got them nor how much they were, but I’m thinking we got them at Wal-Mart too! I rarely find any skull bottoms anywhere besides Hot Topic! It’s a “once in a blue moon” motion whenever I find something at Wal-Mart! Oh, and don’t even bother asking how many skull leggings this is because even I don’t know!

I also wanted to try out an old hairstyle I modeled as a kid, while in grade school I had really long hair and a month or so before I had my back surgeries we were forced to get it cut short because of the metal halo that would be placed around my head. This was over 14 years ago and this is the first time I’ve had my hair just as long as I did back then. After July, I am getting a hair cut–maybe not a pixie but it will be short again at the end of the summer! I’m semi happy but sad too!

So what do you think of this outfit? Yay or nay? Do you have a shirt that reflects your personality to a T? 



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OOTD: Stripes & Cats



It’s time for another OOTD post! Yesterday I was kind of absent from Twitter because I went over to spent time with my grandparents. It was a fun time as my nana and I did nothing but talk our heads off and she painted my toe nails too! You’ll get to read that post on Monday!

Tuesday’s outfit consists of black, gray, and white. A lot of you will think they’re all dreary colors. Some days I’d agree with you, but I kind of liked it. You’ve seen my top before, it’s my Aztec printed (I told you I was obsessed!) skull hoodie. My mom really likes this hoodie, but apparently I don’t have enough leggings that will match with it. My bottoms were a Christmas gift that funnily enough my sister got too! They’re black and have very cool looking white rows of stripes going up and down then side to side. We literally unwrapped them at the same time, I didn’t notice mine at first because I was too busy telling her how cute hers were and then I looked down and there they were! We found out that “Santa” mixed up our sizes. She got the small and I had the large, so before we went home we switched pairs! It’s all good!

When we got home from my nana’s, I thought it was nice enough to stay outside for a bit. I had just gotten told how many dentist appointments I had this week and the next so truth be told I needed to chill and hang out with the babies. Plus, I needed pictures for this post. Well, all of our cats went crazy! They wanted food and they got loving instead. I was trying to focus on the camera and between Bootsie and Nelly running up to my feet, I had about five cats wanting to be in each shot. So sorry if you’re not a big fan of cats because they crashed our mini photo shoot. That’s Bear-Bear’s back side in the picture above and sorry about Oscar’s butt right by my face. In the second is Felix, he usually doesn’t like sitting on my lap so five seconds after this was taken he jumped off, the last is of Bootsie at my foot getting her close up! The last two pictures were randoms of Nelly and Bear-Bear. Nelly was in the middle of meowing, we swear he’s very sweet! 😀

Besides the cats, how do you like my outfit? Yay or nay?



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OOTD: Too Much?



You guys got extremely lucky! I’ve been feeling pretty out of it in the last few days so the fact that you’ve got this post in between two music reviews is unreal! My mom’s work schedule is a bit weird, the only two days she had off were Tuesday and today. This picture was taken Tuesday afternoon after spending time with my grandparents. My poor sister’s has had some health problems that she’s had to deal with lately. While my mom took her to her doctor’s appointment I voted to go to my nana’s instead of staying with dad and ChiChi. Before we left the house though, mom brought in Felix and Otis into my room. It’s better to only have one kitten in my room. At the last of the visit, both of them were climbing all over my table and push wheelchair! They were having a ball and I was on the floor freaking out like always.

I know that a lot of you liked my last OOTD post because I was wearing something bright and colorful. I know Marilyn is going to be a little sad about this outfit. I have a few opinions of this outfit. First off, this wasn’t my first choice for neither shirt or leggings! I think it’s too busy but nobody bothered to say anything about it. Apparently I have learned to pose in my push wheelchair, I didn’t even realize it until I saw this picture. Does that mean I’m finally getting comfortable doing these pictures now? You can also see my eyes in this one too! You’ve seen the shirt top before. The pants I haven’t worn in awhile though. I think I got them at Charlotte Russe. I hardly ever buy anything from there.. I just sit and glare at their shoe rack! These leggings are probably one of like four that actually fit well on my tiny legs. My neon leggings are not tight around my ankles and are very “baggy” in my calf areas. As I said in my last post, they’re also very smooth, almost have like a silky texture to them but with these, they’re very soft and tight! The design is kind of hard to explain. It look like cheetah print mixed with a snake like pattern.

What do you think about this outfit? Yay or nay?

When We Will Get Tired Of It?

My nana and I have some interesting conversations sometimes and there was one topic that I thought was pretty interesting, but it also made me feel concerned in a way because I have been wondering if I’d ever feel like that one day. Don’t worry this isn’t health related. This is actually about both music and movies in general. When I got into the band Linkin Park I was so into getting other family members into them and anything that they were apart of, Transformers films included. She has four burnable Cds full of their songs and she has even watched two of their Live DVDs as well. She has even seen their live DVD in Milton Keyes TWICE! My papaw wasn’t as impressed as she was, but she has kind of introduced herself into the newer rock bands because of I continue to talk about them to her all the time. I got her also into the second and third installments of the Transformers movies. She hasn’t seen the first one because I don’t have it on DVD.

Back to what I was talking about at the beginning, she and I were talking a couple of times about both music and movies. She had told me that she just can’t get interested in watching or listening to anything anymore. However, she still listens to Adam Lambert every night. That doesn’t count to what I’m trying to get at here. She said that every time there’s a movie on that she’s actually seen before; she just doesn’t want to watch it. Anything new that comes on the commercials isn’t interested her at all. I have tried to send her other bands and artists before like, Within Temptation, Celtic Woman, and even Five Finger Death Punch. Yes, I sent her FFDP songs. Don’t worry they were the censored versions. Even though she has said to me once when we were watching one of the LP DVDs that she’d rather know what the words so it’s not silenced out, because they no longer just bleeped it out. Even though that was annoying to hear too! Anyways, Within Temptation did work for a while but then it faded out just like everything else I shared with her.

Now I’m not judging her in any way shape or form, sometimes you need a break from things but the part that concerns me is that there’s a pretty big difference between her and my papaw. He mostly likes to watch old Western movies and black and white movies. That’s his favorite types of film to watch. When I was a kid, I would come over to the house and he’d just be sitting in the kitchen watching an old movie. In the fall/winter, of course he’s got to have his basketball games on and then switch right into baseball right after that sports season is over. He’s a guy; it’s easy to find what he likes to watch that’s on for more than an hour. I guess at a certain age, watching new films can get pretty boring. How much is enough? How many times can you watch a different remake of a classic movie? Music is the same way, there are only so many types of feelings and emotions a person can write about, also only so many ways you can turn words into sentences and turn riffs and notes into a whole song. I’m pretty good at trying something new, but even I have my limits, and that goes for both music and movies.

What makes a good film or record? I’ve always heard the word “talent” but it never specify who had it the most. I mean you’ve got writers who just sit in the back while the director, actors, singers, and producers take your credit. Not saying they’re all like that, but some don’t. I’ve seen a LOT of people get signed to both movie roles and musicians/singers get signed and not have a lick of talent or respect for others or themselves. They always say you also need to be original. We all know that while watching our favorite movies, they all go in some genre. Comedy, horror, romance, action, etc but yet a writer has found their ideas for their new something in another movie. It may not be in the same script, but its close. I’ve seen so many theories between two movies with having the same ideas, script, and plot. I mean, nobody’s being original anymore. The thing that bugs me the most is that I pay the most attention during the beginning of and the end of the movie. The last four films I’ve watched recently I’ve literally hated because it was either because of the beginning or the end that just had me spinning.

I feel like almost every genre of film has only a few original concepts left before it all just fades away. We have new filmmakers, writers, screen players, camera people coming out left and right every year and yet there isn’t enough new material making things fresh for them and for the newer generations to look forward. I’ve always heard of people complaining about how big classic are making their live debut, like The Sound of Music did last year. Carrie Underwood and Stephan Moyer had the lead roles, as this might be a surprise for some I have only watched the original with legendary Julie Andrews once and I vaguely remember it. So watching this version of it was new and bright to me, even though there was a part in the debut that should have been in there, but I still loved it either way. Now there is chatter going on with Grease being the next production of a live audience. I had read about that a couple of months ago and I’ve been a little weirded out about it, but then again welcoming to the idea if they cast the right people for the roles. While we’re on this topic of casting roles, the studios think they can find another actor to take on that role with only a year or two afterwards just get the newer generations interested. The only bad part about that is it kind of looks bad on the studios for taking such a big risk and the older generations lovers of these characters. Sometimes, it’s a good thing to take a break, but I’m talking like a five to ten year break to really give that character fan base a break in a sense and devote your time with another group of characters instead.

So my concern about my nana is that when will get to that point of just stopping watching new movies? Will I even go as far and even quit listening to music altogether? I don’t think I’d ever stop listening to music. I’ve got too many favorites, and I’m mostly talking about genres of music here. Artists and bands can depart and stop making music but somebody will always be there taking their places. In the film world, it’s been a long time for film in general as it started off silent film era, speaking era, color film, and now technology is playing the next sort of era for these movies as both the horror and action are bringing all kinds of different types of ways to incorporate things that haven’t been out in the world realistically yet. You watch movies like Back to the Future in the 80’s or 90’s and it gives you a sense of what might be there in a few years tops. Here we are, one year until 2015 and have you seen a Hoverboard yet? The only thing that I’ve seen is that powered laces will be on sale soon. If you like to watch these futuristic movies like I do, it makes you wonder what would change the most? Will movies be ruled by another era of something else? Will Disco become a popular genre of music? Will we get sick and tired by what we still continue to create on a daily basis? I have no idea, but I hope I don’t lose my hope in the process.


Well I’m excited to announce that I am in fact drawing again. I am so excited too! I finally told myself to print off one picture and do it. I figured I won’t start on my big project until later because I still have pictures I need find. In all I want to do I got 15 people on my list. It seems like a lot. It is a lot. I’m not used to doing that amount, but I know I can do it with some strength and patience with others. I also have to be patient with myself too. Even though, I’m not the most patient person in the world I have to be patient with certain things. I have to remember what I learned in art in school. Shadows and shades of the pencil. I’m not using charcoal on any of these because I don’t know where to get them. I have to use a regular pencil instead of what I normally use. And most importantly go slow. Haha! That probably won’t happen.

You know how when you see something whether on TV or in a magazine or book, and you think oh, that’s cool! Yeah, in my mind whenever I find something “cool” to draw. It usually is somebody in the music industry. I have not drawn anyone in movies or TV yet. I also haven’t drawn anybody that’s a female either. I know, and I’m all for girl power and I still haven’t drawn Christina Aguilera yet?!?! What’s wrong with me, right? Well, it’s kind of easier for me to draw men, because most of the time they’re less detailed. I’ll probably regret saying this out loud later. Mark my words, I probably will. Because later on I will be drawing Slash. I’m so screwed! Anyways, the picture I have is in black and white. All my pictures will be that way, one is because we don’t have color ink and I’m just use to black and white from school.

I found this picture by a music video I have been watching for the past two weeks. I’ve watched the music video about 100 times now. The guy I’m drawing is very easily to point out and I love the looks he gives the camera so I fell head first and went looking for these looks on Google and Bing. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find them at all. The last place where I thought it would be was Twitter. I went looking for the guys in the band, and the last one I couldn’t find and when I did finally find him, he had the look he gave the camera in the music video as his default picture. I was so happy! Now it was time to find the other members pictures which was interesting. I had to go on Tumblr for theirs. The band has five members and if I don’t like how this one turns out I’m not moving on to the next one or next band. I’m going to make these look good whether it takes 400 times to do it. It will look good.